LGA 365# Jerk (behind the neck), I did say any style after all…

Colm O’Reilly Jerked 120kg. No, that’s not a preposterous number, but Colm has been doing this a very long time, and he has never gotten 120kg. Fuck yeah, Colm.

Talayna PR’d again. This time it was a full Clean and Jerk @ 210#.

Caleb Williams Jerked 156kg, then did Diane in 2 minutes flat. That is a PR for Caleb on a Rack Jerk, and a PR on Diane. Caleb is the American record holder in the Clean and Jerk. Caleb is also very bad at videoing himself.

ADDENDUM: Caleb actually got better at videoing since I posted (or just finally sent it to me). Here’s his 156kg Jerk @ 69kg…

WOD 120904:

BB Gymnastics

EMOM for 5 minutes:

2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 70%

Notes: This is meant to provide a warm up for both the legs and the CNS. DO NOT go above the prescribed weight. Each set should be easy and fast.


20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat.

Notes: The Cleans should provide a good warmup, but you will still need some Squat sets of 2-3 reps. Once you reach the 75-80% range, take 2 minutes rest then perform a “Walkout” (simply setup like you’re going to squat, walk out of the rack, and hold the weight on your back for 5 seconds – DO NOT attempt to squat – belts are recommended for this movement) with 5-10% more than your projected maximal Squat. If you are projecting 400#, walk out with approximately 425#. After your “Walkout”, rest 2 minutes then begin your near maximal and maximal attempts. If you have not missed an attempt you may go slightly over the time limitation.


1) 1 minute ME Burpees
*Rest as needed.

2) 1 attempt ME UB Muscle-Ups
*Rest as needed.

3) Run 1 mile

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  1. I feel offended, what was wrong with Caleb’s video, that I TOOK!? Fuckers! I guess we have to buy a tripod! lulz, it was probably shaky, I just PR’ed my jerk!

  2. Sooo… you work up to 75-80% 2-3 reps than do the walkout without performing any reps above 75-80%. Then immediately attempt PR? No almost heavy singles? I have never done it this way before. Just want to be sure to get it right.

  3. 235# jerk, 20# PR

    9:11 on Diane, first time doing it Rx. Horrible ROM on my HSPU, mostly no reps, but better than subbing regular push ups

  4. potentially a dumb question but is there a weightliftng belt as opposed to powerlifting belt or one for both?

    • the VALEO belts work good for both and are thin enough that they shouldn’t get in the way too much when you clean or if you snatch in a belt. jus my 2 cents.

  5. awe shit…BSqt max after my hammies and ass are fried from Daine. Low back not so bad. We’ll see how this goes. Still feel PR.

    • …was nervous for this one…its been a while for that feeling…

      Clean 5×2 135lb

      HBBS singles started 225, 255, 275, 345 walk out, 295, 315, 330 PR
      (15lb PR for HBBS from June, 5lb over my LBBS from Feb)

      28 burpees, tied PR.
      10 mu, PR (added 1 rep)
      7:24 mile run, 30 sec slower than PR, could give a fuuuhhhh

      MFS: 226

  6. BBG

    55kg felt nice and smooth today


    145kg new PB felt strong, went a bit over the 20 min mark



    Watch timer stopped and stuffed everything up, I got to 30 and realised something was wrong

    MU – 6 reps UB new PB very happy, got those in the first 30 secs but couldn’t manage to crack another one after that.

    Run – no suitable track after dark (spent too much time on the squats)

    M/F/S 3/4/5 still feeling tight through lower back and hips

  7. First day of Outlaw, conditioning is horrible

    EMOM hi-hang squat clean for 5 minutes at 140
    1RM back squat 315# (15# pr)

    1. 1 min ME burpees (17)
    2. 12 UB ring dips ( no set up for mu)
    3. 1 mile run (0.85 @ 6 min, glutes started tightening up pretty bad)

  8. BB Gymnastics

    EMOM for 5 minutes: 2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 115


    20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat.

    240# 15# PR!


    1) 1 minute ME Burpees: 29
    2) 1 attempt ME UB Muscle-Ups: 5
    3) Run 1 mile: 7:25

  9. Ok, since I’m not allowed to pretend to be hardcore, can I cry when I cannot PR?

    I am down 2 pounds from competing all weekend… Couldn’t even come close to old PR… Capital Whore-able Training Day!

  10. Ok first a big THANK YOU!

    Close to 4 month in the programming

    hang squat cleans @155

    backsquat increased from 265 to 315 πŸ˜€

    burpees 24

    MU 7 (one of my weakness)

    mile 5:12

    CrossFit HH

  11. Hang Cleans @ 80kg
    Squats (coming back from knee injury so didn’t 1RM) 5×3 @130/ 1×20 @90
    Burpees – 27
    Muscle Ups – 11
    Run – 6.22

    M/F/S – 1/2/5

  12. BBG: 155#


    305# (10# PR)


    Burpees – 24
    MUs – 0 (12 ring PUs / 14 ring dips)
    Mile – 5.42

  13. First week following Outlaw.

    Barbell gymnastics 155.

    Back squat 310, 5lb PR
    Burpees 20
    Muscle ups 5
    No run

  14. Hang cleans @ 235
    BSQ – barely got #425, which is not even my 3RM as of a few weeks ago. Terrible. Will repeat. legs were very tired from yesterday’s competition long day.

    Burpees – 37 reps
    Muscle ups – 15 reps
    Mile – 5:37
    Diane – 2:21. 2:00 PR from Regionals!

  15. not my best day, that’s for sure.
    woke up sort of out of it and then tweaked my calf warming up (i know, wtf! no excuse)

    BBG: 90kg – easy and fast

    BS: 160 – got ugly, good morningish so I stopped. We only do Hi-bar in my gym; So this is technically a hi-bar BS PR, but PR using Low bar = 174.5(385#)

    Burpees: 30 (better than I thought)
    Muscle-ups: 9 – I stopped mainly because i lost count and thought I hit ten and was tired; if someone told me I’d hit 9, I would have gone for 10. just tired from yesterday.
    Run: 7:33 – not great, but I’m ok with it, for right now. a bit hilly and came out of the gate way too fast on this new path. need to get better at gaming myself.

  16. Strength: 175

    Squat Max: 440. (felt light and jumped too high to 480, and dropped it coming out the bottom)

    Max Burpees: 28

    UB MUs: 5

    Mile 6:33 (could be off by a few seconds. )

  17. Warm up

    1rm Squat
    335# just 10# up from 3rm could use some advice from anyone, other than HTFU!

    14.5 Burpees
    Still unable to do MU so i did 13 Dead Hang PU
    9:44 mile

  18. BBGym:

    305#(5lb PR)-Mixed feelings about this, about 4 months ago I hit 300# after one of our 20rep BS’s and it was ass to grass. This one was just parallel and I failed it about 3 times before hitting it. Whenever I fail it’s because my hips shoot up and push my chest down, I have tried staying extremely tight, wear a belt, and keep my head neutral, idk had to rant, pisses me off.

    1) 23
    2) 1-have to do these strict with my set up
    3) 7:45


  19. Frustrating morning- months ago squatted 325. Did lifting on a different site(not outlaw) but thought my squat wouldve gone up. Hit 305 without belt today—missed old max twice. Also did a hero wod yesterday with lots of cleans and box jumps.

    Advice? I want to start following outlaw. Should I base everything off 305 or 325?

  20. Squat: 375# w/o belt. Did this with a belt 3 weeks ago. Did 385 but had a spotter and I felt like he may have helped a bit. That’s always the worst. Definitely could of got 395 if I had a belt. Need to buy one. Goal of 405# by the end of the year looks good!

    Did air dyne sprints and goblet squats @ 3 pood because my legs needed a bit more stimulation.

  21. Finally gonna post on here and stop being too much of a pussy to let everyone know how weak I am; it’s been a long journey from drugs, worst diet ever and basically a deformed hip, and I need to stop comparing myself to other people and be happy with my own awesome progress because I couldn’t squat 100 lbs 3 yrs ago. Outlaw is great shit.

    WU #125

    Weak today after Diane, could’t match my BS PR form a month ago, #235

    24 Burpees

    4 MU

    6:04 mile (1 sec PR)

    My wife crushed all of it.

    PS-@PPW boys, my buddy Pete I brought up on Friday is a professional cameraman, just get him up πŸ™‚

  22. 375 25 LB PR. Almost at 400…

    35 Burpees
    15 MU
    6:01 Mile

    Anyone in Atlanta Georgia are do Outlaw? Almost every gym i go to says “YOU MUST DO OUR WORKOUT” Then I ask if after can I hang around and knock out Outlaw. “NO YOU CAN ONLY DO OUR WORKOUT” Almost have to sneak workout except when I hit PRs and go…HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG

    • we’re all Outlaw. Some of us do Outlaw Way off-hours, and soon will have a dedicated 2600 sq ft Oly lifting room that will have Outlaw Way times daily. Our reg prog is the regular Outlaw Prog, plus my fill-in prog on off days. We have a couple athletes that are fairly high-level on this, way better than I am!
      We’re in both Grant Park and Alpharetta.
      atlbarbell.com, or holler at me jim@atlbarbell.com

  23. BB Gymnastics:
    EMOM 5mins: 2 hang squat cleans @85#. Seemed really easy and nice.

    Strenght: 185# (45# PR since 16th July), attempted 205#, but could not get up or was squating not all the way down. Expected to be better than that. Went out for a walk with 245# which seemed fine.

    1) Burpees: 22
    2) ME Muscle ups: 2 (with band)
    3) Run 1 mile: 7:25min.

  24. BBG @ 175
    Back squat @ 405 5#pr since last week and 25 since total
    Missed 420 but oh we’ll got 2.5x bodyweight
    2) 8 then hand tore

  25. Bbg 170.
    Lbbs 335, 5# pr from two weeks ago. 45# pr since startimg outlaw july1st. I couldnt stick with a strength program consistantly until i found outlaw, thanks for the prs Rudy, its lkke magic.

    Burpees, couldnt be bothered counting while going all out on burpees.

  26. 1 RM Back Squat @ 175 (mistakenly did it yesterday)
    1) 18 Burpees in a minute
    2) 12 strict ring dips UB
    3) 6:24 for 1 mile run

  27. Hang Clean 185#

    Back squat 375 – 60# PR

    Burpee – 30

    Mu – 6 which is crap because I can almost always knock out 7-10

    Run. 7min

  28. BBG


    Tried and missed 410 twice. PR is 405 from back in June after I’d done a Hatch cycle. First attempt was painfully close.

    Burpees: 29
    Muscle Ups: 6
    Mile: 6:35

    PR by 1 on the muscle ups. Had been trying to get 6 unbroken for a while.

  29. BBG:
    5×2 EMOM @ 85kg

    170kg squat ( failed 175, but felt pretty close)

    Burpees – 27
    MUs – 17
    Mile – 6:15 ewww… almost a minute off my PR, the one thing lifting has not helped at all…

    Was out camping over the long weekend so missed yesterday’s workout, but have done 1 rm Clean & Jerk (which is also my 1 RM jerk) and Diane within the last month (just started outlaw last week) so will post my scores for future comparison.
    Diane – 2:59
    1RM Clean and Jerk 112kg


  30. BBG: 175#
    Squat: 385# (tied PR). Failed 400# twice.
    -31 Burpees
    -Will make up the MUs (no rings today).
    -5:20 Mile.

  31. BBG


    Max BS – 365#. This was high bar and deep. My low bar PR is 405# from months ago. I have not done low bar in over a month. I am trying to get as strong as possible in an upright/deep squat to increase my strength for the clean. My goal is 400 in a high bar ATG squat. Sorry, Rudy, if i am going against the program.

    Burpees – 30
    MU – 11 (PR)
    Mile – 6:40 (1 minute over fastest mile)

  32. BBG: 160#

    Squat: 360# (20# PR from my CF total a month ago)

    27 burpees
    12 muscle ups
    7:00 mile

  33. shitty day today, wasn’t feeling strong at all

    back squat – failed at 355×5 (got stuck coming out of the hole every time, it was damn close, would’ve been a 5# PR)

    Muscle ups – 10 (2 rep PR)

    Burpees – 25

    Mile – said fuck it, gonna just try and go hard tomorrow and rest up for the rest of the day

  34. All done today in this order.

    296, 308(f)

    3:48 (30sec Pr)
    Actually slowed down(tightened weight) because i thought i was over my old pr time.

    462(f), 455 old pr


    6-(pr 10)Gassed from all the ^

    6:12 (pr is 5:54)

    5/7/5 Bad Day

  35. HSC warm up – 100kg

    Squat – 190kg (418lbs) – first time to max in low bar position. Almost got 200kg

    Burpees – 24

    MU – 11

    Mile – 6:38


  36. BBG:


    I always thought my LBBS max was 425. I had a sneaky suspicion that I wasn’t really getting past parallel so I went to the video tape and well……I wasn’t even close. My real past parallel HBBS today was 335. Ridiculous that I can bench press more than I can squat past parallel.

    Burpees :12

    MU’s 5

    1 mile run: 11:12 My calves were cramping up terribly for some reason….

    MFS: 4/5/7

  37. Alright this is gonna be on the wrong days, but school and working ALL WEEKEND has my schedule fucked up!!!

    Monday I did Saturdays work.
    Snatch 155# missed 165# which is my PR
    C&J 235# 10# PR Fuck yea!

    Today I did Monday’s work
    1RM Jerk
    240# – 5# PR Fuck yea again!!

    4:15 that’s a PR of 3:44 FFUUUCCCKKK YYYEEEAAA!!!! Last time on Diane was 7:59

    Thank you bearded wizard! Will be Squatting tomorrow
    Sorry the shits late but wanted to share my PR’s

  38. Hang Squat Cleans @ 170#
    Back Squat 1Rm @ 405# (PR x 65lbs)
    Burpees- 33
    MU- 11
    1mile- 5:19(PR)

  39. Rudy, thank you for providing your programming, PRs, and plenty of fuck yeas.

    LBBS 360 15 #PR since we did CF total earlier this year

    Burpees 24

    MU still can’t figure them out

    Mile 6:00 even PR by like 45 sec.

  40. Hang Cleans – 185#
    LBBS – 350# Same PR felt good though/ could of got more

    Burpees – 25
    MU – 6

  41. EMOM 2 hang squat clean for 5 min: 135
    1 RM Back Squat: 245 (pr)
    ME Burpees in 1 min: 27
    ME UB Muscle ups: 9 (pr)
    1 mile run: 5:42 (17s off pr during high school xc)

  42. BBG – 185lbs, felt good

    Back Sq – 315 (40 below PR) – not sure why we’re testing this the day after Diane??

    Burpees – 34
    MU – 7 (8 is PR)
    Mile – 6:40 (5:35 is PR)

  43. BBG
    Hang Cleans @ 215

    Back Squat- not there today, everything about it was bad. Warmed up, walked out with 435 and it felt like a house, then hit a rep at 365 and called it quits.

    Burpees – 27 my arms actually started to fatigued at getting my big ass off the ground.

    MUs – 2 and a broken set of rings. At least they weren’t my rings, got two and then the ring in my right hand snapped in half, yes, I snapped that shit up. Gonna retry this tomorrow.

    Mile – 6:34 I’m turrible at pacing and should have pushed for 6.

  44. BB Gymnastics: 205#
    Back Squat: 440# (5 pound PR)

    Burpees: 30
    MU: 5 (Need to figure out how to non-false grip)
    1 Mile: 5:35

  45. Thanks OUTLAW WAY!!!
    BBG 140

    Back squat 315 ( 30# ) PR

    BURPEES 12
    Muscle ups 6
    Mile run 7:11

    M36, 6’7″ / 258 lbs

  46. BB Gymnastics

    EMOM for 5 minutes: 2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 175


    20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat.



    1) 1 minute ME Burpees: 28
    2) 1 attempt ME UB Muscle-Ups: 8
    3) Run 1 mile: 9:40

  47. Finally can squat more than my body weight, can’t wait till I am squatting 200#
    Back Squat – 175# (20# PR)
    Super exciting, was not expecting it at all

    Burpees – 16
    MUs – Still can’t do MUs, about a year out still
    Mile – 7:30, horrible time for me

  48. M/5’5β€³/152lbs/31yrs.

    1. Done at 135. Felt sharp.

    1. After warmup & a walkout @ 345
    –315 (easy), 330 (miss), 330: a 10 lb. PR. Last time I 1RM squat was in Feb. After the miss it was just a matter of keeping torso tension from off the rack all the way through.

    1. Burpees= 34
    2. Muscle-ups (on bar)= 2
    –gotta get better at these. for a little man, I suck.
    3. 6’02”
    –outside on the streets in the pouring rain.



    1. BURPEES-30
    2. MU-UPS-9
    1MILE RUN- 6:43

  50. BBG: 160, Strength: BS 300# – a 10# PR, Cond: 25 burpees, failed on muscle ups, 8:01 run. Ehh. Trying to be better than yesterday.

  51. BBG – 5x68kg – stupid light

    Strength – 128kg (8kg PR)

    Conditioning – 21 burpees(how the hell did some of you get 30+)
    4 muscle-ups(old PR was 2)
    running tomorrow


  52. MFS 2/4/4

    200# fast and clean

    350# 10#PR, put 360 on and no rep’d myself, filmed the 360 and I don’t think I hit low enough, thoughts comments welcome.

    [vimeo http://www

    w=500&h=882] <a

    1)26 Burpees First time doing this, scored 99 on 12.1 so this went a lot better
    2)10 MU, old PR – shoulder still hurting
    3)6:14 not a PR

  53. BBG: 135

    Back Squat: 280 (15# PR!) I think I could have gotten more but did not have time to keep trying.


    Diane: 3:35 (23 sec PR, all UB but took to much rest between sets, should have been about 3 min)

  54. BBG
    Hang Squat Clean – 195#

    Back Squat – 440# (40# PR)

    1. 27 Burpees
    2. 4 UB Muscle-Ups on a Bar (no rings)
    3. 5:51 Mile

  55. Hang squat cleans @115
    1rm back squat 225… Coming off back issues I’ll take it. Missed 235×2
    30 burpees
    7 muscle ups
    7:17 mile

  56. BBG:
    2 Hang Squat Clean @ 70%, EMOM for 5. 55lb felt very light (I know, for you studs that IS very light πŸ˜‰

    1RM Back Squat: 120 (10lb PR)

    1) Ran 1 mile 6:47 (30 sec PR)
    ran outta time. finished 2 & 3 hours later:
    2) ME 1 min burpees, 22
    3) ME UB MU, 1 purple band, 3 πŸ™

  57. 1) Hang Cleans: 235#
    2) Tweaked shoulder yesterday and couldn’t comfortably establish a back rack position for squatting. Did a ME Front Squat instead: 430#, PR by 25#. Video to follow soon, hopefully.
    1) 25 Burpees
    2) 12 Muscle-ups
    3) Started Lightning and I didn’t have the balls to tempt fate. Will do tomorrow.

  58. Squat – 365#

    30# PB. Stoked. No misses. Went over my walkout set, doubt that was intended but happy with the result. Travel a lot for work so am only able to follow 2-3x/week typically, but its almost like this shit works.
    t’s almost like this shit works.

    Amrap burpees – 30

    All I had.

    Amrap MU – 6

    2 short of PB. Didn’t have anything left after burpees.

    Ran out of time for run, will make up.

  59. -Hang Cleans @ 245
    -Back Squat @ 495, 505, 515-F, 515-F(515 is old PR)
    -30 Burpees
    -5 Muscle Ups
    -7:55 Run
    *back was tweaked from Split Jerk yesterday – Squats and MUs would have been a lot better on another day.

  60. HSC: 155#
    Squat: 265#
    Burpees: 25
    Pull Ups: 30
    .8 Mile: 5:36

    Squat sucks… ‘nough said. No rings or straight bar and can’t do MUs on bar my gym has. Mapmyrun.com sucks at distance… Told me .8 mile was actually one.

    Nothing seemed to work today.

  61. 285# squat. I missed 295 three times. A little disappointing, was hoping for 305# but this means my front squat is 89% of my back squat, so I guess I am ok with that.

    Was going to do the burpees, but went and did a dunk tank body fat test instead. In 30 days I gained 2 pounds of muscle and lost 4 pounds of fat, so I’m happier with that. And all while eating junk food thanks to Carb Backloading.

  62. Hang Squat Clean – 185#
    Squat – 365# 20# PR
    Burpees – 34
    Unbroken Muscle Ups – 11
    1 mile run – 6:33

  63. BBG- 170
    Strength- Back Squat 345 PR by 20#
    failed 355 twice. should have gotten second rep
    1)32 burpees
    2)16 MU
    Not an impressive video, but I figured ya’ll would get a kick out of it. You THINK you have a good angle and a good setup, and then this bullshit happens! I mean, COME ON!

  64. Hang cleans – 120#
    Back squat – 220#, 15#PR!
    Burpees – 22
    Muscle ups – 2 then 1
    Mile – 8:00

  65. Not that awesome today…bummed out i got two PR’s yesterday and today was well….unkool.

    Hang Cleans- 185#
    Back Sqaut- 315 (this is probably the most legit BS ever so i’ll take it)
    Burpee’s- 48 (49 was in the bag then timer dinged)
    Muscle Ups- 9 (form fail on 10th)
    Mile- 5:07 (this i am happy with…and i left alittle bk in the parking lot)

    Looking forward to Friday.

  66. BBG:
    145 – Went lighter than normal
    275# – Not sure if this is a PR as I had 285# written down from a while back which I think was a HBBS. So making this as the new LBBS @ 275#

    32 Burpees – 2 Under my current PR (did it at regionals in an attempt to win a free shirt)
    9 UB MU – 2 under my Current PR of 11
    7:05 – Not sure what my best mile time is. I want to say 6:40 but not 100% sure


  67. Good day!

    High Bar Back Squat – (475 PR by 20lbs)

    Burpees – 35
    Muscle-ups – 16 PR!
    Mile – 6:00 pace for 0.8 miles before falling off the damn treadmill. Thought I was actually going to make it, but my body just couldn’t keep up.

  68. Day 2

    BB Gymnastics

    EMOM for 5 minutes: 2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 132#


    20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat.

    287# 20# PR


    1) 1 minute ME Burpees: 15
    2) 1 attempt ME Chest to Bar Pull-Ups: 6
    3) Run 1 mile: 9:29 on treadmill 6.5 mph

  69. Hang Cleans – All sets with 80kg
    Back Squat (High bar) – Up to 190kg (2.5kg off PR), very close Fail on 192.5kg

    Yesterdays deadlifts and hspu really took out a bit of power out of my lower back. I would’ve been able to save this lift if I were fresher. My right knee is playing up lately too.
    Enough excuses though – I want 200kg this year!!

    Burpees – 27 (PR by default)
    Muscle Ups – 0 (im shit)
    Mile run – 7:15 (approximately 35 seconds off PR) – Just had nothing on the run, back and butt and hamstrings just weren’t cooperating.

  70. No back squat

    Burpees – 31 (PR I guess)
    Muscle Ups – 12 (equal PR)
    1 mile – 00:06:23 (no PR as never done and will never do again!)

  71. BBG-#215
    1RM Squat- 365. Tied best in the last 6 months.
    26 Burpees.
    6 MU’s, then 5 more. Blah, blah, excuses, excuses,
    6:08 Mile

  72. BBG 220#
    Squat 425# PR
    25 Burpees
    8 Muscle Ups PR
    1.2 Mile with a 15 pound sledge hammer 11:30

  73. First post on my first day of being a full-time follower of the Outlaw Way.

    Stats: 6’4″/230lb/31yo

    BBG: used 87kg (192lb)

    Str: 180kg (396lb)


    1) 26 Burpees
    2) No place to do MU at the gym, most recently at home hit 6 UB.
    3) 5:50 mile

  74. Hang Cleans at 145 lbs

    1RM Low Bar Back Squat @ 265 lbs
    Last time I did a max was a 5RM at 235. Plus, ROM was legit. I’ll take it

    1 min AMRAP Burpees: 19

    UB Muscle Ups: 0

    1 mile: 7:57

  75. Squat: 170kg, 182.5f, 400lbff
    I used fractional plates to make 400lb. I wanted that milestone so bad. I should have gone straight there instead of to 182.5. On my first attempt at 400 I was SO close. 170 was smooth and fast. PR is 175kg. I may not have gotten a PR, but I’m definitely stronger.

    Burpees: 37. Should have kept going.
    Muscle Ups: 7. Happy with that, I’ve missed some of our recent MU programming so its been a while.
    Mile run: skipped.

  76. http://youtu.be/2F9gRBhMXCk

    BBG: Hang Squat Cleans @ 205
    Strength: 450 Pounds: 15 Pound PR. SO fuck jazzed for this. About 2 months ago, I was hesitant to say I could get that number any higher without sacrificing my motor.
    Thanks for this programming. Also, I want to credit you, I use your stuff as a base for group programming out here in Afghanistan. EVERYONE is doing great and seeing some amazing results.

    A) 3 x ME Hypoxic Burpees:
    10, 7, 10

    B) 1 Minute Max Effort Squats, Dips, Hollow Rocks
    39, 79, 39

    C) Run 1 Mile: 6:56

  77. BBG.

    385# (20# PR!!) Couldn’t upload the stupid video…..

    1) 33 Burpees
    2) I read it wrong and thought it was 1 minute max muscle ups… 13 muscle ups
    3) Mile, in a little bit..

  78. BBG –
    155# Still nursing my nub of a ring finger

    Strength –
    155kg/341# (10kg pr) Went 25min, wanted to attempt 160kg but cut it off.

    Conditioning –
    Burpees – 25 was too careful with banging my finger into the ground
    MU – no place to do them so I did strict dips at 26 reps
    Mile – 7:13 calves died

    been doing The Way since late July (with a couple weeks of break due to injury), finally got the courage to post my numbers.

  79. BB Gymnastics..
    EMOM for 5 minutes:
    2 Hang Squat Cleans @ 70% – 85kg

    20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat. – 170kg (20kg PR)

    1) 1 minute ME – 27
    2) 1 attempt ME UB Muscle-Ups – 10 (PR)
    3) Run 1 mile – 00:06:41

  80. BBG:

    Planned on just doing a 3×5. 135,145,155. It was too comfy. So I just decided to see what I could do. 1@165,175,185,195, 205(f). Almost a pr. Not bad for no squatting for a month.

    1)uh oh. Overdid it on squats. No burpees. Can prob make up tomorrow.
    2)1. Maybe one day I will try for 2.
    3)6:53 geez. :/

  81. BB Gymnastics..
    EMOM for 5 minutes:
    2 Hang Squat Cleans – 135#

    20 minutes to establish a 1RM Back Squat. – 385# (50# PR)

    1) 1 minute ME – 26
    2) 1 attempt ME UB Muscle-Ups – 10
    3) Run 1 mile – 00:08:06

  82. 25_6’_200

    BS: #435 (#15 PR)
    1minB: 27 (first timer)
    UB MU: 7 (1rep PR)
    Mile: 5:23 (24s PR)

  83. Hang squat cleans-115#
    Squat-305#, failed out of 315#
    MU-broken into 1 minute each of ring dips and ring pull ups-17 each

  84. HC – done @ 190

    HBBS – 370 (+35 from last HBBS max)

    Burpees – 31
    MU – 10

    No mile run. Waiting to do it on a track for retest purposes.

  85. BBG

    Back Squat
    345 (10# PR)


    UB MU

    Mile Run
    Didn’t have time. I will do it tommorow.

  86. BBG
    Done with 185
    405 16lbs off PR
    26 Burpees
    9 Muscle Ups
    Only could get 3/4 mile before interupted 5:06

  87. 135 squat cleans


    HBBS 330 (I have 345 down for a 1RM this was ATG)


    19 burpees
    5 linked MU PR+1

    7:15 mile run out & back with a nice hill in there

    Male 40 @175



  88. Back Squat: 365 (somehow tweaked my back a little so stopped there)

    1 Minute Burpees: 27
    1 Attempt UB MU: 10
    1 Mile: 6:58

  89. BBG- Skipped warmed up with more squats instead.

    Back squat- 425lbs (pr 20lbs) no fails stopped once I hit it. Have more in my legs core felt weak.

    Skipped rest besides 400M cool down.

    Felt guilty so did burpees at home. 20 in a minute no PR by a long shot just went through motions.

  90. mile: 6:12 un-pr by 24 seconds
    I was sick and had the garage games so I’ll retest when I feel better.

  91. I am a bit sick at the moment so I skipped 1rm Back Squat.
    Did it a couple of weeks ago and hit 160kg (352lbs)

    Burpees: 22
    MU: Was at home and don’t have rings, would have been just 1 anyway, suck at MU
    Mile run: 8:30 Being 100kg makes running suck. (want to improve a LOT here)

  92. BBG:


    1.) 31*PR
    2.) 13*PR (bar MU no rings available)
    3.) 6:17 (on a 100m indoor track)

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