(Sorry, I know you guys are over this by now). The final dates of the World Tour will be announced on Monday the 13th, and will go live Tuesday morning at 9AM EST. It’s not that I don’t want to put them up tonight, it’s just that they’re not exactly all finalized. We, here at Outlaw Industries, take pride in professionalism over everything, and how would it look if I announced a date in Senegal, when it may actually be in Toledo. That would be like posting the Outlaw gym WOD on The Way, and then sleeping past 7am for the first time in years, while you all have to decide whether to hang yourselves with piano wire or rope. Yep, that’d be really stupid.

Grow a mullet.

WOD 120811:

BB Gymnastics

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


EMOM for 7 minutes:

2,2,2,1,1,1,1 HBBS @ 90%

Notes: If you do not know your 1RM HBBS, then base off of 90% of your Low Bar BS.


Compare to 120403

For time:

30 Box Jumps 30/26″
20 Deadlifts 315/205#
30 T2B
20 DB Push Press 50/35#
30 GHD Situps
20 Row for Calories
30 Alternating Weighted Pistols 25/15# (DB)
20 Burpee Box Jumps 30/26″

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  1. Snatch 97.5kg missed 105 and 102.5 a few times (100 PB)
    Clean and jerk 132.5kg PB

    Squats @ 152.5kg – felt smooth and fairly easy

    22.5kg DBs push press. 12kg KB for pistols

    Mfs – 245

  2. Left for vacation early so only had time to get the strength in:
    250#- not as bad as last weeks EMOM


  3. BBG: snatch at 170
    C&j at 235
    Strength: @325
    Conditioning :
    The conditioning yesterday wrecked me.

  4. BBG
    1) PR at 163# (74 kg)
    2) Failed at 240# (109 kg)


    Metcon – First time doing ‘real’ pistols (with 5# plate)


  5. Snatch : 155
    C&J : 225

    Squats @ 285

    Conditioning WOD : 17:40
    Deadlifts ruined my world. Box jump burpees at the end……wow.

  6. Snatch – 215 (5lb PR) just missed 220 twice
    CJ – 275 (10lb under PR) really hurt my back on this one. Done for the day.

  7. C&J – 125kg

    Squat – 167.5kg

    Conditioning – 17:04 – first time doing WOD – pistols….wow

  8. Snatch- 275, 295(miss), 295(miss), 290 5# pr

    Clean and jerk 290, 325 (missed jerk), 325 (missed jerk), 325 (missed jerk), 325 (missed jerk)

    Strength done @ 355#

    Conditioning 18:05 rx 3 minutes and 20 seconds faster than last time

  9. BBG
    1. 210 (3 lb PR)
    2. 260, Cleaned 277 which was a 2 lb Clean PR (don’t ask) but missed the jerk

    345 for all sets

    Actually did this is EMOM this week. Still not at 90%. Should have gone heavier as this wasn’t as bad as I expected.

    Did a CFFB WOD from earlier in the week.

  10. bbg- snatch- terrible today. I couldn’t even hit 205 once
    cnj- 275# PR by 10# fucking pumped

    strength- 285 super easy. Feel way better than low bar squats.

    conditioning- 13:55. deads sucked. this workout was just a huge kick in the nuts. really really hard.

    hit 20 ub muscle ups like an hour after which has been a goal of mine for a while. overall a good day other than the snatches.

  11. BBG
    Snatch- Hit 140lbs for a 5lb PR.. Snatch feels like its getting better and better, still needs some work but 10x’s better than before i started Outlaw
    C&J- Hit 175lbs for a 5lb PR, then hit 180lbs right after for a 10lb PR… Hit both of these on the first try which surprised me, still not nowhere near close to where i wanna be but getting there.

    Strength- Done at 275.. This is the only lift i dont feel i am progressing at on Outlaw, most likely because i was used to doing them heavy twice a week on CFFB or something.. 275 felt pretty heavy for me, but also dont know my 1rm lol, i kinda guesstimated but i did hit all reps.

    Conditioning- Completed in 17:15, holy shit that sucked.. I almost didnt do this today, but i told myself to quit being a bitch and do it lol.. Definetly not as Rx’d scaled the deads to 285 and some of the other movements like T2b to 20 reps cause im not really efficient at those yet.. I was ripping the deads until i got to like rep 9 and was like OH shit these suck.

    Question for you guys that finished this in under 15 or so minutes, especially Adam who did it in 12:25.. Did yawl do it Rx’d? Just wondering i have only been Crossfitting for about 4 months or so and can usually hang in the Metcons, sometimes i may scale 4kg or something on the Kb’s but my times are usually pretty consistent with everybody else other than the Firebreathers of course but just curious… Also noticed there arent alot of comments today so maybe only the Elite did it and everybody else said screw that shit haha!!!

  12. BBG.
    1) 185#, 210# Missed x 3 would have been a 5# PR but my back is still feeling it from yesterday.
    2) Skipped


    Box jumps were at 33″ and since I don’t have a rower in the garage I swam 50 Meters instead of the 20 cal row.


  13. Still no Olympic lifting for me. Another week or two and my wrists should be good, I think. At least it’s giving me some time to work on my squats.


    HBBS 425 EASY.


    13:39 – Had to do 135# Push Press because I don’t have dumbbells. Wasted about 45s switching weight from deadlifts to push presses. Deads felt hard for some reason today though, and burpee box jumps just suck.

  14. 1a)125
    Backsquats at 195
    Conditioning 15:36 rx except subbed 1 pood kb for 35 db, and 15 lb plate for pistols. Sorry don’t have db… On wish list

  15. BBG: 1.) 80 kg PR on power snatch – Wrist is still limiting me from a full squat.

    2.) 114 kg. PR is 125 kg, easing me way back into full speed.

    Strength: 180 kg

    Conditioning: 17:20 RX. Used 24 kg KB for push press, this was a good one. My lower back is nice and toasty!


  16. BB Gymnastics

    1) 225,245(old PR, first attempt),250(miss),250(miss), 250 (5# PR, not the prettiest lift)
    2) Took three tries and hit 295 on the third attempt. Missed the jerk once before. 10# under PR.


    -325 all sets


    -16:56 Rx’d. Yuck.

  17. 1) 155#, 20# PR
    2) 195#

    Missed a lot of clean work this cycle, not concerned about these numbers

    Strength done at 215#, rough

    Cond.about 20min but modified beyond recognition due to lack of equipment

  18. Snatch:145 (10 under PR)
    C&J: 180 (5 under PR)

    Strength: 235

    Conditioning: 17:10

  19. wasn’t able to do today’s work, in complete b/c i was competing at the piss-poorly organized GA State Games – seriously about 100 lifters, all weight classes in 1, yes ONE session that took no less than 7 hours to complete. Imagine waiting 10-12 minutes b/w lifts and an hour + between snatch and CJ – ridiculous.

    that being said, I won gold in masters 94 with a measly 197kg total. missed my opening snatch and that got me down, really wanted 200kg total, but there’s always next time.

    BP put up some nice numbers too!

  20. BB Gym

    Switched the order of the lifts around so I could focus on C&J at once

    1) C&J – worked up to 115kg (2.5kg PR)
    2) Snatch – worked up to 82.5kg (Equals PR)

    Very happy with the Olympic lifts today, even though going into it I felt crap
    I can’t wait to get my technique up to my strength levels!

    Back Squats – Completed with 170kg. This was kinda tough, but I love High Bar Back Squat so it was good.

    Conditioning will happen later on.

    • Conditioning – 17:19 (18:15 last time)

      50kg Push Press for DB push press
      Full rom situps for GHD sit ups
      pistol squats to chair (approx parallel) for pistols

      Slow grind but I made sure my rest breaks were short.

  21. Snatch – 253(115kg)
    C&J – 308(140kg) 8#PR

    Back Squats @ 325

    Conditioning – 16:47 SLOW

  22. BBG
    1) 140
    2) 170

    Strength- just a big mess %s wise
    3×2 @ 175 (75%)
    1×1 @ 175
    Felt too easy, realized I was working wrong %
    1×1 @ 195 (82%)
    4×1 @ 205 (87%)
    Still not 90%, balls.


  23. BBG
    1) 47,5kg, very tired and knees are hurting:/
    2) only went up to 50kg due to knees

    Strenght: stayed at 47,5kg due to knees

    29:25, went very slow on box jumps and pistols, again due to knees…sucks!


    Snatch – 1RM – 96kg – FINALLY.. First go, just stuck it. (PR)
    Clean & Jerk – 1RM – 115kg (Squat Clean and Jerk PR)


    Back Squat – EMOM – 7min – 2,2,2,1,1,1,1 – 125kg


    30 Box Jumps (24in)
    20 Deadlifts 142.5kg
    30 TTB
    20 Push Press 42.5kg
    30 Sit up
    20 Calorie Row
    30 Pistols (Assisted)
    20 Burpee Box Jumps

    Time: 15.25

  25. BBG:
    Snatch: Worked up to 185 (10LBS under PR)
    Clean and Jerk: Worked to 275 (Old PR) Just couldnt get underneath 285. Ill try 280 next time, 20 Minutes expired before I could set it up.

    385lbs across all sets. Felt a little easy.

    Conditioning: As RX’d:

    Notes: Not too happy about the snatch. I want to blame the shitty equipment at the gym. But I think it is a lot of hesitation my end to get underneath the bar.
    Strength was great. Squats are growing on me.
    Conditioning: I rested a lot on the pistols. They were ugly. Held a 25lb bumber like a steering wheel in front and finagled by way to the bottom of the squat. First time with this one, and already looking forward to repeating it.


  26. Did power snatch and power clean+push jerk today since I didn’t get that in earlier this week. Got PRs on both.
    Power Snatch 175-185-190-195-205-210
    Power Clean + Push Jerk: 195-215-235-245-255-265

    HBBS completed with no misses at 310#
    No conditioning.

  27. Worked lower percents on Snatches, Cleans, and Jerks from the rack. No back squats today.

    21:30 RX
    Torched my back. BUT I felt a lot more stable due to all the back strengthening stuff we’ve been doing. Fingers crossed soreness lasts for a couple days instead of the entire week…..

  28. BBG: snuck this in during kids’ naps, so time limited. Spent 10 mins on each lift.

    Snatch: 140 (5lb pr — v weak still but considering I couldn’t snatch at all when I started the program in Jan, not bad)

    Clean & Jerk: 180 (f jerks on 185 and 195 cleans, f 205 clean)



    Conditioning: skipped, no time.

  29. PR’d with 275lb on snatch (+5)…been tryin to get to that for along time! 300lb is next!

    Matched clean/jerk PR @335lb then missed at 345lb…will get that soon!

  30. Snatch- 95, worked technique
    C&J- 155

    Strength- 180

    Conditioning- 17:01, over a minute faster!

  31. 125 (10# under PR) – ran out of time, could have gone a little heavier

    165 (failed on jerk)… Gettin there

    Cond= 13:30 rx

  32. BBG:
    Snatch: 90, 95, 100f, 102.5fff. Closest I ever got to making 102.5. Caught it in the bottom but it was maybe a cm forward. Just slowly tipped over till I lost it.
    C&J: 115, 120, 125, 130ff. Also feeling good. Pulled 130 pretty high and easily caught it both times. Just… could… not…. squat it. I even tried the ol’ BP Bounce and I couldn’t get it.

    147.5kg done. Wasn’t ever close to failing.

    15:49. Yup… a whole 31s faster than last time. I made it to the pistols at 11 minutes and some change. Thought I was gonna pull 14 or so. Dunno what happened.

  33. Did the conditioning today after doing Monday’s BBG stuff. Back was still absolutely wrecked from deficit deads on Friday. The 20 DLs @ 315#, and everything thereafter, took entirely too long.


    M/F/S – 4/5/7

  34. New to “The Way” Here’s my results
    Snatch = 95kg
    C&J = 120kg
    Squats = 147.5kg tough but got through ok
    17:09 RX

  35. sn 185, 195fx2
    c&j 235, 245 f

    HBBS 305#

    17:33 (last time was 22…) much better but still a lot of room for improvement.


  36. Snatch – 175, 190(f), 190(f), 190(f)
    C&J – 245, 260(f), 260(f), 260(f)

    HBBS- 365 (made all reps but each one felt heavy!)

    Cond- 27:00 I know very slow. Really struggled on the pistols and that took probably half the time since I really do not have them much less weighted. Everything else was tough but I moved through without any other major problems.

  37. Went back in on Friday (won’t have time on Sat):

    Snatch w-up to 84 kg (185), 60/2 ->81/2
    84 87 90f 91 94f 94 96 98ff 99ff

    Not PR (225 is my best) but I haven’t been able to get over 92 kg for awhile plus it’s nice to even attempt heavier weights – either CNS been fried or whatnot but I haven’t been willing to even try heavier weights.

    C&J 60 to 95 by 5 kg jumps, then 98 to 125 kg (275) by 3 kg jumps. No misses

    Back Squats @ 135 kg (297)

  38. BBG:
    1.) 155, 175xxo, 190, 205*PR, 210x
    2.) 185, 205, 225, 245xo*PR

    1.) 260

    17:24 w/30″hurdle subbed for Box
    ~ also not sure I did the pistols correctly I used two 25# DB’s one in each hand but after reading comments it looks like it maybe should have just been one?

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