Yesterday I received something I’ve been waiting on for 2 years…

Those are 35 inch “Trail Grappler” tires, and I’ve wanted them ever since I bought my truck. Yes, they’re only on stock rims right now, but soon those will be sprayed blacker than night. You may think off-road tires are ridiculous on a vehicle that’s used mostly to drop little girls off at camp, haul trash away from the gym, and ferry me to any of the 76 Starbucks strategically placed throughout the city of Alexandria. You may be right—hell, I may never use them for what they’re actually made for.

I wonder how many of you use the full potential of what you’re equipped to handle. My truck is equipped for mud, snow, dirt, brush, steep grade, extreme terrain, or a Target parking lot. I will surely get a little less gas mileage, but if the Commies attack I’ll be able to get deep into the woods to cook cans of baked beans and plan the revolution with John Welbourn over a ham radio (WOLVERINES!!!). How many times in real life do any of you use that 110kg Snatch, or sub-6-minute mile? No, I’m not talking about the athletes competitive exercisers, I’m talking about those of you who are following in your garages or local affiliates and are basically just here because you want to be the best you can. This whole discussion has to lead to a question: are you all just wasting your time with workouts, special clothing, supplements, and expensive gym memberships, just like I’m wasting money on expensive tires and extra gas?

I got an email about a month ago, it was a thank you note from some gentlemen who were downrange. The note said they were on a support mission one night and the unit they were supporting got themselves into a bit of trouble. They said they needed to get a few comrades into a chopper, but they had actually gone out on the mission heavily understaffed. When the time came, the two of them were able to do a job that’s normally performed by five men. They said they had the strength/power to move “objects” which were in the 170-200# range, and they said they had the power endurance to maintain those efforts for an extended period.

I will likely never have the chance to “prove my fitness” like the gentlemen in the previous paragraph. I use my strength for the most part to move furniture and put carry-ons into overhead bins. I use my power to toss a 55# redhead high enough out of the pool to make her think she may never splash back into the water. I use my (minuscule) endurance to install pull-up bars, mow lawns, and push strollers through airports while carrying a myriad of toys, bags, and formula delivery devices that feel an awful lot like a 40# vest when they’re all added together. It’s great to have the ability to do all these things, but these are not life or death scenarios and situations. I wonder if my time might not be better spent reading a book, or learning some sort of a craft or new skill.

My tires waste gas and look fairly ridiculous. However, if there is a place that takes special equipment or an off-road vehicle to get to; I will be able to access it. There are very few vehicles that could say they are equipped for almost any weather or geographic malady. I’ll lose $50 a year on gas to have that piece of mind. My knee always hurts and some days I lift for three hours. However, if there is any object that needs to be lifted or displaced, I will be more likely to be able to handle the task than 99.9% of the population of earth. If I am a victim of some sort of blunt force impact, am assailed by an attacker, or simply need to move out of harms way quickly; I am more equipped to handle these and other “wrong place – wrong time” scenarios than I would be if spent my free time outside of the gym.

I’ll take a little knee pain, and the $200 I paid for my Romaleos, if it means I don’t have to live with the fear of being unprepared for whatever physical test life may throw at me.

WOD 120801:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X2 Power Snatch – heavy but not maximal, rest 60 sec (exactly).
2) 5X2 Power Clean + Push Jerk – heavy but not maximal, rest 60 sec (exactly).


1a) 3X8 Good Mornings – heavy, rest 45 sec.
1b) 3X8 Reverse Hypers – heavy, rest 45 sec.
1c) 3X8 DB Seated Strict Press – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.


Row 50 Calories
150 Double-Unders
Row 50 Calories

For time.

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  1. If you’re going to paint your wheels black use Plasti-Dip. That way if you ever wanted to change the wheels back or to a different color you could just peel it off.

    • I would go a different route, I would powdercoat the wheels from someone reputable in your area ,with lower cure temps specifically for wheels. The powdercoat is more durable, looks better (IMO). If you go with the plasti-dip, or even just with a quality paint job, they will peel easily with any amount of off roading, or if you ever get a leak and get brake fluid on them. I know wheel companies (LA Wheel for example) will warranty their powdercoating products for 5 years because of the improved durability. Lastly, if you ever wanted to go back to your stock wheels, you can always find them on ebay pretty cheap, guys are always upgrading their wheels….

      • Agree to disagree. Had my wheels on my FJ plasti dipped for 1 year now with some heavy off roading once a month and no issues so far. Powdercoating is a great option as well but if you ever want stock you will have to buy new wheels.

  2. Hell yeah f&!#kin’ right!! I’m as elite as funnel cake. But I’ll move the shit out of heavy stuff, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

      • The GHD option is what I use as we haven’t yet got a reverse hyper in. The only difference being that I put a couple of abmats (finally a use for them!!) under my belly to raise my hips up so that as my legs come forward they can provide the deceompression on my lumbar spine (which is where I understand that some of the reverse hyper magic lies). So control it up and then let them fall through to stretch it out on the way down

      • This is what I do off the GHD, minus the elite exercise tights, but plus a dumbbell in between my ankles.

  3. This blog post was just ridiculously awesome. While I don’t follow your program (for now, anyways), I regularly peruse your blog and find this shit fascinating. Keep up the good work my friend.

  4. As if I wasn’t a fan of Rudy already, I find out today he drives a Ford truck and rolls around suburbia on mudders like myself. F*#! YEAH!

  5. This is something that crossed my mind this weekend while I was moving myself to a new apartment. Why do spend all this time w barbell gymnastics and conditioning? Because I don’t want any help moving. Every person asked me “did your friends help?” and I confidently said “nope, didn’t need them.” and as much as I love my friends, damn it felt good to say that. Thanks Rudy. See you in Palm Desert.

  6. This is, by far, the greatest “why be in shape?” post I have ever read. Also, as a denizen of (the as-yet-world-tour-stopless) Northern California, I appreciate the link to Miranda’s ordeal, which I have shared with several of my clients already. Thank you, Coach. Thank you.

  7. Question is who is peeing in the radiator. What a great movie growing up. For you under 30 the movie is Red Dawn…now go watch it

  8. yeah, great post coach.

    being somewhat fit saved my life when i fell down a cliff back in ’07, subsequently making me obsessed with becoming more and more fit after they put my fingers and wrist back together.

    some people think i’m obsessed and i spend too much time in the gym, but knowing from experience that following “The Way” could very well save my life or someone else’s someday is all the motivation i need.

    also being fit has smaller perks.. like when you open a booby trapped fridge but somehow manage to save the giant falling jar of pickles with your ninja cat reflexes. stuff like that happens all the time and we hardly notice.

  9. Good to know others look at crossfit the same way i do. Always thought people would look at me like I was 6 types of tinfoilhat crazy if I told them because I think it will save my life or someone else’s someday.

  10. Great post. Tactical athletes can definitely benefit from your programming….
    Those tire would look good on one of these…

  11. Outstanding post! Life may force you to be an “athlete” someday when you least expect it. We have control over very little, but we always have control of our level of fitness and our level of preparedness.

  12. Been to war…..check
    Saved some lives…..check
    Ran over by a car while walking…..check
    Still lifting heavy shit……..Thanks Coach
    See you in the desert!

  13. From what I understand from the rap music I heard while in The States, I believe it’s imperative you put some Ds on that bitch.

    But I could be wrong, rap music raises more questions than it answers.

  14. This post prompted me to finally post a comment here. I’ve often wondered how many exercisers there were like me out there. I work out of my garage, doing shit like pulling bumpers across my backyard as a sub for rope climbs, squeezing a couple 35# db’s together as a sub for a 2 pood kb, and knocking the SHIT out of my garage door opener during a workout with a plate on a barbell. Or maybe I’m the only one that’s done that, whatever.

    My snatch pr is 195, I finally broke 400# on a deadlift a couple weeks ago and I RARELY (as in, can’t think of a single day that I haven’t subbed/scaled something) do the work as RX’d. Last year, I had to drop out of the Open because I couldn’t clean the #165 for the Thruster wod. This year I got 9 muscle-ups. I am not an elite exerciser. But I enjoy the shit out of the commentary, programming, and douchebaggery in the comments every day. People I work with think I am some fucking athletic god that should be playing in the NFL or something because I fucked up my shin one day and explained to them what a 30″ box jump was.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for giving me the ability to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse and to be able to load the shit out of a cart full of groceries. I’m probably a bitch for not posting previously when you asked that everyone post results no matter their ability when you were gathering information in a testing cycle a few months ago, so …my bad.

    • I also train purely for the zombie apocalypse in my garage. My garage with a shattered light fixture that I broke on a ME jerk.

      I train at a wannabe-elite level and scale/sub on almost every workout.

      My friends think I’m fit because I climb a rope in a tree and c&j over BW.

      I never post in the comments. There’s more of us than you think.

    • You might be impregnating the bar kicking your bar path out in front of you instead of vertical causing you to have to jump forward to get under the bar.
      pull it up, don’t fuck it out

    • Looks to me like you cue your hips too soon, without full extension you lose a lot of power and push the bar horizontally rather than pulling vertically. This would cause the bar to push out and low, which you compensate for by jumping forward. Also your first position is really horizontal, you need to pull your chest upright so it’s more like a snatch and less like a Pendlay row. Compare your hips to Lu’s here and you’ll see what I mean.

      extends hips fully, starts in more vertical position and it causes a more vertical bar path.

    • Make sure you make contact with the pelvis. Looks like you cut the pull a little short

  15. Great post Rudy. I actually got to test my ability as an elite exerciser two weeks ago when I hit a car at 60km/h (Im in Canaduh) going down a hill on my bike. The driver turned left in front of my at the last second and I hit the front quarter panel of the car. I flew 40 ft through the air, and landed directly on my head in oncoming traffic. My helmet cracked in half in three spots and my wheels on the bike snapped in half with the force of the impact.

    I heard it from the Paramedics, Firefighters, Doctors and nurses: If I didn’t have the same build, strength in my neck or flexibility, Id be typing this from a wheelchair right now. All of them made reference to similar accidents where people either died or became para or quadriplegics. I made it out with minimal road rash, a sore wrist/neck and I had to wear a neck collar for three days after. I was back riding a stationary bike within 5 and I did a light workout on the 6th.

    I owe my life to this stuff and I hope a lot of people don’t have to go through the same test anytime soon.

  16. Heck yes I love toays post. I feel the same way. I actually educate my clients that CrossFit is preparing you for the apocalypse lol, and you can expect to see me jumping from roof top to roof top holding a freshly killed antelope for dinner in one arm and my loving family in the other. Hahaha.. A little over the top but better safe than sorry. do work! Cb CrossFit Awaken Beaumont Ca.

  17. Well being in the Military and soon to be Police Officer, i am sure i will get to use my fitness more than once.. Very grateful that Crossfit found me… Time to eat some breakfast and fucking DESTROY!!!

  18. BBG:
    1) 60Kg
    2) 80Kg

    1) 60Kg
    2) 12.5Kg guntered
    3) 24kg-20Kg-20Kg

    DU – 3:33


  19. BBG
    1. 165, 165, 165, 165, 165
    2. 205, 215, 215, 215, 215

    Wasn’t very happy with these. Dead legs after the squats yesterday.

    1a. 125, 135, 135
    1b. 75, 75, 75 (Subbed Weighted Back Extensions)
    1c. 135, 135, 135


    Went how I expected it to almost to the second. Needed a good double under day if I was going to go faster than this. They weren’t bad they were just average.

    Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow.

  20. Alright wrist found to have a minor stress fracture + bit of a sprain, so I say “hey doc, what about lifting”… He says “dont do it….. well… since yer not gonna listen just wrap the f*** out of it with tape until yer fingers turn blue!” cool deal, but decided since Cleans are the worst on it I just cut them out and kept Snatches light enough that it doesn’t hurt but was still a pretty good weight for me.

    1) 115# for all sets
    2) did Clean Pulls 185# + DB press 45#

    a) 115, 135, 145#
    b) did GH Raises
    c) 45, 55, 50#

    no rower so did about 2:00 on an exercise bike balls to the wall for each 50 cal row
    DU still suck for me they took roughly 5:00

  21. Hi Coach,
    It was nice to meet you when I stopped by in Alexandria a few weeks ago.
    Carl loved his shirt, and the message you put on it for him.
    He’s only going to put the shirt on for DLs that exceed 400#.
    I liked today’s post a lot.
    One of my CrossFit friends likes to quote another coach who says he does it “so that he won’t suck at life.”
    JT Kalnay

  22. BBG:

    1. 115, 120, 120, 125, 125
    2. 145, 150, 155, 160, 165

    Strength: No reverse hyper, so did triplet from outlawcrossfit.com (ME HSPU, seated DB press, good mornings)

    1a (HSPU) 8,5,3
    1b (DB press) 45 across
    1c (good mornings) 115, 125, 125


    Have been subbing all running with rowing lately due to meniscus tear and the thought of another session on the rower made me want to stick a pencil in my eye. Did different conditioning involving a barbell and burpees.

  23. BBG
    1) 115 x 2, 120 x 2, 125 x 1
    2) 165 across the board, several missed jerks
    all lifts very ugly today

    a) 135
    b) 110 x 2, 160
    c) 44# KB’s

    8:04 (a hair over 3min on DU)


  24. BBG:
    1) 125-125-115-115-120
    2) 155-155-155-160-160


    1st row – 2:38
    did some double unders and stopped, not feeling it today

    MFS – 4/8/4

  25. I don’t post results on this site and I’m nowhere near the athlete as most Outlaws, but being a police officer in what is known as the “murder capital of the US” I credit Crossfit with saving my life multiple times over.

    Whether it has been movement during a shootout, wrestling 300 pounders, or chasing down gangbangers half my age I don’t think I would be here to say thanks with out this training. Thank you to Rudy and all the CF trainers who dedicate themselves to making others better.

    Also thank you to all of the service members who have used this training in combat, what I do cannot even compare to what you have to deal with.

  26. snatch: 120# across the board
    c&j: 155# across the board

    good mornings: 75# (never done them before)
    rev. hyper: 90#
    db press: 40# each hand

    conditioning: 8:05

  27. RESULTS:
    1) 115-135-145-155-155(very tight, pull out front)
    2) 155-165-175-185-195

    1a) 95-115-135
    1b) 20
    1c) 45

    1) 8:27 No rower, used the air dyne

  28. BBG
    1 power snatch) 5×2 @ 205
    2 power clean + push jerk) 5×2 @ 235

    1) 185, 205, 205
    2) got creative, stacked some gymnastics mats on top of some boxes so i could lay my torso down on the top and held onto a pole for support, held a 20# med ball between my ankles, pretty similar to the feel of an actual reverse hyperextension.
    3×8 @ 20# med ball
    3) subbed barbell seated strict press (sat on a 16″ box, no back support)
    155, 155, 165

    8:14 rx

    PS: Peeps not posting results yet… Start posting!, This program is free, the least we can do is share our results. It’s not about being up to par with those who post regularly, it’s about tracking results.

    If someone makes fun of you for scaling or having low numbers they are most likely a skinny quadded twit with a very small penis.. As long as you don’t whine, cry, be a negative nancy, or act like a douche-nozzle in any way you’ll be fine.. just do it.

  29. Just wanted to share the best training advice I have heard in awhile, “Pick one guy to listen to; one guy with a proven track record of getting results and do exactly what he says. Don’t question it, don’t read differing opinions, and don’t second-guess. Just do it. For six months straight.” I’m posting this because there are forums with OUTLAW way threads and they keep asking what they should add to it or what they should do differently for one reason or another.

  30. BBG
    1. 155, 175, 180 (fail 2nd), 180, 180
    2. 185, 205, 215, 225, 225

    1a. 135, 155, 155
    1b. done
    1c. 55, 55, 55*7

  31. WOLVERINES!!! Forget the Commies… you’re ready for the inevitable Zombie Apocolypse!

  32. Hoping for some critiques on my snatch form. Been following for a little over 3 months and have seen improvements in every area EXCEPT snatch, which has actually gone down (from 185 to 170#, same as hang & pwr snatch PR). I know it’s shitty form, but can’t pinpoint exactly what to work on. Two recent vids:

    155# on hip height boxes
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh9hpJUxASM&w=560&h=315%5D

    165# x2 above the knee
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq_6dR3jJZw&w=560&h=315%5D

    Thanks for the help.

  33. First time poster.

    Power snatch
    5×2 @ 80kg

    Power Clean and Push Jerk
    5×2 @ 100kg

    1. 60kg
    2. Don’t have, used plyo boxes with weird reverse hyper.
    3. 53lb kb

    8:08 as RX


    Legs dead after yesterday’s session

  34. First Time Posting Here -Lvl 1 (Read: $1000 T-Shirt) with Collegiate Wrestling Background turned white collar office dweller.

    About 1 week into the programming. Feels good getting my ass kicked. Even if I never use my constantly varied fitness in a real context it does give me access to that sweet, sweet endorphin-crack.

    1.) 145, 155, 155, 155, 155 -felt light but still working on stability in my catch.
    2.) 2×5 @ 225 -Felt strong and fast here

    1a.) #155
    1b.) Sub Straight Leg Deadlift -#195
    1c.) #55


    M/F/S 3/5/6

  35. Nice wheels… how about an updated registration or some A/C? Got that yet 🙂

  36. BB

    P Snatch – 185lb – 185lb – 185lb – 195lb – 205lb
    P Clean&PJerk – 185lb – 185lb – 205lb – 225lb – 225lb




    6:51 rx

    Definitely feeling fatigued today..looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. I posted just for you Zachary

  37. BBGym:
    1) 115, 115, 120, 120(1), 115
    2) 155, 155, 155, 155, 160

    1a) 120#
    1b) done
    1c) 35, 40, 45

    Conditioning: Once again interrupted at globo (had to use rower), some bro kept getting in my way curling in the squat rack (obviously) and then the owners yelled at me because apparently there is a designated jump roping spot which they just so happen to be using for an employee meeting. So, had to cut the DU’s short by about 60.


  38. BB
    Power snatch – 75kg – 77,5kg – 77,5kg – 77,5kg – 80kg Everything tough and go
    Power clean/pushjerk – 90kg – 90kg – 92,5 kg – 92,5kg – 95kg

    Good mornings; 50kg
    Reverse hypers: Done
    DB seatet strict press – 2x20kg – 2x24kg – 2x24kg (kettlebells)

    6:08 RX (did 143 DU unbroken then failed twice on the last 7!)

  39. Morning:
    Snatch 135 across board
    Power clean and jerk. 225 power pr

    Grace 2:40 pr
    Then 50 wb
    Good mornings 135
    Seated press 115, no dbs and kbs felt awkward

    7:25, first row @ 38 s/m, du’s were ugly and second row @ 33 s/m

  40. BBG

    Snatches – 165 for all
    C+J – 195×2, 215×3


    GM – 145 for all
    RH – GHD with purple and red band
    DB SP – 55lb/hand for all


    ~1cal/stroke, 3 sets on DU

  41. Power snatch -75kg, 80,kg, 80 kg 85, kg, 85kg
    Power clean and jerk- 105kg,110kg, 110kg, 115, kg, 120 kg

    1a- 105kg
    1b used the ghd machine with a 10 pound med ball
    1c 60lbs


  42. Great post Rudy. Made me feel like an asshole so I pr’d my front squats last night

    PS 135×4 140×1
    C+J 165-185 working on sweeping the bar into my hip


    6:34 Good push from the partner

  43. BBG: Kept the weight a bit lighter this time around.
    1) 75kg
    2) 95kg

    1a) 80kg, 80, 80
    1b) 25lb slam ball on GHD
    1c) 50lb, 55, 55


  44. 5×2 PS 185, 205, 215, 215, 215
    5×2 PC/J 245, 265, 265, 275, 285

    1a. 135
    1b. 180
    1c. 65 each hand

    Conditioning: 9:33

  45. BBG:
    1) 90-90-90-95-95
    2) 125-130-130-135-135

    1a) 85
    1b) banded hanging off the back of the GHD
    1c) 35

    1) 10:31 rx

  46. BBG-
    Snatch– All done at 115. 1 miss but grabbed the bar and quickly made up for it
    C&J– 135,135,145,145,145.. Working on speed with the Push Jerk

    Snatches are getting alot better.. Was actually doing full snatches today just trying to GTG on dropping into that squat, confidence is way up compared to what it was.. Where i would normally use 95-100lbs to work on snatches i am using 115 with confidence now.. Cant wait to go for another PR, chipping away at this lift everytime i do it.

    1a.) All done at 115
    1b.)Used the machine for this again pin set at 40 for each leg.. Think i can come up with a better sub.
    1c) 45s,55s,55s… All reps complete

    We dont have a Concept 2 at my gym.. Oh how i wish we did, i dont know how set it to row for calories.. So i just rowed 1k and it started acting up the second set and would start the countdown on meters i was rowing, i was pulling but nothing was happening.. Got pissed and said screw it, went and worked on DU’s some more.
    No time..

    Btw, I am the only Crossfitter at my gym and I got a nike shirt that said “The Real Deal” on it today.. By the end of everything it was drenched in sweat and half the people in there looked like they havent even broken a sweat.. One lady was going at a VERY slow pace on the eliptical thing while drinking a protein shake.. While i was puttin in work, i represented Crossfit for sure at my gym today.. Felt awesome!!!

  47. BBG: p snatch up to 155
    P clean and jerk up to 205 missed 2nd jerk @215
    Strength : a)135
    B) done on plyo box with 20# med ball
    C) 50#
    Conditioning: 8:00

  48. BBG
    1) 100
    2) 135


    1a) 35-65-85
    1b) 20# MB off of GHD
    1c) 25-25-30


  49. Strength
    1.) Good AMs 225 – made sure to stretch before and after. I get too damn sore otherwise.
    2.) no reverse hyper- subbed 8x 44″ box jumps
    3.) 165lb seated bb press

    6:02 – stupid rower turned off after jumping rope and cost me some time.

    • Not happy with my time. Redid half the conditioning. 2:45. Using a different rope and messed up on the double-unders like 4 times lol. Frustrating!

    • not happy with your time, best time on the board by almost 30 seconds with your row machine craping out on you. You we averaging 1calorie or dub every 1.4 seconds that is blazing not even countin a 10 short transition time.

  50. BBG



    missed a lot of push jerks today

    goodmornings 155
    reverse hyper blue band
    seated sp 60,60,70

    <3 DUs

  51. BBG:
    1) 155# for all sets
    2) 205# x2 sets, 215#, 225# x2 sets (f last jerk)

    1a) 135# for all
    1b) 45# DB off the GHD
    1c) 65# (sets of 6)


  52. BB Gymnastics

    1-185 all sets with one miss on the 4th set
    2- 225 all sets, no misses


    1b-blue band on GHD
    1c-50# (heaviest available)



  53. BBG
    Snatch- 165, 175, 185, 190, 195
    C&J – 215, 225, 235, 245, 250

    GM – 165, 185, 205
    No hypers
    SP – 55, 60×2

    Conditioning – 6:44

  54. BBG
    Snatch- 165(f), 165(f), 165, 165, 165
    C&J – 185 for all sets

    GM – 145 for all sets
    fuck a twinkie
    SP – 55

    Did 3 rounds of:
    135# hang power cleans x 15
    15 burpees
    Time: 6:29

  55. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch- 135-155-165-165-175
    C&J- 205-215-215-215-220

    Good Mornings-95
    Subbed Hug the Twinkie(no reverse hyper)
    Shoulder Press- 95(barbell standing my press sucks)


  56. 1) 175, 175, 175, 185, 185
    2). 225 for all five, no fails

    1a) 115, never did good mornings before
    1b) green band on ghd
    1c) 24 kg kb

    Conditioning 7:10

    Really enjoying outlaw programming. Just started two weeks ago. I have an Olympic lifting background but that was 12 years ago. C&j is strong but squat snatch needs a shit ton of work. And pretty much any other crossfit movement needs work

  57. 1) 165×2 175×3
    2) 205 225×4

    1a) 135
    1b) no weight
    1c) 53 kb

    Subbed 600m run


  58. BBG: 1.) 65 kg, 68, 68, 70, 70
    2.) 70, 75, 75, 80, 84

    Strength: 1.) 65
    2.) 225#
    3.) 45 DB, heaviest at the gym

    Conditioning: 8:47 RX – Doubles got a bit sloppy after 100, but rows felt pretty good.


  59. Barbell Gymnastics:
    Power Snatch: 5×2@145
    Power Clean&Jerk: 5×2@205

    Good Mornings: 135,155, 135
    Did the homemade Reverse Hyper
    Seated DB Press: 55, 65, 65

    Conditioning: 12:00, I suck bad at D/u’s. If I can get in a rhythm I m OK but getting there when a little tired is the hard part.

  60. BBG:
    Snatch: 84
    CJ: 109

    50# (heaviest available)

    8:15 (i totally dogged the DUs and split it up into sets like a fucknut; rows were solid and fast)

  61. BBG
    1) 155
    2) 185

    1a) 135
    1b) 40 (made a homemade GHD out of a plyo box and put a DB b/w feet)
    1c) 50


  62. BBG –
    1.) Power Snatch
    • 125 – 125 – 130 – 130 – 130 #
    • 57 – 57 – 59 -59 – 59 kg
    – Feeling ok about these. I’m finding that I’m pressing out on the last set. Wrist was hurting a tiny bit.

    2.) Power Clean + Push Jerk
    • 176 – 176 – 176 – 176 – 196#
    • 80 – 80 – 80- 80- 89 kg
    – Wrist were feeling wonky at first so… Did this after the conditioning. I think 196# might be a PR for push jerk. Still looking that up. But yay for 41# over body weight!

    1a) Good Mornings
    • 65 – 85 – 95#
    – Feeling better about the weight. Still new at doing good morning.
    1b) Reverse Hyper (Subbed banded hug a twinkie)
    • 2 Small red bands
    – Didn’t feel right w/ bands, so I ended up doing 10 hug a twinkie with an abmat under my hips. Need to find a good sub for this.
    1c) DB Seated Strict Press
    • 35-35-35#
    – Left arm is lagging still. Finding weak lock out. Maybe should do more tricep work?

    Conditioning –
    9:07 RX
    – Felt really shitty rowing. Couldn’t keep a good pace and I’m sure being short doesn’t help. Double unders were alright. Was having trouble stringing more than 30 together at a time.

  63. —open forum question–

    do others use a weight belt while doing all the lifts for this programming or just for 1rm lifts?

    using a belt everyday hinder core strength or just let you lift more because of support to help get heavier and therefore push through to bigger weight…

    or use no belt and just go as heavy as possible…

    any thoughts or preferences on weight belt use?

  64. BBG-
    1) 135×3, 145(pr for 2), 155(f)
    2) 185×4, 205(f on second jerk)
    1a) 135×3
    1b) 25# gh raises
    1c) 55×3

  65. Was on a hurry today….
    1) 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 50kg
    2) 50kg, 55kg, 55kg, 60kg, 60kg

    1a) 30kgs
    1b) 45lbs (need to go 50lb next time I think)
    1c) 25lbs (hard call, last rep was a struggle each set, but feel I could have gone heavier…)

    Sub’d 800m runs for the rows, no access to an erg

    12:22 (wasn’t the runs lol-but this programming is forcing me to get better!)

    Rough week. Chiropractor working out my hip issues so super miserable. For those who don’t post – posting here and making myself do it everyday gets me through the tough times, makes me do the programming the best I can, and get better. Accountability does amazing things for performance.

  66. BBG
    1) Worked up to a painful 195, then dropped to 185 for 4 sets and focused on technique
    2) Worked up to 215…

    a) 245
    b) med-ball reverse hypers off the GHD – sets of 20 @ 20#
    c) 55#


    M/F/S – 3/3/7 (everything hurt today)

  67. BBG
    1) 75 to 145lbs
    2) 145 to 175lbs
    Went light because I’m recovering from injury.
    6:45 felt good
    Du- 30-100-20

  68. BB Gym

    1)60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 70kg, 70kg
    2)80kg, 85kg, 90kg, 90kg, 90kg



    • bloody phone..

      1a) 3 x 10 Good morning 60kg
      1b) 3 x 10 Standing Shoulder Press 60kg



      Tough. 20 second walk between stations. Both rows done in 2.30. Double unders done in about 10 sets

  69. BBG:
    1. 155, 165, 175, 180, 185
    2. 185, 195, 205, 215, 225

    1a) 95# should have gone heavier
    1b) Reverse Hyper with Blue band on GHD
    1c) 45, 45, 55lb DB

    6:48 RX
    (1:57 1st row, 2:12 2nd row, Wore my Oly Shoes so Doubles Sucked!)

  70. Drywall has convinced me to stop lurking, and start posting.

    1. 85 85 95 95 100
    2. 135 135 135 135 135
    1a. worked my way up to 105
    1b 12 lbs
    1c 27 lb db
    Subbed running for the row (Since Runners World told me you burn 100 cal in a mile, I did the math and ran 1/2 mile, I’m good)

    Total Time 13:03
    DU’s took 6-7 minutes, not bad for me since I can only string together 20 at a time

  71. BB Gymnastics
    1) 5X2 Power Snatch

    2) 5X2 Power Clean + Push Jerk

    1a) 3X8 Good Mornings

    1b) 3X8 Reverse Hypers

    1c) 3X8 DB Seated Strict Press

    Row 50 Calories
    150 Double-Unders
    Row 50 Calories


  72. BBG
    Power Snatch – 135×2, 145×2, 155
    Power C+J – 185×3, 205×2
    1a) 135
    1b) 1 inch band
    1c) 60#
    Conditioning – 11:15

  73. BBG

    Power snatch – 90# x2,101# x2,110 x1
    Power C & J – 132# x4, 154# x1 technique isn’t too clever on the jerk keep working at it!


    Good mornings
    Strict press



    Took a rest day yesterday!

  74. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X2 Power Snatch – 135lb-155lb
    2) 5X2 Power Clean + Push Jerk – 185lb-230lb


    1a) 3X8 Good Mornings – 110lb
    1c) 3X8 DB Seated Strict Press – 110lb (barbell)


    Row 50 Calories
    150 Double-Unders
    Row 50 Calories

    For time.

  75. BBG

    1a) 135-145-150
    1b) 20-20-20 (Ghetto style with medball between legs on regular GHD)
    1c) 125-130-130 (seated barbell press)

    9:41 …only moving at about 75% since I either have allergies or a cold coming on. Rows felt good (1 cal/pull), broke doubleunders into 10 sets of 15 w/ short rest between.

  76. BBG-
    1) 155 all
    2) 205 all
    Went lighter than normal but these felt heavy today.

    135 all (too light)
    20lb Med ball (no heavier ball)
    70, 70, 75 (75 were about right real struggle)


    10:20 my doubles just suck did 10-30 a set for the most part. Normally strong on row but had a few that I did not get a cal on a pull.

  77. BBG
    Snatch 70, 80, 80, 80, 80kg
    Power clean and push jerk 100, 102.5, 105, 107.5, 107.5kg (missed last jerk)
    GM 60, 70, 70kg
    Reverse hyper on a ghd @ bw
    Seated press 22.5, 25, 27.5kg / hand
    Mfs = 264

  78. BBG:
    PS: 135, 155, 165, 175, 185(F)
    PC+J: 205, 225, 245, 255, 265

    1A) 135
    1B) 20lb
    1C) 40-50-50



    PS: Got away from me on the last one. Think I got a little to cocky with it.
    PC+J: 10 pounds under my Squat Clean and Jerk PR. Feeling stronger everyday. GOAL: Break 300 Pounds by mid september
    Conditioning: Felt smooth and fast, Tripped up on double unders because I grabbed the wrong rope, but very pleased.

  79. BB Gymnastics
    1. 155 x 5
    2. 185 x 5

    1A. Weighted Back Extensions – 45, 45, 45
    1B. Strict TTB – 3 x 10
    1C. 55, 55, 55

    00:06:26 – A lot of excuses

    M/F/S – 2/2/4

  80. BBG
    1. 155, 166, 171, 171,171
    2. 205, 216, 221, 227, 227
    1a. 135, 135, 136
    1b. did on GHD with 30lbs between ankles
    1c. did bench b/c did press yesterday 203, 214, 225
    8:07 DU sucked today had 10+ fails. Rows weren’t exactly fast either

  81. power snatch

    power clean n jerk


    db seated press
    55/55 5+3/ 45

    metcon: rx 6:34

  82. One big Ef Yea for this post. My son and I have been going to the pool lately and at 4 years old he has found the confidence to jump off the diving board in the deep end and doggy paddle his way to the side of the pool. I happen to be the only parent who still does one and halves and gainers and the occasional cannonball (when requested by the little man) with their kid. My kid is extremely active, and I honestly don’t think I could come close to being an active dad without training the way I do. I always try to preach this to my clients, but some still don’t get it. Great stuff, Rudy.

    P. Sn: 145-155-165-165-175
    P. CnJ: 185-195-205-215-225

    1a) 135-155-155
    1b) GHD style w/ db: 25-25-32.5
    1c) 35-45-50

    7:30 – my hammies were shot.

  83. BBG:
    P. Sn: 70-75-80-80-82.5kg
    P. CnJ: 100-110-115-115(1)-115kg

    1a) 80-80-80kg
    1b) Back Ext 15-15-15kg
    1c) 20-20-20kg

    5:40 rx felt good both rows took just over 2mins and did 3 sets of 50 unbroken reps for du’s.

  84. bbg
    1) 105/110/115/120/120
    2) 135/140/140/145/150

    1a) 115
    1b) 45 lb
    1c) 45lb

    conditioning subbed 400m run 150 du 400m run: 9:20

  85. BBG
    Power Snatch EMOM UB reps (kilos):
    50/2×3 55/2×3 60/2×3 65/2×3 70/2×3 75/2×3 80/2×3 84/2 – way up from last week
    Power Clean & Push Jerk EMOM UB
    70 70 75 75 80 80 85 85 90 90 95 95 100 100

    1a) Good Morning 70kg/8 90kg/8 100kg/8
    1b) Reverse Hyper 3×8 @ 170
    1c) Seated DB Shoulder Press 2×50/8 2×55/8 2×60/5 2×60/7pr

    Conditioning: 7:30

  86. BBG:
    1.) 125, 135, 145, 150, 155
    2.) 165, 175, 185, 190, 195

    1a.)135, 145, 145
    1b.)35, 37.5, 40 (GHD w/BB between feet)
    1c.)60, 60, 60


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