WOD 120816

Rest day.

So we’re finally getting our shit together, and working on the new website. It’s going to have a million new features (give or take 999,846), including: a full gym/large group version of the program, private message boards, demo videos for just about everything, and most importantly, everything will be in the same place. A completely new aspect of the site will be the Outlaw Strength & Conditioning program. This is very near and dear to my heart, and will basically be a version of the program for those of you who have no desire to compete in “the sport of fitness”. To be honest (partially), I decided to do this because I was tired of hearing Drywall bitch about doing double-unders, and we have had many requests for a more general version of the program. With that being said, I asked Drywall—in his ever so subtle way—to write something to announce the program. Here’s what Mr. Happy wrote:

I Don’t Give a Fuck About “The Sport of Fitness”

When I got to the conditioning part of last Saturday’s workout, that AIDS-inducing chipper, I said “fuck this.” Then I ran a few gassers and pushed a sled. Outlaw. Fuck yeah.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Rudy and I became friends about a year and a half ago, the same way I meet everyone nowadays: making fun of shit online. We text a lot, mostly lying about our cock sizes, whether or not his beard makes him look fat, and how much we like texting. You know, guy stuff.

One day he’s all “I have this sweet program I want to use on a test group, it put 3 inches on Brandon’s quads and 5 points on his Wonderlic score” and I’m all like “do I get to work out by myself in the corner? I hate people.” Done and done. Perfect match.

Except for the focus on pointless conditioning movements that I don’t give a fuck about.

A lot of you, like Rudy, have a raging hard-on for exercise competitions. You’re all mentally defective, every goddamn one of you.

This isn’t an exercise-vs-real-sports argument (I already won that argument). Being serious, I think any competition that motivates you to work hard and stay in shape is a good thing. It’s just that if I’m going to spend an hour 3 hours in the gym every day, I want to run faster and jump higher, not be the best at kipping.

You’re probably wondering why I’m roasting the entire Outlaw following. The truth? I’m not. More and more people follow this site every day, and less and less of these people are here because they want to go to the Games. The word is out: the methodology behind this program will make you strong, conditioned, and a shit-ton better at Oly lifting. It’s not a competitive exercise program, it’s a strength and conditioning program that emphasizes “the sport of fitness”. If you want to use it to kip your way to a nice payday like Talayna, go for it.

Otherwise, stayed tuned for the Outlaw S&C program. More sprint work, more heavy shit, equally anti-social.

42 thoughts on “120816

  1. Getting your nightly email is fast becoming the highlight of my bedtime rituals. Thanks for your great programming and hilarious posts.

  2. The wife and I have been doing Outlaw now for two weeks in the garage and it is amazing. Looking forward to the new site and the S&C program.

  3. Drywall I loved your work in the Hangover movies as the chinese guys cock double. Keep it up.

  4. Absolutely awesome! Been doing the S&C programming for about a month and have seen nothing but gains and marked strength improvement. Not to sound infomercial’esque, but I’m going to… I finally have some foundation to build continuous goals on!

    Love Outlaw. Love Rudy. Hell, I even love Drywall.

    Keep it comin’!

  5. Shweet. I will be following even more closely now and once I start volunteering with my universities S&C department I will compare what they are doing to this. I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be crap comparatively since UH Manoa gets monkey stomped on the gridiron.

  6. I’ve been an outlaw fan for awhile now, but I have a feeling shits about to get real serious around here. Looking forward to the next level of savagery with these guys. I’m all in

  7. I’m with Drywall on this one. when i started doing Outlaw a month or so before this years open sectionals I weighed just under 230.. Now I’m 245 and still lean as ever, most of the 15# went to my quads since I was a dumbass and never did squats…. I’ve learned to butterfly kip.. i can walk on my hands a bit.. but when it comes down to it. I really only care about being strong, fast, and powerful.. I’m cool with not being the best at exercising, pretty sure I’d still be of use during the zombie apocalypse 🙂

  8. I thought Drywall made the big leagues when his blog got blocked at work. But guest posting for Rudy on his blog?! Moving on up!

  9. Awesome I can’t wait!!

    Whatever happened to the new dates and locations for training camps?

  10. Rudy have you thought about dropping the CrossFit affiliation and starting an Outlaw franchise? Then you can maximize all the money you are leaving on the table with outlaw affiliate fees, outlaw gear, outlaw protein, outlaw juice, outlaw equipment, and outlaw porn. Maybe even have a facebook page with bruce willis as your spokesperson. Just don’t get divorced.

  11. I’m new to Outlaw, only been doing this for 3 weeks or so, but this blog is one of things I look forward to in the day. I train at an globo gym and have started my clients training towards this in the last week to two weeks. I get some strange looks but my clients are seeing results and having fun and that is what matters!

  12. I’m looking for two tickets to the Raleigh Training Camp and WILL pay more than face value for both. Please email me at brocksigmon@gmail.com if interested. If you only have one ticket for sale, I’d be interested in that as well.


  13. I had some guy show up at my gym the other day, said he watched the games on tv and wants to compete. I thought ya right. This guy then proceeds to DL 525 for a triple. FS 5×3 @315 with a 5 second pause at the bottom on every rep. So far he is killing our gyms wods, then heads out after and runs hill sprints. Mind u I haven’t seen him do any skill, mu’s,du’s etc. I told him he was gonna start the way, with me soon. He seems pretty pumped. I’ll try and get some vid of this klokov clone.

  14. I too will buy someone’s spot from them for the Raliegh training camp if someone gets into a bind or wants to make some money on thier “ticket”. Email me at Dude1340@gmail.com if interested!

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