Since it’s apparently kids week here on The Way, I thought the rest day post would be a good time to share something that is the exact opposite of the normal rant. This video is all purity and awesomeness, like Rich Froning, except its star probably doesn’t shave his chest yet. Here’s Jerrod and Aidan Shaughnessy on Outlaw CrossFit WOD from 120831 (wait for the Thrusters, it’s worth it):

WOD 120906:

Rest day.

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  1. I took the bait. I’m buying the incredibly overpriced toys for my son. Anyone know a cheaper place to buy them than the set for 170 freaking dollars?

  2. …when the lil one put his hands on his knees and mimic’d gasping for air….awesome!

  3. I’m confused, how do you know I don’t have to shave my chest yet?… wait you’re not saying I’m the star of this video?  Thank god.  Rudy, want to take this opportunity to thank you for putting so much time and effort into this amazing programming and continuing to make it available to even those like me that may never be competitive exercisers, but were doing conventional everyday crossfit and had a thirst for something more.  To get more fucking strong and not be a pussy (i.e have 24” quads, long way to go but I’m working on it).  As for Aidan, this is a not quite yet 4 yr old that will sit and watch games recap video’s and youtube’s as long as you let him, and can identify all the top crossfitters like it was an NFL team… crazy where this sport is going.  Hope you’re still coaching in 15 years and I can send him your way, because (to steal a line from his uncle) “At this point (his 15min @outlawway fame) if he doesn’t win the games, I will be disappointed.” Thank you!

  4. since the days of my training week are now officially fucked and I can’t post on the right days, still wanted to share some more PR’s

    C&J – 235# 10# PR

    Jerk – 240# 15# PR
    “Diane” – 4:15 PR, last Diane time was 7:59

    LBBS – 335# 10# PR
    Burpees – 30
    UB MU – 8 PR by 3

    Bench Press – 300# 5# PR
    Pullups – 100# 5# PR

    That’s alot of fuckin awesomness in one week!! Thanks Rudy!

  5. That was great. My 2 y/o is not at all afraid of me swinging KBs, so he likes to come as close as he can to me when I’m doing them. Great video.

  6. M/5’5″/152lbs/31yrs.

    Since Wednesday became Monday, that means today is Wednesday. No rest. I’m sure I’ll pay for it later.

    1RM bench: 225, 235, 245, 255=15lb PR.

    1RM strict weighted pullup (used KB): 12kg, 16, 20, 24, 26.3
    –supinated grip on all except last, which was mixed grip. about a 12 lb (or 5.5kg) PR

    2K row=8’01”
    –really wanted sub-8′. didn’t happen.

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