I was asked to comment on the issue addressed in the video below. I feel it would be a poor decision for me to try to analyze and assess something that I have no real knowledge of, and my personal opinion would be just that—my opinion. I will, however, say three things:

1) I affiliated in 2006. At that time I was the director of personal training at a large corporate gym. I hated that position with a passion, and I was once told by management, “You don’t have to jump on a fucking box to be an athlete.” I wanted to open my own gym more than anything in the world. Greg (Coach), and CrossFit gave me the inspiration and the ability to do that a million times faster than I ever thought I could.

2) I was immediately attracted to the anti-corporate nature of CrossFit, and Greg’s attitude in general. The fact that someone could be a successful business owner, while going completely against the grain of corporate fitness, was wildly appealing to me. I will always strive to run my affiliate in a way that will focus 100% on quality of training, and will have NOTHING to do with business strategies, phone scripts, or the color of the mother-fucking paint on the walls.

3) As Greg says in the video below; if Anthos is successful in their purchase of a 50% portion of CrossFit HQ, and they somehow find a way to make all the affiliates use the same t-shirt supplier, the same business software, the same equipment supplier, and they raise affiliate fees—I will IMMEDIATELY de-affiliate. There is no debate. I affiliated because Greg, and CrossFit HQ gave me the ability to run my affiliate how I saw fit. I didn’t have to do cold calls, sales pitches, or listen to management that thought squatting would make your knees explode. They gave me the freedom to rent a space with no air conditioning, teach people why lifting heavy things was important, and take trips around the world simply on the merits of my coaching. I will always be beyond grateful for those things, and I will always want to protect the freedom to do those things with everything I have.

WOD 120814:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X1 Snatch off High Boxes (just above knee) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2) 5X1 Clean off High Boxes (just above knee) – heavy but perfect—not maximal, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


*The Back Squats are based off of YOUR THREE REP MAX – follow the link, that’s why I put it there.

1) 5X1 Back Squats @ 100% – rest 2 minutes.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515.

2) 3X5 Front Squats – heaviest possible, rest 90 seconds.


3 rounds for time of:

10 2 Box Lateral Box Jumps 20″ DEMO VIDEO (single box)
15 HSPU (regionals standard)
Row 250m

Notes: 2 Box Lateral Box Jumps should be performed with two boxes side by side, approximately 24″ apart. One complete rep would include two jumps across the boxes. Basically, start to the outside of the set of boxes, jump laterally across the first, then the second, and finish on the opposite side of the boxes. Touching the top of the boxes is not only recommended, it is required.

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  1. It all seems like propaganda to me. Crossfit affiliates are the highest membership fees of any gym memberships anywhere , because we are so fucking legit? Please.

  2. Wake up!! You are already forced to wear tshirts they choose at your beloved crossfit games, or be banned. You’re already pushing the equipment supplier that makes crossfit the most money. And crossfit has raised affiliate fees at least 500% since it began. These are facts, what are your opinions based on?

    Since you give CFHQ all the credit for your success, then why the hell are we following you? Crossfit gave you “freedom”?? It wasn’t theirs to give. Tell me how they, are anyone, can stop people at your gym from getting bigger, faster,stronger?

    Can you still call yourself an Outlaw now that they snapped their fingers and you toed the company line? No heart!

    • You’re confusing the issue. The CF Games are one event not part of our affiliate agreement. There’s nothing wrong with giving the competitors a uniform for competition. ROGUE makes arguably the best equipment out there and they do it in the USA. I intentionally paid extra for those expensive kettlebells because I want to make a statement with my purchase. No one led us or directed us to them other than an amazing product make by a company that walks the walk. The fees go up for new affiliates as demand for the product increases. Ours have never increased. That’s simple supply demand economics and a promise kept.

      CrossFit gave us the path to follow. If we never started down the path, we’d never be here. It was our job to make the effort and continue the experiment. They never gave us freedom, they just didn’t limit it with corporate structure.

      You’re talking smack to a guy who has literally bucked the trend of CF training by introducing a lot of proven old school techniques back into this new school sport. He has had tremendous success doing it and been completely accepted by the founder of the trend he’s going against.

      The “magic” of CrossFit that drew me to was that it was begun as an experiment that was to constantly evolve as new data was gathered. I think Rudy gets that and I have seen his programming adapt to keep pushing toward that end. I wouldn’t be too quick to bash him for giving respect to the man who started it all and appears to be willing to throw it all away to protect it.

      If this buyout happens, we, too, will de-affiliate that day.

      • I think this is a pretty good recapitulation. I too feel like cf gave me a path to follow, an idea that I’d not beep privy to previously (the golds gym model, where I was thrown out for doing power cleans, I was also thrown out and banned from my college gym; note: I aa professor there and was accused of training in an unprofessional way and that a psychology prof should not be giving fitness advice…maybe so). I too was/amm convinced by coach’s attitude and general demeanor, I really like him. Like Rudy,mi wanted to own my own gym but realized that was 1 not a possibility and 2 not something I wanted, that is the corporate model. I am sure cf will figure something out.

      • I believe it was the gentleman’s post to which I replied and the fellow in the video contained therein. Did I misread something??

      • “3) As Greg says in the video below; if Anthos is successful in their purchase of a 50% portion of CrossFit HQ, and they somehow find a way to make all the affiliates use the same t-shirt supplier, the same business software, the same equipment supplier, and they raise affiliate fees—I will IMMEDIATELY de-affiliate. There is no debate. I affiliated because Greg, and CrossFit HQ gave me the ability to run my affiliate how I saw fit.”

      • Third time’s a charm?

        Statement A: “:if Anthos is successful in their purchase of a 50% portion of CrossFit HQ, and they somehow find a way to make all the affiliates (1.) use the same t-shirt supplier, (2.) the same business software, (3.) the same equipment supplier, and (4.) they raise affiliate fees—I will IMMEDIATELY de-affiliate.”


        Statement B: “If this buyout happens, we, too, will de-affiliate that day.”

        If you still do not see the difference in these statements, please follow a different blog. I’m afraid your idiocy will infect other readers.

      • Wow! Right to the insults. I was unaware of another buyout option. This buyout, the one mentioned by Glassman in the video and alluded to by Rudy in his post included immediate changes including apparel and supplement sales. I believe the quote from Greg was, “I would un-affiliate over shirts.”

        I am very well aware of the use of conjunctions in grammar, as well as, context in conversation.

      • I love it. I can’t wait til all the affiliates de-affiliate.

        Step 1: [insert name investor] acquires 50% stake
        Step 2: Greg calls on affiliates to de-affiliate
        Step 3: Affiliates de-affiliate, nothing else changes for them (the good ones)
        Step 4: Castro loses his $1M+ salary for acting like a 12-year old with fresh pubes
        Step 5: World becomes better place

    • Any affiliate could always break off and start a gym under a new name name, always could. The great thing about CF is the free programming, information, and inspiration they provide everyday through main site for FREE. Anyone can do CF at a high level for FREE. Then when they have money, if they choose, they can head to an affiliate. The reason most of these affiliates even exist is because of the popularity of main site. People are out there opening boxes one day, and filling them the next with no advertising costs. It’s too obvious to see you have to pay for that somewhere.

      CF has brought us Outlaw, OPT, CF Endurance, CF Football, Mobility WOD and on and on and on….

      Independence is essential but some forms of standardization are necessary. Junky boxes that are run like shit can be bad for the CF name as a whole and ultimately bad for the good affiliates.. This is why the affiliates as a whole need to come together and vote on what the standards should be, not Glassman nor Anthos.

    • Those t shirts are the games, you can still wear what you want in public or even in the stands. Or make it to the Games and folks can purchase your t shirt with your name on it.
      We all can choose what equipment supplier we want to use, there are many now that offer crossfit specific equipment. I am not sure Rogue gets paid extra for sales from Crossfit HQ (show me how).
      Yes, the fees have gone up, for new starting affiliates, but those that continue an unbroken contract may keep the affiliation fee.
      You need to review the video again or check out the FAQ on the “How to Affiliate page,” on HQ.
      You may follow whoever you want James. Rudy is giving this program like Crossfit for free.
      I do believe and I am like Rudy a full time Crossfit coach, Crossfit has given me an opportunity to do what I am passionate about. I thought globo or a University setting was all there was in this profession. Crossfit as open a door through a business side.

      I guess I can relate to Rudy more than you can James.

      He has the heart and humble enough to give credit when credit is do.

      Have a great day James.

  3. You are a s&c gym.
    You could do what you do without cf
    Your mom made you who you are not glassman; he gave you a nice corporate label to put onto your gym door and YOU made the business happen. Cf comes in handy in a google search and nothing more, it’s the training that keeps the place populated. Don’t be so simple, you are not a robot

  4. Keyboard commandos will type anything.
    I’m betting 90% of you jokers have never met Rudy. Don’t presume to know who he is without actually KNOWING who he is.
    100 UB cockpunches for the lot of you.

  5. Maybe I’m being presumptuous but without CF there’s no Outlaw Crossfit, without Outlaw Crossfit, there’s not Outlaw Way. I pay NOTHING for Outlaw Way, and for that I’m extremely grateful. Preach on Rudy.

    • When I do a shitty lift I would sometimes have the plates bounce, but only at the high hip position. I found that if I keep my chest up and my form right, I don’t bang the plates.

      • I think it all depends, on torso to leg ratio, in the hole, the plates would hit every time for me, would be different for somebody with different dimensions.

    • Yes… I can’t do the heaviest weights from high blocks. It’s an issue of anatomy and mobility. Long legs + flexibility = very deep squat so if you catch heavy cleans ass-to-grass, the plates hit the blocks.

      Good problem to have if you can get your legs strong enough to come out of the hole with heavy weight.

  6. I’ll bet that things will eventually change to the point that affiliates will no longer be wanted, or needed, and franchises will be the order of the day. Until such time, I’m all in, I dig Coach, and hope all this pans out as he hopes. Things are changing fast for the sport, but I’m not convinced that it is such a bad thing. Started out really cool, and for the most part, things are still pretty cool. Certainly not anything like a big name gym, but some affiliates maybe, but not the overwhelmingly vast majority I have been to throughout the world. Still hoping to stop by Outlaw HQ within the year.

    BBG: 1)165-195
    2) 195-225….still taking it easy on the lower back with cleans, getting much better, but last thing I need is to reinjure.

    Strength: 1) 315…done….felt slow today, legs still tired
    2) 205….same as cleans, taking it easy

    back later for conditioning. Looks like a good workout.

  7. Am I the only one who feels like this entire Anthos thing is just a (clever) ploy by Glassman/HQ to torpedo LJG’s deal so they can buy her out at a much lower price point? I’ve dealt with a fair share of VCs and they are rarely as bad as HQ is making them out to be; and moreover, if the company they are looking at needs to be “changed” as much as we hear that CF will be changed, then it is really unlikely that they are going to invest in it in the first place.

    And it’s kind of frightening the way people are just falling into line with what HQ says, as there is obviously another side to the story… feels kind of “Jim Jonesy.”

    • From what I understand, Glassman has made a few different offers that are higher than the $20MM Anthos bid. The difference is that they were yearly payments over the next 5-15 years instead of a lump sum. I’m hoping LJG is just making a point that she’s serious about selling to an outside company in order to drive up Glassman’s bid for the other 50% stake. I gotta think she just wants the lump sum so she doesn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.

      Surprised no one’s started a fund to buy the other 50% stake. C’mon with 5,000 affiliates that’s only $4,000 per. We could pay for it with proceeds from the “Crossfit Buyout Fundraiser Wod”.

      • FWIW, I happened into Coach Glassman last weekend and we talked for probably 30 – 45 mins much of which was about the Anthos issues. I asked him straight up the same question – essentially “C’mon….this whole Anthos assault is really about dropping the price of your wife’s half so you can buy her out right?”

        He was adamant that such is not the case – that he’d do nothing to “dilute the valuation of the CF brand.”

        He also said he – right now – has the money to buy her half (I know not if it’s “his” money or a group of other investors or Reebok or any details) but that this has become more than an issue of valuation (in the MS thread someone presciently wrote “beware a pissed off ex wife”).

        All that said, at the end of the day, I’m with Drywall on this. Every coin has two sides and I’d not swallow the kool-aid without backing up and taking a look from both sides…

  8. great post and well put. as an affiliate since 2008 we also came from a commercial gym with friday conference calls and set protocols for how to run training sessions. our box agrees with points 1, 2, and 3. 1 and 2 ring especially true.

  9. Bbg
    205 x1,1,1 215×1,1

    Squat 315×1 pr, 325×1 pr, 330×1 pr, 315×1 , 1,1
    Great squat day, 10 pounds off double body weight

    7.39. I liked the double boxes

    Back later for snatch and fromt squat

  10. BBG
    1) 125 x 2, 135, 140, 145 (F at 145)
    2) 190, 200, 215 x 3 (1 x F at 215)

    1) 295 x 1, 300 x 4
    2) 225 x 1, 230 x 2 (only got 4 reps on set 3)

    Best day of HSPU yet, but only did 10 per round


  11. BBG:
    1) 125-125-135-135-140
    2) 165-170-175-180(pr)-185(pr)

    1) 215(100%)-225-225-225-235
    2) 145-155-165


    MFS – 1/4/6

  12. I am unable to attend the Sept 14-16 Raleight, NC Outlaw camp and am selling my spot. Same price.

  13. BBG: –

    1. 135-135-155-155-165. Felt Okay. Need to really work on not jumping forwards.

    2. 185-205-225-225-245.


    1. 305

    2. 225,245,245

    Conditioning: 7:43. Box jumps felt great. Handstand pushups felt okay but had to break up the last two sets into 10-5. It was fun though!

  14. BBG
    1) 135# across
    2) 185# across

    Lifts felt better today

    1) 215# across
    2) 165# across

    Cond. 8:07 Rx

  15. 1) 215
    2) 225

    1) 365
    2) 275

    10:51 rx

    We’ll never know what Anthos is going to do until the day comes when they have their 50% share. Save the assumptions and speculations for the tabloids where they belong.

  16. BBG
    1. 145, 165, 180 (F), 180, 190 (F)

    Kind of irritated to miss twice here, but I know what I did wrong and will fix it next time.

    2. 205, 225, 245, 260, 275

    These on the other hand were excellent.

    1. 355
    2. 265, 285, 300


  17. BBG –
    1) 205-215-225-225-225
    2) 245-265-285-305-315

    Str –
    1) 315
    2) 245-245-255

    Cnd –

  18. BBG
    1) 155, 165, 165, 175, 175
    2) 185, 205, 225, 225, 225
    1) 315
    2) 205

  19. So back to working out… I find that on max attempts from the ground, I seem to lose position in the bottom, causing me to arch my back forward and fight on the way out of the hole. From hi-blocks (specifically above the knee), I don’t have the same problems, and sink into a solid tall bottom position, and getting up from the bottom position is easy. Does anybody have any tips to help keeping a tall strong bottom position on max attempts from the ground. I’m finding I can do 100%+ from the blocks with ease while missing multiple attempts on the entire lift (eg: I’ve hit 245 from the ground once ever, and got 2 reps back to back from the boxes today with relative ease). I know it’s hard to explain in words, I will try to get video later of both lifts to give better depth into the question.

    • I wwould guess you’re pulling the bar forward from the ground then to compensate you’re chasing the bar with your hips instead of pulling the bar to your hips. Catching the bar slightly out front could be the reason you’re being crumpled at the bottom. Have someone watch you or video yourself pulling from the ground. Hard to say though without seeing it

    • I had a similar problem. I tend to chase the bar with my shoulders during the catch when I pull from the ground. I found making sure I keep my chest up throughout the lift the best way to combat that. My lift goes bad from the start when I pull from the ground because I have a tendency to drop my chest from the on set and never reclaim position. From the blocks and can keep my chest up better throughout the lift. Mainly I figure this is because I tend to go around my knees instead of pushing them back going from the ground.

      • I’ll keep those points in mind guys, thanks for the advice, I’ll post some video to get some more accurate feedback asap

      • Good advice from both of you guys. I have the same problem when cleaning from the ground.

  20. bbg- all from high hang
    snatch- 155 failed 175×3 boo! terrible at hang snatches
    cleans- heaviest 255 big PR

    squats- shit was feeling easy so just kept adding weight. got a 345# which is a 20# pr.
    front squats- 225,235,245

    conditioning- 7:25 with 24inch box jumps. all hspus strict and unbroken which is a first. felt really good on this. had to tie my shoe mid wod and the rower kept shutting off. But other than that good high intensity fun.

  21. BBG
    1. 145, 150, 155, 160, 160
    2. 185, 190, 195, 200, 205

    Back Later

    7:56 RX

  22. If Lauren is entitled to a certain share, then all the power to her, IMO, for doing whatever legally she wants with it for her and her family.

      • Supposedly crossfit was created before her and greg ever met. Dont know what the law is in the states surrounding that and her marriage though. And if thats true i would say shes not entitled to any part of it.

      • She does own a share of Crossfit, and I’m pretty sure it’s 50%. If that is the case, it is her choice.

        If things do get bad with Anthos (if they get the 50% share of CF), then affiliates can de-affiliate.

  23. BBG.
    1) 170#,180# (10# PR off the high blocks) 190# f x 3 (I know I have it!!! next time)

    1) 345# (Last 2 reps were a good fight)
    2) 250#,260# (Jeez this was heavy..)

    Did some extra stuff.
    3 Sets.
    15 Second L-sit on floor.
    10 DB sidebends – 50#
    Rest 60 seconds between.


    As in regards to the Anthos situation. I am glad me and my dad are in our garage. Whatever happens, happens.

  24. BB Gymnastics

    1- 205,215,215,225,225
    2- 245,265,275,295, 315!!!! It said not maximal but if felt good today and I nailed this lift for an all time Clean PR.


    1- 345 x 4, 355. All done high bar but near my 3 rep low bar percentage. I am sticking with the high bar as long as I can handle the weight. This was almost at my limit.

    2) 3X5 Front Squats – heaviest possible, rest 90 seconds.

    – 225,245,245. Legs were gone.


    3 rounds for time of:

    10 2 Box Lateral Box Jumps 20? DEMO VIDEO (single box)
    15 HSPU (regionals standard)
    Row 250m

    – 8:03 Rx’d. All about HSPU capacity. I had to break more than I wanted.

  25. As usual my buddy immediately turns the camera vertical when I hand it to him. 315# PR Clean.

    • Nice man, cant wait til i hit numbers like that.. Need to start working on my Cleans more though, i have been so driven to get the snatch down i have just been kinda just gettin the cleans done and not working form like i should be.. Need to go see the coach though to get some things to work on as i know there is alot to work on.

      • The clean has only recently started coming around for me. It always felt more awkward than the snatch, but after constantly drilling it with this programming, I am hitting numbers I never thought I would touch. It has definitely been a process though and I was in the same mind of mastering the snatch as best I could and the clean was an afterthought. Now I am starting to change that. I notice if I take a small break between the snatch and clean of the BBG, maybe 5 minutes or so, and then go back starting from scratch with the bar and warm it up properly, it makes a huge difference.

  26. I’ve found a pattern, when my BBG goes good i have a good day in the gym if not i feel like i have a shitty day…. Clean off blocks at the Hips instead of just above knee cause i do all my OLY lifts outside and carrying the plates outside gets out and both sides are never the same height cause we dont have enough of the same plates so its always lopsided lol.

    –Snatch..105,105,115,120,120… Missed 120 behind my back one time but quickly made it up.
    –Clean.. 135, 145×4

    Worked up the balls to snatch heavy off the blocks today and surprised myself my turnover felt beautiful and i was catching it rock bottom in the squat and keeping balance, only had to chase one outta the squat.. So what was once my PR from the ground like a month ago, I am now snatching it off blocks at the hips, now if i can just clean up my first pull of the ground.. Feel i can do a touch more off blocks maybe 125.

    — Squats
    All done at 275, these felt pretty good.
    — Front squats
    All done at 205 which is a PR for me.

    A slow 12:05.. Still suck at HSPU, still cant go full depth so i did em on 2 35lb plates well until my head hit it… Thought i was gonna smoke this Metcon cause my first set was Unbroken.. But once i got in the 2nd round i couldnt stay on the wall for the life of me, i would have finished in under 10 minutes if i wouldnt have fallen off the damn wall so many times.

    All in all good day, Snatch is getting alot better now i need to start chipping away at the Clean.. May start breaking into 2 a days for conditioning but i dont know yet, legs are always smoked by time i get there and feel i have ALOT better times in me.

  27. Felt way better today than yesterday. Gotta love Tuesdays…

    Snatch from blocks, 135
    Clean from blocks, 175
    5×1 BS 3RM, 275
    3×5 FS, 225 (fuck ya!)

    Cond: 13:42, parallette HSPU zero deficit

    Feeling better each week Rudy, lovin’ it!

  28. BBG: 1)170. Missed 175 behind
    2) 235
    1) 365
    2) 245,255×2

  29. BBG
    1) 85# all
    2) 135-140-140-140-140#

    1) 200#
    2) 140-145-150#


    • we were pretty similar… thanks for sharing 🙂 i’ll have to try to chase you!
      1) 85# all
      2)120# all

      1) 205#
      2) 130# all


  30. BBG:
    1) 40Kg – easy and comfy
    2) 45Kg – very easy and comfy, should have gone heavier

    1) 60Kg
    2) 52,5Kg

    17:30 RX – way to slow with the HSPU, but not so long ago I couldn’t do one, so I’m not gonna cry:)

  31. damn, got some serious trollage goin on up in here. anyway:

    hi-hang snatch (no blocks) – 130, 135, 140, 135, 135
    hi-hang clean (again, no blocks) – 185, 185, 195, 205, 205

    back squats – 5×1 @ 295, all good lifts
    front squats – 205, 215, 225

    conditioning: 11:42
    *was killing the rows and the lateral bj’s (no pun intended) but the HSPUs were rough, hit muscle failure early

  32. BBG
    1) 175×4, 189
    2) PC- 220×2, 230×3
    1) Saturday’s squats- 300
    2) 245

  33. It could be good… Outlaw could start its own certifications and affiliates. More money for those involved early just like CF.

    snatch – 155 no blocks
    cleans – 185 no blocks

    back squats – 320
    front squats – 235

    wod: 15:40 (no rower so ran 400’s)

  34. BBG
    1) 170# (failed sets 4-5)
    2) 215#

    1) 290#
    2) 185, 190, 190


    • For BBG, did hang just above the knee. Don’t have blocks or anything available at that height.

  35. BBG


    Conditioning, none today. But I get my rower on Thur.

  36. BBG
    1) snatches
    140, 145, 150, 155, 160 no fails. Need to work on hip drive when it comes to blocks but I hit every rep.

    2) cleans
    185, 205, 210 (fail) 210
    This is weird because I’ve hit 225 on this before. Ah well, more work to be done!

    1) BS 5×1 @ 100%
    Did these at 300#. Felt nice and clean. Programming is working.

    2) FS 3×5
    245, 255 (failed final rep), 250 (Failed after second rep)
    My ego took over. I was happy with the four reps at 255, though. I want my 300# FS.

    Lung capacity needs work.

    • Stupid Fing computer…

      Felt really good today, missed 185 to the front again. However, I felt really good in the whole and was able to stabilize overhead with no issues. Pulling from the box seems more fluid than pulling from the ground with the new Oly shoes.

      210/225/235/245(f) didn’t get elbow under fast enough/225

      1) 320 for all, felt good no misses
      2)200/240/240 felt really good

      all HSPU unbroken, shoulders felt great.

  37. BB Gymnastics
    1) 5X1 Snatch off High Boxes

    2) 5X1 Clean off High Boxes

    3 rounds for time of:
    10 2 Box Lateral Box Jumps 20″
    15 HSPU
    Row 250m


  38. 1)105-105-105-f-105
    2)125-125-f-115-115 went down in wt bc they were so ugly today
    Sluggish day

  39. BBG
    Snatch- 135
    Clean- 185

    Back Squat- 315
    Front Squat- 195 (rough)


  40. Squats- 275
    Fs- 175

    Had a dinner meeting before the workout so wasn’t exactly ready to go.

  41. BBG:
    Snatch: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195
    Clean: 235, 245, 255, 255, 255

    Back Squats 340 x 5 sets x 1 rep

    Front Squats: 225, 235, 245


    6:00 Rx

  42. BBG – all done from the hang
    Snatch – 205, 215, 225, 230, 235(f)
    Cleans – 265, 275×4

    Back Squats – 375
    Front Squats – 245, 260, 275 front squats are definitely getting stronger

    Conditioning – 10:40 done with 1-20″ box and 1-24″ box
    HSPUs can eat a dick today

  43. BBG:
    Snatch: 125, 130, 135, 140, 145 (f)
    Clean: 150, 155, 160, 165, 170

    Back Squat: 240
    Front Squat: 150, 155, 165 (way under estimated this….should have started with 165 and worked up to 185)

    Conditioning: 8:30

  44. Let’s just keep our heads down and keep training – What you give is what you get – Coach gave us the building blocks and we get to help build it everyday, in our own way. It’s awesome. It’ll always be awesome. If the enemy gains control then Coach will start something else – and that’ll be just as strong and more than likely…..stronger. Time to lock arms and support the true meaning of the CF Affilate. Never stay the same…..always progress. -JohnnyD

  45. BBG
    Snatch 80, 85, 85, 87.5, 90kg
    Clean 110, 115, 120 125, 130kg (last two caught a bit on the toes)
    Back squat 150kg (pretty easy)
    Front squat 3 x 5 @ 130kg (new 5RM)

    Last set of 5 there
    12 min cap – 2 rounds + box jumps
    Hspu are still my nemesis, can’t figure out a high speed kip or how to not tear my head up on the floor!
    Mfs – 335

  46. BB Gym

    1) 75kg, 77.5kg, 80kg, 80kg, 80kg
    1) 95kg, 95kg, 100kg, 100kg, 100kg

    Both felt pretty good tonight. Cleaning from blocks still feels awkward though


    1) 180kg x 5 x 1 – These felt solid tonight
    2) 130kg x 5, 135kg x 5 (PR), 140kg x 5 (PR) – These were real good. I took a long rest break before the 3rd set (approx 3-4 mins) because I knew I had it in me if I could recover a bit more..


    Subbed 20 x 20inch box jumps

    10.57 – HSPU’s were horrible tonight. Rowed my heart out on the last set (1:30 pace) to beat 11 minutes. Good push

  47. BB Gymnastics
    1. 175 x 5
    2. 225, 235 x 4

    1. 320 x 5
    2. 245, 255, 265(4)

    Time – 00:08:17

    M/F/S – 5/2/6

  48. BBG:
    Snatch: 135, 145, 155, 165(f), 165
    Clean: 200, 210, 220, 230, 240

    Back Squat: 285
    Front Squat: 185, 205, 215

  49. Snatch: 185 for all sets
    Clean: 205, 225, 235, 245, 255

    Back Squat: 365
    Front Squat: 225, 275, 305

    Wod: 11:14 (scaled to 10 hspu per round)

  50. snatch
    190 195 200 205 210
    245 245 245 50 255

    back squat
    front squat
    255 275 294×4


  51. BBG:
    Snatch: 135, 135, 145, 155, 155
    C+J: 225, 225, 235, 235, 245

    Back Squat done @ 395 (No Fails)
    Front Squat: 265, 285, 305

    As Rx’d 9:25

    Got my new Nike Romaleos today, or as I call them the Nike Placebo Effects. All my lifts somehow felt faster, smoother and just cleaner in general.
    Strength: Back Squat was a bit easy. Front squat was a struggle, desperately wanted to break 300.
    Conditioning: Lateral jumps were unbroken, HSPU’s are my achilles heel. First set unbroken, then 5-3-3-2-2 or similar rep scheme.

    Side note: I highly recommend the Nike’s. Great investment. Switched from the Rogue do-wins.

  52. Snatch: 95, 105, 115, 115, 115
    Clean: 135, 145, 155, 155, 155

    Squat: 185, 225, 225, 245, 245
    Fr Squat: 115, 135, 135
    First time squatting in over a month- happy my groin decided to hold together.

    Conditioning: 7:52

  53. Interesting day today . . .

    Didn’t have boxes, so I hang power snatched starting at 95#. Amazingly, I missed the first rep. Took the time to do some reps with just the bar and really focused on getting under the catch. I then decided to focus on this, and did like 20 singles of hang power snatches at weights between 95# and 125#.

    This really forced me to improve on getting under the bar. The result: I snatched 165# (5 lbs. over my weight) for the first time.

    Skipped the cleans since I’d done so many snatches.

    Squat-275, 295, 305, 315, 315
    Front Squat-225×2, 185, 195,195 Rx

    No boxes or rower, so I just ran 3 miles. Time: 20:32.

  54. BBG:

    1) 155,165,175,185,190
    2) 225 all

    1) 350 all no fails
    2) 225, 245,245 legs felt weak


    8:18 Rx. i know its assumed that its done rx when you post your time but i just prefer to put it there. HSPU were fast and unbroken but was slow on the lateral bj’s

  55. BBG –
    1.) Snatch
    • 135-145-155-165 (f) -155

    2.) Cleans
    • 165-175-185-195-205 (f)

    Strength –
    1.) Backsquats – Been going off a old 3RM as I wasn’t doing the WODs at the time when they tested for the 3RM. Last known 3RM was 264#.
    • 264 – 264 (f) – 264 (f) – 230 – 230

    For some reason wasn’t feeling it. First rep was a struggle and the 2nd and 3rd I’d stall out half way up and couldn’t budge. I guess my old 3rm isn’t what it use to be. Gotta fix that.

    2.) Front squats
    • 176-186-186#
    Could of gone higher I think.

    Conditioning –
    8:23 RX

    Good WOD. Did 2 rounds unbroken of HSPU. Last round broke into 3 Sets 10-3-2. Shoulders are getting stronger never been able to do that many unbroken before.

  56. Strength:

    Back squats 5 x 1 rep @ 100 kg/220 lbs

    BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch off High Boxes (just above knee) @ 50 kg/110 lbs (3 reps)-55 kg/121 lbs (2 reps)-60 kg/132 lbs (2 reps)-65 kg/143 lbs (1 rep + fail on second attempt)-65 kg/143 lbs PR (2 reps + fail on third attempt)

    2) Clean off High Boxes (just above knee) @ 65 kg/143 lbs (3 reps)-70 kg/154 lbs (2 reps)-70 kg/154 lbs (2 reps)-70 kg/154 lbs (2 reps)-70 kg/154 lbs (2 reps)-75 kg/165 lbs PR (2 reps)-80 kg/176 lbs PR (1 rep + fail on second attempt)-85 kg/187 lbs (fail – I started hesitating)

    3) Push jerk 4 reps @ 55 kg/121 lbs-60 kg/132 lbs PR (super light)


    3X5 reps Front Squats @ 75 kg/165 lbs


    3 rounds for time of:

    •10 x 2 Box Lateral Box Jumps 20″
    •15 HSPU (regionals standard)
    •50 double unders

    Time: 9:07 min.

  57. BB GYM
    1) 5×1 Snatch off high box: 85-90-95-100-100
    2) 5×1 Clean off high box: 125-130-135-140-140

    5×1 Back Squat: 1@215, 4@225
    3×5 Front Squat: 5@175

    Time: 9:08 (24″ box)

  58. BBG
    1. 155, 165, 176, 185(f), 176 These were harder than normal
    2. 185, 205, 215, 226(f), 215 Same as the snatches hard.
    1. 374
    2. 236, 236, 241
    No time for Cond
    Hard day overall, really lacked energy?


  59. BBG-
    1)125×2, 135×2, 145×3
    2) 175-225

    1) 365 (No fails did not kill me but not light)
    2) 275 (no fails but it was a good grind)

    Cond: 9:30ish
    Box jumps done at 36inch instead and did slow me a couple of times
    HSPU were unbroken but I started to kip after first round
    Row was not too bad should have pushed harder in first 2 rounds

  60. “Holleyman” last Sat was not a brilliant idea. Fatigued yesterday & today was even more jolly. Contemplated a day off but wasn’t going to b&tch out.

    Barski Snatch 40/3 -> 70/3 by 3 kg, then 50/3 -> 75/3 by 3 kg
    Barski C&J 40/3+1 ->90/3+1

    Back Squat – knew that 350/1×5 low bar wasn’t happening, so worked up to heavy single HBBS: 90kg/1 -> 150/1 by 5 kg jumps (330 lbs)

    Front Squat 255/5 275/1 220/5

    Metcon: 10:01 Rx

  61. BBG:
    1.) 155, 155, 160, 165, 165
    2.) 175, 185, 190, 195, 195

    1.) 270
    2.) 185, 195, 205


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