I was going to write a fairly in depth post about the reasoning for WODs that are sometimes a bit longer than 12 minutes. I’ve had some good discussions with people today about this topic, and am actually kind of excited to explain the method behind some of the WODs. However, I’ve got a bunch of shit to post tonight—for the Training Camps World Tour—so you’ll have to wait until Monday.

The tour dates that I’m posting tonight will be live at 9:00AM EST. Please remember to pay before you register. Your spot is guaranteed once you have paid, so if PayPal allows you to register you are in (you still need to fill out a registration form).

Side note: I have an announcement that is so exciting I currently have urine dripping down my leg (too much?). Sorry to tease, but it’s really pretty cool. Details next week.

A couple of years ago you could count the number of guys who could Back Squat 405# on one hand. Now my hand is almost full with Outlaws who can FRONT SQUAT 405#. Armand Lotman – 405# Front Squat (30# PR):

Apparently Talayna can Snatch anything. Anyone have a medium sized alligator we can borrow? Talayna – 10 KB Snatches @ 32kg aka 2 Pood:

In the off-season BP and I have an unspoken agreement that he can basically do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t hurt himself (apparently BP doesn’t understand what will and won’t hurt him – like moving trains). Today he tried the “Shankle Complex” (CLICK HERE if you don’t know what it is). This might have been one of BP’s most impressive moments. BP – “Shankle Complex” @ 300#:

WOD 120825:

BB Gymnastics

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


EMOM for 7 minutes:

2 1 1/4 Front Squats @ 70% DEMO VIDEO



Refer to 120529

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pullups

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  1. Can’t wait to train with the Outlaw crew at the Palm Desert camp. Here’s a vid of Marc @ CF Code 3 hittin the Shankle Complex a few weeks ago

  2. Where the hell do these front squat monsters come from… Every time I check the blog I am humbled… By humbled I mean it makes me feel like a bitch

  3. BBG
    1) 155 matches PR, 2x miss @ 165
    2) 185, CJ sucked today

    EMOM @ 155#

    Cond 8:36, 55s PR


  4. I felt shitty today; was rushed out the door and thru the workout because our college is having it’s first ever intercollegiate athletics game (soccer) today. As a prof I like to support the student athletes.

    BBG was horrible: snatched up to 75kg then just felt horrible and time ran out.
    Skipped CJ

    Front squats 2, 1 1/4 EMOM: 102.5kg – this sucked but felt better than the BBG.

    Planned to skip the conditioning, but one of our athletes – he’s 20 years younger than I am asked if I was going to bitch out on the metcon (FML!)

    Helen: 6:45 – Another rather large PR: Last time it was 7:31. So started like shit, ended alright.
    …in pretty much dire need of a rest day!

  5. BB Gymnastics:
    1RM Snatch: 135 1RM C&J: 175
    EMOM 7 min: 2, 1 ¼ front squats at 135lb
    Helen: 3 rnds 400m run, 21 kb swings, 15 pull ups: 9:30

    accidentally did 15 pull ups instead of 12, oops.

  6. Have a Team competition tomorrow so I only did the Snatch and C&J.
    Snatch-210#….5# less than my PR
    C&J-255# 10# less than my PR

  7. Snatch 102.5kg – finally a PB of 2.5kg
    Clean and jerk 130kg – under a PB by 2.5kg

    1 1/4 front squats done at 112.5kg

    Helen done with approx 450m runs

    Mfs – 236

  8. Snatch – 107.5kg

    Clean and Jerk – 125kg

    1 1/4 Front Squats – 115kg

    Helen – 9:48 – first time doing this WOD.

  9. BBG
    1. 185, 200, 210, 220 (F), 220 (F)
    2. 245, 260, 275, 285 (F), 285 (F), 285

    Only did cleans rather than clean and jerks today, 285 was a 5 lb clean PR.

    Done w/ 245

    First time ever doing these. Wasn’t following when they were being programmed back in the spring.

  10. Hang Snatch: 215 pr(couldn’t get from floor)

    C&J: 295 pr (300 f) clean was easy, jerk still lacking big time.

    Helen: 8:20 no pr

  11. Too wasted to do Outlaw + CFWR. Didn’t rest Thur. Paying for it today. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    Warm up:
    3 Rounds Cindy

    Team WOD “The Girls”:
    Fran 8:12…long time, but improving. 55# Thruster (10#PR), 1 gr band PU

    F/5’3″/108lb/50 yr
    CF bday 3/12

  12. BB Gymnastics
    1) 1RM Snatch – 165#
    2) 1RM Clean and Jerk – 215#

    EMOM for 7 minutes:
    2 1 1/4 Front Squats @ 70% – 175#

    “Helen” – 11:13 pr by 22sec (3/7/12)

    M/F/S/ – 2/3/1

    First time doing Outlaw workout after few months of ‘following’ it. I know its more of a typical crossfit WOD but pretty intense so far in doing it all in 1 session

  13. BBGym: attempted both lifts but wasn’t feeling these at all

    1) 150# very easy

    Somewhere right around 12:00 transition from treadmill to my garage ate up some time


  14. M/5’5″/152lbs/31yrs.

    1. 155–new PR by 5lbs.
    2. 195
    –missed 205 twice on the jerk, would of been a new PR. The clean was solid, just couldn’t get under fast enough, hips were smoked. Does anybody think the snatch takes away from their C&J on days like this?

    –165 for all except last one, jacked it up to 170. Really got to focus on driving knees out on these.

    Helen done in 12’10”. Long transitions–treadmill on first floor, with KB and pull-up bar on second. Just tried to keep a consistent, steady pace.

    Neck/upper back is tweaky.

  15. Lifts were crap today so i aint even gonna waste my time posting em.. May take a few days off next week, conditioning felt good although i dont have a legit time cause the lady working at my gym locked me out and i had to run all the way around to the front to get back in, i guess she didnt know i was out there and they were getting ready to close.

    Conditioning: 10:00.. Plus however much time i lost by getting locked out.

  16. BBG:
    180# snatch (pr by 5 lbs)
    250# c&j (pr by 5 lbs as well)

    Oly lifts have gone down since focusing on metcons to drop weight. Finally coming back up to where they were when I was 20 lb heavier.

    225 for 7 minutes EMOM 2×1.25 squats

    Handstand Helen (subbed HSPU’s for pullups due to a borderline infected crease tear on my right hand)


  17. bbg- snatch- 225 tied pr
    cnj- failed 280# cleans x3 just no legs today

    strength- 205

    cond- 7:57 running around a basketball court many times. Should be much faster with an outside running course. Kind of killed the intensity a little bit. kb swings and pull-ups easy and unbroken.

  18. BBG:
    snatch 235 – 20# PR
    C&J 295 – 10# PR

    No strength, ran out of time.

    7:00 on the money – 1:12 Faster than Previous

    Felt pretty good today. I failed at 235 nine times last week so it was good to hit it his week.

  19. BBG
    Snatch- got under 230 3x but couldn’t stand, would have been 5# PR
    C&J- hit old PR of 275

    Done at 245, felt very light though

    8.30 with a trip up 2 flights of stairs

    Pretty happy considering how totalled my body was going into today

  20. BBG: snatch up to 170. Missed 175 again
    C &j up to 225 cleaned 240 but missed jerk
    Strength :
    @ 225 felt great
    Conditioning :
    7:30 pr by over a minute at least.

  21. BBG
    Snatch 105# My technique sucks, cause I know I can do more, but it all just falls apart.
    CJ started, but did not finish, cause could not pass 105# with jerk, though yesterday was doing 115#push press. I suppose muscle failure, just got annoyed, so nothing for CJ.

    EMOM 105#

    10:17. First time doing this WOD.

  22. Reblogged this on Following Myself and commented:
    My todays WOD was this one. Felt both…good and bad….bad about my technique on Oly, probably just should take an hour of couch to work on technique, rather than relying on strength, which is happening right now…

  23. Snatch – 125#, 5 # Short of PR from last week
    Clean and Jerk – 155#, 10# short of squat clean pr and 20# short of power clean pr. Not feeling it today after the muscle ups from yesterday.

    Front squats – 125#, really liked these

    Helen- first running wod since fracturing metatarsal 3 weeks ago so did 250ms, 8:02

  24. Typically follow and post on the mortal side of outlaw. I typically follow a scaled down Saturday workout from The Way. Might as well post here on Saturday’s to impress all with my weakness.

    1RM Snatch 120 – 125 F x 3 times 125 is my PR. WTF?
    1 RM Clean and jerk 175 – 185 F x 2 times 185 is my PR. Double WTF?

    Skipped Strength

    Helen – 14:38 which is a PR but I used a 50# DB cause don’t have a 24KG KB.

    MFS – 1.5.3. The fatigue probably explains the shitty lifts.

    • mortal side did power cleans 1rms and Helen also. Don’t sweat it, can’t hit your PRs every day. If you’re failing it just means you’re trying hard enough.

  25. BBG:
    Snatch: 90, 95, 102.5f, 102.5 PR!, 105fff
    Clean and Jerk: 115, 120f jerk, 125f jerk, 130ff
    Jerks were just technical fails so I kept climbing. Can catch 130 but can’t stand up.

    Made up last weeks Front Squat max then did back off sets.

    Helen: 7:56 PR by 4s.

    Snatch 102.5kg PR:

    Snatch 105kg attempt:

    Clean and Jerk 130kg Attempt:

    I have no idea how to embed in comments on wordpress so I’m not sure if that’ll even work or not.

  26. BBG
    1) 150# , 15# under PR
    2) wrist still fucked, no C&J

    FS 185#

    9:38 faster than my last go around but 1:03 slower than PR

  27. BBG:
    1) 205# (PR)
    2) 255# (PR)

    1) 255#

    8:00 (55 Second PR)

  28. 1) 170# same as last
    2) 225# 10# less than last


    Helen 15:27, still using small band for PU
    I can’t wait till palm desert to get some fixes to my probs

  29. BBG..
    SN – 90kg (PR – 100kg)
    C&J – 115kg (equal PR)

    1,1/4 FS @ 85kg.. Felt easy. Need to re-test my 1RM.. (missed last week)

    Helen.. 00:08:56 Rx’d

    Feeling a bit beaten up after yesterday.. Shoulders felt chatty, and I need to learn to run faster!!

  30. BBG
    Snatch – 87.5kg (PR by 2.5kg)
    C&J – 112.5kg (2.5kg off PR)
    Total – 200kg (PR by 2.5kg)

    My snatch is finally catching up to my clean and jerk. If only I could clean and jerk more than 70% of my Front Squat!

    Strength – All sets completed with 112.5kg. They were easy.


    Modified as I am having a lot of elbow fatigue lately and kipping pullups doesn’t help it. Also, dropping the pullups improves the metcon effect (for me at least)

    3 rounds for time

    400m run
    21 x 24kg KB swings


    Man I’m crap at running with a stiff lower back. My helen PR is (pathetically) 10:50ish so I’m sure I would’ve beaten it had my elbows felt better.

    Good days training.

  31. First day on the program

    150 snatch (PR)
    190 C+J (got the 195 clean, couldn’t lock it out)

    135 on Front squats – felt fine, kinda like the bounce motion

    Helen: 12:07 WTF happened there? best time is sub 10, damn need to get back on metcon post-haste.

  32. BB Gymnastics:
    Sucked today, got 65 kg. snatch and failed 68 kg (PR is 67 kg), shoulders didn’t work 🙂 so skipped C&J

    7x 85 kg Front Squats – those 1 1/4 felt good and hurting 🙂

    9:56 (RX) – 30 sec slower than PR (had a weak day)

  33. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch: 240# (10# PR)
    C&J: 275#, Cleaned 290# but failed the Jerk (would have been 5# PR)

    7 x 2 1 1/4 FS @ 230#

    Spent alot of time on going for that Snatch and had to leave the gym. Last Helen was 9:20 (30 sec off of PR)

  34. Should be the last week without doing the BBG. Comp on the 31st, then back at it.

    Strength: 7×2-1 1/4 Front Squat @ 270#’s

    Conditioning: 7:25- ~1:00 PR

    Feel much better than yesterday. Spent all day in the sun, very fatigued. Fully recovered today.


  35. Snatch: 195 PR (Limiting factor is still mainly technique)
    C&J: 275 10 shy of former PR

    Strength: 225, 230, 235, 225, 230, 235, 235

    Helen: 9:09 PR by a minute. Would have been faster if I ran harder.

  36. BBG
    1) 95kg couldn’t get 100kg
    2) 125kg couldn’t get 130kg


    9:15 unbroken but sucked on the run

  37. BBG:

    1. 135#, just missed 140. Starting to get this lift, but still failing technically as weight goes up.
    2. C&J up to 175. Stopped jerk attempts there and cleaned up to 200.




    No time

  38. snatch: failed at 165# which is 10lbs below pr
    clean and jerk: failed at 215# which is pr since april
    front squats at 195#
    Helen: 7:30
    I hate olympic lifting right now. my numbers are going down instead of up. joints are killing me. timing from the ground is off, I am getting bigger lifts from the hang. But I did get a 30 second PR on Helen.

  39. Snatch-145-155f-155f-150f
    C&j-155-165-170f. Really sore right side back muscle
    Front squat 2 1 1/4-135lb. 140 for last 3 sets. Too easy

  40. BBG
    1) Snatch 170# PR
    2) C+J 210# PR

    Strength 285#

    Helen: 9:14
    (sub in row 400m for 400m run) due to tropical storm isaac. lulz talk about a BJ.

  41. BBG (experiencing knee pain when explosively dropping so did something close without the explosion)

    OHS- Worked up to a 225 fail. 205 PR for me though.
    Clean pulls off blocks went from 225-315. 5,5,3,3,2,1

    Strength- 225 (felt heavier than it should have but been favoring lately because of knee)

    Cond: helen
    11:20 (18 second pr) (lose 10-15 seconds per round making it to start of run outside) (KBS unbroken pretty easy/pull- ups 6&6/ runs steady but pretty slow)

  42. Snatch EMOM 154/2ub x5 165/1 x5 176/1 x5 180 185 189 194 198 202ff 206/1 210f 212ff
    Clean & Jerk EMOM 176/1 x3 198/1 x3 220/1 x3 227 233 239 244 249 253

    EMOM 7×2 1&1/4 Front Squats @ 220

    “Helen” 7:43 Rx. (PR is 7:14)

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