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  1. 387# (6# PR)

    Haven’t even touched DLs since June due to a back injury….happy for a small gain.

    Funny Germain weights out here on the FOB make for weird poundage….

  2. 1RM Deadlift – 180kg (5kg under PR from 2yrs ago)

    Felt so chat tonight. Had nothing. Wanted to kill myself.

    • Yeah me too. I’m just going to try and keep up with my workout partner… good luck!
      This testing week: while volume has dropped, intensity has gone through the roof and I am feeling it. Didn’t really expect to feel it as much as I am… #needwork!

      • I’m 20, and on my second week of outlaw… A year of crossfit.. What about you? There’s so few woman who post!

    • Skye is right. So few women post! I’m 5’5″, 132# and a Masters Competitor. Today I could only pull 255# off the floor. My previous PR is 280#. Outlaw Coach is trying to correct my form. I think I’m just thinking about it too much!

      Good luck on the weight gain Sam. All I can say is eat tons of Almond butter & Avocado! I have trouble keeping weight on if I don’t!

  3. Deadlift – 550…ran out of room on the bar. Could’ve gone heavier. 75# PR. Been awhile since I deadlifted haha

  4. 455

    tied a pr I set long ago with straps, so this was a true personal record for me. Can’t believe how far I have come in 3 short weeks

    Thank you Coach!!

  5. str
    520-10lb PR since #occupystrength, dl up 20lbs since following in April.

    coach, question for next cycle(s)-I have a “14 cambered bar, yea or nay on using it for my squats?

  6. 190kg PB @75kgBW

    Had a stupid moment last night and signed up for a sprint distance triathlon on Sunday.
    #Yolo #lulz
    Seriously though, all hashtags aside, wish a fellow endurance hater luck!

    • Good luck!
      I am hoping to try one later this month or sometime in Oct/Nov – where you doing yours? Hope the water is warm! Lulz

      • Doing one in Vegas on the 23. Excited to see how I stack up agains last year when My training was geared more towards that.

  7. Representing the 300 club for the ladies! BAM

    315# deadlift
    (15# PR from my competition 2 weeks ago, where I did my 1RM for the first time)


    • And could have kept trying but I have a competition tomorrow. Don’t want to make the boys look bad 😉

  8. DL 365#

    Down 30lbs from my PR. I thought with the volume low, I would have done better. Pretty pissed!



  9. Deadlift: 305lbs. F…yeah…!!!
    6months of Crossfit, 2 weeks of Outlaw and I can lift more than double myself :))) That is 50lbs than it was 08/04. Super excited!!!

  10. Just started following a couple wks back and can’t wait to see what this programming can do for me!!

    590# at 185# bw
    Just missed matching my PR at 585, thru the 2.5s on and got it. 5# PR and one step closer to 600

  11. M/31/6’0″/162
    DL 315#

    I really hope your programming gets my shit back together and allows me to reach my 415# PR from 2 years ago

  12. I’m just gonna go ahead and say this, “Fuck. Yeah.”

    deadlift – 430# (35# PR)

    retried squat 1rm since I wasn’t satisfied with it on tuesday – 360# (10# pr)
    *I failed at 355×5 on tuesday

    redid my burpee 1min amrap for the same reason – 27 burpees (2 more reps than tuesday)


  13. Hey, dont usually post but I pr’d 21 pounds from 465 to 485 since the last time we did max deadlift. This was after a 14 hour day with a shitty nights sleep. Well played.

  14. 425# (10 pounds less than lifetime but the heaviest I have gone in awhile). Tried 445 but gave up the fight, maybe a little too early. I need to get my DL up compared to my other lifts, especially after seeing the numbers posted.

  15. Deadlifts are my GOAT.

    This WOD and last Saturday have put me into borderline depression. I have a 10-yr old hammie/hip flexion/sciatic issue on my left side that seemed to be improving, and I’ve spent the last half year on a squat cycle then Outlaw, which was the last time I really tested deads. I was pretty hopeful.

    I pulled 285 back then, 6 months ago, which still wasn’t much for a 165lb 27yo male that is much fitter otherwise, and pulled 245 for 5 reps. Today 245 was the most I successfully pulled for 1 rep, and my leg/butt felt like shit. Wasn’t tired either, felt fresh coming in, well slept, well-fed. Sucks.

  16. 240kg @ 90kg, for a 10kg PB (530lb for those across the pond)
    Tried 250 and just flexed the shit out of the bar and then also tried a 245 but after breaking the floor couldn’t keep it moving
    Need more metal plates
    Mfs = 332

  17. 500#, pretty unsatisfied with this. After doing all of these dynamic deadlifts, the bar has felt really light lately, but not today.
    The Hugheys made up this gem for me to do afterwards as my wedding day wod
    54 DUs (54 is our combined age)
    9 Squat Snatches @ 185
    9 MUs
    54 DUs
    7 Snatches
    7 MUs
    54 DUs
    12 Snatches
    12 MUs
    Pretty rough – 17:55

  18. Hit 395# failed twice on 400 >:( …still a 60# pr since I started following this programming back in June. Pretty stoked to see the progress.

  19. any ideas when the new website will be up and running? more specifically the outlaw strength and conditioning programming? cant wait for a few less handstands and a few more prowler pushes?

  20. The Zac Ruiz DL video above features the highest “bare chests” to “tights” to “hugs” ratio in history. Hilariously awesome.

  21. DL singles: 225, 55, 85, 315, 345, 355, 365(10# PR), 375f, f

    10×1 3pos Sn 100# light n fast

    MFS: 333

  22. Its an ugly pull. Still happy coz I never pulled anything over 330 ever in my life but should I call this as a PR?

  23. Havent prd my deads in a while, slammed through 475 like a hot knife through butter and i kinda got a bit greedy so i hopped up to 525 which was a poor choice, failed 3 times then tried for 495 and failed. Hind sight says should have moved up in 20 lbs incraments, same happened on squats. So i think ive learned my lesson. Also spent thursday to sunday drunk my nutrition was messed up spent the weekend traveling. Haha never again…

  24. 540#

    20# PR. Hit 525 but went up so fast on video had to give it another go. Still very out of proportion to 1RM squat of 365 but working on it.

    Made up Tuesday’s mile after – 6:59. Total shitshow, back was tight and got a side stitch with 600m to go and just tried to run through.

  25. M/5’5″/152lbs/31yrs.

    Warmed up, hit 365. Previous best was 390, so I jumped right to 400. Was not going to be satisfied with anything less. Got it off the floor twice on two seperate attempts. By the third it didn’t go nowhere. CNS is possibly fried. Gotta keep on working.

  26. M-6′-200lbs-25yrs. 

    DL: #505 (#15 PR from 8.4.12, but it’s been a #60 overall PR since I started Outlaw 7.10.12)

  27. I DID IT!!! I don’t care how many have done this before me, I……DID….IT!!! 500# DL which would give me a 40# PR. the last time I did a max DL was for the CFT you programmed awhile back. This is a huge milestone for me. Thank you very much Rudy, and thank you very much Me for putting in the work to make such awesome gains.

  28. Deadlift: 445 – 5 lb PR.

    Last time I worked to a 1 RM Deadlift was March, so it’s been awhile and the 445 was a legit pull. I went for 465 and could only get it 3″ off the ground. Too greedy.

  29. 445 – 20# increase from last time.
    Still not 500 which it was a year ago before the accident. I will get back there!
    CNS is toast

  30. 29/m/5’11″/174

    405 went up so easy, I made a big jump to 455. Dumb mistake. Went back down and then back up to 440. Might have had 440 if I had not jumped so quick. Got greedy. My PR is 440 at a heavier bodyweight.

  31. Deadlift: 525 (10 under PR. VERY close to pulling 540. Too fatigued to try 535 after that.)
    Gym staff talked me into maxing out on bench again in a little morale boosting comp out here, max two days ago was 265. Hit 275 (10 pound PR, having a crowd helped.)

    Afterwards, did weighted pullups, weighted situps, weighted pushups and weighted steps ups with 66lbs, 45lbs, 105lbs and 55 ppund dumbbells in each hand respectively. Feel great.


  32. DL @ 250#
    (could have gone 5-10# more, but I pulled a muscle in my neck during the lift.)

    Is it weird that I can back squat 20# more than my deadlift???


  33. Deadlift- 455PR
    Moved on to 495 since 455 felt pretty light. Made it to knee cap dropped it. So went back down to 475 made lift up to mid thigh and grip went south.

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