I wanted to share something that was written by Jay Rhodes. Him and Lacey are about to open Outlaw North, and they’ve heard some concerns about whether “normal people” will be welcomed there. Here’s Jay’s words…

“Outlaw North on programming for group class, vs. programming for CrossFit competitors”

What is The Outlaw Way?

It is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for athletes, programmed by Rudy Nielsen. In fact, it is the best we have come across. In our years of CrossFit, this is the first program we have come across where we have complete confidence in someone else programming for us. Many successful CrossFit athletes follow this programming, and many athletes have become successful by following the programming.

Will Outlaw North be using The Outlaw Way for group classes?

No, it is not practical, nor feasible for a group sessions. Those sessions can take up to 2 hrs at a time and do not fit into the class model. This has never been our intention. Those wishing to follow The Outlaw Way will be able to do so by way of open gym time, and working around classes as long as space and equipment are available.

What will your group class programming look like? And what is the philosophy of Outlaw North?

It is loosely based on the principles of The Outlay Way. We modify it to fit a group class model. The volume is reduced, the loads are typically reduced, and it is all intended to fit nicely in a one hour time slot. The principles are the same in that besides getting fit and having fun, we want everyone to get strong, learn body awareness through gymnastic movements, and learn how to Olympic lift properly.

If you ask the average CrossFitter what their weaknesses are you will inevitably get the response “snatch, muscle ups, handstand pushups”. Essentially, the higher skill movements we see in CrossFit. While everyone still needs to learn more simple movements such as the deadlift, wall balls, or how to row efficiently, you are unlikely to find someone with 3+ years of experience in CrossFit who just can’t seem to “get” deadlifts, wall balls, or rowing. We don’t spend hours going over box jump technique, or how to keep your core tight on a burpee. If you can snatch, you likely do both of those things well already. This is an “Everything is Everything” top-down approach, that we have seen great success with.

We are both certified weightlifting coaches, and compete in weightlifting at the national level. We will spend loads of time on technique and getting things correct BEFORE going heavy. Our gym will be focused on having people move well before adding load and intensity. We are coaches, not cheerleaders.

Add in conditioning (aka, the WOD) which is carefully based on physiological improvement and not “That 45 min workout was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life”. The workouts will be tough, and as Coach Glassman has said time and time again “All positive adaptations come through intensity”. It is tough to maintain intensity past 8-12 minutes let alone 30+. Long workouts also tend to lend themselves to a huge number of repetitions which makes you sore and your body begins to break down. When you break down, you stop making positive gains and begin to lose the strength gains already made. Not to mention, general muscular fatigue and soreness detracts from your ability to perform high level movements, and that is a great deal of what the program is based upon.

As coaches, we understand the progressions to the movements we will be using. You will not be expected to snatch bodyweight upon arrival. Hell, you may not even know what the movement is! You may have not have attempted a handstand since you were 6 years old in your one year of gymnastics as a child. You are not expected to handstand walk the length of the gym upon arrival. You may get winded taking the garbage out to the curb, or be intimidated by the look of 45 pound bumper plates loaded on a bar. Perfect! Do you see where this is going?

The most rewarding thing as a coach or trainer is to take someone to places they don’t see are possible for themselves. The feeling when someone realizes they are stronger than they thought is the absolute coolest thing that happens in our gym.

Are you taking in new members who have zero experience?

Yes, absolutely. You are the most rewarding to work with.


BB Gymnastics

1) 7X1 1 Hang Power Snatch + 1 Power Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec (exactly).

Notes: Hang position should be just above the knee. These should be touch & go reps.

2) 7X1 2 Power Cleans + 1 Push Jerk – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec (exactly).

Notes: Power Cleans should be touch & go.


1a) 3XME Muscle-Ups – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3XME  Double Arm KB Snatches @ 24/16kg – rest 45 sec.
1c) 3X10 Reverse Hypers – very heavy, rest 45 sec.
1d) 3X5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press – heavier than last week, rest 45 sec.

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  1. Off the top, I have to thank Rudy and give all credit to him for the words taken from the doctrine. The rest of it is my own but why change something he got so perfect.

    • I have to say things like this are refreshing and give me hope that there is actually someone out there willing to coach someone like me (at least someone who’s worth a sh!t). I am old and weak, but desperately want to get better and stronger. Not because I want to compete, but because I want to be generally awesome. The guy that can throw his kids 10 feet in the air repeatedly at the pool and do other awesome super dad stuff. I’m also obsessive about it, and have become convinced that this is absolutely the best template out there for doing that (in my case, the scaled version of The Way…for now). I desperately wish there was an Outlaw Deep South near me, or at least someone willing to let me follow the programming.

      Thanks Jay and Rudy for the encouragement. It’s easy to lose sight of it with all the elitist morons running around.

  2. With Outlaw now invading the great white north, I have to hit’er twice as hard so I don’t look like a chump when I pop on by!

  3. Rudy,

    Just wanted to thank you for doing all of this. Found your stuff after looking about combining ME, DE and RE work with crossfit. Was a Louie disciple for over a decade until I got tired of tight double ply and having to use blue heat before each workout. I will be a faithful follower from the garage, not because I aspire for Games gold, but to be awesome in life…it’s much better than the alternative.

    Beautiful piece Jay, need to put it on the forehead of some folks.

  4. Rudy – at Top Gun CrossFit we follow almost the exact same philosophy as you – which is actually where I got my ideas of programming for our classes. Barbell work – Squats (which I still take from your squatting days), snatches, clean and jerks – focusing on form before weight. We practice handstands and HSPU, muscle ups, wt’d pull ups – and generally (75% of the time) short intense heavy metcons under 15 minutes. It works great – people are fit, not sore, learning skills. Thank you for your programming and guidance.

    Steve Loeding
    Top Gun CrossFit – Mpls

  5. Wish Jay’s box was my local. Sounds like a great place to be welcomed. Good luck, I trust it will go well for you.

  6. Alright, I am probably going to be killed for this question, but I promise I am not asking as in question of the program – NOT AT ALL – the way has done wonderful things for my numbers. I am asking because I am one of those people who just likes to know how every single aspect of something works. I’ve read the doctrine, a few times now, and maybe I just need to spend more time reading the cited works, but I was wondering how the specific rest periods play into the adaptation. That is, when it is prescribed to rest exactly 60 seconds, what adaptive function does that play?
    again, if I missed this in the doctrine, or just need to go read the supplementary/cited works I understand. if someone has a decent answer, then thanks.

    • If I had to guess I would say it is so you can get through everything within an hour. Otherwise you would inevitably rest 3-5 minutes between sets. But if he puts a time cap on it, if forces you to move quicker. Could be wrong.

    • If you want to waaaaaay down te rabbit hole on the methods that a lot of this and Louie uses. Go buy “Supertraining” by Dr Mel Siff. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know.

    • I see it carrying over to competition. Like a ladder style event. Rarely do you see an event where a fresh athlete has a longish period of time to find their 1MR. The last time I saw it was the 2010 games with the max snatch event.

    • Builds work capacity. Same amount of work over less time = more work output. See Rich Fronings extensive use of EMOTM work and intervals. They’re clever protocols for getting work in while protecting against overtraining because it hinges on personal ability. Louie also talked about rest as pertaining to dynamic work and said that if rest is not tightly controlled then you lose proper stimulus because you fully recover between sets. You don’t want to fully recover. Like Mondays EMOTM work, can you full snatch 85% for doubles every minute? That says a lot about your capacity to do work and recover fast, then execute a high skill movement while getting more fatigued every set; especially in something so explosive. Find it impossible to do? Use 75%, eventually you’ll be able to handle higher weight. This brings me too:

      It controls load. If you don’t have the work capacity to do x load with only x rest then instead of taking more rest and having a higher load (more intense = more likely to get beat down by volume) rest is controlled so you have to drop the weight. This allows you to build up the work capacity to handle heavier loads instead of just getting crushed. If you look at Rudy’s EMOTM work and think it’s insane it’s because of this exact reason. It’s not unreasonable, you just lack capacity; control the rests and this fixes itself. It also controls for technique. Shitty snatch technique leads itself to spending a long time on the movement. So 2 snatches take you 30s to do. Whoah now you only have 30s rest, better drop the weight so you can drill your technique and go faster. 2 Snatches should only take you 10-15s at the high end; this leaves you more rest.

      Finally, for accessory work and occasionally strength work you actually end up resting 2-3 minutes before you rotate back to the exercise because you’ll do 2 or 3 at the same time. Again, see point one. These become for the uninitiated almost mini conditioning exercises.

      My biggest failure at the beginning was not controlling rest. Even if you have the time I wouldn’t suggest it. Sure you can lift more because you’re resting fully but it actually bit me in the ass because my body couldn’t handle the weight and volume. Took me a while to learn but now I’m following the rests to the second and in some cases if it’s too easy I cut the rest a bit (almost never the case). My guess is the majority of people who get crushed or ‘fried’ by this program are not following the proper rests because they want to lift heavier; big mistake. Just cause they can lift the loads doesn’t mean they can ‘handle it’ yet.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • Jordan, wow! Thanks so much; way more than I expected; in fact, thanks everyone for commenting. That was my general suspicion, but folks are mean around here so I thought rather than be presumptuous, haha!

        It makes total sense. And I really appreciate your explanation. Cheers!

      • Big thanks Jordan Derksen for this! I actually asked several of our outlaws about that very thing today and LGA suggested I checkout his comment. Very nice.

    • 1) It helps keep most sessions to 60-90 minutes so you’re not fucking around

      2) Doing these lifts under slight metabolic fatigue is pretty appropriate for Crossfit. If you want to be a champion Olympic lifter you are probably taking a different approach. If you have problems keeping form while fatigued, think about a) reducing the weight or b) nutting up and working harder

      3) From Louie Simmons – “Another problem with most training techniques is that there’s too much rest in between sets. Even training to ultimate intensity, if you wait five minutes before doing the next set, you’re not really working any new muscle fibers. It’s just a repeat of the first set.”

      This is what Louie is referring to when he talks about training the CNS (that’s central nervous system for you kids following along at home). I mean if you rest 90 seconds instead of 60 you aren’t going to completely waste your time but there are tangible benefit to keeping rest times down. This is probably the most important.

  7. BBG
    1) 37,5 or 40kg, I think, can’t remember exactly due to tired traps from all this awesome lifting(no blood to the brain?;)
    2) 47,5kg

    a) did C2B and ring dips
    b) 2x12kg KB x5
    c) used ankle weights since we don’t have the machine in my gym, I think they are around 4kg each
    d) 35kg, 2,5kg heavier than last week

  8. I’m selling my spot in the Training Camp in Raleigh, NC Sept 14-16. I am unable to make it. Same price.

    • Crawford, btw, I’ll definitely pay full price, no issues. I see you’ve listed this before so get in touch with me and we’ll make it happen.

      Also, if anyone else has one ticket I’d like to get another for my g/f. Thanks in advance!

  9. BBG:

    1. 120
    2. 160

    Strength: Done at home with nowhere to do reverse hypers. Subbed in T2B

    1a. 8,6,4 (ring row muscle ups)
    1b. 8,7,3 (lost control of the left KB a bit on the way down in the 3rd set and smacked it into the knee with the torn meniscus. Awesome. All seems ok, but stopped the set right there.)
    1c. T2B
    1d. 145

    • Fuck. I can’t seem to follow instructions this week. As the weight would suggest, I did behind the neck push presses for 1d, not strict press.

  10. BBG
    1. 145, 145, 155, 155, 165, 165, 165

    Didn’t miss any here, but these felt like crap. Had “mummy arms” for a lot of them.

    2. 185, 195, 205, 215, 215, 215, 225

    These were alright. 225 was the goal coming in.

    1a. 5, 4, 3
    1b. 6, 7, 7, (Lulz)
    1c. 25, 25, 25 (Back Extensions)
    1d. 95, 110, 115

  11. BBG:
    1) 115-115-120-120-120-120-120
    2) 155-155-160-160-165-165-170

    a) 7-4-6
    b) 10-then stopped, pretty sure I was doing these wrong
    c) 165
    d) 85-90-95

    MFS – 2/4/6

  12. BBG
    1) 115, 115, 115, 125, 125, 120, 115#
    2) Just PC no Jerks due to wrist 165# all sets

    a) 5, 4, 3 did strict MU cause my damn rings hang so low
    b) 10, 8, 9
    c) subbed Good Mornings 115, 125, 125#
    d) 95, 105, 100#

  13. 1) 165 170 175×5
    2) 225 230 235×5

    A) 8 5 4
    B) 11 11 10
    C) 15lb off ghd.
    D) 120

    Felt pop in RL ribs doing RH on ghd. 6/10 pain.

  14. 1) 115-115-125-125-135-125-125
    2) 145-155-155-165(f)-155-155-155

    Pushed loads to find my limit, and find them I did

    1) 6-3-6
    2) 10-10-10@ 16kg, 3@24kgs
    3) 140#
    4) 90#

    KB Snatches tried 24kg each round, failed until final try
    Snatch grip press was 5# increase from last week

  15. BB Gymnastics

    1c)65#-65#-85# weighted barbell back ext


  16. BBG
    1) 115-125-125-115-115-115-115
    2) 175-165-165-165-165-165-165 (wrist)

    1a) 3-1-1
    1b) 10-10-10
    1c) 55 DB back ext
    1d) 95-95-95

    • Johnny,

      Please put your rings closer to the center beam or else we will be watching a video of Johnny medina crashing to the cement below.

      The bend on those joist is non gravitas

      Great job though.


  17. Sn: 74
    pwr c/pus j: 114 (pr push jerk) (then pwr cln: 117 PR)

    8,6,6 reps
    20, 20, 25 reps <– this has got to be one of the worst things I've ever done; I can't think of an exercise that made me feel like puking more than this, not sure why, oh b/c I suck!
    reverse hypers done with bands
    60, 60, 60 (13kg heavier than last week)

    (all kgs)

  18. 1- 155 all sets (Kept light today to rest shoulder a bit)
    2- 185×3,205×2,225×2

    No strength today. Tested a wod for a competition on Saturday.

    For time:
    Run 1 Mile
    Within remainder of 12 minutes:
    10 Clean & Jerks @ 115#/65#
    10 Clean & Jerks @ 135#/85#
    10 Clean & Jerks @ 155#/95#
    AMRAP Clean & Jerks @ 185#/115#

    – 5:58 mile then 3 reps at 185.
    A little disappointed with this as I felt like I should get more reps at 185 but I need to be smarter on the sets and rest intervals. I will probably go to one rep earlier this weekend. Happy with the mile time.

  19. BBG
    1) 85-85-90-90-90-90-95#
    2) 130-130-135-135-135-135-140#

    a) 2, 1, 1
    b) 8, 8, 8
    c) rigged with band off the GHD
    d) 65-65-67.5#

  20. BB Strength
    1. 145, 155, 155, 155, 160, 160, 165
    2. 175, 190, 190, 200, 200, 200, 200

    1A. 11, 6, 6
    1B. 10, 8, 8
    1C. Subbed bak extension @ 15kg
    1D. 105, 105, 105

  21. BBG: 1) 155
    2) up to 205 ugly jerk though
    Strength :
    c)done on ghd

  22. BBG
    1) 100-100- 105-105-110-110-110
    2) 145 x7

    1a) 7-6-5
    1b) 15-15-11
    1c) 30# db on GHD
    1d) 69-65-70

  23. BBG
    1) 135×3, 155×3, 165
    2) 220×3, 230×3, 240
    1a) 8,6,4
    1b) 10,8,8
    1c) 165×3
    1d) 64,75,85

  24. BB Gymnastics
    1) 155#
    2) 185#


    CND (yesterdays)
    3 rounds for time of:
    10 2 Box Lateral Box Jumps 20″ DEMO VIDEO (single box)
    15 HSPU (regionals standard)
    Row 250m

    Time: 12:31

  25. M/F/S 2/4/3

    1)135/135/145/145/155/165(f high hang)/155

    3)10x 3 over a ghd with med ball
    4)5×3 100lbs for all, still struggling with shoulder pain on this one. Not as bad as when we first started, I believe it is a strength issue.

    Over all good recovery type day, did main site wod as well just to compare. I’m finding them easier and easier due to outlaw preparation and volume….

  26. First time snatching any weight from the hang other than my little practice warmups I do at like 65lbs.

    — Hang snatches all done at 105lbs, need to work on sweeping it back cause it was hitting my pelvic bone pretty hard.
    — Cleans+push jerk all done at 145

    1a)Just practiced bar muscle ups as my gyms have no rings.. So close to getting my first.
    1b)Kb snatches done at 20kg– 20,20,18… Thought they were alternating like last time, damn it
    1c)Reverse Hypers done on machine- 35 all sets each leg
    1d)85lb presses for all sets

    Man so close to getting my first bar muscle up.. Multiple times got both arms turned over the bar, but for some reason kept falling coming off the top of the bar before i could attempt to press out the dip.. So close it aint even funny i am gonna try it everyday before i workout, i wanna get it before the next week is over!!!

  27. Dropped wt today to focus on technique…things have been ugly.
    1) 85
    1a) mu-7,3,5
    1b)kb snatch- 11,10,10
    1c) w 20 lb medball on ghd
    1d) @65

  28. Recovering from minor Hip Flexor and Shoulder injuries. So no BBG this week, and scaled down other work.

    1a) 4, 3, 4
    1b) 10, 10, 10 @35lb -light
    1c)Sub 185 Straight leg deadlift.
    1d) 135 -Light

  29. 1) 135, 145, 155, 135 to finish….Didnt catch on that they were TAG.
    2) 205 throughout,

    1a 3,3,2
    1b 10,6,7 1.5 Pood
    1c good mornings at 95
    1d 75, 85,95

    Big thanks to Jordan Derksen for his answer on the blog today. I actually asked several of our outlaws about that very thing today and LGA suggested I checkout his comment. Very nice.

  30. BBG:

    1.) 60 kg x 2, 65 x 3, 69 x 2
    2.) 85 x 2, 95 x 3, 100 x 2, 104 x 1


    1a.) 11, 11, 10
    1b.) 8, 8, 6
    1c.) 111 kg
    1d.) 45 kg


  31. Been following the program for about 3 weeks, we just got done building a new box so I’m finally having time to sit down in front of the computer…

    BB gymnastics
    1) 155, 6x 175
    2) 7 x 225

    1a) 8, 7, 7
    1b) 18, 16, 16 (had to scale the weight down to 44’s, still waiting on the 53’s to come in)
    1c) No machine, had to use the GHD backwards with a band
    1d) 155, 165, 165

  32. dont crucify me. on the da snatch. is it from floor or hang. (i would think floor) but last week demo video was hang and i watched zachs vid today and his was hang. (which leads to another question. how is a hang kb snatch different than a kb swing. dont have to answer. zachs video looked like kbs to me. sorry. )

  33. RESULTS:
    1) 115-135×3-145-155×2
    2) 185×4-195×2-205

    1a) 8-5-6
    1b) 10-6-10
    1c) 20-20-20
    1d) 95-95-95

  34. BBG
    Sn 80, 85, 85, 87.5, 90F, 87.5F, 85kg

    C + J 100, 105, 105, 107.5, 110, 110, 115kg

    MU – 2, 3, 3 (damn false grip)
    KB snatch 15, 11, 13
    Rev Hyp 3 x 15 @ bw on a GHD
    Sn Press 45, 50, 55kg

    MFS = 253

    • BBG

      1a)10,8,6 ctb

  35. BBG
    1) Hang power snatch + 1 power snatch
    2) 2 power clean + 1 push jerk

    1a) ME muscle ups: 6-5-4
    1b) ME double arm KB snatch: 16-16-16
    1c) Reverse Hypers
    1d) 3×5 snatch grip behind neck push press: 50-55-60

  36. 1. 105 105 105 115 115 115 115
    2. 145 145 145 155 155 155 155

    1a- 5, 4 (strict)
    1b- 10, 10 (35lb KB)
    1c- 25, 25 40lb sit-ups
    1d- 5 x 115, 5x 95

  37. BBG:
    SNATCH: 115-145-145-145-145-145-145
    C+J: 225-225-225-205-205-205-205

    1A) 7-7-7
    1B) 8-8-5
    1C) Done
    1D) Done with 40lb ankle weights

    NOTES: Did the strength first and I think that hurt me for the BBG. Felt a little off. Went light on the Clean and Jerk because my form wasn’t all that great on push jerk. BIG WEAKNESS.
    Strength: Went with strict muscle ups, not enough clearance to kip. KB Snatches were tough.

  38. BBG
    1. 135, 146, 155, 160(f), 155, 155, 155. Did them from high hang instead of low hang
    2. 185, 196, 205, 216, 225, 225, 225. Felt pretty good.
    1a. 4, 3, 4 kept losing grip on rings really need to learn the open hand and move away from the false grip
    1b. Screwed up did alternating singles 18, 18, 18 Felt good though
    1c. 136
    1d. 86, 95, 106


  39. BBG..
    1) 70-70-72.5-72.5-75-75-80kg
    2) 95-100-105-110-110-110 (f)-111kg(f)

    a) 8(PR)-7-6
    b) 10-10-11
    c) 3×10 Good mornings @ 60kg
    d) 45-50-52.5kg

  40. 1) 125-125-135-145-145-145-145
    2) 185-185-195-195-205-205-205(failed the jerk)
    1a) 9-8-10
    B) 20-15-20
    C) 25-35-35 lb plate held in front of face
    D) 95lb for all sets. This hurts my shoulders

  41. BBG
    1) @65kg
    2) @80kg

    1a) 8, 3, 5
    1b) 9, 9, 9
    1c) 3×10 Hip thrusts@Bar
    1d) @40kg across

  42. BBG-
    145, 145, 155, 155, 155, 160, 165
    175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225(f), 225

    1a) 0 than did 7 banded/ 0 than did 7 banded, 1 real one than did 7 banded
    1b) 10, 12, 12
    1c) GHD and 20lb med ball
    1d) 115, 125, 130

    Did metcom of 2 hill runs+ 15 burpees+ 4 tire flips+ 2 hill runs for 2 rounds. 9 min

  43. Free HSPU practice down to 3 mat/5 reps, 2/4 reps, then EMOM 5×5 @ 4 mats.
    (each blue folding mat has 5 folds total, so I’ll just use that number to reflect depth on free HSPU’s)

    Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch (unbroken)
    40 40 45 45 50 50 55 55 60 60 62 64 66 68 70 72 74 76 78 80f 50 55 60 65 70 75 82/hpsn only, 82 (180 lbs),

    2xPower Clean + 1 Push Jerk 40/2+1 -> 90/2+1 (198). S

    A. ME Muscle Ups: 7, 8, 7
    B. ME KB Snatch 2×55: 10, 15, 12
    C. Reverse Hyper 3×10 @ 190
    D. BNK Sn grip Shoulder Press 85/5 95/5 85/5

  44. BBG:
    1.) 135, 135, 145, 155, 155, 165ox, 165ox
    2.) 175, 175, 185, 185, 195, 195, 205missed jerk

    1a.)10, 5, 4 ~ no rings had to do Bar MU
    1b.)8, 8, 6 ~ had to use a 50 and 40# kb don’t have two 50’s
    1c.)40,40,40 ~ used a GHD and DB
    1d.)95, 100, 100

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