From Zach Brodis:


I’m walking on sunshine and rainbows today, why you ask? Because I finally accomplished a goal that I set for myself 3 years ago. I knew I had the potential to snatch 300# but I never had the mechanics or the right programming. The Outlaw Way gave me everything I needed to accomplish that goal for free, minus working my ass off.


World Tour stop #1, complete. Raleigh was the perfect beginning to what will be an amazing season of doing what we love the most, while getting to meet and hang out with all of you. Thanks, Raleigh. See the rest of you soon.


WOD 120917:

BB Gymnastics:

1) 7X2 Hang Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2a) 5X3 3-Stop Snatch Pull – heavy, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 5X3 Heaving Snatch Balance – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec.


15 minutes Handstand/Handstand Walk practice.

Notes: Try to spend the majority of this time inverted. If you can only get into a handstand against a wall, then try to play with balancing just the wall. If you can freestand, then attempt to walk. If you can walk practice turns. Etc.


Run 400m
21 C2B Pullups
12 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
Run 400m
15 C2B Pullups
9 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
Run 400m
9 C2B Pullups
6 KB Thrusters

For time.

Notes: KB Thrusters should be performed with 2 KBs.

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  1. Zach, that is an awesome achievement. But i think its obvious that you have the ability to snatch 400, because your technique contributed little and brute strength to much of that lift – with your ass leading the way, your back carried the brunt of the load on the first pull. Keep your ass down and your back angle constant from set up, you beast you.

    Also, whats up with the chick in pink hotpants front and center. Sorry, first thing i noticed…

  2. Zach,

    Love watching your videos, great work on the PR.

    Inspirational stuff, keep it up!


    Hang Snatch – dropped weight on this today to make sure my technique was correct, done at 45kg

    3-stop snatch 65kg
    Heaving snatch balance 35kg

    my form has dropped off lately and some shoulder problems are reappearing so I am planning on scaling back on the weight and focusing on technique.

    done, still having fun falling down

    scaled thrusters to 2 x 15kg dumbbells


    Thrusters torched my legs and my hammies felt like they were going to cramp on the second run, strung a few C2B pullups together though and was very happy with the end result.

  3. Yea that video is beastly. Congrats on a huge lift, Zach. My accomplishment feels pretty minimal after watching that, but i want to give credit where credit is due. I was in a small local competition this weekend. The point of one of the workouts was in three consecutive 3 minute sets to complete: first set: 200m run and then with the remaining time complete a max load dead, 2nd set: 200m run and max load clean, 3rd set: 200m run and max load hang squat clean. Wow that’s hard to explain…Regardless, doing this much work with my cleans and just maxing on deads gave me a pretty good idea of where to start with short time to get the max loads I needed. I’m not a great deadlifter, but I knew I could likely hold my own on clean and hang squat clean. Only having probably 2-3 attempts at each lift after the run I went, 385/405 on dead. Then opened with 275 clean and then hit 285 clean. Then on the last set I decided to get stupid… I opened hang squat clean at 245 then decided a 20# jump in less than 45 seconds was a good plan, hit it. I couldn’t find 2 more 10# plates to put on fast enough so I went to 280… Effin nailed it! A big Ef Yea!! wanted to blast out of my mouth, but with my four year old son watching right next to me, I settled for something a little more kid friendly but in no way less loud. I’ve never even thought of moving that kind of weight in a hang clean, especially with only 2 minutes to get there. I can only thank Rudy and the Outlaw programming, this stuff works. Thanks Again, Rudy. Can’t wait for the Chicago Camp! I don’t know if anyone got a video of the lift, but if they did, I’ll try to post it.

    • Celebrate man! That’s what it’s all about, hitting small accomplishments on the regular. For me, 300# was a small accomplishment, just a 5# p.r. Sure I’m excited about it, but it’s far from the end of the line. We have to enjoy every small step, but we also have to realize how much we have yet to accomplish.

      Big congrats on your performance!

      • Appreciate it man. Definitely a long way off from my potential, but this was a step in the right direction. Thanks for the good word! Keep training hard!

  4. BBG
    1) 125 x 2, 135 x 3, 140 x 2
    2a) 185
    2b) 135

    Fell on my ass a lot


    2/2/2 (shoulders took a long time to get loose this morning, but felt fine)

  5. BB gymnastics
    1) 85,85,85,95,95,95,100 failed second snatch
    2a) 135
    2b) 85

    Skills – did it

    Conditioning 13:00 scalled thrusters to 25# each hand.. Regretted it after, to easy

  6. BBG
    hang snatch- felt like i lacked in explosive hips today. worked up to 145lbs
    3-stop snatch- 205lbs all sets
    heaving snatch balance- worked up to155lbs

    skill- back is a little sore from flipping over. big improvement though. handstand walked 25ft UB.

    conditioning- Rx (except a few lazy/no rep C2B somewhere towards the end) first time with KB thruster. they suck…loved it! 15:43

  7. First day doing Outlaw, not sure if I figured out the numbering

    1) 115-135f-115-125-135-140-145
    2a) 125-145-165-175-180
    2b) 135f-95-110-125-135

    14:58 w. 14kg kbs

  8. Thanks again Rudy and staff, and thanks for all the love fellow Outlaws. As always, it is an honor to be on front page of the Outlaw blog. I’m well aware that my technique needs lots of work 🙂 how else could i p.r. so damn much?

    I’ve been Olympic lifting seriously as long as I have been following Outlaw, which is about 8 months. Thanks for all the pointers guys, I love being critiqued. Any advice I get I put into use heavily M-F. Saturdays I stop thinking as much and I let the beast out.

    Today’s work was just what I needed to keep improving my first and second pull.

    1) 7×2 hang snatch @ 205# missed once, second rep of second set
    2a) 5×3 3-stop snatch pull @ 225# focused on keeping my chest above my ass and squeezing my scapulae, lats were burning.
    2b) 5×3 heaving snatch balance @ 225# speed under bar is definitely improving

    done, mostly freestanding handstands with a little walking.

    conditioning later

  9. BBG
    1. 155, 166, 175, 180(f2nd), 180, 185, 185
    2a. 225, 245, 265, 275, 286
    2b. 165, 185, 205, 215, 225
    12:24 wow my runs were slow!!

  10. 7×2 Hang snatch 185-195-205-215-215-215-225
    3-pos. snatch pull 5×3 @ #295
    5×3 Heavy snatch balance 185-215-225-235-235

    4 accessory lifts.

    8:30 RXd. All unbroken. Legs exhausted after three heavy days.

  11. BBGym:
    1) 115, 2×120, 3×125, 130
    2a) 205
    2b) 150, 3×155, 165

    Skill: Skipped, have class at 2

    13:02 with strict ring pull ups/105# BB-only have 1 50lb KB


  12. BBG:
    Hg Sn: 70(kg), 70, 75(f), 75(f), 70, 75, 80(f), 80(f)

    pull: 120, 125, 127, 127, 127
    drop sn: 65, 70, 75, 80, 75 (dropped here because my shoulder and elbow got tweaky

    Skill: worked on handstand and walking, but it was shit

    Conditioning: 9:35
    Tomorrow’s another day!

  13. BBG
    1) 5×125#, 1×135#, 1×145#
    2a) 225#
    2b) 125#, 125, 135, 135, 145

    Working on turns

    Scaled to 20kg


    The biggest thing I need to work on at the moment is focus. Prepare, concentrate, lift. Some days I just want to get through the workout. But to continue to improve I need quality in every lift. My technique needs to get better. I need to focus.

  14. Sick work Zach!! Beastly!

    I was at the pump games in NJ this weekend and it was AWESOME to see some fellow outlaws reppin!!

    Workout to come later after I get off work, and after this weekend/Zachs lift, I am fucking pumped to put some outlaw work in!!!

    Ps. SYN from Afro brutality says hello. lulz

  15. BBG.
    1) 115,135,150,150,150,150 (Focused on speed)
    2a) 220 throughout

    Learning how to do turns.

    Had to do 100 meter turn arounds, 50# DB’s

  16. Hotel gym actually pretty awesome. Crown Plaza in Manchester, NH. Everything but bumpers so no BBG.

    Conditioning: 10:39 with a rower and about 40 meters each way between weight room and “cardio” room.

    Happy with after sitting on my ass all day in meetings. A bar steel pull up bar on Body Masters Cable Cross SUCKS.

  17. 1)7×2 – 165,165,165,165,175,175
    1a)5×3 235 Across
    1b)5×3 195 Across

    2)Handstand Walk practice RX


  18. BBG
    1) 95/95/115/115/115/115/115#
    2b) 95/95/115/115/115#

    Ring pullups (hands below elbows)
    and 95# BB thrusters (I really gotta get some 5# plates)

  19. First off, yesterday I attended a Jon North Attitude Nation Seminar, which was awesome “Hit and catch” in conjunction with the Outlaw stuff was a great combination.
    I finally managed to PR on my Clean and Jerk at the seminar and stick 315#! It was a long time coming. I have one chance for the American Open at a meet next week so we will see how it goes.


    BB Gymnastics:

    1- 185,185,185(1),185,205,225,225 – Should have taken video. I had dropped on the last set because I am try to lose my hook at the top.
    2a-225,275×4 (worked on superman position)
    2b-185×5 (legs tired)


    15 minutes Handstand/Handstand Walk practice.



    Run 400m
    21 C2B Pullups
    12 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
    Run 400m
    15 C2B Pullups
    9 KB Thrusters 24/16kg
    Run 400m
    9 C2B Pullups
    6 KB Thrusters

    – 10:50 Rx’d. Running is hard.

  20. Ok with all the PR’s and celebrating let me say, I started this programming back inApril/May time frame, basically 1 1/2 cycles. When I started my clean was 245 and it wasn’t a pretty 245, my snatch was 155. I’m 5’9″ and go 170lbs so my strength was lagging behind but my cardio was through the roof. Since I’ve started my C&J has shot to 265 and I’ve cleaned 280. My snatch has moved to 195lbs and I’ve been stuck there for several weeks. Today I had a break through, I started the 7×2 hang and moved from 135 to 175, I had the weights set up. At 175 I hit it both times and it was like it just floated into position, F’in amazing, so I decided to try 195, believe or not I didn’t have 5 lb plates. I picked it up and hit the first like it was nothing, the second one I caught in the bottom and got excited went to stand up and lost it. My goal is to break through 200 and I know it’s almost there. This program is amazing and I try to push everyone I can to it. MY strength has went through the roof and my cardio is still there.

    1)135/135/155/155/155/175/195 (1f)
    2a) 195 for all, focused on good form and holding the pause.
    2b) 135/135/155/175/175

    done, getting a lot better at this with strength improving

    9:03 rx’d super windy outside, great one way, sucked running back….

  21. 7X2 HANG SNATCH 185 all sets, stuck to prescribed rest

    a1) 245 all sets
    a2) 185/195/205f/185/195

    skill-10 min
    conditioning – 8:50 2nd two runs slow

  22. BBG
    Hang snatch 80 * 3, 85 * 2, 90kg * 2
    3 stop pull 3 * 100, 2 * 110kg
    Heaving snatch balance 5 * 85kg
    Skills done
    Conditioning 10:54
    Stupid running 5k yesterday
    Mfs – 347

  23. BBG:
    7 x 2 Hanging Snatch
    95,115,135,135f, 115,135,155f

    5 x 3 Snatch-Pull (3-stop)
    155, 185, 185, 205, 225

    5 x 3 Heaving Snatch Balance
    95, 95, 115, 115, 135 (much lighter than last week, but last week I was doing a f’ed up heaving snatch jerk…..this time I went all the way down, correctly)

    skill: hilarious…..I looked like a new-born giraffe….falling all over the place. SMH

    Conditioning: 14:50 rx

  24. BBG:
    1) 2×145, 4×155, 1x165lbs
    2a) 5x165lbs
    2b) 5x165lbs

    15 min HS walking practice, worked mostly on turns

    8:58 with 20kg KBs (probably could have moved up to the 24s but shoulders were already pretty trashed so played it safe)

  25. BBG
    1) 165-175-185-195-210-210-225 (missed first rep,got second)
    2a) 250 all sets
    2b) 185 all sets

    Worked on walking

    12:34 rx – KB Thrusters were horrible, broke them up

  26. BBG:
    1) 165#
    2a) 315#
    2b) 215#

    15 minuted HS practice –> against a wall

    9:01 Rx’d

  27. 1) worked up to 185#. Then got a hang snatch with 205 for a single which is a PR
    2) a) 225
    b) 225

    conditioning) 8:08

    we’re on the second floor of a YMCA so for the run i had to walk down the hall and run around a court 4 times. thrusters are still tough but I’m getting better. The last round actually felt the smoothest. I think i could have cut a good portion of time off with a regular running course. This felt tougher than when i did Helen a few weeks ago.

  28. Just a quick question for the Outlaw coaching staff:

    I missed the initial off-season strength cycle (I picked up Outlaw a week before the last testing phase) and have not seen any significant gains on my squat and deadlift (snatch has gone up by 10 pounds though). I currently squat 345 and deadlift 465. Would it be worth it to work in some other form of squat work in addition to what is already programmed?

  29. Hang Snatch –
    130-140-150-160 2F- 160 F – 160 1M – 160 1M

    3stop snatch pull –
    200# x 5 sets

    Heaving Snatch Balance –
    152-162-162 F – 152- 152
    Overall heavier than last time as I worked up to 175. Didn’t have it for 162.

    Skill –

    12:50 RX
    KB thrusters kicked my butt. Couldn’t string anymore than 4-5 at a time. Felt really strong on my C2B. Running was Meh… need to stretch my ankles more.

  30. HSn: 155, 155, 160, 160, 165, 165, 165
    Sn Pull: 185 x 5
    Sn Bal: 165, 170, 175 (f twice), 165, 175, 180

    Skipped HS practice (time) 🙁

    cond: 13:30 (cramped up on 3rd run bad, walked half of it, prolley too much water during lifting. 44 lb KB.

    MFS: 222

    Love the pic, and of course the pink shorts. Goochy goochy goo. 🙂

  31. BBG:
    1) 155, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 175
    2a) 315, 315, 325
    2b) 205(F), 185, 185, 195

    Did some of Paoli’s MU progression work as well as the HS Walks

    (also cramped up on 3rd run. doubt it affected my time -just additional hardening of the fuck up variety)

    M/F/S -7/5/3

  32. BBG
    1) 165, made a single @175 which Is my pr from the floor wtf
    Skill done
    Turning is horrible
    Conditioning :
    10:12 with 60# dbs all I had

  33. bbg:
    1) 135×2, 145×2, 155, 165, 175f2nd (this is also my PR from the floor)
    2a) 205
    2b) 135, 155×3, 165

    conditioning: 13:10

  34. BBG:
    105 worked on form and pulling under the bar quicker
    2a 205 – hit all reps no straps
    2b 95 – hit all reps

    Skill: got a good amount of time inverted, focused on getting myself up quickly and then pulling my heels off the wall.

    No track, 3 laps of indoor soccer field about 400 +/- 20ish M
    Regular Pull ups
    KB Thrusters with 20Kg
    That was a rough one.

  35. worked up to 210# on the snatch,

    230# for the pulls
    176# on snatch balance, shoulders were shot

    walked like 10 ft my best try

    12:00 conditioning

  36. BBG:
    1. 135-135-140-140-145-145-145
    2b. 95-115-135-135-135 <- first time snatch balance; new one for me.

    Conditioning 14:05 done with 60lb dumbells, cause my gym sucks and so do people who do bicep curls.


  37. 1) 185×2 190 195 200 205 210
    Felt like an eternity in the bottom

    2a) 230
    2b) 230
    Only 3 sets

    Skill) iz are gracefulz

    Eyeballed distance on runs.

  38. BB Gymnastics

    1) 155, 155(f), 145,145,145,150

    2a) 165,165,160,160,160

    2b) 205,215,215,215,215



  39. Anyone have any good tips on how to avoid destroying your spine when returning the bar to your shoulders on the snatch balance? I basically try and keep my chest up shoulders back as much as possible to return the bar to my traps but every now and then I’ll miss forward or back a bit.

    • Takes practice back-racking. Keep elbows up a little so bar hits the top of shoulders instead of compressing on the cervical spine. Also, you have to flex traps and absorb the weight A LOT the heavier it gets. So don’t be afraid to bounce down as it hits your body. If its just falling onto you without any sort of drop with the bar, your going to hurt yourself bad.

  40. Globo gym this week so had to modify a bit

    5×3 Snatch Grip Push Press

    5×3 3-Stop Snatch Pull – 225#

    ~500m run
    12 Strict CTB
    12 BB Thrusters – 115#
    9 CTB
    9 Thrusters
    6 CTB
    6 Thrusters

    Time ~ 12:40

  41. BBG
    1) 135×2, 145×2, 155×2, 160×1
    2a) 5×3 @ 205
    2b) 2×5 @ 135

    SKILL – skipped, will do tomorrow

    Slooooowww runs

  42. Long time lurker, first time poster:

    1) 205, 215, 215, 215, 225, 225 (F), 205
    2a) 185, 205, 215, 225, 225
    2b) 245, 245, 245, 245, 245

    15 min skill done

    Conditioning: 10:37

  43. fun day, stopped at CF 515 and did a fun wod 3rds 9PC 135, 18clapping pushups, 55OHlunges 15lbs plate. 7:21

    then a little work on the Hang snatches:

    then at night:

    3stop snatch pulls:

    Snatch balance
    165×3, 195×3,215×3,230×3,240×3

    Metcon: dark no runs, so subbed 40cal on airdyne for each 400m run.
    tough 9:22

  44. 1) 135# all the way through, still working on getting under it with good depth
    2a)225# 1st set smoked the lower back, 185# on the rest
    2b)135#, 135#, 155#, 155#, 165# (PR!)

    Handstands against wall, worked on shoulder touches

    Conditioning 14:12
    Banded PU, scaled to 18kg KB

  45. 29/m/5’11″/174
    1) 95-115-135-135-145-145-155-165 (felt strong in pull, but sore hand from failed Front Squat the other day killed the catch)
    2a) 225
    2b) 135-145-145-155-155 (problem is still returning bar to back)

    Good practice, a few small runs

    13:31 (Thrusters awkward, got a good hold on last round, C2B felt great)

  46. Kept snatches lighter while wrist is still on the mend…185lb for the BB work

    15 min hand stand work: Done

    Conditioning: 12:17 Rx’d, need to get better at C2B

  47. BBG:
    1) 165# x 5, 175# x 2
    2a) 235# x5
    2b) 165/165/165/185/185 (f)

    Skill: Made it 20′ on my hands. Definitely getting better inverted

    Conditioning: 11:15 Rx

  48. BBG:
    1) 145-145-155-155-160-160x failed 2nd lift-160
    2a) 205-205-215-215-215
    2b) 155-165-165-175-175

    15 minuted HS practice –> against a wall

  49. 1). 165,185,185,205,205,205,205
    2a) 275

    10min handstand work

    Conditioning: 10:22.

  50. Hang snatch: 110-110-115-115-120-120-120 (failed once)

    3 stop snatch pull: all at 120#

    Heav. Snatch balance: 125-135-135-140-140

    Cond: 8:13 rx

  51. BBG: 1) 80kg (fails on set 3 and 6)
    2a) 120kg
    2b) Started at 80kg, shoulders weren’t feeling so hot, dropped down to 60kg after
    2 sets.

    Skill: Completed. Handstand walks started getting really smooth for me. I was even able to stop/start when I stalled a couple times. PR’d for distance, probably around 12-15 feet

    Cond: 14:27



    I haven’t been sore in a traditional sense, but I do have a couple nagging pains in my shoulders, and they just feel fatigued and beat-up in general. This is only my 3rd week of full-time Outlaw programming, and the only thing that’s been sore have been my hands.

  52. BBG

    1) 70kg, 75kg (F on 2), 75kg, 75kg (F on 2), 75kg (F)

    Cut it there due to our screaming sick baby. These were definitely off tonight. Gutted
    Half an hour later after we had calmed her down, I tried to get back into it, but was failing 60kg reps so I left it there.

    2a) 110kg all sets – Didn’t feel good
    2b) 60kg, 60kg, 60kg, 70kg (F on 3), 70kg (F) – I thought I was keeping these light but obviously not


    Subbed regular chinups and 50kg Barbell Thruster.

    Runs were so slow

    Bad nights training. The baby kept us up most of the night but hopefully tonight is better.

  53. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 7X2 Hang Snatch
    70kg – 75 – 80 – 80 – 85 – 90(F) – 90

    2a) 5X3 3-Stop Snatch Pull
    100kg – 100 – 100 – 100 – 100

    2b) 5X3 Heaving Snatch Balance
    80kg – 85 – 90 – 95 – 100(2)

    15 minutes Handstand/Handstand Walk practice. – Done.

    For time…
    Run 400m
    21 C2B Pullups
    12 KB Thrusters (2x24kg)
    Run 400m
    15 C2B Pullups
    9 KB Thrusters
    Run 400m
    9 C2B Pullups
    6 KB Thrusters

    00:10:00 – Runs were sloooow!!

  54. BBG: 1)155 Across
    2A) 225 Across
    2B) 145 Across

    Skill: Done: worked on Pirouettes, Freestanding Handstand pushups on b-bars and one arm freestanding handstand

    Conditioning: 8:30 (Done on treadmill, everything unbroken)

  55. BBG:
    1) 155 Across the board
    2A) 225 Across the board
    2B) 145 Across the board

    Skills: Worked on pirouettes on ground, walking, Freestanding HSPU’s on P-bars and one handed HS

    As RX’d
    8:30 (Treadmill runs)

  56. 1)105-115
    2a) 145
    2b) 105

    Skill: done (I think I got about a 6 sec balance away from the wall)

    Cond: Made up the BS burpee amrap from earlier this week

  57. Conditioning:
    7:22, did 15 KB thrusters in the First round by accident.
    All Thruster UB
    C2B pull ups UB – 8-7(lost my butterfly rhythm, quickly dropped then finished) – UB

    Fun stuff.

  58. Hey Rudy, how are ya man?
    Mason is my name. I’m from Tassie in Australia. Been following your programming since the tail end of of the last cycle and loved it so have started following this new cycle 1 week behind and I decided It’s about time I’ll post from now on here on the website.

    1) 82.5kg
    2a) 125kg
    2b) 85kg


    Thanks for your awesome programming.. I’ll be sure to keep posting from here on in.

  59. 1) 7×2 hang snatch: 85-95-100-105 1f-105 1f-105-1051f
    2a) 5×3 3 stop snatch pull: 1@140, 4@ 145
    2b) 5×3 heaving snatch balance: 75-95-100-105-110

    SKILL: completed, longest 22 ft

    10:06 RX

  60. 1) 7×2 Hang Snatch- 135lbs
    2a) 5×3 stop snatch- 185, 225, 245, 265
    2b) 5×3 heaving snatch 135, 155, 175(one fail), 205(fail)

    Skill- place holds into tuck rolls

    Cond- 14:28 but used 50DU for run

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