I am truly grateful to be a part of a day like today. We have seen success and PRs before, but not like this—not this many, not this much. Your persistence and desire has been rewarded, but our work is not done. Headphones on, hoods up.

I’m not going to post all the videos we received today, just the 2 biggest men’s lifts, and the 2 biggest women’s (with an extra treat from Sarabeth Phillips).

(Please don’t comment on how ugly it is. Steven knows it’s ugly, I know it’s ugly, but this is still ‘Merica folks. If Steven wants to snap his shit up for a 600# pull, then he’s allowed to do it. And NO, I am not recommending snapping your shit up.)


-Zach Brodis is stronger than you (except D-Rob, and Steven Platek – see above):


-Kat Anderson is stronger than you, unless you’re a dude…maybe. Kat 380# @ 155#:


-This is Rashida Byams, you don’t know her because she’s only been training with coach Michael Winchester for 5 months. This is 375# @ 155#:

I’ve saved what I believe is the best lift of the entire week for last. This is Sarabeth Phillips, from Wednesday, with a TWO HUNDRED AND FIVE POUND Bench Press at a bodyweight of…you ready for this…one hundred and twenty three pounds. (Yes, she raised her hips, no that’s not good technique. Shutup now.)

WOD 120908:

BB Gymnastics

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.



Compare to 120602

20 minute AMRAP of:

5 Pullups
10 Pushups (hand release)
15 Air Squats

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  1. @ Sarabeth…I’m adding you to my growing list of inspiring women. If you can do it, maybe I can too…maybe not, but I’m gonna try. Congrats on your amazing feat!!!

  2. 1RM Snatch: 165# (30# PR)…first started snatching when I started Outlaw Way in July. I was stoked for this….this morning the snatch just “clicked”

    1RM Clean and Jerk: 205# (5# under PR); attempted 215, squat clean was fine (PR in itself), but could not stick the jerk for some reason (Monday I did a 225# jerk).

    Cindy: 15+(5)+(10)+12) (about a 3 rd PR)

  3. 1 RM Snatch 80kg
    1 RM C&J 105kg
    Cindy: 27 rounds + 5 pullups + 10 pushups (4 round pr!!!)
    Thank You Rudy… 😉

  4. 1RM Snatch 65kg
    1RM C&J 85kg (2.5kg PR)

    Cindy 14 rounds (first time doing this with hand release PU) previous PR was 15 rnds.

    Really looking forward to the coming weeks, I have seen some great gains recently.

  5. Did anyone else not get this post sent to them. Dont know if its my internet. Or Rudy’s friends at comcast.

  6. 1RM snatch 155# (20# pr)
    1RM clean and jerk 165# first time doing it
    Cindy: 11 rounds plus 5 pull ups….as stated earlier this week my conditioning is awful but this is only my first week on outlaw

      • Once the upward momentum of the bar stops, the lift is over. Getting the bar to your knees and hitching to lockout is an easy red light. Also, it is slight but on the 585 you can see he re-bends his knees to get to lockout (arguable if it was completely locked out) which will get you red lighted.

  7. Sn: 185 (5 under PR), 195f, f, f (185 I am nailing now regularly, 195 I am pussing out)
    C&J: 205 (10 under recent PR), 225 (got clean, failed jerk) x 2 attempts. soon.

    Cindy: 17 (2 under PR. my sqts were slow today, just took it easy), no hand release just to compare to old pr, but will from here on out, I guess, if you say so, maybe, oh well.

    MFS: 124 (low back from DL)

  8. Snatch – spent 20:00 attempting 110kg…got over head just couldnt stand it up. (maxes the last 6 weekends have been 107.5kg)

    Clean and Jerk – 130kg – 5kg pr! – Attempted 135kg but apparently my pull was fried from Deadlift yesterday, really hoping to attempt again fresh considering I got 140kg jerk earlier this week.

    Cindy – later

  9. Late start today because the person supposed to open the gym showed up 20-30 minutes late so I did BBG witha 10 minute clock to compensate and still make it home for the babysitter. also, pulling power=dead from my “sir hitch a lot” DL yesterday so I just went to what I was feeling today:

    Snatch: 80 (which I am ok with; regularly hitting 80, which when I started outlaw was not the case. Figured I get to CJ before my back completely seized up.

    CJ: worked up to an easy 105. Stopped.

    Cindy (1st time w. HR push-ups): 21 rounds even. I am not sure whether that is a PR – I don’t think so and I know it should be way higher. Whatever, taking today for what it was.

  10. Female/5’3″,120#

    Snatch 105# (5# under pr)
    Clean&jerk 150# (5#pr! Been stuck at 145 since march)

    Cindy- 15 rounds + 5pu’s

    • Congrats!! I’m so happy to see women my size hitting big numbers. Thanks for posting your stats 🙂

  11. Snatch – 245 – tied PR, for whatever reason i didn’t fully open my hips twice at 250

    C%J – 275 – also tied PR, feel weak overhead

    cindy – 24 rnds + 5 pull…hand release takes alot longer lol

    • Where in Maryland are you? Im visiting from Crossfit Carmel In Indiana and would like to keep up my programming while Im in Maryland.

      Thanks in advance.


  12. Sorry Rudy,
    Only made PR’s 4 out of 5 days.
    Today was shitty. Made 90% of both lifts
    1) 205
    2) 255


  13. pulling muscles way tired today from the deadlift action yesterday.
    1) 225, then i wanted some attempts at 300# before i ran out of energy, here is my best one.

    2) 275, then called it

    13 rounds +15 reps used rings for pull ups due to lots of people in class and limited space on our pull up bar. switched to the bar about halfway through once people were tired and space was available.

    • Dude once you get your form down with the snatch, you’ll do 325# easy. Your form is so bad but your strong as hell.!! Being tired isn’t an excuse to pull crappy. I’m not hatin on you bro just lettin you know how much more you’ve got in the tank! All the best.

      • haha no worries, if you think my form sucks now you should’ve seen when i first started following, haha, i could power snatch 255 and squat snatch 225.. my major problem seems to be my ass wanting to raise way faster than my chest, which was made severely evident in today’s lifting due to the tiredness, just couldn’t get my chest to come up before my butt at all.

      • When you do clean and snatch pulls, keep the chest moving upward as the hips move. (with heavy weight -75%-max) You should feel that first pull in your Lats because you’re pulling the shoulder blades tight together. If you get too anxious and lift too quickly then your hips jump up with your chest trailing behind and then you have to work harder to get torso vertical. Keep chest up- be patient- you’ll kill it!

  14. 1RM Snatch 60-been struggling since day one with snatch. This one was clean enough to claim, which makes it a PR
    1RM C&J 85 (10#PR) I prefer split jerk. Does it still count?

    Team of two accumulate and alternate as follows:
    60HSPU/other holds bottom of air squat
    Run 400m
    100KB/hold top of ring dip
    Run 400m
    150WB/150 burpees
    Run 400m


    F/5’3″/50yrs/110lb (10# PR since taking up CF in 3/12!)

  15. Snatch: 140#-10lbs under PR
    C&J: 185#-5lbs under PR
    -wasn’t feeling strong on these at all today

    “Cindy”: with strict ring pull ups
    14rnds+4 Push ups


  16. Snatched was stupid sloppy @160 lbs
    Clean and Jerk @205lbs. These numbers are really low.
    PR’D Cindy w/ 20 rds plus 5 pullups 10 pushups 5 airsqauts. It doesn’t make sense the conditioning is getting better but the lifts refuse too. I can retard strength a 245 lbs c& j but the snatch is just terrible. After 155 i do this weird duck walk/press out.

  17. Snatch: 100kg
    Clean and Jerk: 132.5kg PR!!!! Previous was 128.5 and I’ve only managed 125 a few times over the last while. So psyched. 300lb is just around the corner!

    Only time for:
    Half Cindy:
    14 rounds.

    Realized last time I did regular pushups on it. Figured I’d just repeat this time as well with regular just as a half. Next time I’ll go for hand release. Anyone who gets 20+ with hand release is insane. Cindy is always about the pushups for me.

  18. Snatch – 90kg (7lbs short of PR)
    C&J – 115kg (3kg PR, and almost had 120)
    Lats, traps and upper back were completely wrecked from yesterday, pulling was definitely hurting and not firing at 100%. Didn’t affect the C&J much though as that is heavily limited by the jerk for me, which was actually feeling pretty strong today.

    Just did half of Cindy – 10 minutes. 12 or 13 rounds +15 (round tracking got a little messed up at the very end). The hand release push-ups were really slowing me down a lot, were getting kind of ugly at the end.

    M/F/S 3/4/8

  19. Snatch 185-195F-200F-200F

    Didn’t have it today. Well under PR of 205.

    Clean – 280PR-290F-290F-290F

    Jerk wasn’t happening so went for max clean. Missed 290 three times out of the hole. Feel alright with this after yesterday’s max DL.

    Cindy – 15 + 3 push ups

    Always been terrible at this one. Pushup endurance is total dogshit even though bench is decent (285). PR with regular pushups is only 17+.

  20. Snatch: 185lbs…Previous 200lbs…tried 205 and missed
    Clean and Jerk…PR’d at 245…missed 255

    Cindy: 20 + 5 PU

    • Is anyone outlawing in the Baltimore, Maryland area (anyone from Maryland knows that you spell Baltimore, Baldimir, because you spell it how you speak, right)? I will be there for a few days and would like to keep my/Rudy’s programming going. I haven’t strayed since May 27th (I started May 28th) and I do not plan to start now.

  21. Snatched a nice 100kg and then missed 3 attempts to tie my PB at 105kg. Just a lack of pop and my knees were sore
    So I swapped clean and jerk for a 10 min window to set a 1RM cluster and hit a 115kg lift without any foot movement (regionals 2011 standards)
    Cindy 23 + 5
    Forgot the hand release but only came up 1 round short of my all time PB which was set when I was about 10kg lighter
    Mfs = 354

  22. Snatch 170lb 5lb PR
    C&J 215lb 5lb PR
    Cindy 17 +1 pull up
    3 1/2 rds off PR but did the hand release push ups.

  23. Snatch

    -225,245,255(last weeks PR) with no misses.
    -265, two attempts but not that close.
    -260, three attempts and very close on two of them. Bah.

    Clean and Jerk

    -225,275,295 with no misses
    -315, four attempts. The first one I had well above parallel on the way up but just could not hold onto it. I want this.

    I’ll post some videos.

    Cindy (w/ hand release pushups)

    -18 rounds + 4 HR Push Ups.

  24. Snatch
    195 previous pr 196

    (Brain and body are a little friiiiieeedddd)

    Clean and Jerk
    245…hit a 260 power clean and missed the jerk previous pr 270


    20 rounds and 6 push ups (hand releases changed the game… tried to hit a round ever 50 seconds to get 24 rounds but started to tear and had to dry hands which threw my pace off around 12 minutes)

  25. Made up deadlift. Hit 405 20 #pr
    Then BBG
    1) 170
    2) 225 so tired on both of these
    Did normal pushups because I was set on 30 rounds
    30 rounds +5 pull ups PR by 3 rds
    Then I threw up. Awesome

  26. M/5’5″/152lbs/31yrs.

    Was ready to go despite my posterior chain being smoked (even with the multiple-miss 400 DL attempts) but had to sub a class at the gym. By the time it was over I had no enthusiasm.

    Ran 3.3 miles in 26’14”. Then played maybe 15-20′ total in a TU Alumni Rugby match, before the t-storms hit.

    Next week, more work. Big ups to those who are hitting it hard.

  27. Great day for me finally!
    160 BW
    #150 Snatch, #5 PR
    #175 CJ, #10 PR
    #180 Clean, #5 PR, couldn’t jerk it

    20+11 Cindy, 1 rep short of PR, but never did it after lifting, and I got up about 4 hrs earlier than usual today. Felt good.

  28. 155# snatch 10# off PR
    210# C&J 5# off PR

    20+19 PR

    After all the max work and PR’s that I got this week, I just couldn’t get very focused for these lifts. On the other hand, I was on cruise control for Cindy.

    Mostly posterior chain fatigue

  29. PR’d my snatch by 40 fucking pounds since last week! Did the math wrong earlier and I thought it was 210. Can’t thank you enough for this programming! I’d post the video but I’m not sure how…

  30. Snatch – 135# 5# PR and 10# total PR in less then a month!
    Clean & Jerk – 155#, 20# under my PR, didn’t feel explosive after deadlift last night and snatch from earlier
    Cindy – 17 Rounds + 5, PR of over a round, previous was with regular push ups

  31. Snatch 180 (10#PR)
    Clean and Jerk 215 (10#PR)

    Ran a WOD a teammate was doing in a comp and a trail run

    20 275# DL
    400m run carrying 20# Medball
    20 Pullups

  32. m/25/185/6’2″

    Snatch- 145#
    C&J- 185#

    Endurance- 15 rnds, 5 pulls, 10 push, 8 squats

    1) working on ROM for both snatch and cleans… My form sucks atm, just not use to it in due time…
    2) pushups w/ lifting hands are much harder than initially thought…
    3) pretty much today as a whole sucked

  33. Snatch 135#, caught 145#, failed to stand it up, #25 off PR
    C/J 195#, cleaned 205# three times, failed every jerk, #10 off PR

    Cindy 18 rounds, miniscule PR

    shitty end to a shitty week, look forward to getting back to work.

  34. Back injury so no lifts..

    Cindy – 23 Rounds + 3 squats (PR by 3 squats on regular Cindy)
    **definitely less intense and not so bad with HR

    M/F/S – 5/2/7

  35. BB Gymnastics

    1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch. Abdolutely sucked.,could not even tie 115#, left with 95# and yon of frustration.

    2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk. Started 115#, could jot jerk properly, more like pressed out, got even more frustrated anout loosing energy and time and as had to leave soon, decided move to conditioning. Next week taking lifting classes, hopefully will help to clean bar overhead problem.


    “Cindy” 1st time: 20 rounds+15reps

    20 minute AMRAP of:

    5 Pullups
    10 Pushups (hand release)
    15 Air Squats

  36. Snatch – 85kg
    Clean and Jerk – 105kg

    Snatch felt pretty good. C&J felt real bad and slow. Just fatigued from yesterdays monster deadlift

    3 hour break..

    Cindy (with normal pushups)

    19 rounds + 1 pullup

    (1 round + 24 rep PR)

    Very happy with the PR. I did normal pressups to compare with June’s go at it. Pullups and Squats were easy. Pushups broke by the 5th round. Managed to keep moving the whole time though. Happy with this!

    Testing Week PR’s (7 rounds total)

    Jerk – 127.5kg
    Diane – 8:15
    Bench – 120kg
    Weighted Pullup – 27.5kg
    2K row – 7:02
    Deadlift – 230kg
    Cindy – 19 rounds + 1 pullup

    Not elite but moving in the right direction. Thanks soo much for the programming Rudy!

  37. I am headed to Virginia Beach for three weeks, the rest of Sept. I am trying to find a crossfit box to train at while I am there. I am not interested in their WODs, just want to drop in to do the Outlaw Way WODs. Any recommendations?

  38. Hey Rudy,

    I noticed you didn’t have any heavy male benches. Here’s a:

    #425 bench – #10 PR, yes, that’s my #99 wife spotting me.
    #351 Pull up – total weight.

    I’ve PR’ed everything since starting Outlaw about 7 weeks ago, but not much comparison to some of your real strong guys.

    FYI – I turn 40 in 3 months…

  39. BBG
    1. 165, 185, 200, 210 (F, F, F, F)

    Starting to fuck around with my start position on this again. Need to stop doing that and get back to what was working for me because I was head gaming myself on these.

    2. 225, 245, 260, 275, 290 (F, F, F)

    On the other hand these felt pretty good today, just not quite enough pop for 290 after the 1RM dead yesterday. I like what I’m doing here.

    20 Rounds + 5 Pull Ups

    Didn’t see the note about hand release. PR by all of 4 reps.

  40. AMAZING training day.

    Didn’t have time to do both BBG’s BUT for the Clean and Jerk:
    225-255-275-295 (20 Pound PR!) I had gotten 295 to the front rack, but never over head. 300 is close!

    Cindy: 31 2/3 Rounds. Old PR:24 (All time: 30) Ecstatic! My group out here in Afghanistan stuck around after they had done it to help push me to near my breaking point and I could not be more thankful for them.

  41. BBG
    215# Hang Snatch still having major issues on first pull

    no C&j

    24 + 3 squats first time ever doing Cindy

  42. First week of Outlaw complete. Feeling a lot better than I thought I would. The Oly lifting platform at Buckley Air Force Base (drill weekend) was way to short. Couldn’t pull off a proper split jerk to save my life. So C&J were done power.

    Max Clean & Jerk: 125 lb
    Max Snatch: 125 lb

    Having mobility issues with the snatch. Need to work on overhead squat positioning so I can move away from only power snatches

    Cindy: 9 rounds exactly
    Had to do pull ups from my hotel bathroom door so I subbed in 2 strict pullups for 5 kipping ones. I think it worked out okay but not entirely sure.

  43. DL- 290
    Snatch- 122
    C&J- 150

    Cindy- 17+7 did HRPU ( also did this with my 6 month old infant rolling around on the floor. I think I took at leat 1-2 mins of my AMRAP to pick her up and adjust her multiple times. Woulda liked to see what an undistracted Cindy would have been… Next time:))

  44. After this week only having one PR today felt kinda week. I just couldn’t get under anything.

    Snatch 135-150(F)-150(F)-150(F) PR was 150
    Clean and Jerk 185-205(F)205(F)-205(F) PR was 205

    Cindy – 12+3 new PR. previous PR was 11+5/10/11 regular Pushups so this was a big improvement with the HR instead.

  45. Snatch – 185, couple fails at 200.
    Clean jerk – 245. Couldnt stand 260 up from clean.
    Cindy –
    22 rounds plus 3 pushups.

  46. Had to cut time for everything in half, so 10 mins for each lift and 1/2 Cindy.


    140 (just missed 145)

    Clean (no Jerk):


    1/2 Cindy:

    10 + 20 reps

  47. Snatch: 135# (10# PR!)

    Clean & Jerk (First ever squat clean at this weight)

    Cindy: 15 rounds +5 pull up & 6 push ups. (two rounds bellow PR, first time doing HR PU)

  48. M/F/S – 3/8/3 (sinus cold or something)

    Snatch: 195 (no PR)
    C & J: 245 (no PR) Jerk is always what holds me back
    Cindy: 23 rounds (no PR)

  49. 1) 130# (pr is 140#- frustrating, bar gets high enough but ditch it back every time)

    2) 165#

    Cond: 29 rounds +25 ( can’t compare to last score, bc last time I didn’t do hr pushups… This time I did)

  50. OHS- Did this in place of snatch since quick drop hurts knee. Up to 225f
    Did some dynamic pulls as well.

    Front squat- Again saving knee from clean. Worked up to 335×2.
    Jerk holds into dynamic lifts. Up to 315 on Jerk holds.

    Cindy- Did 10 minutes and 10 rounds. Not good since last time did full cindy for 23 or 24 rounds. I was not even on pace doing the first half when I was fresh.

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