Be More Than Beautiful, Be Inspiring – Talayna Fortunato.

Somebody I Used to Know – Janice Marie Ferguson.

Derek Robinson – 3 Position Clean + 1 Jerk @ 280#:

Brandon Phillips – 300# Drop Snatch (or Snatch Balance, whatever):

20-year-old Parker Jackson – 240# High-Hang Snatch:


My name is Parker Jackson, Coker told me he had sent you a copy of this lift. This snatch is a 50# difference from the Dallas camp the last week of the open where we really started working the OLY lifts and started the OLY cycle. And a 65# pr from back when me and Coker started in October.

WOD 120913:

Rest day.

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  1. Granted there’s no way in hell I’m getting 300 Lbs over my head anytime soon and that’s impressive…I thought you’re supposed to drop under the bar on drop snatch/snatch balance? that looked a bit more like a press into an overhead squat. Just making sure I’m doing my measly weight right.

    • I thought the same thing about the press to ohs. He’d get more weight if he dropped faster I think, or at least it might translate to the snatch better. I know BP has that 300lb snatch in his future, and Im wondering if practicing faster, would get him there sooner, assuming the pull is perfect of course. I’ll also assume his lighter sn bal’s were more than likely fast as hell, and possibly this one was slow due to being near max.

      …and not trying to talk like he’s not in the room. 🙂 Anyone feel free to correct/comment if I am wrong about my assumptions.

  2. Anybody know of any Outlaw friendly gyms in Jamaica, really don’t want to miss any workouts while I’m on my honeymoon. Maybe I can show some of the outlaws in Jamaica what being a “real” outlaw is all about. 😉

    • LOL…”real” outlaw. Front squats with your AK strapped to ya. ‘Stay’ on the beach, drink coconuts, and try the Neeseberries. Only thing missing is bumper plates, and I would really stay there forever. Congrats.

  3. Every week/day I’m blown away at the weight Outlaws push/pull. Truly amazing. Quick rest day question: How you all consume enough calories to get through these WODs?

    Before Outlaw I was starving all day just doing mainsite programming. Now 3 weeks into Outlaw I’m struggling to eat enough to fuel and recover.

    • Cook all of your veggies in bacon fat. Eat lots of bacon to make the bacon fat that cooks your veggies. Snack all day on fruits, veggies and nuts. I take 2 Meals and 2 Snacks with me to work. Just prepare a LOT of food over the weekend and make plates/bowls to eat at work. You’ll find what works for you

    • Lawrence- lately I’ve been setting my alarm at 2:30 am and getting a nice lil WOD in, because I’m never hungry at that time. It really helps me get through it.

  4. Legit videos and blog posts….In all honesty, how many people on here actually take today off from training?? I still do a wod and some conditioning work. WBU guys??

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