I have 3 very important points of business for this post. I’ll try to keep each as brief as possible, and would ask that those of you who have been following would take the time to really read and help with the second.

We are adding TWO MORE Training Camps World Tour dates. They will go live Wednesday morning at 9am EST, and both will be mid week camps. These will also be the final dates added to the schedule.

The first will be February 11th-13th in San Rafael, California at TJ’s Gym. Yes NorCal, we love you too.

The second will be March 6th-8th in Long Island, New York at CrossFit LIC. Long Island, home of Rakim.

Last week’s testing was the culmination of our first 12 week off-season cycle. To say that I’m happy with the results is a gigantic understatement. I said a few weeks ago that I was likely to publish this cycle as a 12 week template, and after seeing last week’s numbers I will absolutely be doing just that. I, however, need your help with data collection.

As some of you may know, I am a gigantic number nerd. Part of the reason I started this site was to use it as a tool for data collection. As we progressed through this cycle I realized I wanted to not just get some data, but I wanted a better collection tool. I want to know exactly what worked, what didn’t, and I want accurate numbers to support any claims of efficacy. That’s where you guys come in.

Below is a form that I need AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE to complete. I will be posting one of these Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. They are short questionnaires that will allow you to list pertinent data harvested from our testing. I cannot emphasize this enough, even if you don’t post on a daily basis, I need you to fill these out. My goal is to get somewhere near 500 of you to submit all three questionnaires. This will make for one of the largest study groups I’ve ever heard of for a strength and conditioning study. The nerd in me is incredibly excited.

The PR numbers that are listed as “pre-cycle” can be from any time before June. The only exception would be the Snatch and Clean & Jerk (posted tomorrow). Due to the amount of maximal lifts performed with these, I’d like your highest lifts from any point in the cycle. Just so you know, the testing week actually began 120918, this Saturday was simply a work day.

For those of you attending the upcoming Raleigh Training Camp; we will be posting details for the camp tomorrow night on the actual Raleigh camp page. I will remind everyone of this tomorrow night and link to it.

WOD 120910:

BB Gymnastics:

1) 7X1 3-Position Snatch (floor, hang, hi-hang) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2a) 5X3 Halting Snatch Deadlift (stop at knees) – heavy, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO

Notes: The demo video demonstrates the movement performed to the thighs, the version we are performing today should stop at the knees.

2b) 5X3 Heaving Snatch Balance – heavy, rest 60 sec.


10 minutes Free-Standing Shoulder Touch practice. DEMO VIDEO (not free-standing)


3 rounds for time of:

14 Burpee Over-the-Box Jumps 30/26″ (touching the top of the box is required, but opening the hip is not)
21 Pullups
50′ Handstand Walk

Caleb Williams – 9:19. 1st round demo video:

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  1. Way to go Coach Caleb.

    Rudy, just going to toss this out there – I do data analysis, sort of like, for a living. I’m a neuroscience professor by day but if you need/want any assistance with data analysis let me know.
    (Also: Kroger: Monster Rehab on sale $1.29 <– cheapest I've found!)

  2. Just to clarify with the three position snatch, we pull from floor to hang, pause, then to high hang, pause, then perform the snatch?

      • Thanks for asking and clarifying. I always watch the vids but i guess i missed this somehow?? I’ve been doing it wrong! (I thought it was the 3 pulls then snatch)

  3. This may be a dumba$$ noob question, but can you split the three parts of these workouts up over a day? Because of my schedule, I can’t spend that much time unbroken in the gym, but I can probably spread it out. Please be kind to a noob!

  4. Whats the difference between free-standing and not-free standing? is the demo video what we are supposed to do or is it a modified version of that?

    • Not-free standing is against a wall like in the video. Free standing is without support from some sort of structure, like a wall. So, it’s free standing in the open 🙂

  5. Back at it. Very busy last few weeks. Shoulder feeling better and back to snatching again.

    1) 50, 60×4, 65kg x 2 (going easy on my shoulder)
    2a) 65, 70kg x 4
    2b) 100, 130kg x 4

    Shoulder touch practice done!

    Cond. 8:10

  6. 1) 115#
    2a)165# (probably should have done more weight on these)
    2b) 115#

    Did shoulder touches (100) on the wall first, then got 74 free…did the wall because I didn’t think I could do them free-standing….learn something every day.

    Cond: 20:10 (handstand walks took me quite awhile….getting much better though)

  7. BBG

    1) 45kg x 5, 50kg,50kg
    2a) 65kg, 85kg, 85kg, 95kg, 95kg
    2b) 35kg, 35kg, 40kg, 40kg, 40kg

    Skill – still working on handstands against the wall and didn’t have a wall to use today


    skipped the handstand walk

    used a 24″ box


    Now that I am home I will work on shoulder touches using the wall.

  8. I cannot view the video: what is a shoulder touch? My guess is one hand touches opposite shoulder from the inverted position….?

  9. BBG
    1) 125 x 2, 130 x 5
    2a) 200
    2b) 125, 135 x 2, 145 x 2

    Practiced handstands


    6/8/2 (buddies wedding this weekend, still feeling like dogshit from all of the massive amounts of Jack Daniels Saturday night)

  10. BBG:
    1) 135 x7 2 drops due to wonky form.
    2a) 285 x5 felt light adding next time
    2b) 145 x5 felt light need to add

    13:07 -Didn’t butterfly my pullups.

    M/F/S 6/4/3

  11. BBG
    Snatch- 65kg 70, 75, 80, 85, 90. 90
    Sn. DL. 105x5x3
    SN . balance 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 ( missed 2nd one at 90



  12. 1) 95/115/115/120/120/120/125
    2a) 185 across
    2b) 135 across

    Cond 14:58 Rx

    Last time I tried to handstand walk was May, found out the hard way I was too weak to even hold myself up and crumbled like a house of cards, partially tore my labrum, pretty happy to get through this one.

  13. Bbg –

    1) 185. Failed 1 hi hang
    2a) 265
    2b) 245 failed third on last set x.x

    10 minutes… Think i totaled 10 maximum

    Cnd –

    7:44 rx came down once on walks 2nd and 3rd rounds

  14. Attempted to search, but possibly screwed it up… I’ll ask anyway. How does Outlaw feel about straps on the BB gymnastics?

    • From what I’ve read on here in the past if the movement is from the ground, don’t use straps but on something like multiple unbroken hang snatches, use them. So this one is kind of iffy. I would say use them if you absolutely need them but if you’re grip doesn’t fail you then forget it.

    • Never use them on cleans or any of its variations (It’s OK and sometimes preferred to use them on clean pulls though).
      For snatches – as per JohnB’s comments

  15. BBG

    1) 135, 135, 145, 150, 150, 150, 155#
    2a) 315#
    2b) 185#

    Handstand Holds – still can’t do shoulder touches

    6:33 – no handstand walks

  16. BBG:
    1) 3-Pos Snatch: 55F-45-45-50 form bad- 45-45-45 Pissed!
    2a) Halting Snatch DL: 100
    2b) Heaving Snatch Balance: 35-45-55

    Skill: Handstand shoulder touches-clearly weaker on right side (left-handed)

    12 min amrep:
    7 DB hang squat clean (25#, rx35)
    10 PU (1 gr band…strict for 1 rd, kipped for 2)
    *at 2, 4,6,8 min do 7 burpee KB stand (don’t count as reps)

    52 reps


    mfs 8/8/3 I sucked at everything today except burpees 🙁

  17. 3stop- heaviest 165# I kept failing 175# on the high hang because of grip. I just can’t keep my hook grip after the first rep =(
    2A) 285# heaviest (not sure if i was doing these right)
    2B) 225# heaviest

    conditioning- 6:37 handstand walks felt great. First 2 rounds were done in 2 mins each the last round my pace died down a little on the burpees.

  18. BBGym:
    1) 115×3, 120×3, 125×1
    2a) 185×4, 195×1
    2b) 135, 140, 145, 155, 165

    Conditioning: with ring pull ups


  19. Quick, maybe stupid question, I have definitely made progress on my snatch in the last cycle, but due to not always being around a gym the past few weeks I have missed more than a few days. My squat, clean andbench improvements however are not adrquate. Would you guys suggest I go back and refinish the last week or two in the cycle or count my losses and start from today?

  20. Questionaire complete


    1) 125, 135×3, 145×3 felt good

    2a) 205, 225×4
    2b) 145, 165, 175, 185, 195 (2/3, lost it standing up on last rep ugh!)

    Skill practice complete

    Conditioning: 10:36 Handstand walks were pathetic

  21. BBG
    1) 135×4 sets 140×3 sets
    2a) 225 all
    2b) 185 all


    12:00 (Handstands walks are for children) And i need to work on them. FML I also crashed hardcore on the box jumps and skinned up my leg. My mom wrote me a doctors note and everything.

  22. Correct me if I’m wrong but…Following rest times exactly as written makes me think these should be working sets. Meaning work up to the heaviest weight you believe possible for the allowed rest time, then knock out all sets with that weight. More power to you if you can switch weights around and still get ready to go with only 60 seconds, I am too slow and lazy for that 🙂

    1) 185 trying to use less muscle and be all all technical n junk

    2a) 225
    2b) 185
    Skill/Cond later

    • I figure it is better to go up in weight if I can, and once I get started I typically have 5’s, 10’s and 2.5’s already to go so I’m not walking around. It does add a little bit of time, but a decision I’m making consciously…

    • skill
      kicked up to wall and attempted feebly to pull my hands off the ground.. made it a few inches on best attempts.
      26:39 rx more skill work really, burpee box jumps no prob. butterfly kips getting way better, knocking out 11-15 at a time. However, walking on my hands is still really wonky.

    • I agree, too many people include their warm up sets. I may add 5-10lbs but I work up to heaviest possible then start my working sets.

    • Okay I did the same weights as Zachary Brodis today ( yes I did scroll up to make sure I spelled his name right so he wouldn’t cyber-obliterate my being). My point in mentioning this is his max snatch is a shit ton more than mine. I think I saw him post 285 or so.

      Can a coach tell me what, approximately a 1rm should be, if doing the weights above??

  23. BBG
    1) 95, 105, 110, 115, 115, 120, 125#
    125# is most I’ve ever done on a 3-pos snatch
    a) 185, 195, 185, 185, 185#
    b) 115, 125 (1 fail), 120 (1 f), 115, 115#
    Not sure what was up with snatch balance today?!?

    Skill and Conditioning later

  24. BBG:
    3-pos snatch: up to 82 (actually I made the full, missed the hang and then made the hi-hang, PR)

    82.5 (pr; I hate this exercise)

    10 min practice: I got a total of about 50-100, the best string I got was 6, 3/side (need work)

    Cond: 11:10 – i hate to complain, but my legs were literally sore to the touch after the testing week, so those box jumps blew!

  25. We’ve been doing Outlaw CrossFit programming at my affiliate and I officially made the switch to OW today. I couldn’t be more excited, but I’ve got to manage some of the volume to deal with some pretty harsh patellar tendinitis (hence, no SB).

    1)165/165/175/175/185/185/185 – 60 sec rest is a fast pace – much faster than I expected – and faster than I prefer.
    2a) 225×5
    2b) –

    Cond: 11:27 – Handstand walks were turrible.

  26. bbg
    1)155×4, 160×2, 165
    2a)185, 205, 225, 235, 250
    2b)165, 185, 205, 215, 225
    handstand walks are the worst, with the exception of ring muscle up to handstand pushup

  27. First time poster, first day starting Outlaw. Crossfitting since May 12′. Need to work on strength. My Pr’s are weak compared to others and that must change. Today is the second day I’ve ever snatched. I suck. I can’t do overhead squats, I can’t snatch. Not sure if it’s mobility or that I’m retarded (prob both) but whenever I sit in a full squat with arms over head my chest/arms fall forward. I can’t figure it out. Anyways, I made a commitment to work on it and try this program out for strength numbers. Get ready to laugh…

    2b)65/65/65/65/65 felt like I kinda got it so tried 95 and got it.

    10 minutes shoulder touch (against wall) most I could get was 5. Again I suck.

    Conditioning: 12:50 Rx

    Tuff first day

    Going to post my numbers so I can refer back to them in the future.
    DL/325 BS/275 SP/165 OHS/115 X3 Snatch/95 PC/215 CJ/205

  28. 3 pos snatch 115 (3), 125 (2), 130 (2) need to warmup better and just go heavier from the start.

    1a) 205 (maybe heavier next time but need to video self to see if these are correct)
    1b) 165 on the 4 set failed on the third rep

    Skipped skill

    Conditioning 14:43 rx

  29. 1) 105-110-110-115 (2/3)-115-120-120(1/3)- 120(2/3)
    2a) 135-140-145-155-165
    2b) 85-95-105-115-125
    Skill- best sets: 42-52-66
    Conditioning: 9:08

  30. BBG:
    1) 4×135, 2×145, 1x155lbs (last 3 I dropped in between because my grip just couldn’t handle it, weight went up easy enough but couldn’t bring it down and stay in my hook grip).

    2a) 275lbs (limited by how much pain my thumbs could tolerate)
    2b) 155lbs

    done, but went kind of easy, didn’t want to blow shoulders up before the conditioning.

    10:05, handstand started to fall apart at the end, last walk got pretty ugly!

  31. Couldn’t program a better WOD of things I suck at. Maybe a nice 800m between rounds really would have completed that anal pounding.

    185 for all BBG because I have a loose vagina and was told by Coach not to go above until I learn to snatch.

    16:50 on the anal pounding.

  32. I follow a week behind on the Way due to job requirements. I missed Fri and Sat of last week (which is really two weeks ago). I would normally just pick up where I left off and skip a rest day or two to get back on cycle. As I mature in my training approach I don’t know if this is wise. I’m not a cherry to this stuff and can do some work. What do you guys do?

    I’m especially concerned because last weeks cycle, which I should be starting today had I not missed two days, is a testing phase.

    What’s y’all’s philosophy/coaching advice for this?

  33. BBG

    1- 185, 185 (missed hi hang), 185 (missed low hang), 185, 185, 205, 225 (missed hi hang but very happy with this)
    2a- 225×3,245×2
    2b- 185 all sets


    – Done


    10:06 Rx’d. Pull ups hurt from Cindy on Saturday.

    • BBG
      3 pos sn 105 105 115 (missed hihang) 115 115 105 105
      Halting Sn DL 155 175 175 175 175
      Hv Sn Bal 95 115 (missed 3rd) 105 105 105

      Did skill, had to go get kids before I could do metcon, but still so smoked from Cindy and driving to a football game overnight Sunday it’s probably for the better.

  34. 1 A) 145*2, 155*2, 165 (fail on Hi Hang)
    2 A) 245
    2 B) 155*4, 165

    Done *needs work

    Conditioning – 14:29 Rx

  35. BBG

    1 x 3 x 90, 4 x 3 x100kg
    5 x 3 x 80kg

    Skill glossed over

    Conditioning, let’s not talk about handstand walking

    Mfs = 434

  36. 1 135
    2. 225
    B. 185×3 205×1 210×1

    Never tried skill before, started out rough but ended up getting 20+ freestanding alternating shoulder touches in one go


  37. MFS 2/3/3

    warmed up to 155 and felt good. Laid out the plates to go to maximal and had no problems adding plates within rest period.

    2a. 155/155/155/175(1xf)/175
    2b. 225 x 5


    11:31 rx’d

    Burpee box jumps ended up being the hardest. Shoulders were tired for handstand walk and managed between 10-15 feet on at a time.

  38. BB Gymnastics
    1) 135,135,135,145,145,145,145

    2a) 225,235,235,235,235

    2b) 135,145,155,155,155

    10 in a row



  39. 7 x 1 3 position snatch 155/170/185/185/195(f)/185/195(f)

    5 x 3 Snatch Deadlift 250 across
    5 x 3 Heaving snatch balance 185/195/205(f)/205/225 (best I have done on these in a while)

    Skill: Done

    WOD:16:44 (did 25 shoulder touches each round, which I suck at)

    Definately have a goal to work on.

  40. 1) 3 pos snatch 95,95,95,135,135,135,135
    Free standing HS sh. Touch 2 touches

  41. 3 pos Snatch
    115# x2, 135# x4, 145×1 2&3F

    2a) 225# all
    2b) 135# all, stoked about that one

    10 min skill (gross)

    14:41, banded PU, and soulder touches against wall, 25 each arm


  42. BBG:

    1.) 135 x 2, 145 x 2, 150, 160 x 2
    2a) 225 x 2, 235 x 3
    2b) 155 x 2, 160 x 2, 170

    Skill: Best was 12


    10:47 – HS walks slowed me down, still need to work on getting better at them. Good practice for a local comp coming up.


  43. BBG 1)155 missed 165
    Skill done. Alright at them
    Conditioning :
    10:44 handstand walks = hell

  44. BBG
    3 position snatch-135,135,135,135,155,155,155

    skill- 106 total (best UB set was 9)

    conditioning- 13:30

  45. 1) 135, 140 last set
    2a) 155, 165, 175, 175, 175
    2b) 165, 185, 205, 205, 205

    glad I did skill, though bum wrist hurts, it loosened up

    13:50 (25′ handstand walks each round, this ate the time up)

  46. BBG
    1) 135, 145, 155×2, 165, 175, 185-fail high hang
    2a) 225×2, 245×2, 265
    2b) 155, 165, 175, 185 (1,f,1,f), 185

    10 minutes handstand walk practice

    11:50, subbed 20 shoulder touches on wall per round

  47. 1). 7×1. 3 position snatch

    2). 5 x 3. Halting snatch deadlift
    185, 185, 185, 225, 225

    3). 5 x 3. Heaving snatch balance
    135, 185, 205, 215, 215

    10 minutes shoulder touches.

    3 rounds:

    14 burpee box jumps (24″)
    21. Pull-ups
    10 hspu. (can’t do shoulder touches, let alone handstand walks)


  48. Female/5’3″/120
    BB gymnastics

    1) 85# for all
    2a) 135# all
    2b) 75#

    Conditioning- 12:12rx. I work at a gymnastics gym and did workout there. The spring floor helped with handstands but gymnastic bars bend… Making Kipping pull-ups an adventure… With a real bar definetely would have been under 10 min.

  49. m/25/187/6’2″

    1) 95#, 95#, 105#, 105#, 115#, 115#, 120#
    2a) 155#
    2b) 115#

    Conditioning: 16:05

    Still new with snatch but getting better. Cond should have been faster but too many people in small gym. Overall fun day.

  50. 1) 165 175 185×3 190 195
    2a) 245
    2b) 225 ( fail on 3rd rep 3rd set)

    10 min shoulder practice done


  51. 7×1 Snatch 75-85 (6x)
    DL 225×1 275×4
    HSB 105×5

    10 Minutes of touches, 8 still can’t get this, I fall out every time I try and half the time can’t touch

    Scaled: Modified Outlaw Crossfit WOD
    14 Burpee over box @24
    21 KBS @24kg
    60 Sec Handstand Hold

    Need more practice in the handstand with all movements

  52. Back was super fatigued so kept it really light today at 62kg. Stop the hang snatches at set four and did the halt snatch deadlifts and snatch balances at the same weight. Nick Frasca gave me great cues and helped me with keeping my hips higher.

    Since my handstand walks are nonexistent I piked up on the thirty inch box and did five revolutions. I stopped after two rounds (I know I had one more round, I’m not an idiot). I felt terrible and just not good at all.

    6/6/6 (ozzy!)

  53. BBG:
    1) 155lb, 155, 165 for remainder.
    2a) 275, 275, 275
    2b) 185, 195, 195

    Felt super solid on the bbg stuff today. Good getting back into the groove after a solid test week.

    Skill: Complete. Managed quite a few good sets of 10 in there. This was fun.

    Conditioning: 12:55.

  54. BBG – done at 145, felt heavy today so stayed low and worked speed

    SnGDL – worked up to 285
    HSnB – worked up to 175 with lots of misses

  55. BBG:
    1) 65,75×3,80×3

    Stopped at 3 rds on these (back)
    2a) 135


    Cond: 17:02
    Burpees and pullups abt 2.5mins per round. Hs walk abt 3 mins per round. Nice. Lol.

  56. 1)95 lb
    Shoulder touch video didn’t work so i practiced max touches in one freestanding handstand hold and got anywhere from 5-10
    Holy cow handstand walks are so tough when out of breath.

  57. 1. 95, 105, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
    2a. 165 all sets
    2b. 115, 125, 135, 145, 155

    Conditioning: 14:13

  58. BB Gym
    1) 125
    2a 155
    2b 115


    Blew through the first round and didn’t have any problems with the burpees or pull-ups throughout. Each time I got to the handstand walk it slowly got worse as I fatigued.

  59. 135×2 145×3 155×2

    25 Shoulder touches each round – Haven’t attempted to start handstand walks

  60. 1 – 105#
    2a – 155#
    2b – 115# (2fs)
    Conditioning – Rx, 17:38 Pullups felt great, apparently hold my breath on HS walks and had a cool splitting headache after. Breathe

  61. 29/m/5’11″/174
    BBG 95-105-115-125-135-145-145 (wasn’t sure how heavy I could go)
    HSDL 145-185-205-215-225 (new move)
    HSB 145-145-155-155-155 (receiving bar back down was the limiter)

    Skill 76 taps

    Conditioning 20:28 (handstand walks awful but getting better)

  62. BBG:
    1. 95-115-115-135-135-135-155 (fail hi hang – caught in power position not squat + one bruised pelvic bone)
    2a. 205 across
    2b. 135×3 (ran out of time…weight light but heaving was awkward compared to normal SB)

    Skill – no time

    Conditioning – 2 rounds + 3 pullups in 12 mins

    Gym was closing so had to cap it. Ate major shit on 4th box jump. Huge gash on left shin. Was all fucked up after that. Pullups sucked – hand is ripped from Saturday’s Cindy. And I can’t hs walk to save my life so did 12 hspu instead. The burpee box jumps were much rougher than expected. Cue violin.

  63. BBG:
    1) 7×1 3 Position Snatch @ 105/105/105/105/105/110/110 (missed last high hang snatch)
    2a) 5×3 Halting Snatch Grip DL @135/140/145/155/165
    2b) 5×3 Heaving Snatch Balance @ 85/95/105/115/120

    Skill: 10 min handstand shoulder to shoulder 32/8/24/12/35/42/47

    Conditioning: 9:00

  64. 1) 93/103/108/113/118/123/128
    2a) all done at 168#
    2b)118/123/128/123/123 ( my hands were really hurtin today for some reason, burnin against the bar, i tried not bein a pussy…)
    skill: did a whole bunch of 3 touches freestanding. I scurried to the conditioning bc i had to go
    conditioning: (subbed inv ring rows for pullups bc the bars were all bein used by class, plus my hands hurt so i didn’t care too much-got lifeasrx comp this weekend, dont wanna tear)
    13:50- my hs walks werent on point today. Took me about 3-5 tries to reach 25′ feet then turn around…there was a few times that i just stood in a free standing hs and would bend my legs as far as they would go and i still wouldnt move forward..wtf!) im gunna keep workin on those walks!

  65. 3pos snatch: 165lbs
    OHS: up to 250×3
    Snatch balance: 235×3,250×2

    ankle jacked up so did metcon like this:
    14kbs 75lbs
    21 Pullups
    50` Handstand walks

  66. BBG:
    3 Post Snatch – 115-120-120-125-135#
    • Could of gone heavier but was having trouble holding on to the bar coming down. Thumb wasn’t feeling it today I guess. Only 1 miss at 135 from the ground as I think I pulled a bit to hard, lost it behind me.

    Halting Snatch DL to knee – 205# x 5 sets
    • Could of done more but thumb was feelign pretty sore after the 3 Pos snatch.
    Heaving Snatch Balance – 135-145-145-165-175
    • Didn’t have a miss till 175, and it was missing on my first rep. So restarted and then got all 3

    Skill –
    Didn’t get anymore than 4 in a row. I suck at this

    21:50 RX
    Handstand walks took me the longest. I was walking maybe 3-4 ft at a time. Gave me time to work on it. Getting better.

  67. BBG
    1) 176#>
    2a) 275>
    2b) 176>

    Skill check

    11:58 Handstand walks are weaker than the Carson Palmers Arm.

  68. BBG.
    1) 95,115,135,145,155,160,165 (10# PR on the 3 pos.)

    2a) 255
    2b) 135,155,175,195

    First time doing these and pretty much got them down. I was able to get 20 shoulder touches.


  69. BBG
    1) 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 115, 115

    2a) 165 across
    2b) 95, 95, 115, 115, 115

    Practiced free standing handstands

    Conditioning (subbed 30 sec handstand holds)
    Pull-ups are getting better.

  70. BBG: 3 Pos Snatch: 135
    Snatch DL: 185, 205 x 4
    Snatch Bal: 165 x 5
    Skill: Max 2, against wall
    Conditioning: 16:16 – Guess where the bottleneck was…

  71. 1) 3 pos. snatch: 100-100-105-105-105-110-110
    2) halt. Snatch dl: 155-165-175-180-180
    3) heav. SB: 125-130-130-135-135

    Will do cond later

  72. BBG
    1. 135, 145, 155, 155, 165, 175, 180 (Fail HH Snatch)
    2a. 225 across
    2b. Did one set at 135 and then skipped the rest

    Snatches felt super solid today. Tweaked my left shoulder a little bit trying to save the final snatch at 180. Was feeling it on the snatch balances so I cut them after one set.

  73. 1) 60kg, 60kg, 65kg, 65kg, 70kg, 70kg, 70kg (F on hi-hang)
    2a) 110kg, 110kg, 120kg, 120kg, 125kg

    From here I did some of Tuesdays Olympic and strength work as I am busy that night.

    Skill – Practiced shoulder touches but I couldn’t even get one. Sigh..
    I’m still very tired and sore in the triceps/chest/back from Cindy

  74. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 7X1 3-Position Snatch (floor, hang, hi-hang) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
    145×4 155(failed) 155×2
    2a) 5X3 Halting Snatch Deadlift (stop at knees) – heavy, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
    255 for all
    Notes: The demo video demonstrates the movement performed to the thighs, the version we are performing today should stop at the knees.
    2b) 5X3 Heaving Snatch Balance – heavy, rest 60 sec.
    160 for all
    10 minutes Free-Standing Shoulder Touch practice. DEMO VIDEO (not free-standing)
    3 rounds for time of:
    14 Burpee Over-the-Box Jumps 30/26″ (touching the top of the box is required, but opening the hip is not)
    21 Pullups
    50′ Handstand Walk

    My dumbass forgot the burpee’s…without them I got 8:29 (handstand walks sucked due to my back being super tight today)

  75. BBG: 3 pos snatch 75X2,85X2,95X1,105X1,115X1 (last one looked real ugly)

    2a 185
    2B 95

    Skill: done facing wall I could get 10 in a row. Facing away I can barely lift a hand.

    Cond: 22:30 subbed 2 wall walks for hand stand walk. Pretty good sub to preserve the stimulus but I would up the amount if you want to get closer to the time it would take a novice HS walker. The rest of this thing smoked me. Burpee box jump overs??


    This is the start of my second week following this program to the letter.

  76. BBG
    1) 115-125-135-145-150-152.5(x)-150×2
    2a) 5×5 @ 185#
    2b) 5×5 @ 115#

    10 minutes of free standing handstand practice. My goat but getting better.

    Subbed 25 not free standing shoulder touches for 50′ walk

  77. BBG:

    Snatch Dead:
    Heaving Snatch Balance:
    (First day back in with the barbell gymnastics. Taking it easy)

    Skill: Went well. Worked cross body touches and thigh slaps.

    3 Rounds:
    14 Over the Box Burpees @30
    21KB Swings @ 53 lbs
    50′ Handstand walks

    (Subbed KBS for pulls, hands still torn up pretty good from Cindy)

  78. BBG:1) 70-85kg
    2a: 130kg
    2b: 70kg (still hate this movement….working movement rather than weight)

    Skill: lots of walking back and forth…..completed

    Conditioning: went slow as balls for some reason…handstand walks mainly of course……still getting back on track from slump. Feeling better. 9:28rx


  79. 3 post snatch

    2a 275 all sets
    2b 205 all sets

    Sub one ARM db rows at 80# with fat gripz for pullups due to hand issue


  80. BBG:
    1) working sets of 70kg, (failed high-hang on set 5)
    2a) working sets of 100kg
    2b) 80 (failed on sets 4&5)

    Messed up the BBG in that I did all of 2a, then all of 2b, rather than alternating. I’ll blame it on my noobness. I know how to read the workouts now.

    Hand stand touches were rough at first, once I figured it out though, I was stringing together 10-15 at a time.


    18:25 Rx

  81. I was attempting to figure out when the new cycle started and the clue I was using was from this post: “Just so you know, the testing week actually began 120918, this Saturday was simply a work day.”
    Testing began on a date that is in the future?

  82. M-6′-200lbs-25yrs. 

    SN: 115-125-125-135-135-145-155

    A: H.SN.DL 185-185-185-205-205
    B: H.SB 135-155-155-155-170

    10:50 (first handstand walk Rx)

  83. Snatch- 115 for all. First day in 2 weeks since knee felt ok but did not want to push it,

    a) 205 all sets
    b) skipped (yoga started at gym)

    10:00 capped myself on wods at 10 min 2 full rounds.

  84. BBG:
    1) 50, 55, 57.5, 58.5 miss, 60, 62.5, 65kg
    2a) 60, 80, 85, 90, 100kg
    2b) 50, 50, 55, 55, 60kg

    I suck.


  85. 2a) 100lbs (coming off of a tweaked back)
    2b) 55/65/75/75/75 – had problems getting down into the hole quickly until the last set, so kept the weight low.

    not free standing practice.

    Conditioning: 14:09 scaled as this: 20′ over the box jumps/pullups/50 against the wall shoulder touches

  86. Changed all my lifting & strength work, but will continue with the Outlaw metcons – since I have a serious weakness to psyching myself out of wods.

    Three rounds for time:
    14 Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 30″
    21 Pull-ups (all UB)
    50′ HS Walk
    8:33 rx’ed.

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