WOD 120802:

Rest day.

Tomorrow night I will have a tentative schedule of the Australian dates posted, as well as, any other dates we plan to release. I know, I know, you’re all sooooooo psyched to hear about more World Tour dates. Maybe we’ll go to Istanbul, maybe we’ll go to Kentucky—you never know.

It’s late and I’ve just finished using my hard earned strength and conditioning for one of the most challenging tasks a man can perform: putting together Ikea furniture. I don’t feel like writing anything coherent, and evidently Jay Rhodes and Kevin Simons are on vacation, because I have absolutely zero cool videos to post. This means that tonight you get a new series (which will probably only run once), called:

“5 Completely Random Ass Topics That Rudy Felt Like Saying Some Completely Pointless Shit About Because He’s Too Lazy to Write the Post During the Day.”

1) Today David Bock and I bet on our lifts. It was sort of like a skins game in golf, except we weren’t playing a pussy sport. Basically, we gambled on working out. I’ve got to give David complete credit on this one—it was fucking brilliant. There’s never been so much intensity and shit talk in one session, in all the years I’ve owned the gym. Betting on exercising… Way better than watching it.

2) Batman was good, really good. I actually teared when Alfred started crying and apologizing to Bruce Wayne’s parents. Fuck you if you’re a man and you didn’t get choked up during that part.

3) People cannot Snatch Balance. I mean no-fucking-body, not a single one. This fact makes me never want to program the movement again. I frankly cannot stand to see an entire group of humans looking like their upper torso is going to rip directly off the spinal column. If I did that, however, I’d be doing you a disservice. So I have an idea: GET BETTER AT THE EFFING MOVEMENT.

4) I just fell asleep while posting. You guys are boring me.

5) Don’t call me, don’t ever call me, EVER. If you call me I will let the phone ring and text you back. If I don’t know who you are, I’ll let it ring and never listen to your message. Why are you leaving a message? “Hey Rudy…….uh………….this is……….wanted some information on………………….”. Here’s the only information I’m available to give: next time you think about calling me go ahead and light yourself on fire. Hopefully this will burn your phone as well, but if not, at least it’ll make for a cool message.

42 thoughts on “120802

  1. This is your single greatest post to date, but that is probably just the scotch talking.

  2. Haha, you mean a SG push press and overhead squat isn’t the same as a snatch balance!!!!!!? Fuck people are dumb with sometimes, totally agree with no. 3

  3. I wanna make a random a$$ list and post it too!

    1. I take it you hated my snatch balance PR video? Eh… I tried.
    2. I vaguely remember you answering once when I called, with a surprised tone like you couldn’t believe what you’d just done.
    3. The other 2 times I’ve heard your voice on a talking machine I think it was an ungodly amount to text was your excuse.
    4. For once I didn’t fall asleep reading your post.
    5. The USA (F* yeah) dude Levya that won the Olympic bronze in gymnastics lives in Miami. I feel we have a common bond now. I have a secret desire to drive across alligator alley after he’s home from the Olympics and see if he knows what the World Series of Exercise (CrossFit Games) is! Any bets on that one?

    • One of the male gymnasts on the US team knows about CrossFit and worked with Graham Holmberg on his ring HSPUs and other stuff. He was asked if after he finishes gymnastics if he’ll compete and he said he probably would. It wasn’t Levya (is that really how you spell it?) but I’m betting they all know about it. Coincidently, though you got bronze at THE Games, winning gold at the Olympics gets you 25k as well as a a 10k tax bill. So there is another thing you have in common with Danny boy (hopefully he’s not one of those guys that cares about the lady makin’ mo’ dough).

    • …talking machine….hehe & we should invite guy in miami to the Talayna’s Party Rock Games this weekend…..(is he tall enough for you?)

  4. —open forum question–

    do others use a weight belt while doing all the lifts for this programming or just for 1rm lifts?

    using a belt everyday hinder core strength or just let you lift more because of support to help get heavier and therefore push through to bigger weight…

    or use no belt and just go as heavy as possible…

    any thoughts or preferences on weight belt use?

    • Stop reading yahoo news… Then go buy a belt .. use it when you feel you need it .. not for everything .. toes to bar suck with a weight belt on!

  5. Sorry you’re unable to maintain focus long enough to carry a real-time conversation. Your ability to snatch balance more than makes up for this deficiency.

    Snatch balance > talking.

  6. Heading up to Toronto for the weeked, any fellow outlaws up north? I know Outlaw North isn’t open yet, and I tried Tidal CrossFit but they are in the process of moving.

  7. “Don’t call me, don’t ever call me, EVER,” sounds like it should be the metal version of “Call Me Maybe.”

  8. Someones fired up tonight.
    Prob more bec of Ikea than the phone call. Fuck shitty Ikea furniture. I’d rather build something from scratch, starting with cutting down the tree!

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