Today’s conditioning WOD is aptly named “T”, as it is a birthday present I wrote per her request. Some girls ask for diamonds, some ask for dresses; but our resident Spider Monkey, and current 3rd Fittest Woman in the World, only wanted a WOD with some cleverly placed numbers, and some Single Arm Overhead Barbell Walking Lunges (sorry, no shorter way to write it).

Happy birthday, #23. Here’s to this year being just a tiny bit better than last year.

My all-time favorite T video:

WOD 120810:


1a) 10X1 3″ Deficit Deadlifts @ 85% – rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO

Notes: PLEASE watch the demo video. Do not use more than a 3″ riser. If this movement puts significant pressure on your low back, you may use a shorter riser.

1b) 10X1 Incline Bench Press (30-35˚) @ 105% – rest 60 sec.

Notes: This percentage is based off the heaviest completed set from 120803.



3 rounds for time of:

8 Hang Snatch (full squat) 155/105#
23 C2B Pullups
32 Single Arm BB OH Walking Lunges  75/55#

*There is a 15 minute time cap.

Notes: Single Arm Lunges should be apportioned with 16 steps taken while the BB is held with the left arm, and 16 steps taken while the BB is held with the right arm.


1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor) Demo Video
1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 60 sec.

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  1. 1a) 10x 140kg
    1b) 10x 90kg

    Conditioning: Snatches with 60kg, was too slow, finished at 19:00

    Midline: 3x with 5kg

  2. For those of you who did a benchmark workout his morning because Rudy put his gym’s blog post on this site, now’s your chance to cuss him out. Let it rip.

  3. Thanks T.

    1a) 10X1 3″ Deficit Deadlifts @ 85%

    1b) 10X1 Incline Bench Press (30-35˚) @ 105%

    3 rounds for time of:
    8 Hang Snatch (full squat) 155/105#
    23 C2B Pullups
    32 Single Arm BB OH Walking Lunges 75/55#

    2 Rounds 1 Snatch in Time Cap

    1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise

    1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps

  4. I’ve been waiting for this day for a loooooong time. Today, I get to honor a true Hero- her name is ‘T’. I promise to lay every morsel of soul on the line for this sacred workout. Coach- I think your 15 minute cap is outrageous. I will finish this workout no matter how long it takes. I’m not concerned with output today- I don’t care if it takes 3 hours I will finish this workout in her honor. God Bless you T.

    p.s.- I’m wearing my Talayna Outlaw games tank top.

  5. That’s a crazy video of Talayna. Anyone have an idea of what the distance was bar to bar on the money bar run? It’s impressive none the less but just curious.

  6. Str
    1a – 360
    1b – 225

    Cnd – fuck that time cap. 2rnds + 8 c2b in time cap. Continued on to finish

    1a – 10lbs (is it supposed to be that hard, i feel like a puss)
    1b – complete

  7. Strength
    1a. 385 across
    1b. 205×5, 215×4, 225×1

    Did a benchmark, got talked into doing “Christine”

    10:45 w/ 190 lb deadlifts

    1a. 20, 20, 20
    1b. Subbed weighted sit ups w/ a 2 pood KB

  8. Its all good I PR’d on Dianne! By 1:09 Whoop!

    Still did all this fun stuff… The dead and incline bench combo made me throw up in my mouth literally… Had to run to the bathroom.. Never did that before! Kudos to you Coach you made my first ever ralph during a training session…

    T’s conditioning next…

  9. 1a) 245 across
    2b) 175 across

    Cond Rx 1 rd. + 1 Snatch in time cap

    fuck those SAOHWBLs, fuck them right their their stupid face

  10. Strength : 1a)355
    Conditioning : 2 rounds and 5 c2b in time cap.
    Midline: 1a)25#

  11. Strength:
    1a) 325#
    1b) 165#

    No time

    1a) skipped
    1b) weighted regular situps-10#, 20#, 25#


    Vacation for a week tomorrow

  12. 10×1 DDL @ 405lbs

    10×1 IBP. @ 245 x3, then 255 x 7

    Will do the conditioning/midline after shift

  13. Strength:
    Deadlift – 385
    Incline – dont have

    1 round + all pull ups – couldn’t stabilize the left arm to save my life – wasted a ton of time on the lunges

    GHD – dont have
    3×20 unbroken T2B

  14. Strength
    1a) 10×1 @ 405#
    1b) 10×1 @ 245#

    – 2 rounds+ 8 snatches

    1a) 3×10 goodmorning w/ 5 sec pause at bottom @115#
    1b) 3×20 weighted sit-ups feet anchored @70#

  15. 1a) 345#
    1b) 190#

    1 round + 28 Lunges (115 snatch, 45# bar lunge)

    started, but you have fucked up my quads so bad this week I couldn’t do the GH raises, will do them tomorrow


  16. Strength
    1a) 480#
    1b) 335#

    Conditioning: Happy bday T! Next year let’s just eat 24 pieces of bacon for time or something 😛

    1 round+17 c2b pull ups in 15:00 rx

    1a) 25# plate 3×10 strict glute ham raise. done
    1b) 3×20 ub ghd sit up, done

  17. Strength
    1a) 315
    1b) 185

    2 rounds + 7 pull ups

    1a) 35
    1b) 3×20

  18. Strength
    1a) 340#
    1b) 245#

    2 rounds…. fuck that shit was rough

    a) 25#
    b) done

  19. Strength

    1a) 315×2,335×2,345×2,355×2,365×2
    1b) 235×10


    2 rounds + 10 C2B. That was hard.


    Done (ish)

  20. Strength.
    1a) 365# on a 3″ deficit (Never felt so light)
    1b) 190# (Should have went way heavier)

    Body weight hang snatches are no fun.
    Cut down the reps to.
    4 Hang snatches – 155#
    But kept the rest as rx’d

    Got 2 rounds flat in the time cap.

    Seriously one of the toughest things I have ever done.


  21. Strength
    1a) 160kg with 3″ deficit
    1b) 110kg FLAT bench

    2 rounds + 3 snatches

    The overhead walks in the first round were bad, should have done some to find a good technic before the wod 😛

    a) 8-12-16kg
    b) done

    M/F/S – 3/2/5

  22. Strength: 1a.) 415#
    1b.) 200#

    Conditioning: 2 + 7 snatches ( Dropped to 135# on snatch, wrist is still bothering me.)

    -Fairly fun wod, those overhead lunges were rough!

    Mid: 1a.) 15 # plate
    1b.) Done


    Happy Birthday T!

  23. Strength
    1a) 235#
    1b) 125#

    1 rd + 23 pull ups in 15 min

    1a) 10#
    1b) 3×20

  24. Strength
    1a) 365
    1b) Sub shoulder press reps 155,165,170(PR),165,165,155,155

    2 rounds + 1 snatch

    1a) +20lbs, trying to keep hips open throughout entire movement
    1b) unbroken, easy

  25. 1a) 175kg
    1b) 95kg

    That was awesome.

    28:39. Didn’t see the time cap. Maybe I should read gooder. Did the last 2 rounds with a 70lb KB. There now all you wankers who don’t post cause you’re embarrassed of your times can post now cause I have the slowest time on this site and I didn’t even do the lunges Rx’d the whole way through.

  26. Strength:

    Power snatch
    1 rd + c2b’s. (had abt 15s left but it would’ve taken me that long just to get the bar up)

    1a) 20,25,30
    1b) done. Almost back to full depth/ext.

  27. Strength:

    1a. 315
    1b. 165

    Conditioning: 120# snatch, 55# lunge

    1 round + 25 lunges inside time cap. Finished in 25.14



  28. Strength
    1a) 365
    1b) 205

    2 rounds flat (155, C2B, #45 bar)

    1a) No weight
    1b) Done

  29. Strength
    1a) 285
    1b) 195

    2 Rounds (scaled to 135# snatch and 65# bar for OH lunges)

    1a) 10
    1b) Done

  30. 1a)
    1b) normal bench

    My hang snatch is bad, so I went with 135#. Gotta work on hip drive. Also went with a 45# bar, because holy crap I couldn’t balance any more to save my life.

    2 rounds flat at the cap

    midline: skipped. No time.


  31. 1a) 255
    b) 110

    Conditioning: hardest ctb i have ever done… And not done
    1 rd + 23 ctb


    All i can say is happy fucking birthday “T”… I think those were my exact words when i couldn’t link ctb. Humbling!!!
    But truly… Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration!

  32. Well, I was one of the ones that did the bench mark, but Rudy, I wanted to say thank you!!! I’ve been following your program for a while. 6 months ago I did Annie. It took 22:16 and I was about to throw up. Today, I ran 3 miles, then did Annie in 8:11. I hurt the whole way through, everything about me was screaming stop and I just pushed harder. My double unders sucked, so I was only stringing 4 or 5 together at a time, the most was 23. I just made sure when I flubbed up to get back in it. Thanks to the ab and cor work we have done, my situps were almost unbroken. I hit a PR on my power snatch the other day, and now DESTROYED my old Annie time. Can’t wait to see where I am 6 months from now.

  33. did only regular bench
    2+2C2B @ 135lbs, 45lbs
    1a) 25
    1b) done

  34. Happy birthday T! Your WOD made me furious!

    1a) 245
    1b) 120 regular bench

    1 round + 8 lunges

    1a) 15-10-10
    1b) yes

  35. Strength
    1a) 100kgs
    1b) 75lbs

    Scaled to One armed OH BB lunges to 35lbs and had to do standing lunges. No BBs off the platforms. The forward backward movement was interesting. Was not looking forward w this one. Hard but felt good getting out of my comfort zone!

    1rnd plus the snatches=

    1a) 20kgs

  36. Deadlifts done @ 195kg (430lb)
    Incline done @ 100kg (225lb)

    Misread and only 16 lunges per round (training in the car park so the class didn’t die from flying barbell)
    Dnf – 2 + 8 in 15:00

    Then another birthday workout for a girl at our gym, 23 min amrap of loads of stuff. Deep joy

    Mfs – 242

  37. All this done after 2 hours using a manual post-hole borer this morning, then eating sugary treats all afternoon for my birthday. Not the greatest preparation. No excuses though..

    Done EMOM for 20 minutes alternating
    1a) 190kg Deadlift (no riser)
    1b) 105kg Bench Press (flat bench)

    Kinda tough but no fails


    Subbed – 60kg HPS
    Chin over bar pullups
    OH Lunges with 24kg KB’s

    2 rounds + HPS’s

    Freaking tough. The lunges were the worst.

    • Note – They were hang squat snatches, not hang power snatches. And I did 2 of them on the last round

    Deadlifts@455 Throughout (Standing on 45lb Bumper)
    BP@235 Throughout

    Conditioning: HOLY SHIT
    Absolutely brutal
    Finished 1 Round and 15 Lunges

    Midline and shoulders were absolutely demolished. Great workout. Looking forward to next year.

  39. BB Gymnastics – did some of my own

    2 rounds + 2 snatches at cap

    Kidding? Respect to those with any midline left to do this

  40. 1a) 435
    1b) 245, went to 205 for multiples b/c my shoulder was acting up.

    Didn’t quite finish in the time cap. Wasn’t watching the clock.

    Didn’t have time for midline.

    M/F/S – 3/4/4

  41. Completed midline and conditioning…

    “T”= 18:45 Rx… Took me a round to figure out best way to get in 1-arm position. Wrists hurt.

  42. 1a) 365 (felt too light)
    2b) 245 (felt too light)

    Screwed this one all up. Screwed up and did squat cleans instead of snatch not sure how I misread that. Also did 65 versus 75 on OH lunge. I do think I could handle 75 next time though. Goal was 2 rounds so did 2 rounds in 17 min.

    Midline: Ran out of time and will make up on rest day.

  43. Deadlift – was supposed to do 425 but that wasn’t going to happen, so I did:
    365 375 385 395f 375/1×4 405/1×2
    Incline Bench 185/1×10

    “T” 2 rds+5 snatches in 15 mins

    GHR @ BW, 10, 10
    GHD Sit-ups 3×20

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