This weekend we’re finally back to some competitive exercising for money. At both Europa Dallas, and Summer Crush, there will be Outlaw “super teams” vying for the tops spots. The Texas Outlaw team will be taking on Europa Dallas, and will feature: Jason Hoggan, Candice Ruiz, Courtney Wuistinger, Christy Harper, and my very own 12-year-old Weightlifting coach, Spencer Arnold. The team taking on Summer Crush is no less impressive, and will feature Lauren Brooks, Sarabeth Phillips, and—in her first competition since becoming the third fittest woman on earth—Talayna Fortunato.

The possible podiums, prize money, and free shit they could win is all great, but I care about more interesting stuff. Like… Which team is better? I know, they don’t match up easily (5 vs 3, odd numbers of chicks and dudes, etc), but there’s gotta be enough there to compare to spark up a pretty good debate, right? I mean it works on the NFL network, it should work here too.

Awe… This makes me miss Exercisecenter. C’mon Pat, give us some predictions. Lemme guess, Azadeh?

It’s Deacon’s birthday. That means I have the excuse to give you guys a really hard workout using the corresponding numbers, and you can’t complain because he’s the cutest, most awesomest little dude in the world. (Yes, his shirt is a little dirty in the pic. He’s a baby you critical assholes. Maybe you should try eating while someone else holds the food.)

WOD 120818:

BB Gymnastics

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Front Squat.

Notes: These should be at absolute rock-bottom depth. DO NOT stop at just parallel to score a big number. Go to absolute bottom to score a true number.



12 minute AMRAP of:

11 Pause Pullups
8 Behind the Neck Push Jerks 185/120# (racks may be used)
18 Pistols (alternating)

Notes: Pause Pullups are pull-ups performed with a 3 second pause while holding the chin over the bar. If the chin does not remain over the bar for a full 3 seconds, the reps does not count. If there is debate on how long 3 seconds is, set up a clock within clear view of the pull-up bar and literally watch the 3 seconds count off. These may be any grip and kipping is allowed.

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  1. Happy birthday to the baddest ass Outlaw of All Time. Is he crushing baby steps and onto baby handstand walks yet?!

  2. Are you figuring the Outlaw S&C program will be ready for September? I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m going on vacation next week. If the program starts without me, I’ll be as mad as Drywall! Honestly, I may be tempted to kill someone. You just better be greatful that you had such a good-lookin’ kid come outta your nuts, or I’d…

  3. Your baby boy is adorable, happy birthday to Deacon! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I have been following your program for a few months and it’s been the best thing that has happened to me in the 3.5 years I have been doing crossfit. Much love to you and yours, and your outlaw family… Good luck this weekend in the competitions!

  4. When will we see those little dude shirts in the Outlaw store? I know my two little monkeys would love an Outlaw shirt, also are you going to be bringing Outlaw gear to Australia to sell when you come here on the World Tour?

  5. 1st off happy bday lil D.

    2nd off: 3rd snatch PR in as many weeks. #215. Fuck yeah. Before 3 weeks ago I hadnt hit a single PR, on anything, since starting the way in early march. All the joint pain, soreness, lack of energy, un-PRs, ect. Was well worth it when I stood up with that bar. If you’re reading this and struggling with this program, put your head down and do some fucking work. It will pay off.

    Cln&jrk: 245

    Fsquat: 285

  6. Snatch 97.5kg unPB by 2.5kg
    Clean and jerk 127.5kg unPB by 5kg had a go at 135kg but wasn’t under quite in time
    Front squat 160kg PB by 10kg
    Conditioning 2 + 11
    Mfs – 255

  7. BBG:
    1) 67 kg Snatch (PB by 2 kg)
    2) 90 kg C&J (PB by 5 kg)

    1) 115 kg Front Squat (PB by 5 kg)

    2 full rounds and 8 pause pullups

    (did behind neck push jerk with 60 kg, pistols felt good today, pullups sucked :P)

  8. Snatch 135 20# PR after starting The Outlaw Way this week.
    Clean & jerk 155 10# PR
    Front Squat 175 #10 PR

  9. Snatch 205 but failed. Max is 220. Good news is 205 pulled up so freaking smooth and fast it was amazing. Just had no shoulders today

    Clean and Jerk PR 255 failed at 265 but that was a clean PR

    Front squat 305 – felt good but shifted to toes slightly. So did it agian trying to stay o. Heels instead of going heavier

    Deacon – happy birthday

    3 rounds plus 9 pull up. Worst part was dropping off pull up bar and having my Quads cramp from all the previous work.

    Anyone want to let me in on the mood/fatig

  10. BBG
    1) 195 (tied PR). Missed 205 twice, stood up with it on the second attempt but couldn’t control it. Should have sat in the hole longer.
    2) stopped at 235
    Conditioning – 2 rounds + 6 BTNPJ

  11. Good time for a bday. My firstborn son is due to be born in 2 weeks 🙂

    1) 225, missed 275 2 times, attempted a 5# pr at 295, just needed it another inch behind me and i could’ve stood up.
    2) 275, attempted to p.r. at 325 but missed and ran out of time


    conditioning. happy bday to Deacon! 🙂
    3 rounds+7 pause pull ups

    Excited to start fresh and have a better week next week.

  12. Started The Outlaw Way bout a month ago, ill start posting here since im seeing great results.

    1) No snatch, I Fucked it up doing a WL competition, shoulder hurting ever since, giving a 1 month snatch break.

    2) C&J Previous PR was 200lbs, Today new PR 215!! Fucking happy.

    Previous PR was 200. Todays front squat PR was 230! feeling great!


    2 rounds+16 reps. Scaled down the Push Jerk.

  13. 1) Hit 185, missed 195 (current PR) wasn’t feeling it this morning pulls felt slow

    2) Missed 235 (PR attempt, bad dip)

    300 – felt alright didn’t have enough time for another attempt


    3+ 10 Pistols


  14. Fucking awesome day.

    1. 215 (5 lb PR)
    2. 280 (5 lb PR)

    Thrilled about both of these. For the second week in a row I hit a new record on the snatch the first time I attempted it. Took a couple of shots at 220 and missed. Had missed the clean and 280 twice before I nailed it.

    1. 335

    PR is 350, took a shot at 355 but missed it.

    Did something else

  15. 235 snatch. was underneath 240 but couldnt get up.
    255 clean and jerk

    305 front squat pr

    4 rounds

  16. felt like shiza today, very sluggish and tired.

    155 on the snatch, PR is 165
    215 clean but no jerk (PR is 220), no legs for the 2nd half

    on the bright side, i hit a 15# PR on my front squat 🙂

    no metcon today, got too many other things I gotta do plus I should probably take the rest

  17. BB Gymnastics
    1) 150 PR
    2) 195 less than PR not feeling good

    1) 275 first front squat max so PR


  18. Happy b-day Deacon!
    1) 150, got under 155# easy but lost it
    2) did not do wrist still f****d

    265# PR (never done a 1RM FS before

    4 rounds…. tough shit!!!


  19. A big f@#k Yeah to Outlaw Way for helping me at Summer Crush to (at this time, saying this due to some judging errors, yes we have video proof) secure a 3rd place in Masters Division! See you in December at Camp!

  20. BBG:1) 170, 175 was so close
    1) 300 15# pr
    3 rds + 7 pistols

  21. Ive probably never been so frustrated at my oly lifts, lots of misses, lots of swearing, lots of stuff thrown.
    Snatch-205 (225 pr)
    C&J-245 (275 pr)

    Got a little better here…
    Front squat-335 (10lb pr)

    And better here…
    Conditioning-4rds (love behind the neck jerks)

  22. Deadlift for dollars fundraiser: pulled 550, fast, should have gone for 6, but I opened with the heaviest weight of the day and didn’t rally want to be that guy.

    Snatch 72, not a pr, but fine
    Cj 110 also not a pr, but fine
    FS 137, also not a or, missed 140 basically just a long day

    No conditioning, sorry lil man!

  23. BBG:

    2.) Worked up to 97% of my max to test my recovering wrist. Feeling a lot better. 265#


    363# new PR. 33# jump, very happy with this!


    Did something different today, been a light week to recover.

    On the minute for 12 min of: 25 double unders and 15 burpees


  24. 1) Snatch PR 250

    2) C&J up to 295

    3) no front squat. Top pull Deadlifts 1×3 @ 425


    4 rounds + 8


  25. 1) 215 (-5 off PR)
    2) 255 (-20 off PR)
    Cleaned 265 twice, failed jerk.
    3) 275
    Failed 285. Stupid legs.

    Ribs still hurting.

  26. RESULTS: 

    1) 95-135-165-185(F)-185(F) Bar doesnt spin
    2) 135-165-185-205-215-225(F)

    1) 135-185-205-215-225-235(PR)

    1) @175 2+11/8/3 pistols

  27. Took yesterday off. The olympic lifts have strained my back bigtime. To be fair, I think it’s not so much the program; it’s more a result of my awful snatch form. This is week three of learning the lift; still working to improve it.

    1) 165
    2) 205, 215 (F-Barely missed the jerk)

    1.5 Hours BJJ. First time back on this after a 2-year haitus. Brutal.

  28. Participated in a competition this weekend in Ventura, Ca. Great event with medium-light weight, high conditioning WODS. I finished fourth and felt very comfortable on the light C&Js and snatches in the workouts. Back to normal Outlaw programming monday but just wanted to say that my capacity and skill have absolutely improved since starting The Way.

  29. Snatch – 85kg (2.5kg PR)
    C&J – 110kg. Very close with 115kg, but I got on my toes and spilled it forward

    Front Squat – 160kg. Happy with this – I could’ve gone higher but my elbows were hurting and as I tipped forward slightl on the heavier reps they were hurting.

    I can’t wait till my C&J technique catches up to my front squat! I should be able to clean more than 70% of my front squat..

    Conditioning – Did my own thing.


    Snatch – 1RM – 90kg, 97.5kg (PR), 100kg (PR) – FUCK YES.
    Clean and Jerk – 1RM – 100kg, 112.5kg(f), 112.5kg


    FRONT SQUAT – 1RM 125kg PR (7.5kg up)

    12min AMRAP
    11 Pause Pullups
    8 Snatch Push Press – 85kg
    18 Pistols

    RDS – 2 + Pullups + Snatch Push Press + 6 Pistols Rxd

  31. Bb gym

    Snatch: 2 reps from hip @ 60 kg/132 lbs

    C&j: 80 kg/176 lbs

    Strength: 95 kg/209 lbs

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 5 reps

  32. On Sunday 120819

    1) 145
    2) 180

    1) 190

    4 rounds + 11 pull ups

    Midline (from Friday)
    1a) 3×10 with 15# DB
    1b) 21s-20s-19s

  33. Snatch – 55kg (no pb)
    C&J – 80kg (no pb)
    Front squat – 110kg (pb)

    2 rds + 9
    (Scaled pp and pistols)

  34. Just started this program a week and a half ago, enjoying it so far.
    Snatch – 130#, 5#PR
    C&J – 160#, 5# short of PR
    FS – 180#, 5#PR
    Excited as these are first PRs since knee surgery in February

    2 Rounds + 6 Pause Pull Ups

  35. Snatch – 145 tied previous since going back and reworking form
    Clean & Jerk – 200 PR since reworking form, 15# under PR

    FS – 275 Tied PR

    Gym closed on me, sorry Deacon I didn’t get to do the WOD.

  36. Snatch – 167# (+6# PR) Lost position off the floor. Footwork is a mess.
    C&J – 206# (+2# PR) Need jerk boxes bad. Power cleaned 211# easy.
    Fr. Squat – 233# (PR) Still only 90% on the left from 2010 ACL surgery (49 yrs old).

    3 rounds – 10:33 (whoops).

    Started competing Oct 2011 and quickly realized I needed more strength to go with my Olympic lifting obsession. Tried Wendler but couldn’t “mesh” it with CrossFit. Found your programming July 17th. Now my dream of making it to the Games one day is revived. Thank you.

    PS: Stop cussing in public.

  37. Sore/tired from weekend comp. will do 1rm snatch and c+j tomorrow.

    Front squat= 200#… Legs pretty shot- could pry do 10-15# more if bOdy was fresh.

    Deacon= 4 rounds + 19 reps Rx, used rack

  38. Snatch- 225, 3 lb. PR
    C&J- 265
    FS- 325, 20lb. PR

    “Baby Deacon”
    11 Pause pullups
    8 Regular Push Jerks
    18 Lunges

  39. Did not work up to a max just felt real weak and body was warning me not too.

    Snatch kinda maybe more power 175 no pr attempt Pr attempt would be 190

    Clean went up to 235 no pr attempt. Pr attempt would be

    Strength same thing worked up to 300lb and shut it down.

    Cond- Did 3 hill sprints w mask.

  40. All loads converted from kilos to lbs:

    Snatch: warm-up to 187, then work up to 189 198 202 207 213f, then 110 121 132 143 154 165 176 187 198
    C&J warm-up to 198, then 205 211 217 224 231 237 244 251 258f

    Front Squat 154/1 198/1 242/1 286/1 308/1, then 220 231 242 253 264 275 286

    3+6 Pull-ups

    Did Push Jerks from the front rack – apprehensive doing shit bnk during wod being all sweaty. They were easy & unbroken though. Everything else today was hard & fatigued..

  41. BBG:
    1.) 155, 175, 195xxxx
    2.) 185, 205, 232, 250x

    225, 245, 260*PR, 265x

    2rds + 11 pull-ups

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