WOD 120809:

Rest Day.

I love my coaching staff. It feels like they all magically appeared one day. I really had no idea how it happened for the longest time, but then I noticed a particular trait they all shared—a tie that binds, if you will.

They are all very, very good at talking shit. Not as good as they are at coaching, of course; but damn close.

Spencer Arnold critiques Colm’s Push Jerk (stay until the end):

11 thoughts on “120809

  1. I really don’t see what Spencer’s problem is. I mean, his mom never minded seeing my crotch that close!

  2. Great to see Colm on the main page! great critique! You should do the next video in your boxers! see what feedback come back!

  3. Do athletes who are getting remote coached get this extensive feedback on most videos they send to their coach?

    (I know this video post was intended to be somewhat comical, but my question is a serious one about remote coaching)

    • I would say they do (since I’m the one who does all the remote coaching). Hey, do any of my athletes want to chime in here? Probably not…they’re too busy reading all my feedback and looking at all the stills I sent back where I (ripped apart) gave them constructive criticism on their lifts and other movements.

      • Thank you, Laura! Should I contact you directly if I decide to pursue remote coaching?

  4. While entertaining, I find the coaching critique here much like the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist; one treats a symptom, the other identifies the problem (respectively). The symptom is toe loading, the cause is a lack of trunk strength, does anyone disagree with this? I am no pro lifting coach, but I have coached a hell of lifting in my day and think this is fairly accurate.

    BTW, I love the Outlaw crew and am not meaning to cause an internet coaching battle of any kind…

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