Sorry boys and girls, I know you were eagerly awaiting the next 600,000 words of my dissertation on a dumb workout, but I’ve actually got something important to announce. Here goes…

After months of discussions, we have finally worked out the basic details of the first large-scale Outlaw sponsored/organized/programmed competition:

The Outlaw Open.

The event will take place November 30th – December 2nd in conjunction with the USAW American Open, in Palm Springs California at the Palm Springs Convention Center. We will accept 70 male and 70 female competitors. The first 20 spots on each side will be filled by athletes who are invited by myself and the organizers. These will include Games athletes, non-Games athletes, and anyone else we’d really like to see compete (anyone have Ashton Eaton’s number?). The next 50 spots will be filled via an online qualifier. No, I don’t have specifics on this, but they will be announced as soon as the website is finished. I realize this is not a comprehensive post, but I wanted to get as much out as I could, and give you all as much warning as possible.

There are a few factors that make the Outlaw Open completely unique in the competition circuit. I’ll try to throw out a few of them now.

-Athletes who are qualified to compete in the American Open will be able to participate in both competitions (assuming they are qualified for the Outlaw Open). USAW has been gracious enough to allow for the B Sessions to take place on Friday, in a two platform format. This means that anyone who is competing in both competitions will be able to Total on Friday for the American Open, and then compete in the Outlaw Open on Saturday and Sunday.

-The Outlaw Open will begin with Oly Total. This means that the first data point/scored event for all Outlaw Open competitors will be a Total. There will certainly be a slight advantage for those actually lifting in the American Open, because they will have an extra day to recover. This should inspire all competitors to at least attempt to qualify for the American Open. The Outlaw Open Total will be judged by professional judges, by the exact same standards as the American Open. And, before you even ask, NO—weight classes will not be factored in for the Outlaw Open. Trust us.

-Once all competitors Total, the classic “competitive exercise” portion of the event will begin. No, I won’t allude to the workouts/tests, but you can expect almost anything (except swimming – probably). We will be looking to test as much as possible, and get as many data points as possible. This means we will likely have multiple scoring points for each workout/test. We need to test as many facets of the athletes as we possibly can, because we want to make sure there is no doubt who the clear cut winner should be. Why?

-There will be a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR, winner take all, first prize.

Oh yeah, we got this today. More details to come on these tomorrow. Fuck yeah.

WOD 120828:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Vertical Snatch off High Boxes (at hip) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2) 5X2 Vertical Clean off High Boxes (at hip) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


*The Back Squats are based off of YOUR THREE REP MAX – follow the link, that’s why I put it there.

1) 5X5 Back Squats @ 75% – rest 2 minutes.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515. DO NOT go up from the number you are supposed to be working off of.

2) 3X5 Front Squats @ 77.5% (3 second pause on the 1st & 5th rep) – rest 90 seconds.


1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 225/150#

-then (no break)-

100 Burpees for time.
*Perform 1 Rope Climb @ 15′ EMOM beginning AFTER the first minute.

Notes: There is a 10 minute cap on this effort.

-then (no break)-

1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 225/150#

Score is total number of Jerks and total time for Burpees.

148 thoughts on “120828

  1. Coach,
    2 questions.
    1) would it be wise to place cleans in front of snatches if: 1) snatches make my shoulders a bit hot because my form is a bit out of place, 2) my clean and jerk need more work than my snatch. ??
    2) Is it wise to break up the WOD into a two-a-day for intensity sake, or is it preferred to do all of the training components in the same session.?? Thanks

    • 1) says “snatches make my shoulders a bit hot because my form is a bit out of place” – says clean and jerk needs work.
      – How about you work on both, in the order listed, as that is the order THEY WILL ALWAYS APPEAR IN COMPETITION. If your form is off for one of them, fix it. its not hard. watch videos. talk to people. film yourself. figure out. don’t load up 90% of your snatch on the bar if your snatch more closely resembles a good morning. Start light and drill technique. Again, figure it out.

      2) how will i ever fit this 2-hour long session into 45 minutes?
      – this question is addressed at least 4x a week in the comments. If you’re too lazy to go back and read then here’s the answer: you can’t. if you’re doing outlaw you’re gonna be in the gym for a while. If you don’t have that long because you’ve got other shit to do, then come back and finish it later. If you don’t have that long because your affiliate hates your deviation from their strict “we follow dotcom and dotcom only” policy, then get a rack and plates in your garage or find a new affiliate.

    • Sam it’s never a bad thing to switch up the order of the snatch and clean and jerk because of intensity level. It will allow you to have a full tank on the different lifts daily and less on the other. If you always train CJ with depleted energy levels you will never get all you can from the workouts. However on max days or competition simulation days always train them in order.

      If you can break the work up into two sessions then do so. BBG first then stregnth/skill and conditioning later.

  2. If we want to be a spectator, do we just show up or is there an entrance fee and if so where would I purchase this?

  3. Hey guys – scaling question. I can’t quite get a 225# jerk yet, and am trying to figure out how to scale it. Should it be closets close to 1-3RM as possible, or should it be a more a weight that can be sustained somewhat?

      • Prolly around 75% 1RM.

        Most workouts are created with Jason Hoggan in mind (per yesterday’s post)
        His CFGames athlete profile lists his C&J at 280 so his Jerk is probably a little higher (plus rounding to 300 hundo makes teh maths easy)

        280 / 300 = 75%

    • It’s a 60 sec AMRAP, if you can perform your 1RM more then once a minute then its probably not a true 1rm..
      this is written for ppl who can jerk upwards of 300.. so work it out to be around 75% of your 1rm

  4. 2 questions:

    1) Is there A, B and C qualifications to the USAW Open?

    2) Can foreigners qualify for the USAW Open? I’m weightlifting in Denmark (Europe) and would try to make the qualification numbers at my next meet(s)/hoping that I have already made them 🙂

    Would be a great way to come and watch the Outlaw Open….

  5. BBG

    Vertical snatch off high boxes (no boxes so did yesterday’s movement) Tried to make the form perfect but just wasn’t hitting it today. 35-45kg

    Vertical clean off high boxes (no boxes so did yesterday’s movement) same thing. 55kg


    5×5 back squats – 90kg

    2×5 front squat – 85kg


    16 jerks total
    10 min cutoff for burpees

    M/F/S – 3/7/5

  6. So that shirt is baller, and I’d love to have one, but I don’t think I qualify for one since I’m not going to any of the camps this year. Oh well, I’ll end up getting the shorts eventually.

  7. Rudy any chance the outlaw open will b streaming. I’m sure comcast would love to help you out.

  8. Had to take Wed-Monday off for a local competition last week. Any recommendations on whether i should pick up where i left off or start back on the programming from yesterday? What have ya’ll done before?


    • I’ll be curious to see what the veterans have to say about this.. since I’ll be running into the same scheduling issue in the coming weeks. thx

    • Start on the programming for the day. Don’t back track. If you miss it you miss it. That’s what I would do especially if I were missing for a competition.

      • Awesome, thank you sir! Sad to have to miss the awesome wods from last Fri/Sat. but stoked to get back on it tonight. Thank you coaches for the help and awesome programming!

    • I have ran into this problem before and the only thing that I have ever made up is a 1RM for obvious reasons

  9. Awesome programming as always, but are you a fucking rock band? A world tour shirt-really? Though the front is badass…

  10. BBG:
    1.) 120
    2.) 140

    1.) 335 x 5
    2.) 230 x 3 Fail on 2nd rep of 2nd set.

    Cond: This was a complete ass-kicker. I feel like I could have done better on Jerks if I flipped the switch to kill-mode, but after the burpees I just wanted to kill myself.

    as Rx:

  11. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Vertical Snatch off High Boxes


    2) 5X2 Vertical Clean off High Boxes



    1) 5X5 Back Squats @ 75%


    2) 3X5 Front Squats @ 77.5%



    1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 225/150#

    -then (no break)-

    100 Burpees for time.

    *Perform 1 Rope Climb @ 15′ EMOM beginning AFTER the first minute.

    Notes: There is a 10 minute cap on this effort.

    -then (no break)-

    1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 225/150#

    8 Jerks and 84 Burpees

    • Aaron,
      I have been following Outlaw for about 4 months and love it. I look at the posts regularly and a lot of your numbers are real similar to mine. I was wondering how long you have been following and where you started and what not.

      Is it just me or did the rope climbs make this a lot harder than you thought they would be? lulz

  12. Bbg –

    1) 175 – 1 miss
    2) skipped for time

    Str –

    1) 235 speed work?
    2) 245

    Cnd –

    7 jerks
    3 jerks

  13. BBG
    1) 120, 125 x 2, 130, 135
    2) 185 all across

    1) 220
    2) 202.5

    @ 185
    4 jerks
    1 Jerk


  14. OK.. I’m the ‘newes’t noob on the block. Doing WOD’s at my local globo-gym. Any suggestions on jerry-riggin blocks for today’s WOD?? We have 2 Rogue box jump boxes.. just worried about the impact the bumpers will have on the top of the blocks?
    anyone have previous experience with this?

    • Set the boxes to the lowest height and put bumper plates on top to the appropriate height for it to be at your hip.

      • Hmm.. so the bumpers dropped on the boxes won’t damage or break the box? (yeah I’m being a noob). Or are you saying lay bumper plates on top of the box in addition to my weight on the bar?

    • Sean.. you will break the boxes eventually if you drop heavy stuff on them.. either drop the bumpers on the floor or use your muscles and set it down lightly.. jump boxes do not equal jerk boxes 🙂

  15. Couldn’t stay light they felt so smooth today..
    Snatch 100 for 3 and 105 for 2..
    Clean 135 for 2 and 140 for 3 failed one rep ..

    5×5 back squat felt good, have to correct a little form. I think I was looking up and it arched my back forcing me to bend over. Glad I have people to scream at me when I suck.

    Front Squat Sucked! My legs where fried… Couldn’t maintain weight.. Had to lower. Hellz yeah…

    Conditioning on the way..

  16. BB Gym
    1) 5×2 vertical snatch: 85-90-90-95-100
    2) 5×2 vertical clean: 125-130-135-135-140

    1) 5×5 back squats @ 75%: 165
    2) 3×5 front squats @ 77.5% 3 sec pause 1&5: 130

    Jerks @150 – 0
    burpees/rope climb :burpees completed with 22 seconds remaining
    jerks – 0

  17. Been following for a few months and this is my first post, inspired by Spencer from this morning.
    There are few things more satisfying than watching Spencer get all pissed off because he had to cover a crossfit class and teach the members how to squat. Next time I’ll video it and count the number of head shakes and “wtf” eye rolls he makes in the course of an hour. The low-bar vs. high-bar squat explanation, which not a one seemed to grasp, was golden.

    1) 175
    2) 215

    1) 245
    2) 230

    4 jerks (second jerk AMRAP was a picture of futility)
    7:41 for the burpees and rope climbs

  18. 1) 135 (WEAK)
    2) 185

    1) 205 (ALSO WEAK BUT QUICK)
    2) 180

    7:55 FOR BURPEE’S.

    That was alot of fun.

  19. BBG
    1) 115# across
    2) skipped

    1) 165# across
    2) 170# across

    Not a single jerk at 185# . Finished burpees by 10 minutes. And not a single fuck was given that day.

  20. ME back squat 12″ box + double dark green bands
    Snatch – 145/175/195/205/205
    Clean – 265/275/285/285/275
    Back squats @ 335
    Front squats @ 315
    16 jerks

    Endurance/core later.

  21. BBG
    1) 132, 137, 142, 147, 152#
    2) 187, 207, 225, 235, 240#

    1) 275#
    2) 247#

    Conditioning (No Rope and Weak Jerk so I did the Outlaw Crossfit Version)
    1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 185/120#
    -then (no break)-
    100 Burpees for time.
    *Perform 2 Power Cleans EMOM beginning after the first minute @ 185/120#.
    Notes: There is a 10 minute cap on this effort.
    -then (no break)-
    1 minute AMRAP of Jerks @ 185/120#
    Score is total number of Jerks (4 and then 1) and total time for Burpees. (8:32)

  22. For the Jerks I am assuming we are going from the ground like always, to where the first jerk would actually be a clean and jerk… am I correct? Or is it programmed to take from the rack?

    Just wanted to clarify.


  23. Was in a discussion yesterday about hooked grips and if you realease hooked grip or not when doing multiple reps at heavy weight without droping the bar. Of course when doing 1 rep at heavy weight i realease, but yesterdays 7*3 was a challenge and i found it easeier to not realease my hooked grip than bringing the bar back down and regaining the grip.(Especially on the Sntach)

    Anyone have any suggestions on reestablishing hooked grip on snatches? Also curious how many of you just stick with hookedgrip and don’t release?

  24. Vert snatch high box-95-95-105-105-105
    Vert clean high box-115-135-135-135-135
    5X5 squat 75%-180
    3X5 front squat with 3 sec pause on 1&5-155

  25. BBG
    1) 145#
    2) 175#

    1) 190
    2) 190

    I had a clock/brain fart/counting failure during this. I thought 10 min was up at 86 Burpees, but was only 9 min. Oh well. After the wod I went back up and did one more climb, no feet, and 14 burpees for posterity.

    Total 13 jerks @ 145

  26. BBG:
    1) 120-125-125-130(f)-130
    2) 155 all

    1) off 215
    2) 145 (no pause on rep 5, $#&%$ FS)

    2 jerks at 150
    90 burpees

    MFS – 6/5/2

  27. BBG

    15 minutes 1RM snatch

    185 (20lbs PR) since cylce started.- I know it’s not a huge weight by Outlaw standards but only been seriously snatching since about the end of April, no coaching (other than watching Catalyst, Spencer Arnold, Dolega and Klokov in an endless loop) Actually being able to execute the programming as written most of the time has made a huge difference.

    At 33, I’m working on old-guy status but Outlaw makes me want to go out and destroy barbells as if I was a spring chicken again. Thank you Rudy, I look forward to getting over 200 in the next month or two (end ball-washing).


    1) 5X5 @ 250

    2) 3×5@ 215

    Conditioning- not so much

    • Old guy status! Man I’ll be 43 in October and I haven’t even started thinking about being old. I’ve been doing crossfit for about a year and started Outlaw last week. I’m loving it! Getting stronger, and I really think the barbell gymnastics will accelerate my ability with the snatch and C&J. Now go destroy some barbells!

  28. Cool shirt! Cant wait to not get one cause you only ordered enough to cover the teachers pets.

    • pounds:
      HHSn 5×2 145
      HHCln 5×2 155
      (paused at btm of dip)

      BS 5×5 205
      FS 3×5 190 (paused r 1 & 5), failed last rep of last set

      Worked up to 2RM jerk 185
      then, 100 burpees & 8 climbs in exact 10 min
      (kept OTM till min 5, then it was 10 burps, 1 climb)
      no more jerks.

  29. BBG:
    1) 5×2 Hi-box snatch: 45-45-45-45-50
    2) 5×2 Hi-box clean: 55-55-60-60-65

    1) 5×5 Back Squat: 85-85-90-90-95
    2) 3×5 Front Squat (3 sec pause rep 1 & 5): 75-80-80

    Strength: 7×2 Push Press: 70-75-75-75-80-80-80 Tried 85 3x’s, but couldn’t get 2nd rep. Did get 10# PR on my 1RM 🙂

    13 min Amrep
    10 x ab mat med ball toss (12#…RX 14)
    30 x DU (did 30 sec DU attempt + 60 SU per round)
    5 burpees top of every odd minute

    310 reps

    F/5’3″/108lb/50 yr
    CF bday 3/12

  30. BB Gym
    1) 5×2 vertical snatch: 85lbs.
    2) 5×2 vertical clean: 95lbs.

    Is it me or it is harder to make snatches and cleans from the box than from hang? Maybe I did not take enough rest after CF training with tons of back squat and back push press. I assumed that 30mins. should be enough for rest, but probably not.

    1) 5×5 back squats @ 75%: 135 (I just assumed that should be around that as I haven’t tested my 3RM back squat)
    2) 3×5 front squats @ 77.5% 3 sec pause 1&5: 113lbs.

    coming later, too tired to do it now.

    • Conditioning:
      made jerks with 95# as there is no way I would lift 150# at this period of my life 😀 maybe next month 🙂
      Jerks 12. (10 first minute and 2 last minute)
      100 burpees – 7:28min.

  31. BBGym:
    1) 115, 115, 120, 125, 130
    2) 135, 145, 150, 150, 150

    1) 205#
    2) 170#

    Conditioning: Hung a 10′ rope and did 5 alternating climbs/Jerks 165
    83 burpees
    -also forgot to wait until after the 1st minute to start the climbs


  32. bbg
    1) 185
    2) 205

    1) 275
    2) 275, 225, 225

    Conditioning used 225 for jerks, scaled rope climbs (no rope) to 10 ring rows emom did first 3 sets like that, then just finished with burpees. really wanted to make it to 100 before the time cap, finished in 9:52
    100 burpees in 9:52 (first 3 min 10 ring row, then just burpees)

  33. BBG

    Back Squat
    225# for all
    Front Squat
    185# for all (pauses sucked!)

    1 min AMRAP Jerks @135 (7) *Left shoulder still snapped up a little
    100 Burpees w/ Rope accent 9:56
    1 min AMRAP Jerks @135 (4)

    Absolutely smoked after this one today….WOW!


    M/F/S 8/4/4

  34. I’ve been lurking for awhile and following the program on and off for a few months now. I’m finally posting so I can be accountable to someone for my lifting.

    BB Gym
    1) 5 x 2 Hi Hang Snatch (no jerk boxes, knee ext only) – 75, 75, 95, 95, 115
    2) 5 x 2 Hi Hang Clean (knee ext only) – 115, 115, 115, 125, 125

    1) 5 x 5 Back Squats @ 75% – 175 lbs across
    2) 3 x 5 Front Squats @ 77.5% – 150 lbs across

    1:00 AMRAP Jerks @ 150
    100 Burpees for time with subbed 3 towel rows from laying position EMOM after 1st minute
    1:00 AMRAP Jerks @ 150

    2 jerks – 70 burpees – 1 jerk

  35. BBG


    6 jerks
    burpees in 7:48
    1 jerk

    • I should have gotten more jerks than that, i warmed up and then got distracted helping members with muscle ups for about 20 minutes before I started the WOD. Immediately regretted that when i picked the bar up.

  36. BBG
    1) 105-105-105-110-110- 115(x1) – 115(x1)
    2) 135-135-140-140-140

    1) 160
    2) 150(x4) – 150(x3)- 145(x4)

    5 Jerks
    90 Burpees
    3 Jerks

  37. BBG.
    1) 95,115,130,140,150
    2) 135, 165, 185, 205, 205

    1) 260#
    2) 230#

    Total of 5 Jerks
    Burpees done in 7:40

    Don’t have a rope to climb so I subbed 4 Strict C2B pull ups on the minute.

    • Going to also do later.
      3 x 10 Tempo GHD sit ups (3 second Descent and 3 second ascent)
      3 x 10 OH DB walking lunges – 50# because I realized how much I suck at those and need to kill that weakness.

  38. BBG
    Feeling beat up and useless lately and my BBG sucks. Seems like it gets worse every day.
    Squat 235x5x5
    F squat 175x5x3
    5 months ago I squated 405 and f squat 315
    4 jerks at 200#
    0 jerks, got 1 up bought couldn’t stay under it.

  39. BBG:
    1.) 85#
    2.) 135#

    1.) 150#
    2.) 140#

    3 jerks, 8:57, 0 jerks

  40. BBG:
    Tall Snatch 135/145/145/150/155
    Tall Clean 205/215/215/220*/220
    *failed 2nd rep of 4th set, lost focus

    Back Squat 5×5@260lbs
    Front Squat 225/205/205 – This crushed me, was already feeling pretty tired coming into it but I barely made it through the 1st set at 225, probably didn’t even hold the full 3 sec on the pauses so had to drop weight and still barely made it through at 205. Theoretically I was supposed to be doing 240, not happening…

    I was pretty well beat after the previous lift, back felt like jello so called it a day, if I can make it back in this evening I will finish it out.

  41. BBG
    1. 135, 155, 165, 175, 185 (Fail Rep 2)
    2. 225, 235, 245, 255 (Fail Rep 2), 255 (Fail Rep 1)

    Did these from the low blocks instead of hip. Felt off, too many misses.

    1. 265, 265, 265, 265, 265
    2. 275, 275 (Fail Rep 5), 275

    Front squats were miserably hard. Wanted to die all through the second and third sets.

    1:00 Jerks- 6
    100 Burpees- 9:22
    1:00 Jerks- 2

  42. Snatch
    50, 55, 60, 62.5, 65kg
    80, 85, 90, 95, 100kg
    Back squats
    Front squats
    Conditioning @ 100kg
    Mfs = 532

  43. Can I be one the commentators, preferably the one with the bow tie if ESPN 8 ” The Ocho” carries the Outlaw Open.

  44. MFS 2/3/3

    1) 120/120/130/135/135
    2) 135 x5 worked form and speed.

    1) 240 for all
    2) 200 for all


    1 min AMRAP
    4 jerks rx’d

    100 Burpees w/rope climb
    hit 92 at the 10 min mark and said fuck it made one more rope climb and finished burpees at 10:48

    1 min AMRAP
    2 jerks rx’d

    This well and truly sucked, but I loved it in the end becasue everyone looked at me like I was some kind of psycho killer. Probably due to the crazy look and determination to do something that I hate and finish it no matter what. I have to say if nothing else the programming teaches you determination and to never quit no matter what.

  45. BB Gymnastics



    1- 265 all sets. High bar as deep as possible.
    2- 245 all sets. As deep as possible.


    -7 jerks @ 225#
    -8:45 on burpees
    -2 jerks

  46. BB Gymnastics:
    1) 95,95,115,115,135
    2) 135, 155, 185, 155,155


    2 and 0 presses( I cant jerk yet) and I timed out of the burpees. Very pitiful, but the best I could do today……

  47. M/5’5″/152lbs/31yrs.

    1. 100×5.
    –Felt really funky once again, figured out it was because they were off of squat-rack pins rather than boxes. The weight sits on the bar instead of the bumpers, making the initial pull under & drive a mess. Gotta get proper boxes.
    2. 115×5
    –see above

    1. 225
    2. 175
    –Face looked like it was gonna explode.

    –No shot of jerking 225, my 1RM is somewhere around 205-215, so I used 150 (hello ladies).

    7 jerks @150
    100 burpees in 9 minutes
    3 jerks @150

  48. Strength:

    Yay! First day back to squats! (I skipped BBG cause I really wanted to do these and didnt want to push it)


    2 jerks (from rack, had 3 but hit my mouth, ugh. So bar ended up on floor and so I didn’t do the ones at the end)

    Super embarrassed on this one. Minutes 6-9 turned into a rope climb amrap. But those are new to me and I was determined to do this as written. 52 whopping burpees!

    0 jerks.

    • Ps, does it count if I’ve qualified for masters nationals next year. :). Heehee. (just had to throw that out there!)

  49. Snatch – 80kg – technique felt solid today

    Clean and Jerk – 100kg x 2, 110kg x 3 sets – having trouble getting elbows through today. Felt sluggish

    Squat – 130kg – blew threw that

    Front Squat – 127.5kg – failed on rep 5 of 3rd set

    Conditioning – did 100 burpees for time…felt like total shit after all the other movements. 8:07

  50. BBG

    Snatches – built to 175, 2 misses
    Cleans – 225, no misses, felt quick

    BS – Done @ 235, fast and easy
    FS – Done @ 225, pretty damn hard

    Scaled jerks to 185
    15 jerks
    8:45 burpees/rope climbs
    1 jerk (took me the full minute to make it back over to the bar and get setup)

  51. BLK.Sn. 75kg, 80kg, 85, kg, 90kg, 95kg- felt fast and smooth
    BLK.Cl. 105kg, 110kg, 115 kg , 120 kg, 125kg
    B.sq 140kg
    F.sq 125 kg – failed on 2nd set rep 5 and 3rd set rep 5
    tough squats
    13 jk.s
    reached time cap at 80 burpees
    5 jk.
    I am finally Starting to get used to the shortwe rest periods.
    now if my conditioning would improve.

  52. BBG:
    1) Up to 155#
    2) Up to 205#
    1) 5×5 @ 250#
    2) 3×5 @ 230#
    5 Jerks
    1 Jerk

  53. 1) snatch: 115×2, 135×3. I am really jumping forward so I kept it light and tried to get more vertical
    2) cleans: 165, same issue, got a lot better on last set

    Squats: 5×5 @ 255#
    Front Squats: 3×5 @ 215#
    1) 1min jerks=0 reps, didnt even try 225, taking it easy on the wrists did 135# jerks for 10 reps but even that hurt the wrists
    2) 100 burpees for time, EMOM 1 rope climb: 5:54
    3) 1 min jerks=0 reps

  54. BBG
    Snatch – 205, 215, 215, 225, 225
    Cleans – 225 x 5 stayed here bc my form sucks on these

    BS – 275×5 these felt heavy
    FS – 245×3 these also felt heavy

    7 Jerks
    100 Burpees – 9:54
    3 Jerks
    Pussed out on the jerks on both rounds.

  55. BBG
    Snatch: 115, 115, 125, 135, 145
    Cleans: 155, 165, 170, 175, 180

    BS: 180
    FS: 167

    9 Jerks
    85 Burpees
    5 Jerks

  56. BBG:
    Snatch 73×5 never done this off blocks…kind of hilarious
    Clean 123×5 same thing…


    3 jerks
    burpees 7:59
    1 jerk

  57. 1) 185,195(1 miss), 195 (1 miss), 185, 185
    2) 225 x 5


    6 jerks
    1/2 jerk

  58. BBG –
    Snatch – 205lb – felt strong and fast today
    clean – 265 – felt great

    Back squat – 290
    Front squat – 305

    Jerk – 10
    Jerk – 7 – hit 6 tng hit 1 in last 10 sec…weight felt heavy here

  59. BBG
    1) 2×135, 2×145, 1×150
    2) 2×185, 3×195

    1) 215
    2) 210

    4 Jerks

  60. 1st made up yesterday’s conditioning:
    14/13/15/14 ohs 1:20 400 m run

    Snatch: 103/108/113/118/123
    All felt great besides my hook grip, man my thumbs hurt!

    Clean: 123/133/138/143/148
    Whenever I do these at hip, my weights stop on the box when I squat…I guess I got long legs and a short torso..totally throws me off.

    Skipped strength: I’ve gained 5lbs of pure muscle this month so my conditioning is much harder, damn.

    Conditioning: 7 jerks/9:48/3 jerks
    Total = 10 jerks.
    I didn’t even start jerkin til I had 20 sec left due to how bad burpees sucked. Jerks felt pretty good tho

  61. Cleans: 2×205# 3×215#
    Snatches: 5×155#
    FS: 215 across
    BS: Did them on Sunday
    Jerks w/ 32kg KB 30sec L/R 9,9
    Didn’t have a rope to climb so did the burpees straight. 6:23 (strength is way up but wind is down a bit, that’s ok. It’s time to work the weakness: strength)
    Jerks: 8,8
    BBG felt way better today than yesterday.

  62. BBG

    225 xx
    225 xx

    Cleans, started up realized we were short on time and left it.
    Skipped back squat since it was relatively light.

    Front Squat

    285 x 3 x 5 with pauses

    Haven’t jerked in a while….knew those numbers would be low.

    6 total (6 to start, missed the rep after)
    Burpees done in 8:40

    Had a guy do the burpees at our gym in 6:57 with the rope climb…..got me thinking that either one of us screwed up, or I was a bitch.
    Felt like a decent effort, but I realized I never sprinted, just stayed steady (read: slow)

    Did the 100 Burpees + EMOM rope climb again at 8:30pm, no jerks.

    5:40 – full throttle the whole way.


    Strained intercostal or something? Not a big deal but a bit uncomfortable.

  63. Snatch – 100
    Clean – 4×125,1×130 (started getting more comfortable with it after a few reps)
    Back Squat – 130
    Front Squat – 140
    Conditioning – 6/65 burpees complete/2
    *I died on the burpees, obviously way too much rest. the good of it was afterwards since I felt like I short changed my conditioning I did class WOD and pull ups have never felt so smooth and easy.

  64. Bbg:
    1) 50, 60, 60, 65f, 60
    2) 60, 70, 70,70, 80f

    115, 115, 115, 115, 115
    100, 100, 100kg

    9 pj 7:58 for burpees this doesn’t include rope climbs and pj where done of racks.

    Lots of love and kisses Brian

  65. BBG – Skipped through lack of time

    1) 135kg all sets – easy
    2) 125kg all sets – quite difficult


    Subbed – 100kg push jerks, 5 kipping pullups for rope climb

    4 jerks
    91 burpees
    2 jerks

    This was slow and it sucked

  66. BBG
    1) 60kg,65kg,65kg,65kg,65kg
    2) @80kg

    1) @112.5kg
    2) @107.5kg

    PJ 4
    80 Burpees – pussied out a bit not happy with effort
    PJ 3

  67. Strength

    Back Squats – 225 easy..
    Front Squats – 205 easy..


    JERKS – 6 and 1 fail
    BURPEES – 96
    JERKS – 1

  68. BB
    1) 95,95, 135, 135. 95
    2) 135, 185,185, 185, 185
    1) 275
    2) 245
    6 jerks

  69. BBG
    1) 115-120-125-130-130
    2) 155-160-165-170-170

    1) 260#
    2) 205#

    COND = 8 Reps @ 175# and 8:56

    Fuk Yea!

  70. BB Gymnastics..
    1) 5X2 Vertical Snatch off High Boxes (at hip)
    60kg – 65 – 70 – 70 – 70

    2) 5X2 Vertical Clean off High Boxes (at hip)
    70kg – 80 – 90 – 90 – 90

    1) 5X5 Back Squats @ 110kg

    2) 3X5 Front Squats @ 96kg (3 second pause on the 1st & 5th rep)

    1 minute AMRAP of Jerks (102.5kg)
    -then (no break)-
    100 Burpees for time.
    *Perform 1 Rope Climb (15′) EMOM beginning AFTER the first minute.
    -then (no break)-
    1 minute AMRAP of Jerks (102.5kg)

    -6 Jerks
    -1 Jerk

    Smoked me!

  71. bbg

    8 jerks
    6:52 on burps with rope climbs
    0 jerks ='(

  72. BBG

    1) Did duck walks because knee still not great on fast drops. Used 65lbs on bar plus 15lb kb on each end held with band.

    2) Did try cleans since weight was a little lighter. 185 felt heavy since I was slow on dropping down.

    1) 275 these felt heavy as well
    2) 250 only did 4 reps instead of 5 and skipped pause obviously felt heavy

    Wife was yelling to go and I felt beat to shit so did heavy jerk hold at 275
    20 burpee in a minute
    1 more jerk hold at 305
    10 more burpee in 20 seconds had to go.

    I have been destroyed since that 30 min amramp with the 80 lb KB snatches for 120 reps. I know Jason hogan did 17 min maybe I will cut it off at 20 min from now on.

  73. Free HSPU 5/5 4/5 3/5 2/2 2/3 (first number is how many folded mats were used)

    Snatch High Pull + Hang High Pull (with straps) + Squat Snatch (no straps) 40 kg -> 84 kg (185) by 2 kg jumps
    Power Clean + Squat Clean + Jerk (not unbroken) 60 kg -> 102 kg (225) by 3 kg jumps

    Back Squat 5×5 @ 114 kg (251)
    Front Squat 3×5 @ 109 kg (240) with 3 sec pause on 1st & last rep

    1 min Jerks @ 225 = 9
    100 Burpees with a side of rope climbs = 8:29
    1 min Jerks @ 225 = 4

  74. BBG:
    1.) 145, 155, 155, 155, 165
    2.) 175, 185, 185, 185, 195

    1.) 202
    2.) 202

    4 + 88 + 2 (no rope ~ subbed 15 pull-ups)

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