Six new dates—two new continents. The “World Tour” just became a World Tour, officially. Posting these dates was beyond surreal. The registration and payment links will go live at 9AM EST on Sunday the 5th. Here goes:

January 4th – January 6th
West Ipswich, Australia
CrossFit Western Front

January 11th – January 13th
North Sydney, Australia
CrossFit Active

January 18th – January 20th
Cockburn Central, Australia
The Cell CrossFit

February 15th – February 17th
Okinawa City, Japan
CrossFit Asia

February 27th – March 1st
Austin, TX
CrossFit Central

April 3rd – April 5th (mid-week)
Murfreesboro, TN
CrossFit Murfreesboro

Again, I need to post some explanations/rules, so you guys don’t have too many questions. Here they are:

-You must pay now, in full, through the Paypal link provided, in order to secure a spot. Once you have paid, THEN you may register for your camp.
-DO NOT REGISTER unless you have paid for a camp.
-DO NOT submit more than one registration form.
-If you pay for someone else, or if someone else pays for you, please make sure this is clearly indicated in the notes of the Paypal payment. If you are paying for multiple people with one payment, please use the quantity drop down to indicate the number, and then list the associated registrant names and email addresses in the “notes to seller” section of the Paypal form.
-Make sure you put your correct contact email address in the registration form, ESPECIALLY if your Paypal email address is different.
-NO, we do not have waiting lists.
-NO, calling us will not get you a spot into a sold out camp.
-NO, you may not switch or transfer camps. You are welcome to give away or sell your spot to someone else if you change your mind.

50 thoughts on “120805

  1. Registration form doesn’t have an option to select the Aussie camps, and the Paylink Button doesn’t seem to be active..?

  2. The only way this couldn’t win more is if I somehow miss out on making registration.

  3. Are you guys running on EDT at the moment??
    Call me stoopid but trying to calculate the time in oz when the link opens.
    11 pm Sunday as far as I can figure.
    Effing time zones are effing f’d.

    The shit will fit the hand if I miss a spot…

  4. Going to fly down for the course on the West Ippy!! Dear Satan, please let me get a freaking a spot.

  5. Laura
    I’ve paid for my wife and I (for West Ipswich) but when I try to complete the registration form it keeps crashing, I’m loathe to try and submit it again because Rudy’s instructions were very clear, SUBMIT ONLY ONE FORM. I don’t know if it has gone through or not. The paypal payment definitely did though. Can you tell me if the registration went through or not?

  6. Paid, reg’d (more than once I think soz) but I didn’t get a reply back about the rego, did about PayPal but not rego, is this right??

    • Confirmations go out in a few days. I get about 800 emails on a camp release day, so it takes a while to go through them all and get the rosters organized.

      • One more stupid q (I know you must be super busy right now…)
        If I have paid is that a garentee for a place or will you be issuing places to the first ‘however many’ places and issuing refunds to the people that paid but didn’t make the cut (do to speak). Basically does payment mean your definitely in?? Soz to be a noobish pest 🙂

  7. I registered for Dallas before I knew the Tour was coming to Austin. Im selling my Dallas spot (confirmed via email this is acceptable). Let me know if interested?

      • Can i get a little point in the right direction. i have been on here sine 9:10 this morning trying get signed up for Austin. Any hints on how to pay you guys and get registered would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Chris, all you would have had to do is click on the Austin link on this very blog post. There is a paypal link at the bottom of each camp page. However, Austin sold out two hours ago.

    • There a a few links on the site this morning that have not worked. All the “city links” the “world tour” link have not worked. I have tried from 2 different computers and from my phone. Thats sucks for me that its sold out. Hopefully another Texas location will pop up. Thansk for the help. I hope the links work if there is a next time.

  9. jrog19 – You just posted one of the most confusing statements I think I have ever seen. If you paid for a spot, you have a spot. It’s just like a concert ticket.

  10. Got my paypal receipt…Going to Western Front in Ipswich!!! Tell Rudy it will be stinking hot. So hot his beanie may melt…that said, awesome drinking weather…see you there guys

  11. has the camp at CF Active already sold out? it is not saying that here on the web site but when i try and pay through Paypal it is saying it is sold out.

  12. Just a general question? What are the training camp sizes? Different in every location or is there a set number of each people you let in no matter where?

    See y’all in Austiin.

  13. Laura: i would like that you can bring your training camp to Monterrey, Mexico, what does it takes for you to do that and how can i help you to organize that?

  14. Hi.
    Have all conformation emails gone out yet? My friend received one but I have not as yet. My name is Joshua Rogers, it’s for the North Sydney workshop.

  15. I am very interested to buy a spot for the Seattle camp in February is anyone is interested in selling. Thank you very much!! (lobi_vb@hotmail.com)

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