Incredible first night in Raleigh. Pretty sure we set a “world record” for PRs.

Jessica Rodriguez – 200# Clean and Jerk @ 121#:

WOD 120915:

BB Gymnastics

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


1 Front Squat every 30 seconds for 7 minutes @ 85%.


2 minutes ME Rope Climbs 15′
*No rest

7 minute AMRAP of:
7 Back Squats 275/185#
14 Target Burpees
*No rest

2 minutes ME Row for Calories

Notes: Target Burpees should be performed by touching a target 12″ above the highest reach. This is one continuous 11 minute effort. There is no rest between

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  1. 1) No snatch because of shoulder issues
    2) 125kg, same as PR

    FS: done @ 127,5 kg

    8 ropeclimbs
    3 rds
    39 Cal


  2. BBG

    Snatch 65kg just wasn’t working for me today, I was certain I was going to hit 67.5kg but it wasn’t to be.

    Clean & Jerk even worse, wrists and fingers got all twisted up and I struggled with transition for clean to jerk. That and the fact that the gym I have to use doesnt like the weights being dropped. Managed an easy clean at 70kg but didn’t go past that.


    Front Squat @ 92.5kg done


    No rope so just did the second and third parts

    2 rounds and 8 burpees (weight scaled to 85kg)

    ME row 42 calories



  3. 1) Snatch 75 kilos (no attempt for PR ’cause of shoulder issues)
    2) No C&J ’cause of should issues – instead “Death by” of Cluster+Thruster, reached 95 kg – fail at 2nd thruster at 100 kg

    FS: 112,5 kg – Done!

    7 ropeclimbs
    2 rds + 3 BS
    38 Cal

  4. So far only got the 1RM Snatch in this morning and gonna finish the workout later. Just PR’d my snatch at 215 lbs. after only following the outlaw way for about 3 weeks. Had 225 overhead and lost it on the way up. At 29 and a lean 212 lbs. i know i should be snatching way more weight than this, but I had never even attempted a snatch until i started crossfitting 6 months ago. I can already tell that by following your program and studying your videos my maxes can only keep skyrocketing up. Thanks again and keep up the great programming.

  5. Bbg –

    1) 250 – 5 lb pr
    2) 275 – ties pr. Shoulders are roasted!

    Str –

    1) @ 285

    Cnd –

    9 rope climbs
    3 rnds
    45 cals ( should have sold out)

  6. No Outlaw Crossfit post, so thanks for this one Rudy et al. Shortened version of The Way . . .

    Front Squat (used 85% of 3RM): 195# for 14 rounds

    no rope, so 2min ME pull-ups = 57 (PR)
    AMRAP (195# BS): 2 full +7BS +5burpees
    Row: 30cal

  7. If we don’t have a row machine, what is the best way to sub that portion of the conditioning workout?

  8. BBG
    1) 76 KG – new PR
    2) 110 KG (not a pr)

    230 #

    5 Climbs
    2 Rounds + 4 BS (at 245#)
    41 Cal


  9. Snatch – WOW….ugly day today, worked up to 100kg and technique was all off.

    Clean and Jerk – got 125kg, 5kg under pr.

    Front Squat – 140kg, felt really strong.

    No time for conditioning today.

  10. 2-3 weeks in a row, snatching has felt easy. I hated not matching my 190 PR, couldnt even get 185.
    Sn to 175, 185f, f, f, 165, 175, 185f, f, f (pissed)
    C&J 165, 185, 205, 215, 225 (PR FINALLY – goal I set last Nov., erased bad snatching)

    FS: 225 (85% 1RM) – bout half the reps, my hips raised sooner than shoulders, I faught it though.

    cond: no way was I even squatting 135 today
    6 rope climbs
    4 rounds:
    7 ball slams 40lb, 14 burpees
    34 calories

    I was looking forward to deadlifting/benching too, cant wait to see whats in store.

    MFS: 344

  11. bbg) 1.heaviest was a crappy 205
    2. heaviest 245 and failed 265 5 times. 245 was very easy, I’m not quite sure what happened here.

    front squats) supposed to be done at 255 but accidentally did them at 235 and it still felt heavy =(

    8 rope climbs
    2 rounds + 2 squats
    520 meter row

    pretty shitty day. snatch just felt awkward. All my squats seem to be getting worse. I can barley stand 265 out of the hole. So frustrating! The wod was pretty low intensity and I was very limited by my squatting ability. I’m not really sore but more just fatigued. Looking forward to not working out until monday evening.

  12. STR
    200# felt good
    Rope climbs 7 rope 200ft from rack
    B sq. @ 225
    Target burpees 2 rounds + 7 b sq.
    Row for cal. 34

  13. BBG
    Snatch 125
    Clean & Jerk 170

    Front squat- 160

    7 climbs (2 ropes, 3 people working)
    2 rounds
    25 calories

  14. Snatch 145# 10lb PR
    Clean and Jerk 205# (Fail)

    Front Squats @ 185#


    8 rope climbs
    2 rds + 2 BS @ 255#
    31 Cal Row

  15. First day in the gym in 3 days. Had a terrible cold! It was the death of me…

    Couldn’t Max felt to weak so went as heavy as possible…
    Snatch 105
    Clean and Jerk 145
    Did front squats at 140

    Did WOD 5 rope climbs, back squats at 145- 2 round +16 reps, 21 calories…

    ready to be back at it… I think I’m going back to bed.

  16. Snatch worked up to 170, missed 175 4 times, missing with arms out front.
    C&J worked up to 225 ties pr.

    225 for front squats

    conditioning 5 rope climbs, 2 rounds 4 burpees (245), 26 calories

    first full week of Outlaw and I’m smoked.

  17. BBG- 200 Snatch / 275 C&J

    Str – 305 FSQT

    Conditioning – No Rope so I subbed strict Muscle Ups (8)
    3 rounds + 3 squats
    40 calories

  18. Snatch-worked up to 275#, missed it. Tried for 305# missed it once, then I BARELY missed 305# again. Then I hit 300# 🙂 videos to come shortly.

    Clean and Jerk-Hit 300# and called it good,

    Strength, 305# for all 14 reps every 30 seconds for 7 min.

    No rope, subbed strict pull ups-26
    2 rounds+1 burpee
    39 calories

  19. Only slept five hours last night and came into this already mind-fucked.
    Snatch – 145lb, 155 failed (which is PR)
    C&J – 210lb (matched PR), 215 Failed

    FS 195lb

    3 ropes
    2rd + 7 BS @ 225
    29 calories.

    Almost said screw it after rope climbs but that’s really never going to happen.

  20. 1). 175 ugly, but a pr and I will take it

    2). 205. Failed twice at 225 which would have been a pr

    3) used 135 which was light, but I wanted to work on my form which is awful….

    2 minutes of max strict form pull-ups: 36. (no rope)
    7 minutes of:
    7) back squats. ( I used 225 to work on my form and to allow yself to go as deep as possible)
    14). Burpees. 12″ target

    2 rounds

    2 minutes run 800 meters ( no rower)

  21. 29/m/5’11″/174
    1) 185(failed at 200, had it at bottom and lost it)
    2) 225(failed jerk at 240 twice)

    255 (failed two reps and lost one because of reloading bar)

    5 rope
    1 round + 1 squat (hips tightening up on squat, fatigue set in)
    25 cal

  22. bbg:
    1)235 – 10# PR

    2) no c&j – shoulders are toast


    6 rope
    1 round + bs & 9 burpees
    35 calories

  23. 1) 1RM Snatch – Hit 170 again (tied pr), felt really solid but couldnt manage higher. made several attempts at 175 and finally 172.5 all of which got overhead but i couldnt stick it out.
    2) 1RM Clean + Jerk – 205 felt awesome. technically one of my best lifts. upper back was too tight to get any higher though

    1 Front Squat every 30 seconds for 7 minutes @195

    With a constantly running clock –

    2 Minutes Max Rope Climbs (15ft)
    7 Minute AMRAP of
    7 Back Squats @195
    14 Target Burpees (12″ above max reach)
    2 Minutes Max Row for Calories

    3 Rope Climbs/2 Rounds +4 Squats/32 calories

  24. Ok, been following crossfitnordic.se for about 3 years which has been great. Stepping up to follow Outlaw due to ridiculus plateau in results.

    Snatch: 55 kg
    C&J: 85 kg

    FS: 80kg

    No Conditioning due to lack of time…

    Backround info about Erik B:
    Been doing crossfit since 2009, does a lot of cross country skiing during winter. Vasaloppet (90k XC-race) 2011 and 2012. Ran the Stockholm Marathon 2011 (3:59:11) and 2012 (3:27:55), has done a couple of “Island-to-Island”-races (swimrun in the Stockholm archipelago, check out amfibiemannen.se or otillo.se)
    Stronger in the upper body, jerks 95kg, squats probably 85kg…Proper flamingo…

    Best Regards from Stockholm


  25. BBG
    1) Snatch-245 (10lb pr)
    2) Clean and Jerk- 320

    1) FS@315 ( this shit sucked!)

    5 Rope Climbs
    2 rounds + 6 Squats @ 275
    34 Calories

  26. BBG

    1) worked up to 190, barely missed 200 (should of had it would have been PR), went to 205 and missed it twice

    2) Matched my PR @ 235


    1) All 14 FS @255


    7 Rope Climbs

    3 Rounds even (BS @ 255)

    32 cal on the row


  27. BBG: Body couldn’t get loose today. I was dropping shit everywhere.

    1) 185, after pulling 205 yesterday…
    2) 245 still low. Jerks are giving me a sharp shoulder pain…need to HTFU+ICE

    FS @255 -hard but should have added #5-10

    4 Climbs
    2rnds + 7 Squats + 1 Burpee
    40 Cal

    M/F/S – 6/7/6
    -no more boozing before early workouts…

  28. …at what point do you realize that your lifts are so shitty and weak that you stop posting? (maybe I’m there, ha)

    sn: 85 (PR), missed 90 three times (once almost on the head; once in front, once in back, FML)
    cj (had to cut this to 10 minutes for time): worked up to 115 – shoulders are smoked

    Front Sq: done

    Cond: 7.5 climbs then had to run/walk 100m to our gym (we borrow the ropes from the wrestling gym next door). Completed 1 full round and into 8 burpees in round two. about 2 strokes into my row the screen said the batteries were dead meaning no calorie count; I still rowed for the time, just no data.

    This was the fastest I’ve ever done an Outlaw workout – all of the above in just over (5-10 minutes) 1 hour. We took no rest between stations, probably sub-optimal, but time was limited.

  29. BBG:
    Snatch – 90kg (3kg below PR), failed 95 about 4 times, felt strong getting it overhead but couldn’t hold it there.
    C&J – 115kg (ties PR), got 120 with arms locked overhead but lost it as I was trying to stand up.

    Front Squats at 120kg – this was painful…

    8 rope climbs
    2 rounds
    34 calories

  30. BBGym:
    Snatch: 155# (5lbPR)
    C&J: 195# (5lb PR) attempted 200# but had no pull left

    185#-lost track of time ended up doing 8min

    2min ME strict ring pull-ups: 25
    7min AMRAP: 2rnds+7BS’s @235#
    2min ME cals AirDyne: 48


  31. 1)215…Felt heavy. Matched PR.


    2) 270. Rx

    7 Rope Ascents

    3 rounds

    50 Calories

  32. BBG
    1) 135#
    2) 165#

    no shoulder strength today

    165# clean with a full squat every time (no rack yet)

    35 ring rows (don’t have a rope)
    2+1 (no rack makes back squat a bitch) @ 135#
    75 double unders (don’t have a row machine)

  33. BBG:
    Sn – 175, 185Fx3
    C&J – 265PR

    Felt like dogshit today. 30# under snatch PR. Just wasn’t committing. C&J never felt good until the 265 jerk. Happy with that.

    Strength – 265

    Complete, felt ok.


    1 rope climb (legless…just worked on technique, haven’t done these in months)

    2 rds + 7 squats

    41 cals on the rower (in about 1:45 as I bumped into row time finishing squats and had to set rower)

  34. Haven’t pr’d on a o lift since july 23rd I always match my pr then add 5# an its like I’m adding a 100#. Frustrated.

  35. Rudy,
    Thought it might be cool if you could start posting the time you think it would take Hoggan to complete your conditioning WODs, to give us a standard. Just throwing that out there. Thanks

  36. BB gymnastics

    1) 175#

    2) 245#



    Subbed 3 rope pull ups ans 3 k2e
    15 of each

    3 rds

    47 cals

  37. Pissed had to take the day off went surfing and my fin caught me in the face and filleted me open. Spent the day in the hospital getting stitches sitting around with a swollen ass face.

  38. Snatch- worked up to 175. First heavy snatching in 3 weeks. Gotta get this up !
    Clean and jerk – 235#. Missed 250 twice. Shot from yesterday

    Front squat- 235# all sets

    Metcon- 1+3 squats rx
    7 rope climbs
    39 cals

  39. BBG

    1) 90kg (2.5kg PR) – 15kg PR in the last 2 months, stoked!
    2)112.kg (2.5kg off my PR) – Progress in this has lagged a bit lately. I want 120kg by the end of the year

    Total – 202.5kg (2.5kg PR) – It’s heading in the right direction..

    Strength – Completed with 137.5kg. Last 4 reps started getting a bit difficult. Never in danger of failing though.

    Conditioning will be done after dinner

    • Conditioning

      Subbed 24kg KB swings for rope climbs..

      1a) 40 swings
      1b) 2 rounds + 7 back squats
      1c) 41 calories

      This one sucked. Lower back was lit up hard from the KB swings, even though I stopped them with 40 seconds to go to stretch my back out. Last 2 sets of back squats were broken 4/3 for lower back fatigue alone.
      Burpees to a target were slow and horrible.
      Rower was inside so I made it to it with 1:34 to go. I had the tempo up to 1700 cal/min by about halfway through and maintained it so I was happy enough with the push.

      Good days training!

  40. 1) 145 (10# PR)
    2) 185 (10# PR)
    Still learning proper technique

    Strength: 205# – should have done 235#

    Rope: 10
    AMRAP: 2 + 7BS + 7 targ. burpees @ 225#
    Row: 41 cal

    I’m wrecked. LOL

  41. New outlaw here, excited to start.

    PR snatch 175#/Prev: 165# 1 month ago
    PR tie C&J 225#

    Front Squats done at 225#, missed 2 late in the workout, removed plates, cleaned weight and re racked, added weight back on, finished workout. 9min total

    Ran out of time for conditioning workout. Life gets in the way.

  42. New to Outlaw, first post.

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 145, failed twice at 155 (maybe due to slight shoulder injury. Got it up but couldn’t control at top)

    2) 205


    1) 245


    No Rope so moved to 2nd

    Scaled to 225, 3rds + 2FS / 36 cal rows

    Back history: I’ve been CFing for just about 4 years. Prior LA Fitness Gym rat. Could bench 380 but would die running a mile. Weighed in at 225. My first year of CF I saw the most results. Dropped 35lbs, and started actually enjoying metcons. Prior to CF I would never squat due to terrible knee pain. Can say all that has corrected itself. I can tell the last few months I’ve been seeing diminished results in the gym. A friend suggested, I break off my gym programming and try a more focus program and suggest yours. So here I am, and damn I’m wrecked after just one day…

    I’m 29, 5’7 185.

  43. Messed my shoulder/elbow up in a drunken arm wrestling bout last weekend…hurts like hell.

    1RM Front Squat: 275#


  44. 1) made 225 PR. +5lbs

    2) 265. Failed 275 cleanx3

    Squats: 235. Done felt light and fast.

    No conditioning.

  45. Snatch – 140#, 5#PR! 15#s in just over a month!
    Power Clean and Jerk – 175# PR for combined movement, still Power Clean more then I squat clean so went with that today

    Strength – 155#

    Conditioning – 7, 2+7, 27 legs were definitely toast

  46. m/25/192/6’2″

    145 (tied PR)
    195 (tied PR – got 205 on clean)

    195×8, 205×7


    5 rnds of 5 towel pulls, 5 squats (no rope)
    2 rnds, 13 burpees @ 195
    39 calories

  47. Outlaw the globo gym way so it’s a little different.

    Cut BBG – walked into the gym with 45 mins till close, decided to focus on strength/cond

    Strength: 235 (275 1RM) – hit every rep

    No rope – Strict C2B chin up grip – 11
    AMRAMP – 2
    Row 42 Cal

    That row was a rough finish but a good way to finish out the week.

  48. No BBG
    Strength: 325LBs Across all sets. No fails

    No rope: Did strict Towel Pullups (27)
    No Squat rack, did goblet squats with a 55lb KB (6 Rounds)
    Calories: (33)

  49. BBG
    1. 216 felt a bit off
    2. 255 same as above
    1. 235 based on 315 which was too easy
    6 rope climbs
    2 rnds plus 2 burpees
    36 cal


  50. BBG: Practiced form. Shoulders have taken a beating this week, wasn’t feeling up to a max effort. Plus, I need plenty of work on my form.

    Str: Done @ 115kg

    Cond: 4 climbs, 2.5 rounds, (subbed running) 300m (50m turn-arounds)

  51. Did this back on Sunday.

    BBG: Snatch 135 (ties PR not as ugly as the first time)
    no time for C&J

    Str: 240

    Cond done yesterday

    Ring pull ups subbed for rope 21
    BS @275 first round and 245 second round

    2 rounds +2 reps BS

    34 Cal (long transition between cage and rower.

  52. made this up today
    couldn’t snatch for my life. does anyone live close to me (Huntington Beach) and would be willing to help me with Oly lifts?

    didn’t read directions so was doing power cleans 215# did one jerk at 185

    strength 190 FS

    6 rope climbs

    3 rounds 3 squats @ 205

    37 cals rowed

  53. BBG-

    Snatch-Worked up to a 165lb make. Just missed 175 a couple of time, so tried 185 missed it. No PR but 165 and 175 felt strong. My power is much higher than this but happy with catching all these pretty low.

    Clean- Worked up to 265 fails

    Front Squat- Done with 295. Took me 10 minutes total to get all 14 reps in.

    Conditioning- Tweaked this a little.

    Did 2 rope climbs to work on foot conditioning.

    Back squat/ burpee- Did 2 rounds since I did dynamic banded deads at 135 for 10 reps.

    Rower- Just rowed for 2 minutes at a 1:47 pace.


  54. BBG:
    1) 72.5kg; missed 75kg twice – hips tight, receiving too high and lost forward
    2) 90kg; missed 100kg jerk – too many re-grips then out of time.
    14 reps at 100kg, easy…
    10 rope climbs
    4 rnds even @ 85kg
    31 cals

    MFS 4/5/4

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