Sometimes, in the midst of whatever is going on around me, I forget one of the biggest and most rewarding reasons why coaching, and this site by extension, have become so important to me. To be able to witness the pure joy of an athlete, directly following a PR, is a coaches most pleasurable moment. This short video illustrates that joy in such a way that I still have a smile on my face after watching it multiple times. This is 17-year-old, 158#, Johnny Medina with a Snatch PR of 210# (in his garage, wearing inov8s). Thank you for sending this, Johnny.

This is a testing week. Overall volume will be very, very low, and the intensity of every aspect of the week should be very, very high.

Tomorrow – 1RM Back Squat.

WOD 120903:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Jerk.

Notes: Any style, racks may be used.



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#

For time.

Notes: HSPU should be performed using the 2012 Regional’s standard. If you feel you have done this WOD enough and will not go any faster, scale up to a 4″ deficit.

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  1. Looking for a spot at the Raleigh training camp, not sure if there are any available, please reply to this if you have one and we can coordinate.

  2. Hello the outlaw coach,

    I am F48 yrs and been crossfitting from my garage for 2 years. I have a great wo partner, she is younger (15 yrs) and and keeps me challenged. We have spent much of our time on technique. We initially met at an affiliate and found ourselves bringing intensity without mechanics which meant multiple setbacks and injuries. As a result, we have developed a healthy respect for technique and intensity. We have looked at your programming and have decided to follow the outlaw way, we believe our CF practice will benefit and look forward to the results. As a ” homeless ” crossfitter I am thankful to you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. For this reason, I will be posting my results and sharing my gains…

  3. Just asking for discussions sake (so no flaming please), but does anyone get excessive back fatigue from Diane – High rep deadlifts and HSPU’s? and wouldn’t this affect our ability to find a max back squat the next day?

    I’m just curious about the discussion, but will follow the programming nonetheless

    • I get lower back fatigue easy, but I think Rudy did this on purpose. Not dogging on you, but I just wouldn’t worry. Rudy knows what’s up.

  4. Crap day

    No racks so cleaned from the floor, not feeling great (lower back tight and sore) and only managed 75kg


    75kg/HSPU progressions on the box


    M/F/S 7/6/7

  5. That is a wicked snatch from a 17 year old! I Start to jump my feet way too wide when the weight gets heavy or i start to get fatigued on the snatch and sometimes the clean, any tips on how to correct this? id really appreciate it. im ready to bolt my fuckin shoes to the platform

    • Just practice footwork, you want your feet to land where you would overhead squat. Chalk a line from where your feet start and chalk a line for where your feet want to land. Just keep practicing landing in the right spot. That’s what really helped me out.

  6. BBG
    1. 305 (5 lb PR…20 lb PR from start of cycle)

    I actually did this (work to 1RM jerk) yesterday on a whim.

    Rather than do the same thing for a second day in a row I decided to take another shot at the clean and jerk after a sub par day on Saturday.

    Hit 285 which was a 5 lb PR and gets me to a 500 lb total between the snatch and clean and jerk which has been a long time goal.

    5:29 Rx

    20 seconds off my PR, was on track for sub 5 but failed with two handstand push ups to go. Came down and got one then failed again. Came down and then finally got the last one.

    • Nice job on the 500 total. Way to turn around that sub par Sat. Gotta love those last rep fails in Diane.

  7. DUDE! Your programming is friggin sweet.

    Split Jerk 260# (PR!) i could get 270 maybe 275#.

    Dianne: 3:07 (PR!) I had to entertain a 4 yr old at the same time but i bet i could go faster.

      • LULZ. Ill do you one better we strap here to some bands on a pullup bar (for fun). She bounce and/or hang yourself. We do pay close attention just in case. That prego chick is eay to “elite” for my humble garage gym.

  8. Outlaws, what are your thoughts on using a weightlifting belt? Why yes? why not? Just want to check how the outlaws think about them.

    • Above 90% use a belt. Competition: use it whenever possible. Otherwise you don’t need it. Thats what I follow

  9. Jerk:
    155, 165(f- past 1rm)

    Subbed strict ghr with 20#db (tried to do deadlifts and it wasn’t happening)

    10 flat

    This all sucked. I’ve lost 5# since back strain. It’s obviously all muscle. #pissed#frustrated
    Will stop whining now πŸ™‚

  10. 1 rep max back squat
    335# stoked! 40lb PR!

    Previous PR was 6:40, today was 9:55. First time doing Diane since shoulder injury. I guess I should be glad I could even do it, frustrating.

  11. BBG: 120 (PR off blocks), actually my 112kg was a pr by 2kg, so this is pretty big. Still weak overhead.. >:-O

    Diane: 4:10 (in June I hit 7:34) – I think I could have gone faster but didn’t have confidence I could keep up the work… easily sub 4, but not as fast as some of the beasts around here. Caleb was done in less than half my time! Damn champion training partner! lulz

  12. BBG:
    1RM Split Jerk 105. That’s a 15# PR in less than 3 wks. 97% of BW. Hell yes!! Not bad for a 50 yr old Dumbass Noob ;). Outlaw Way rocks!! Thank you…

    “Diane” 21-15-9
    DL @ 105 (80% 1RM)
    HSPU 2 abmat


    CF bday 3/12

    m/f/s 8/8/8

  13. Jerk 225# PR by 10# (2 weeks ago from a 1RM C&J)
    Diane 6:32 PR by 2:00 (that was in April)

    I’m 45 yrs old and keep hitting PR’s. Been doing CrossFit for 2+ yrs. Kinda crazy.


  14. The various skill levels of everyone here amazes me. I wish I could spot the common thread in people that have such a profound difference in times to see what it takes to get me in that sub 3 minute range. Granted, I hit a HUGE PR on Diane today and I was super stoked. http://outlawcoach.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/120605/ I completed Diane in 13:10, Which was right when I started following the Outlaw Way

    185#, with two fails at 190#

    6:57 Rx

    Thanks to this excellent programming I shaved 6:13 off my time, almost cutting it IN HALF!

  15. Rack Jerk: 325#. 27# under PR.
    Diane: 5:24, 33 seconds off PR.

    Shoulders were tired today, and didn’t feel stable under the bar.

  16. 1st wod back after hurting my back on squats 10 days ago… Boy have i been grumpy!!!
    Matched pr on jerk at 165.
    Did Diane dropping every deadlift to protect back-6:31
    Still PR on Diane so no excuses!
    Trying to be healthy for training camp in 2 weeks! Can’t wait

  17. Jerk: 245 (pr)

    Diane: 9:57. (first time doing this….should see major improvement next time around)

    M: 8
    F: 7
    S: 5

  18. M/5′-10/165

    Split Jerk: 225 match PR, 235f too slow, not low enogh, 235f core folded, not tight enough

    Diane: 8:52 1st time doing reg standards on hspu, but still unhappy I’m 2+ min off PR.

    DL felt heavy, maybe cause of fri metcon sunday.

    30 min yoga

    MFS: 234

  19. Back Squat – 360, 10lb PR missed 365

    Jerk – 235, 10lb PR

    Diane – 6:29, compared to 11:22 when we did it 120605

  20. No jerk for me today, I just could not get power after WOD before. If it will be any easier, I made 28 jerks@105#.
    Diane: 10:09 RX.
    Wow… I totally suck. First time made Diane and it is obvious that I need a lot to improve on Hspu, once in a 2 months will lead nowhere. Anyways, was good practice for kipping HSPU, next time hopefully will shave 5mins.

  21. BBG:
    185# – need to work on footwork, front foot tracking into the middle a bit too much


    7:18 – first time ever doing Dianne

  22. Split Jerk 245 (off the rack, 10lb PR)

    Diane from 120903 5:57
    18 days later today got 4:43 (1:14 pr)

    Been doing outlaw for about 3 weeks now and I’m loving the programming. It hits a lot of my weakness’ (heavy over head movements) so I’m excited to improve some technique issues and see some PR’s this next year.

  23. PR 130lb Split Jerk

    Diane 13:10 Ugh. So suffered through the HSPU with one ab mat…worked on the kip style HSPU, DL felt good. The wo ratio was; for every min of DL I spent 3.5 min on HSPU…hmmm

  24. Today is my first day following the outlaw way. Looking at the amazing Diane times I’m excited to redo in the months to come πŸ™‚

  25. 255 Split Jerk, didn’t max cause did some other strenght work before.
    2:59 Diane. PR’d by about a 1 min. Just started following Outlaw programming this week. Cant wait to see the results.

  26. 1 RM LBBS: 175 (read post Sunday night and thought ‘tomorrow’ meant Monday).
    1 RM Split Jerk: 130
    Diane: dive bombers instead of HSPU progression due to searing shoulder pain during split jerk.

  27. Jerk: 215#

    220# is my max, wanted to get 225# but failed twice.

    Diane: 16:11

    First time as rx’d. Not happy with time, but idk how to kip on HSPUs yet, so the killed.

    I’ve been doing the WOD on crossfit.com for about 6 months now. Someone mentioned how Outlaw focuses on strength and gymnastic style workout as well so you seemed like an obvious progression. Even though my time sucked, 6 months ago I couldn’t do one HSPU with full ROM crossfit seems to be doing the job.


  28. Split Jerk to 325 (10# PR). Tried 335 a few times but could not get low enough to lock it out.


    First round in 39 seconds then complete disaster. Lower back locked up and lost my kip and deadlifts were a stuggle. Ended up almost 2 minutes over my PR. Not happy about this.

    – 7:16

  29. Split Jerk – 175#, 10# PR
    Diane – 9:09, about a 3 minute PR. HSPUs on the 15 and 9 were pretty slow

  30. How does one score today
    70# PR n the jerk. Went from 205 to 275 of course that was because I was just back from 8 months of shoulder rehab. Still much stronger than I ever was. No doubt 300 is just around the corner
    Diane – was going along much faster than last time when everything turned to shit. 14 missed hspu. Really nice having a coach hold you accountable. Finished in 9 min which is 2 min slower than my best time. Can’t fault the girl because I made tactical errors like wearing my freaking Oly shoes. They suck for both movements. Anyway, better next time

    • Maybe I am wrong here but I would think Oly shoes would help on the deadlifts? And the HSPUs you are on your hands, not your feet. Or maybe talking about wearing the Oly shoes doing the Jerk….. am I missing something?

  31. 1RM Jerk – Old PR was 350#, went in really wanting 375#

    Definitely should have gotten 375#, this was the closest of 3 attempts.

    Conditioning – Diane 5:26, old PR was 5:35. Definitely should have been sub 5 though. Didn’t stick to my game plan and went 12-9 on the 21 HSPU, should have gone 8-7-6, definitely cost me, bc I had to go 5-5-4-1(missed the last rep and had to redo) on the round of 15 and 5-3-1 on the round of 9. Pretty pissed about this one.

  32. Jerk – 145kg….20kg pr! Holy shit that was awesome today!

    Conditioning – major suck on HSPU

  33. BBGym:
    Jerk: 205# 10#PR, failed 215 a few times.
    – I have way more in the tank on these, need to nail down some technique

    Conditioning: first time doing “Diane”
    -considering I did my first HSPU about two months ago I’m not complaining.


      • same here, feel like I could Jerk a lot more weight from my back but would rather keep it in the front rack so it will translate to the C&J.

  34. BBG – 96kg – 1KG under my PR from 2 weeks ago.

    Diane- 5:39 – Approx. 2 minute PR(really good since I haven’t done a METCON in 2 months)

    My shoulders felt like shit. Most of the jerks were wobbly, and then the HSPU were singles way to early.


  35. BB G
    225# 5# PR

    Im still not able to use HSPU as a Str/Con. so i did 155# push press
    and 225# DL 13:40

  36. Split Jerk @ 285 a 5lbs pr, but i have been PRing on it for the last 3 weeks on the clean and jerks saturday.

    then the dreadful fucking diane. the one reason i didn’t go to california. fucked me again
    3:36 at regionals…3:38 today….regionals were done all strict, today was all kip, fuck you diane. done ranting.

  37. split jerk – 225#

    diane – 9:04 (24sec PR)
    *not terribly happy with that but i’ll take a PR any day of the week

    on another note, I’m stoked about back squats tomorrow!

  38. So stoked.

    split jerk: 255# PR. Went for 260# twice and would have done it again had I had more time. But I will get it, I was very close.

    Diane: 5;55

    Could have gotten under five minutes but I’ll take it, it’s a PR by several minutes. So happy.

  39. Jerk – 141kg ( not pr, but strength is getting back to were it was before I added in any conditioning)

    3:28 first time was good but lower back got fatigued.

  40. Jerk – 355
    Just missed 365. 20lbs under PR, but it was the first time going heavy overhead in over 2 months because of my sprained wrists. Kind of disappointing to have lost 20 lbs though.

    Diane – 1:54
    PR by 4 seconds from Regionals. All strict. Had to break it up 11-10, 8-7, 5-4 with really short breaks.

  41. Split Jerk 315 PR
    Diane 3:31 PR. 5:12 at regionals……would have been nice if that was switched

  42. MFS 2/2/4

    Ok, went into today not expecting much since I’m due for a shoulder surgery within the next month to repair a partially torn rotator.

    Jerk from rack 265#, not a PR but felt very fast. 275 3xf, got it to lock out every time but didn’t stand with it.

    Diane, last PR was 3:51 and I failed on several push ups.

    Today hit 2:26, after looking at the video I realize that I came off the wall a little early on the set of 15 last rep. I think it would have been a no rep in comp, but I’m still happy with the performance.

    Thank you outlaw way, even with a hurt shoulder I’m still able to put up the numbers.

    [vimeo http://www

    w=500&h=281] <a

  43. BBG
    205 (5# PR)

    Diane: 3:12 (2:55 at Regionals. Retesting on Saturday at the Athlete Open.)

  44. Jerks: 220# (100kg) to 232# (105ish KG).
    β€’ Missed a bunch at 237 (107.5kg) Yeah odd numbers due to KG and LBS plates together)

    Diane: 7:48 RX from 8:48 w/ Bands for HSPU and 198# DL in Feb 2011
    β€’ Actually did this last week as I took a rest week as my hamstring was being really dumb and felt good. I felt I should of been faster but I’ll take the PR. Did feel slow on DL last week when I did this last Monday with the rest of the gym.

    Did the Regional WOD 1 from 2011 instead today though:
    1k Run
    30 HSPU
    1k Row
    9:56 RX


  45. Split Jerk – 127.5kg (2.5kg PR)

    This was my limit tonight. Quite shaky on the recovery but still good. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit 135kg soon (300 pounds overhead is a goal)

    Diane – 8:16 (PR by 2:42 from 120605)

    Happy with this. I had an approximately 20 second walk between stations (did deadlifts under the carport and HSPU’s inside) because of the rain, but the walk was a rest break so I’m not sure if it would’ve taken up too much time.

    I tried to pace from the beginning to stave off lower back fatigue but it didn’t work – It stiffened up straight away. Ahh well – Happy with the improvement nonetheless!

    Deadlifts – 12/5/4, 5/4/3/3, 3/1/1/1/1/1/1
    HSPU – 7/5/5/4, 4/3/2/2/2, 3/2/2/2

  46. 305# jerk so fucking pumped about this. I thought this would be possible by my mid twenties never could I have ever imagined i would get more than 300 # overhead this year.

    diane- 2:18 min and half pr.
    I think I could have gotten sub 2 had I started kipping my round of 15 sooner. Wasted a lot of time trying to finish off strict. the last 9 were kipping and fast.

  47. Clean and Jerk in lieu of Jerk, as I was sick most of last week and missed Sat.

    Diane- first time; used 185 instead of 225.
    4:45- probably need to learn kipping HSPUs.

  48. Strength: 295 (Equal to pr, JUST missed 315, ran out of time)

    Diane: 5:38…Right around my PR. NEED to improve HSPU’s, Deadlifts were unbroken and fast.

    • This is not elite, but today was a lot of fun for me- starting Outlaw in April, I had weak shoulders with 155 overhead. Couldn’t do a full snatch or clean at all. No HSPU. At all. So, thanks for the programming. My numbers are dazzling to me.

  49. Split Jerk – 300# Just missed 315# Ran out of time. PR by 15#. FUCK YEAH

    Diane – 2:58 Not a PR

  50. 195 lb Jerk (Never tested a 1 RM Jerk before – same as my clean and jerk 1 RM)

    Diane (First time attempting this workout)
    Sub HSPU for 2 abmats HSPU (actually it was a bag of mulch, but it allowed for about 4″ of ROM)
    225 lb Deadlift
    2 abmat HSPU

    Deadlifts were slow because of grip and HSPU were ugly. Although my kip is getting much better.

  51. I have been one of those thinking about following Outlaw programming for a while. Coming here from 4 months of a 5-3-1 program. Formerly did Crossfit then Crossfit Football Programming.
    M 31/6’0″/160

    Split Jerk 180#
    Diane 5:21

    Have done considerably better on both of these in the past. Just recovering from 2 weeks in China.

  52. Jerk 266 was doing good when we were doing them heavy and the jerk dip with 125%
    Diane 8:50 good for me so I am happy

  53. 110Kgs on the Jerk. Real sloppy, I think my jerk is what needs the most attention in my lifting, Just cant get my foot placing right! Annoying. I think I could jerk a lot more from behind the neck but I need to improve out of the front rack.

    Diane: 9:44 Rxd Used a kip the whole way through, still trying to find the groove on that, broken into sets of two or three. Deadlifts felt ok, split them up a bit.

  54. Jerk- Went up to a 295lb fail x4 just could not quite hold it which would have been PR. Still very happy with this since this felt way lighter and I basically had several reps.

    Diane- Giant Fuck NO! 4:14 non pr by 1min +. Shoulders were fatigued from all the Jerks so had to break HSPU which normally go unbroken and are normally pretty easy.

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