Sorry, all—you get no new camp dates at 9am on Saturday. Why? Cause I’m busy as hell and the Aussies like to take their sweet time (I’m talking to you Brandon Swan). Anyhoo, I’ll be making a special Sunday/Rest Day post that will have all three Australia dates, two US dates, and maybe—if you’re lucky—a super special date that you’ll need a globe (or google) to find.


WOD 120804:

BB Gymnastics

1) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


EMOM for 7 minutes:

3 HBBS @ 85%

Notes: If you do not know your 1RM HBBS, then base off of 90% of your Low Bar BS.


For time:

5 Cleans (full squat) 225/150#
20 Ring Dips
50′ HS Walk
4 Cleans (full squat) 225/150#
15 Ring Dips
40′ HS Walk
3 Cleans (full squat) 225/150#
10 Ring Dips
30′ HS Walk

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  1. Would me just saying fuck yeah be a spoiler for the super lucky special globe friendly location? Fuck yeah it would!!!

  2. BB gymnastics:

    Squat clean 1 rep up to 80 kg/176 lbs

    Power snatch from knees 2 reps up to 55-55 kg/121 lbs


    95 kg/209 lbs


    Subbed with the “31 Heroes WOD”

  3. BB Gymnastics
    1) Snatch. -No Pr.
    2) Clean and Jerk. -No Pr.



  4. Snatch: 210 (5lb pr)
    did PC to PP as lower back injured, and jerks, and front squat is a no no: 260

    Back Squats: 270

    Conditioning did 225 HPC, all else RX: 7:24

  5. Snatch-115… Missed 125×4:(
    C&J 150

    Squat @185

    Cond- 18:17 rx obviously sq cleans took a while since that was my 1rm earlier… But hung in and did rx at 150. HSwalks were surprisingly difficult after ring dips! Kick ASs WOD Rudy!

  6. snatch 220#- 5# PR Fuck yeah!
    clean and jerk 265#- 5# PR Fuck yeah!

    back squats- 265 felt easy and fast. i might want to retest my 1rm

    conditioning- 6:40 – handstand walks were annoying because people kept walking around me. good short workout. Felt good to move around 225 like that.

  7. Snatch: 150-10#PR
    Clean and Jerk-No PR-had 190 a 5# PR in the hole but couldn’t stand up with it

    HBBS: 235(5min), 230(1min), 225(last minute)- had to strip weight on the last two sets, these destroyed me I am terrible with the high bar

    Started and had absolutely no gas left


    • Rested for a few hours and hit the conditioning: subbed 150#HPC and 5,4,3 HPU’s-ring dips were rx

  8. Snatch 285# 5# pr
    Clean and Jerk 320# 5# pr

    high bar back squats- 335

    conditioning 12:20 rx, first time doing handstand walks in a wod

    overall this was a pretty happy day! thanks Rudy!

  9. BBG
    1. 207 (2 lb PR)

    Had been stuck at 205 for 11 goddamn months. Missed this 5 times today before I finally made it, super close every time. Took one shot at 210 after the clock went out but threw it behind me. Will get that next week.

    2. 255

    This on the other hand was a shitshow. Missed 245 twice before I finally made it, then missed this twice before making it as well. Just wasn’t getting my elbows around.

    7×3 w/ 330

    85% here for me is actually 345 but I knew there was no way that was happening with any semblance of speed so I kicked the weight down some.

    Even still I didn’t do these EMOM.

    Did something else

  10. Snatch – no PR…got previous max – 107.5kg

    Clean and Jerk – 5kg PR – 125kg, went for 130kg, clean was easy couldnt lock out jerk

    Squat – 365lb – got through 5minutes fine, last 2 minutes were terrible. got 2 reps each. Legs fried.

    – completely gased, cant hand stand walk, did the cleans and dips – 6:10

    3/5/5 – shoulders done

  11. Screwed up my 1RM day by starting off with a 4.2 mile trail run this morning. Tough mudders coming up and wanted to get a run in.

    1) 195. Tied PR. Should’ve broke it…
    2) Skipped


    4.2 mile trail run. 39:36.

  12. BBG
    1) 195#, tried 215# couple times and I know I can get it just need to be patient.
    2) Worked up to 255# (no PR just didn’t feel like going for one)


    8:29 RX
    (The back squats and bbg just fried me beforehand.)

    Pretty heavy for a kid like me weighing 155#. But happy I got through it.

  13. BBG:
    Still no Olympic lifts with the sprained wrists. Sucks.

    Felt great. Much easier than the doubles with the same weight a few weeks ago.


    5 Front Squats 275#
    20 Ring Dips
    50 second freestanding handstand on parallettes


  14. BBG:
    snatch – 215# finally after 2 years I have tied the PR I set at the 2010 regionals in ohio, Fuck yeah! Barley missed 220 behind me 3 times. Next time for sure

    CnJ – 255#

    HBBS – @295 – done

  15. RESULTS: 1-2-1 Took a SOAK bath prior and damn I was alive
    1) 135-155-170-180-190-195(F)-200(F) OH but not remaining tight for catch. 190 was PR so throwing this OH quick is a vast inprovement, now make it solid.
    2) 135-165-185-195-205-220(F-j)

    1) 240

    1) Did 31 heroes prior to all this work above. Definetly hampered my performance, but the cause was more important than my numbers.

  16. BBG:
    1) 195#
    2) 255# for a 10# PR.
    All at 295#.
    Ha, let’s just say I tried…HS walks are one way to make me look stupid.

  17. 1. PR’d +5 with 270 snatch
    2. Not as good of a day with clean/jerk -20 off PR with 315

    Strength: 350lb EMOM HBBS x3

    Conditioning: 7:23 Rx’d

  18. BB Gymnastics
    1) 1RM Snatch

    2) 1RM Clean and Jerk

    EMOM for 7 minutes
    3 HBBS @ 85%

    For time:
    5 Cleans (full squat) 225/150#
    20 Ring Dips
    50′ HS Walk
    4 Cleans (full squat) 225/150#
    15 Ring Dips
    40′ HS Walk
    3 Cleans (full squat) 225/150#
    10 Ring Dips
    30′ HS Walk


  19. 1) up to 235 today. Just missed one attempt at 245. Got under the bar but couldn’t hold.
    2) up to 285. Missed 295 and had to move on for time.




    – 8:52 Rx’d

  20. BBG
    1) 215, missed 225 a bunch
    2) 265, missed 275 a few times


    Modified w/ shoulder touches b/c of space issues

    M/F/S – 3/3/6

  21. Snatch – #220, #5 PR
    Clean – #265, #5 PR
    Jerk – #305, no PR
    HBBS – #340
    WOD as Rx’d 13:50

  22. BBG: Tried it this morning, didn’t have my shit together and called it a day after I bailed on a few snatches WELL under my PR.

    Strength: 355 all 7 minutes.

    As RX’d:

    BBG: Just not all there this morning.
    Strength: Warmed up to 365, but decided to drop weight. Probably for the best, 355 was a struggle.
    Conditioning: Played to my strengths. Cleans were UB for first 5, then 2 and 2, 2 and 1 for subsequent sets. Ring dips were smooth, unbroken for first set, then 9, 3, 3 for set 2. 5, 3, 2 for last set. Handstand walks were unbroken. REALLY great workout for me.

  23. BBG
    1. 195 kept missing 205 forward.
    2. 245 missed 255 jerk
    1. 335 Felt okay considering energy was low
    12:07 subbed shoulder touches for HS Walk


  24. BBG-
    Snatch- Hit 175, 185 F
    Clean & Jerk- Worked up to a 265(F)

    Strength- 315- Good weight. Glute started to strain a little at the end though


    12:20 RX- Cleans (Hard but no rest really), Ring Dips (Easy 15-5, 15, 12) Handstand walk was basically a show of me moving 3-4 feet at a time and falling over took most of the time and winded me the most.

    Glute and right shoulder a little beat up. Jerks were starting to hurt.

  25. BBG
    Snatch – Hit 162# (73kg) but Kept missing my current PR 172# (78kg)
    C&J – Wasn’t feeling it at all today. 200# (90kg) 20lbs under my current PR.

    Skipped. Had to coach classes.

    Skipped. Had to coach classes.


  26. BBG – Off day today

    1) 80kg
    2) 105kg


    155kg x 7 x 3 – Easy enough (Although always difficult the day after deadlifts)

    Skipped the metcon. Did some volume of strict pullups and strict ring dips

  27. BB Gymnastics – still light loading this week
    1. 200 reasonably comfortably (90%)
    2. 220 (75%)

    Strength – Skipped

    Time – 00:11:25

    M/F/S – 2/2/5

  28. Haven’t been posting but found some suckas that want to get strong, so we have got an outlaw class running (Huge smiley face).
    SN – 125#
    C&J – 170#
    HBBS – @185#

    Alt conditioning
    It’s good to be back and everyone is loving the programming and making big gains. Thanks guys!

  29. Did this workout Sunday night.
    335 across


    Snatch – 1RM – 92.5kg (Failed 95kg 3 times, just got heavy)
    Clean and Jerk – 1RM – 120kg (failed 125kg clean 3 times.. Will get it soon..)


    Back Squat – EMOM @85% – 110kg


    5 Cleans (100kg Squat)
    20 Ring Dip
    100ft Bear Crawl
    4 Cleans
    15 Ring Dip
    80ft Bear Crawl
    3 Clean
    10 Ring Dip
    60ft Bear Crawl

    Time: 10.24

  31. BBG:
    Sn: 215, kept missing 225… I was smoked from the week
    no CnJ, did CnJ ladder night before and hit 295 (5# PR)

    Strength: hit all reps at 295#

    HSW sucked today, 225# clean not as bad as expected – 8:07

  32. bbg)

    1) 145 5 off from pr felt really unstable standing up, not recovered from goodmornings and reverse hypers, had a bad miss at 125 that took a bunch of skin of the legs yay having to clean skin off the bar.

    2) 170 10 off from pr felt good on the clean, really bad on the jerk

    strength: skipped

    conditioning 14 min 155lb clean, 10,8,6 wall walks (managed to do my first shoulder touches prior) 15,10,10 ring dips next time full ring dips

  33. BBG:
    1.) 150, 165, 175, 190F, 190, 205F, 205F, 205F No PR
    2.) 190, 210, 230, 245F on Jerk ~ *Clean PR

    260, 260, 260, 260x2F, 245, 245

    20:00 w/205 Cleans

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