Don’t get me wrong; Portland was spectacular, and “the Nikes” took very good care of us, but I will be going directly back to sleep when this post is finished. I will, however, be snoozing with a perma-grin. That was most certainly a trip I never could have imagined I’d make.

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” – Charles Spurgeon

For more on the Nike WHQ here’s T’s summary.

Exercise Scorsese – aka Jay Rhodes:

WOD 120920:

Rest day.

14 thoughts on “120920

  1. I have respect for anyone that will put up a Charles Spurgeon quote. From all accounts he was a respectable man.

  2. 5×3 HBBS @ 70%
    5×3 BP @ 75%

    “Arm Farm” 3x giant sets of 4 movements

    “”Activity Recovery”” haha needed some reps with HBBS and I needed to do some Bench Press

  3. Mad-keen for a pair of OUTLAW ROMALEOS! Would gladly retire my Adidas and burn my Reeboks for some of them bad-boys. I must admit, my better half wears the OG Romaleos and I had briefly considered switching when the Romaleo 2’s came out, but the OUTLAW edition has sealed the deal.

    When can we get em Coach?

  4. What kind of shoes are those other two guys wearing? The 3rd from the left and second from the right? Does Nike have a barefoot option to pair with the Romaleos?

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