No introduction needed.

Yes, today’s test was for a Low Bar Squat, but Kevin is trying to develop his Weightlifting, so he’s been using nothing but High Bar. Here’s Kevin Simons HBBS PR of 475#:

These gosh darned kids just keep putting up ridiculous numbers. We first met Ryan Sunshine quite a while ago when he was the first of a slew of teenagers to go 200# plus on his Snatch. Now, at the ripe old age of 19, and a BW of 170#, he hit “something I (Ryan) thought I would do in my mid-twenties”. Here’s his 305# Jerk:

WOD 120905:


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press.

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Weighted Strict Pullup.

Notes: The pullup should begin with a 3 second pause with the arms fully extended, hanging beneath the bar.


Row 2k

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  1. im 6’3″ and 235#, what should my damper setting be on. i usually rock it at 7 and 8.
    Thanks Coach

    • Depending on the rower you can figure this out on ur own, the concept 2’s have test you perform to find proper damper setting

    • Concept2 has a great article about damper settings and what they actually mean in the context of a workout.

      Picking a damper setting is one of the most confusing topics on the erg because it really comes down to personal preference and how you’ve been training. First off, the best recommendation is to keep the damper where you’ve always had it. Are you improving on the erg? Feel like you’re in control of the piece when you row? Then keep it at the setting you have it right now.

      Are you completely new to the rowing machine and don’t know where to start? Put it on 4. After that, it comes down to how you attack the piece: do you feel like you can’t take enough strokes in a minute? Then move the damper down 1.
      Do you feel like you are “spinning your wheels” and just rowing in thin air? Then move the damper up 1.

      If you feel good when the setting is at 7 and your legs are still moving fast during the entire 2K, then keep it at 7. Hope that helps.

      • we are having a paleo beer drinking gym opening party next weekend. It will be a great opportunity for all the Pendleton outlaws to get together and lie about their PRs whilst drinking beers and admiring my gym

  2. Great work guys. I watch these just before i hit it so i’m all inspired….. and shit.
    It was a good day today.

    1RM Bench = 102.5kg (PB)
    1 RM Weighted Strict Pullup = 32kg (PB)
    2K = 7:21 (PB)

    Keep up the PB’s guys and keep posting them Rudy. Luv ya work mate.


  3. M/180/25/5’11

    Been doing crossfit since January, doing Outlaw Way since July. Doing what we can while in Afghanistan….good stuff. Hit a PR on every lift/workout thus far this week, so I decided I better start posting.

    1RM Bench: 245# (5# PR)
    1RM Weighted Pullup: 75# (10# PR)
    2000m Row: 7:24 (first time rowing that distance for time)

  4. Strength

    Bench Press 1RM 100kg
    Strict weighted pullup 1RM 22.5kg, just missed 25kg


    2K row 7:36 (first time rowed 2K for time)



  5. Strength:
    1RM Bench: 265 lbs(10# PR)
    1RM Strict Wegithed Dip: 55 lbs(First time)

    2K Row: 7:59

  6. 105# on bench (PR)
    1 DH pullup, then 2 with purple band – pullups are one of my weakest movements
    PR on Row at 8:28 but know I can do even better than that

  7. Was not happy yesterday, therefore I squatted this morning! Glad I did, 5 lb PR 210 lb for a one rep max.

    Bench 125 lb 5 lb PR.

    strict weighted pull up 40 lb a 20 lb PR!

    Thank You Outlaw! This 5’3″ 120 girl is getting strong!

  8. …if I admit up front that Talayna’s like 20lbs off my jerk PR and did more consecutive MUs than me and is generally just a badder ass human being than I – am I a dbag for mentioning that I think that squat was well short of depth?

  9. Bench #315 -20 off my PR, but I had to shit and it was 7am so I’m OK with it.

    Weighted Pullup #55 PR!

    2K Row: 6:58 PR!

    I want to revisit my MUs and Back Squat Maxes This week if possible.

  10. had to go with no spotter today because my friends all slept in. so i decided to make all attempts with no spot, no belt, no wraps, completely raw. made it to 365# which is 15# away from my p.r. of 380#

    Strict pull ups, hit my first personal record of the week here, old p.r. 110#.
    this is 120# of weight vests, a 45# and a 75# vest. watch til the end so you can see me almost pass out from my valsalva maneuver

  11. First 2 weeks of outlaw, so still a noob… Female 5’3″ 120#

    Bench- 125#
    Weighted PU- 40#
    2k row- 9:27… I’m a runner I hate rowing

  12. Bench – 300# 25lb PR
    Pull-up – completely strict mind you, no kipping bullshit at the top. 140# (never done this before)
    Row – 6:51

  13. First off Fuck bench press.
    ok, now that I got that out:

    BP: 265
    Wt Strict Pull-up: 48kg KB. Could’ve kept going, but we sort of ran out of time and wanted to move on.
    Row: 7:03 – not even sure I’ve ever rowed 2k for time before. Could def go sub 7 now that I know what it feels like.

  14. Bench – 255 (15 under PR)
    Pullup – +125.5(strict PR), 128 (Kip at top)

    2k row – 6:55, PR

  15. 1RM Bench
    1RM Weighted Pull-up
    Made up the Run instead of the row 1 mile Run

  16. Oh man.
    bench=275 (20# pr)
    Pull up-110# (10#PR)

    I gassed on the rower, started out too strong, made a 500M PR of 1:32 tho!

  17. Bench @230
    WTD pull up @85
    Conditioning – way too much wrestling this morning to row so maybe tomorrow

  18. Bench – 250. Could’ve gone heavier. No spotter. 15# PR

    Weighted Pullup – 123. 70 and 53 LB KB. 13# PR

    2k Row. No fucking rower in this gym. Seriously pissed right now about having NO ROWER so I guess ill go and fucking run. Fucking shit no rower?!?!?! REALLY BRO!?!?! BLAH. YEA I MAD.


  19. Bench 1rm115kg had a bit left ran out of time but PR by 10 kg

    Pull up 37.5kg PR
    Never tested before but got up to 27.5 for
    3×5 a few months ago so happy with this

    1km row 3:27 my bad, was meant to be 2 km
    Pr anyway

    Been struggling with motivation lately and can’t get past 70kg snatch, didn’t think I was progressing much. Hit 4 PRs this week so maybe not as bad as I thought! Think I’m just greedy..lol

    Any way thanks for the great programming, I’ve progressed a lot since becoming an outlaw and appreciate this great free resource

    Thanks again

  20. Strength
    Bench: 275

    10 lb “modern” PR. Ties my all time PR from when I was in college and ~20 lbs heavier.

    Pull Up: 80

    Just missed 90 twice.


    Got 800 meters in and fucking died. Well off my PR of 6:59

  21. Bench 135kg 5kg PB and that was after narrowly missing 140 that was on the way up
    Pull up 55kg 5kg PB
    2km row 7:00.5
    Left it too late to make up the 4 seconds I needed to make it sub 7
    Mfs = 345

  22. bench-255#, 265# attempt/fail (10# PR over all, for benching only twice in the past year I’m pretty satisfied with that)

    weighted strict pull up-100# (first time going for a 1rm)

    subbed 200 SDHP’s @ 65# for the 2k row, took me 12:56 ( don’t have a rower yet, all in all I like the substitution because I can’t think of too many other basic movements that hit the sam ROM as rowing. How ever I should have checked my ego and stuck with the recommended 45#, oh well, live and learn)

  23. MFS 2/3/4

    After reviewing the video of Diane the other day a buddy of mine noticed that he thought I missed a rep on HSPU 21 so I went back and counted and sure enough I did. So I did it again to day before the work out, Monday 2:26, today 2:14…fuck yeah

    Bench – 320 no PR here, honestly didn’t expect that due to shoulder needing work.
    Pull Up – 2 pd KB, PR is 95 so not so hot

    2k Row – 7:50, first time I’ve done 2k for time.

  24. redemption from yesterday’s shitty squatting.

    bench – 260 (15# PR), almost got 265 but missed locking it out by about an inch

    Weighted PU – 110# (10# PR)

    Row – 7:23 (felt like bambi once I started walking off the rower)

    Fuck Yeah.

    • haha…”bambi”. same thing here. I proceeded to walk 200m, and then tripped on a 4″ curb cause I coulnt raise my leg enough. haha

  25. bench: 150#. Obviously PR as first time doing 1RM bench press.
    Pull up: 40#. did it in first 5mins and then just struggled next 10 mins. to get 50#, but nope.
    Rowing: 8:11min. (PR by 15secs. since 6th August).

  26. pullup 95#
    bench 225# lulz
    my bench press sucks. I never lifted weights before crossfit and only bench when it shows up on here. The percentage work is really easy but when it comes time to max out I always end up with a bitch number.

    no row no time (pledging a fraternity)

  27. m/25/190/6’2″

    Bench: 255
    Pullup: 90
    Row: 7:31

    Took a little longer than 15 on bench. Fist time maxing in about a year… Had no idea where I was at. Thought I was going to get 225 so I’m VERY happy with 255.

  28. Bench
    295# (10# CrossFit PR. Old meat head days was 325 when I was 20 lbs heavier)

    Pull up
    118# ( I am pretty sure this is over a 20# PR0


    (6 second PR on a time I did not think I could beat. This is the longest row I have done in months. Felt generally stronger on my pulls. My lips were white when I got off the rower.)

    Outlaw Works

  29. Bench 365

    20 pounds less than my PR, but that PR was set 3 years ago. I let myself go over the last few years and I had a hard time pushing up 335 just 3 weeks ago……. I started doing Outlaw just 2 weeks ago, and I can feel my strength returning…… I am very happy with this!

    Pull-up 115 30 pounds off my record, but once again, that was set long ago……

    No rower at my house yet, so I ran a mile in 8:15. I don’t know how you guys can lift these heavy ass weights and then run a mile in 5 or 6 minutes!! Just incredibly amazing to me!! If I was on a treadmill maybe around 7 for me on a good day……lots of work to do!!

  30. Bench: 290 PR, Failed 300 but oh so close
    Strict Pull-up: 50 w/kick at top, 40 without PR
    Row: 7:46 PR since I’ve never done 2k for time, but should have been faster.

    Thanks Rudy for this week, seeing hard data on how far I’ve come since starting to follow your programming has been impressive.

  31. Bench: 205, 225, 245, 265 (10# under PR), 275f
    W PU: 35, 45, 55, 60, 65 (5# PR), got 70 but kicked it up.

    2k row: 7:43

    MFS: 126 (glute soreness bad today from Diane monday)

  32. M/5’5″/152lbs/31yrs.

    Since I decided to be a patriot and not work out on Labor Day, went with Monday’s 1RM Jerk. Going to do today’s bench/pullup/row workout tomorrow, and go straight through to Friday & Saturday.

    Strength: 1RM Jerk
    –210, 5 lb. PR; missed 215×3

    5 rds., 1:1 rest–3x HSPU @5.5″ deficit, 1x shuttle-run (6m, 12m), 50x double-unders.
    –all rounds just under a minute, 9’32” total.

  33. strength:
    bench: 260#
    5# PR
    pull-up: 73#
    not a PR

    first time doing it for time, so not so bad.

  34. BP- 300# 25# under all time PR
    PU – 115# completely strict, 125# had to Kip to get all the way up.

    2k Row – 6:39.4 no PR, waited to long to go all out. Rowed @ 1:40-1:41/500m for the first 1750m and then went all out. Should have kicked it in gear about 150-250m sooner.

  35. Strength:
    Bench: 210# 5lb PR
    Pull-up: 75#

    2k Row-7:38- first time doing this, could deffinetly go sub 7 now that I know how to game it.


  36. BP: 325lbs…10lb PR
    SWPU: 120.5 lbs…20lb PR

    2k row:7:20

    Started Outlaw on May 28th and I have PR’d on every lift since that day. Thank you, Rudy.

  37. Bench: 235# PR!
    Strict W PU: 38.9Lbs (2 KBs) PR!

    2k row 7:43 P muffuckin R!!! by 2:13
    great day, thanks Outlaw

  38. I’m a cpl days behind:
    Burpees: 26
    Muscle ups: 5 (pr is 7)
    Run: 6:24(new pr!)
    Threw in 2 min amrap double unders: 175

    Backsquat: 290# (old pr was 263# from Xfit total)
    Weighted strict pullup: 50#
    2k row: 8:10 ( didn’t go as hard as I should have the first thousand)
    I will do bench tmrw

  39. Bench: 190, 20lbs below PR. Haven’t benched in months really, shouldies smoked anyway.

    Pullup: 85

    2K Row: 7:42.2, 3sec PR

  40. Bench – 285#
    1RM Pullup – 110#
    2k Row – 6:59.5

    5# PR on bench, missed 295…got it halfway up then stalled for a solid 5 seconds. Next time. 2.5# PR on pullup, but kicked a bit at the top so call it what you will. Well under PR on row which is 6:46.9 from March 2010, conditioning is nowhere near that level currently but other areas are up so am ok with it for now.

    Enjoying PR week…this programming is so good it’s almost criminal.

  41. 26/M/5’5″/155#

    Bench: 192# (87kg) Match my PR
    Pull up: 75# – Haven’t done a max weight PU before.

    2k Row 7:40 – 2 seconds slower than my PR. Not sure if my short frame can row any faster…

  42. Bench: 115#, first time going for 1RM
    Pull up: 30#, 2#pr from June but that was kipping
    Had to run class so no 2k row today

  43. Great job on all the PRs Outlaws!!

    Deadlift – 535 PR – pretty smooth but couldn’t get 550 off the floor.

    Bench – 335 legit, 345 with butt about 2″ off the bench. All time PR is 365, but haven’t pushed on a bar in over two months with my wrist injury. It’ll come back fast I’m sure.

    2k Row – 6:51.7 PR by 7 seconds! Paced a bit too conservatively in the beginning. Didn’t completely empty the tank by the end, but still pretty damn happy with the time. Being 5-7″ makes rowing one of my least favorite activities 🙂 .

  44. Bench – 120kg (5kg PR) – Happy because I’m finally making progress!

    Weighted Pullup (Forgot about the pause) – 27.5kg. PR is 30kg with a tiny kip as I was paused at my nose. Got to the same position with 31.25kg tonight.

    2K Row – 7:02.3 (PR by 10.5 seconds)

    Very happy about this. I would’ve loved sub-7 so that was ever-so-slightly maddening, but I’m very happy nonetheless. Kept it at a 1:45 pace the whole way. I tried to pick it up at the end but couldn’t do it. Sub-7 next time!

  45. Bench Press – 260 (15lb PR)

    Pull-Up – 90 (10lb PR)

    2km row – 00:06:51 (1 sec PR)

    M/F/S – 5/2/9

  46. Bench- 315 (10lb pr)
    Pullup- 130 (10lb pr)
    2k- 7.07 (6 sec pr but I paced too conservativly the first 1000)

  47. Bench Press – 195
    Went for 200 and failed

    Weighted pull up – Attempts at 45, 60, 70 (fail), 70 (fail)

    2k for time
    @ 24 spm – 7:18.8 – 1:49.9 avg

  48. Strength..
    1RM Bench Press.- 120kg
    1RM Weighted Strict Pullup.- 32kg

    Row 2k – 00:06:56

  49. Had fun with this one…

    1RM Bench: 275lbs (tied my post-college PR; 20lbs off my college days PR – and those days were a loooooong time ago)
    1RM WPU: 95lbs PR
    2K Row: 7:00 PR

  50. Bench Press- 315# ( Does the Dougie) PR(90#)
    Pull-Up- 100# ( Does Catdaddy) PR(25#)
    Row- 8:01 (Hit the Electric Slide) <– Never done it

  51. Bench – 240, 250F (lower than i expected)
    Pullup – 102#
    Row – 7:07.9 (PR by 6 seconds)

  52. Bench press 225 tie PR

    Weighted pull up 73 PR

    2K row 7:39 4 sec PR

    male 40 @ 175bw

    been doing CrossFit for about 1 yr following outlaw for less than two weeks

  53. Bench- 315 no pr, (325f)

    Weighted pull up- 100lb no PR (120lb Fail)

    Did weighted muscle up work to make up for yesterdays muscle up miss.

    Did some weighted back extension 95lb 3x 6-8

    2K row- 7:59 Not sure what PR was. First 500 was tough than just settled in.

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