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December 7th – December 9th
Providence, RI
CrossFit Providence

December 12th – December 14th (this is Wed-Fri)
Miami, FL
I Am CrossFit

March 1st – March 3rd
Dallas, TX
CrossFit Deep Ellum

March 8th – March 10th
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CrossFit Virtuosity

March 29th – March 31st
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Outlaw North

April 5th – April 7th
Murfreesboro, TN
CrossFit Murfreesboro

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Today Jay Rhodes was painting at Outlaw North. He has been working so hard trying to get the place open, he hasn’t had much time to work out. He decided, however, he wouldn’t let work stop him today. He decided he’d get his Front Squats in while painting (yes, he’s like 3 days behind), and he’d use his work as a chance to get some hypoxic training in. You know, just in case you ever need to do a weightlifting meet at a severe oxygen deficit. Effing Canadians, so smart.

WOD 120728:

BB Gymnastics

1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch.
2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.

Notes: Treat this like a meet. Warmup to a few heavy singles, including your opener, then plan your attempts wisely. Do not just guess at your lifts. Have a plan in mind before the first lift, then take approximately 2-4 minutes in between attempts. DO NOT allow yourself more than 3 attempts of each lift.


Work quickly to a near 2RM HBBS. Then every 30 seconds, for 5 sets, remove 5% and perform 2 reps.

Notes: Your “near” 2RM should be a difficult first rep and a VERY difficult second rep. Do not miss, but do not cut yourself short. Try to get to your “near” 2RM with no more than 5 sets.


4 Deficit HSPU 4″/3″
12 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
8 Deficit HSPU 4″/3″
8 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
12 Deficit HSPU 4″/3″
4 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
150 Double-Unders
12 Deficit HSPU 4″/3″
4 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
8 Deficit HSPU 4″/3″
8 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
4 Deficit HSPU 4″/3″
12 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#

For time.

103 thoughts on “120728

  1. Rudy, I don’t mean to be a shit but any way a few questions I been working the program on the days training is light for my unit and or I’m not playing with guns in the woods. I am also my units functional fitness coach (cf), for about 120 infantry dudes, known for taking souls of men befor the sun comes up in our box, it means alot for me to attend your camp befor my up coming deployment to a certin shit hole most of America has forget we are even fighting in, the providence RI looks like a doable drive from from fort drum. Here are the ?

    Is there a military discount you offer ?

    If my dates don’t match up for what ever reason can I please have my money back ?

    If it starts to sell out befor I can put the funds together can you please hold me a slot ?

    I know you guys are in high demand so I’ll completely understand if it’s no to all of the above, and won’t toss the outlaw name under the bus to bad, keep doing great shit for the community !!!

    Very respectfully SSG JOMO FIELDS

    • Spelling was the worst, sorry I am grunt, sending from my phone in the woods (really), fml isn’t it Friday

      • A hand out a you out of your mind you fucking shit head, why would I wanna pay a none refundable price for something I might not even be in the country for, a hand out, fuck it

      • Send him a email SSG and see what he says.. I knew somebody on here was gonna say something like that. Good luck in your up coming tour!

  2. Lol @ rhodes: “why didnt you do it outside?thats not healthy”


  3. So amped! Finally got our gyms top CrossFitters on board with giving “The Way” a shot. Starting Monday everyone who wants to compete (individual or team) will be following The Outlaw Way. We’ll have about 10-14 people following so I won’t have to do all the workouts by myself anymore

  4. Snatch
    90kg, 97.5kg, 102.5kg miss
    Clean and Jerk
    120kg, 127.5kg miss, 128.5kg
    Total = 226kg (498lb)

    HBBS ~2RM @ 160kg
    % work done at 152.5, 145, 136, 128.5, 120

    Overestimated length (don’t we all!) 2 x 10kg + 1 5kg plate (5″ total) either side of an abmat for HSPU, 85kg for HPC
    Absolute grinder of a session but refused to stop
    Total time = 33:16
    HSPU the weak link, but getting 48 done off a deficit is a huge PB

    MFS = 344

    • Nice work!! I was looking for someone posting their time for conditioning. I felt the same as you…DON’T STOP!

  5. Dude, definitely going to have to write that rep scheme down for the conditioning.

  6. If you live south of Waco Tx. Make some noise we need a world tour stop in Austin or Boerne. Free tip- don’t teach a 8am class if the world tour goes live at 8am. Dallas sold out in 7min.

  7. BBG:
    85-90-96kg(F) – 198lbs
    105-110-116Kg(F) – 256lbs – 1Kg PB on Clean

    135Kg – 297lbs

    HPC harder than HSPU – HPC were very Diamond Dave’s Weightlifting Dojo


  8. Anyone else see this yet. It’s another program that essentially follows the same methods as Rudy. Only difference is they do more maxing/ train 6 days a week( from what they posted so far)

  9. BBG:

    1) 215, 225 (f), 225(f)

    2) 245, 265, 285 (f jerk)

    Bad day on oly lifts today, just wasn’t feeling it


    1.1) 365 (PR!!!) sorry, squats were feeling way too good to not go for a PR, and it went up easy too!

    1.2) 345, 335, 315, 295, 275 every 30 seconds for 5 sets


    16:51, all hang power clean UB, DU were very sloppy and HSPU weren’t too bad once I started consistently kipping 3-4 reps per effort

    Good day after the bad oly lifts

  10. snatch- 215# tied old PR! i usually can’t hit 205# so I was pretty pumped
    cnj- 260#, 5# PR!

    no squats- no time and back feeling kinda shitty

    conditioning- 18:40- hspu’s were a break. I suck at anything from the hang so i was just happy to get through this at all. dubs were 70-30-30-20. took about 2 mins total for those.

  11. snatch 275# 5# under all time p.r. attempts went 255, 275, 285 (miss)
    cnj 285# 30# under all time p.r. attempts went 285, 305 (missed jerk), 305 (missed jerk)

    hbb squats new 2rm=385 which was my old 1rm,
    went 375, 355, 345, 335, 325 every 30 seconds for 5×2 hbbs

    conditionings- 17:28 rx- went unbroken on hang cleans and destroyed them. fought through the deficit hspu as fast as i could, double unders went okay. first ever conditioning wod with deficit hspu so happy day.

    keep up the great work Outlaw nation

  12. Snatch: 185, 190(f), 190(PR)
    C&J: Pinched a nerve or something in my trap/shoulder during my snatch attempts, pushed through for the next 2 attempts but didn’t go for the C&J

    Squats: 2RM: 305, Doubles at 290, 290, 275, 275, 280

  13. Snatch: 185, 195(tied PR), 205f too far forward of body, but plenty high enough to catch

    Clean and jerk: 225, 235 f out of hole, 235 f out of hole, just couldn’t power past the parallel sticking point of standing (245 is PR)

    Strength: worked to 285, for 2. Then I read this wrong, thought you drop 5% once and do all 10 reps at 95%. Thought this seemed wrong, Derr…
    So did, 270, 270f, 265×4

    No deficit on HSPU, also did strict hspu for first few sets, threw in kips for last few.
    HPC rx’d


    Sweat so much I twisted a 2 foot puddle of sweat out of my shirt in the parking lot, got some strange looks while leaving because I was soaked.

  14. ok pretty pissed about the work so far today
    decided to w/u with a couple light reps @ 115# result – f,f,f,f WHAT THE FUCK! so I just started the work
    145 (no problem), 155(f), 160(f) PR is 165# last week only hit 155# after numerous f’s
    Not great either but ok
    215(f on Jerk), 215, 225(f) PR is 225#

    HBBS 2RM 275# last HBBS 1RM was (a long ass time ago) 275# so felt good bout this
    % work 260, 245, 235, 220, 210#

    gonna lick my wounds then do this later.

  15. BBG:
    1) 175, 190, 210(f) – So fucking close!
    2) 245, 265 (f jerk), 265 (f jerk)

    Strength: 2PM 305
    then 290, 275, 260, 245, 230

    Got through the double unders at 12:30 and cut it.

  16. Snatch: 82.5 (new PR, my snatch sucks and I’ve pretty much been muscle snatching everything, including the 80 before this 82.5, then I started to feel it and get under today; then I missed 85 a few times, shocked myself by getting under the weight and my coach was like – keep doing that! not miss, get under. LOL)
    CJ: 113 (pr)

    Skipped squats – time

    Conditioning: 18:38

  17. Went and seen a coach this morning to work on the Snatch..Helped me out alot, still far from perfect.. Only looks perfect with 65lbs lol, once i add weight it starts getting ugly again. But a few small things i was doing wrong were corrected and i just had to go for a PR.

    Snatch- Hit 135lbs for a PR.. Still not alot of weight but still got some form to work on, next weekend will be another PR now that i know what to work on next week, i can feel it… Barely missed 140 twice, lost it in the bottom of the squat.. One I landed flat on my butt haha.

    Clean and Jerk- Hit 170lbs for a 5lb PR and finally can jerk my own body weight..
    Gotta work on a harder drive outta the dip and a longer split.

  18. Conditioning:

    13:37 Rx!

    Really enjoyed the WOD! Love the combination of heavy hang power cleans and HSPU’s. Looking forward to another week of heavy liftng and hard training!

  19. BBG
    1. 190, 200, 207 (F)
    2. 260 (F), 260 (F), 260

    Happy to hit 200 on the snatch with this being the first time snatching heavy off the floor since the beginning of the last cycle.

    Was forward on the two cleans that I missed. Squatted the one that I made up from basically a dead stop, and then made an ugly jerk.

    2RM: 365, % Work at 345, 325, 305, 285, 265

    Tied 2RM from the 90% day a few weeks ago.


    Nasty. Figured this would be a 20-21:00 job to get through. Second trip through the ladder wound up slowing me down.

  20. Snatch- Fail x 5 @ 130
    Clean & Jerk- 160-170(Fail Jerk)- 170

    Strength- worked up to 185 then 175-165-155-145-155

    Conditioning- 12:15 (HSPU on 25’s, all kipping)

  21. Oly lifts not on…
    Snatch 115
    C&J 145
    HBBS@ 195,185,175,165,155
    Conditioning-25:00… Forced me to work on goat deficit HSPU.

    1st week on outlaw! Very excited for the potential here! Also can’t wait for training camp in NC in Sept!!

  22. BBG:
    Snatch 185#, 195# (PR, finally), 200# (f)
    Clean/Jerk: 245#, 250# (f), 250# (f)

    315#, 305#, 295#, 285#, 275#


  23. BB Gymnastics

    1) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Snatch.
    2) 3 attempts to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.

    Treated like a meet. Did not feel great today.

    2-295(m),295(m),295(missed jerk)


    Work quickly to a near 2RM HBBS. Then every 30 seconds, for 5 sets, remove 5% and perform 2 reps.

    -345 (2rm),325,305,295,285,275.


    4 Deficit HSPU 4?/3?
    12 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
    8 Deficit HSPU 4?/3?
    8 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
    12 Deficit HSPU 4?/3?
    4 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
    150 Double-Unders
    12 Deficit HSPU 4?/3?
    4 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
    8 Deficit HSPU 4?/3?
    8 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#
    4 Deficit HSPU 4?/3?
    12 Hang Power Cleans 185/120#

    -18:12 Rx’d. Should have gone unbroken on cleans. HSPU sticking point here by far.


  24. BBG
    1- 185 clean failed 205 3 times, kept loosing it to the front. Filmed it a figured put I need to work on pulling down and under more aggressively, kept jumping backwards instead of under the bar. Pr is 195
    2- 240 clean, failed 245 3 times. Pr is 265 but shoulder are fatigued and sore from incline. Definitely need to work that more.

    Worked to 305 for HBBS and reduced from there. Not my pr and for some reason not really feeling it today.


    185 hanging power cleans definitely highlighted grip weakness. Deficit HSPU not really and issue 4 and 8 were unbroken with Kip’s. DU no issues.

  25. BBG
    1- 185 clean, failed 205 3 times. 195 is current PR, kept loosing it to the front, finally filmed it and now I see that when I’m pulling under I’m jumping back. Need to work on more aggressive pull UNDER, not down and back. Any recommendations or tips are appreciated.
    2- 240 clean, failed 245 3 times, PR is 265. SHoulders seem really worked from incline yesterday, not something that I practice and it shows.

    305- PR is currently 320, legs seemed very tired today. Worked down from there.

    FMR….Fuck me running

    22:33 Rx’d

    185 hang power cleans definitely highlighted a weakness in grip.
    first/second set broke into 4’s
    4″ Def HSPU no issues with kips
    DU no issues
    Comming back up the ladder on the other side wore out my forearms….

  26. Snatch 155
    PC – 215

    Squat -275/250/235/225/215/205

    Conditioning: 18:11 – deficit hspu 135 hpc

  27. Snatch
    205, f-225, f-225 (225 is PR)

    Clean and jerk
    255, f-275 on jerk x2 (275 is PR)

    2/335 then 320,305,290,275,260

    Ughhhhh that sucked, managed 20.12
    slowed down by an impressive catastrofuck on double unders today

  28. Snatch – 205 225 235(miss)
    C+J – 235 – 250 – 275(miss)

    Hbbs @ 350

    Cnd – 13:37

  29. Snatch 100kg, 105miss, 105, miss- way off max
    C+J 130kg, 134kg, 137-miss
    Squat up to 175kg

  30. Some strong people here. pretty great.

    I’ve only got iron plates in a globo.

    Snatch: 70k-75k-77k
    CnJ: 92k-99-104k
    almost tied the 105# woman from china this morning. so that’s cool.

    2RM: 120k. then 113-106-100-92-86-79

    Conditioning: 28:45

  31. Snatch: 135, 145(f), 145(f)
    Clean: 190(f), 185(f), 190(f)
    -Getting very frustrated with these, when I watch video of the lifts I have the bar in a position where I could receive in a power version but I just can’t cue myself to completely drop to rock bottom to receive them.

    Worked up to 255-245, 235, 225, 215, 205



  32. snatch 165 tied pr but felt so much smoother had 170 tried a third time and misssed again done get it next week
    clean and jerk didnt have the pop 225 tied pr jerk felt easy

    squat 295!!!!!! whoop whoop big time pr for me so excited to get my squat back up again

    glad I checked myself before I wrecked myself
    two abmat hspu
    155 hpc

    19:20 good grind

    Lets see two weakness in two days. I think I might just get a little better this year.

  33. Snatch: 215-225-245F
    Clean & Jerk: 245-265-275F

    Strength: 365 Near 2RM: 355-345-325-315-295

    Conditioning: 15:51 RX

    1st week back on training since the Games. Looking forward to the coming training and the tour coming to Chicago. Time to recover.

  34. Snatch 225/235/240f
    clean&jerk 275/290/305f on jerk

    no time for squats

    conditioning – 14:31

  35. Snatch – 155f, 155, 160 5# pr
    Clean and jerk – 205, 225f, 225 10# pr. What a different it makes when you commit to a full squat.
    275 2 rm- 260, 245, 230, 225, 210
    Started conditioning but got interrupted half way through.

  36. First outlaw workout at the new Outlaw North!
    Conditioning: 10:40rx BUT only 50 Double Unders…. paint fumes got to be and for some reason thought i was doing 50.

  37. Snatch: 185(f), 185(f), 185
    Cln&jrk: 225, 235(f), 235
    Squats: 315, 300, 285, 270, 255
    Conditioning: ran outta time

  38. snatch: worked up to 133 (1rm is 153) focused on my 3rd pull
    c & J: worked up to 173 (1rm is 195) body just hurt
    backsquat: 238 is my 2 rm (228/213/203/193/183)
    conditioning: 19:35 (used an abmat and 45’s on top of 15’s) made sure this was for quality, didn’t rush through the movements.

  39. Was really short on time, so Spencer had me run through a slight alteration of things:

    1) Hi-Hang snatch — start at 135# and work up by 10# until 3x fails — hit 215# and missed at 225#

    2) Hi-Hang Clean & Jerk — same thing, starting at 185# — got to 265# but was smoked

    3) HBBS — 10min to establish 2RM-ish, then 3×3 @ 90%. Hit 385# and missed 405#… felt weak

    4) Metcon (same as above) — 14:50

    (Used 45s w/ 2-10s stacked, abmat in between. HSPUs were the limfac… shock)

    M/F/S – 2/6/4

    It’s good to be back.

  40. 1) 80kg. 3 Fails on 85k – I was very close on the last rep
    2) 110kg – Average

    Strength – 170kg. 160/150/140/130/120 on reps – All easy. The 170kg reps were difficult after yesterdays deadlifts

    Conditioning – Subbed 75kg HPC’s and normal depth HSPU’s.

    21:15 – A slow slog. Had to walk inside and outside due to having nowhere to do HSPU’s outside

  41. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch – 205(f), 205, 215(f)
    Clean & Jerk – 255, 265(f), 267


    Time – 00:13:55


    Snatch – 90kg(f), 90kg, 96kg(f) PR attempt… not far away.
    Clean and Jerk – 115kg(f), 115kg, 120kg


    2RM HBBS – 125kg. Rubbish.


    4 Push Press (60kg)
    12 Hang Power Cleans 85kg
    8 Push Press (60kg)
    8 Hang Power Cleans 85kg
    12 Push Press (60kg)
    4 Hang Power Cleans 85kg
    150 Double-Unders
    12 Push Press (60kg)
    4 Hang Power Cleans 85kg
    8 Push Press (60kg)
    8 Hang Power Cleans 85kg
    4 Push Press (60kg)
    12 Hang Power Cleans 85kg

    Time: 18.57.. DOuble Unders disgusting!!!

  43. BBG –
    SN- 205, 215F, 220F
    C&J – 275F(J), 275, 290(F)

    Strength – Called it at 285, still cant squat with my SI joint.

    Did parallette HSPU to Games standard + Abmat (just got the P-lettes, very fun to play around with)

  44. BB Gymnastics
    Snatch – 90kg, 95kg(PR-video below), 97,5kg(fail)
    Clean and jerk – 105kg, 110kg(PR-video below), 112,5kg(fail)

    2RM HBBS – 130kg

    18:07 RX

  45. 1) 95f, 97.5f, 101f. HA! Made 90 pretty darn easy!
    2) 115, 120, 125f jerk.

    160kg 2RM. First 2 drop sets ended up being 30s rest between because the sets themselves took me 20s. Yikes that was hard.

    20:31. First 75 doubles were a gong show. Hit out the last 75 in one set.

  46. Hi Coach!

    Just wanted to say that I completed my third Outlaw WOD today, and this stuff is pretty sick. My husband and I are both enjoying your programming and are super happy to have found you. Josh (the husband) is attending your workshop in Miami and we can’t wait for that! We are a brand new affiliate here in South Florida (CrossFit SoFla) and are always trying to learn and grow as athletes and coaches, and we appreciate the awesomeness of your programming.

    Have a fabulous day!!


    Steph Thompson

  47. Knee has been feeling better so I thought I’d go for it today. Sort of a bad idea.

    Snatch – 185 – matches current PR

    C&J – 255 – matches all time PR – this last attempt made my knee feel like it was going to explode and made me want to call it a day but I stuck through.

    Squats – 275 for all – after my knee pain i was just trying to stick it out. Glad i did.

    Conditioning –

    20:37 – I dont see how some guys do it. I didnt think I did all THAT bad.

  48. So I saw today’s work and thought “I’m gonna be working out all day….” And then I realized – “I’m gonna be working out ALL DAY!!!!!!”

    Still – was NOT feeling maxing out today, and I did it Oly meet style last week anyway, so I worked up to 85% today on Snatch and C&J and really focused on form. Watching the Olympics gave me some inspiration and good mental pictures to focus on.

    Also – I did conditioning before squats. I didn’t want to warm up to 120 hang cleans after the backsquats….

    Conditioning: 23:58 RX

    Strength: Still injured so taking it easy on squats (ugh0, but was happy I got up to 175lbs for a double, it was heavy, but near my former 2RM, but I haven’t lost as much strength as I thought. Also, I rounded on this one…

    175lbs, 165lbs, 155lbs, 145lbs, 135lbs, 130lbs

  49. 1RM

    Snatch- up to 155(F)

    Clean- Up to 245. Hit clean pretty easy but missed Jerk
    (Will not do this non warm up again next week. Purpose of working to max is to be warm and ready to go) Tweaked back from being cold.

    Squats- Back not feeling hot so did all sets at 315lbs. 2RM is around 375-385

    Conditioning- 18:30 Rx.
    (Hand stand pushups were pretty easy 45 and 35 lb plate stacked with abmat. Probably 5-6″. Went strict first couple rounds. Started kipping and those were easy glad I have these now. Power Cleans were a grind. Could not string them together. Dropped after each one and picked back up to hang clean.)

    Went to Lake later on and made up swim from earlier in the week. Not as good of a swimmer as I use to be.

  50. Not a good lifting day… made sure to just try 3 of each

    Snatch 160
    C&J 190 (did power cleans today just for the heck of it)

    Squats: 225 then down by 10lbs for 6 more sets

    11:06 – 4″ deficit using plates, after first set everything was in sets of 4 with short rest periods.

  51. BBG: 180-190-200(F)
    Strength: 2RM: 385 Sets: 365-345-325-305-295

    Conditioning: 18:35 As Rxd

    Notes: Snatch at 200 drifted WAAAAY out in front.
    Clean and Jerks Felt AMAZING
    HSPU were sticking point for conditioning.

  52. really lame comment about our military. i am a military wife and that comment was very disrespectful. i can’t believe people at times. good luck SSG Fields on your deployment.

  53. BB Gymnastics:
    Snatch: 165, 170(F), 175(F)
    Clean and Jerk: 255, 270(F), 270(F) Got greedy here instead of hitting 265

    335 was my 2rm(little disappointed with this but my legs felt heavy after C&J)
    320, 305, 295, 285, 275

    DNF @ 24:00 wheels came off the bus, HSPU with P-Bars 4″ deficit were easy/ok did them all unbroken until 12. Hang Power Cleans crushed my soul, and D/U’s were even worse. I did the first round of the decent and then called it.

  54. Hey Rudy I just wanted to say,

    I was at a Level 1 Olympic Lifting cert. This past weekend and while we were going through the snatch the owner and head coach of the gym (California Strength) was watching me and was impressed. I told the teacher of the course what are some good competitive numbers for a lifter in my weight class? Come to be the numbers I am doing right now are past an international qualifying level. The coach wanted me to join his team to lift for him (that team having a couple world and international champions) So I just wanted to thank you for this programming and I let him know it was because of you I got to my level. I will keep you updated on how training is going with him.

    – Johnny Medina
    Age 17
    Body weight 69kg

  55. Rudy,

    Seeing as you sold all dates out in just a couple days max. Here’s to asking for another date between NY and Boston, preferably Hartford, CT. Or even another date in Providence. Hoping to meet you guys. Phenomenal programming as I have seen so far.

  56. BBG
    1. 218 11lb PR
    2. 247 20lbs off PR. Not feeling it in squat.
    1. 2RM 399 then 375, 355, 335, 315, 295
    27:56 I still suck at HSPU, but I did em. One day I will be okay.

    • Oh! I forgot tried 421 for 2 but only got 1. I have increased my 1RM back squat by over 30lbs since starting. I know I got more too.

  57. BBG
    Sn 195, 205f,205f
    C&j 245 260 f on Jk 260 f on Jk

    Worked to 335
    Then 320,305,290,275,260

    Did set of 4 hspu and 12 UPC, then when I went to do the next set of hspu the outside part of my wrist had a shooting pain in an injury I have been recovering from.


    I was able to get 210 on the snatch from the blocks and got under but could not hold 215 a few weeks ago. However, I have not been able to get near that weight lately. Nt sure what is I wrong, but I feel like I am not sitting back far enough in the bottom. I am getting enough height on the bar but I am losing it forward every time.

  58. BB GYM
    Snatch: 100-110-120f (1RM is 115)
    C&J: 140-150-160 PR!

    STRENGTH – skip


    15:42 RX

  59. M/F/S – 2/3/3

    Snatch – 185, 190, 195PR
    C&J – 225, 235F, 235

    “near” 2RM – 335
    2nd part – 320, 305, 290, 275, 260
    (A little frustrating, barley had enough time to hit 2 reps and then change out weights)

    Stole my soul, really struggling with conditioning lately

    4 Deficit HSPU 4″ (UB but hard)
    12 Hang Power Cleans 135# (10/2)
    8 Deficit HSPU 4″ (2 REMOVE DEFICIT THEN 6)
    8 Hang Power Cleans 135# (6/2)
    12 Deficit HSPU (NO DEVICIT 8/4)
    4 Hang Power Cleans 135# (UB)
    150 Double-Unders (50/20/20/20/20/20)

    Stopped there, mentally fucked. I feel like I should have done everything unbroken with this scaling. Just didnt have it today. Working hard on the mental aspect…

  60. Other than losing weight any advice for increasing strict pull-up numbers. Best is 6 reps to failure. I am 5’6″. 207lbs on a good day. Currently 7 months into crossfitting. Went from 1 to 6 that time.

  61. 3 attempt 1rm snatch
    155 ( no pr, 10# under)
    3 attempt clean n jerk
    225 ( no pr, 10# under)

    2rm hbbs, then 30 sec for 5 ronds decreas 5% and 2 rep
    315, 325(fail) no pr AGAIN FML



    RX – 18:54

  62. BBG
    1) 230 F
    2) 290 F
    Hit my original PR’s but missed on the weights above.


    13:57 Rx

  63. Strength:

    Near 2RM high bar back squat @ 100 kg/220 lbs (maybe a little too light)

    THEN 2 reps every 30 sec for 5 sets:

    95 kg/209 lbs
    90 kg/198 lbs
    85 kg/187 lbs
    80 kg/176 lbs
    75 kg/165 lbs


    19.08 RX

  64. bbg:
    1) 145/150/155f got under 155 but didn’t stand it up, matched old pr at 150
    2) 180f/180/185f missed on jerks, rushed warmup and felt tired after 1

    skipped strength

    conditioning: 19:40
    did first 6 hspu on 25lb bumper plates then switched to ground. PC 125 only did 100 du’s basically f’cked the whole thing but fun and a great workout.

  65. Just strength. Had a a few other things to do today since we are having a 6-week in house competition. This is what I did.

    3 rep Snatch PP – 185/205/225/245/265/275
    DE bsq – #205 + #120 chains
    DE DL – #305 + #140 chains
    2 Rep max Bsq – 315/365/415/445
    95% #425
    90% #395
    85% #375
    80% #355
    75% #345

    No extra work
    MB toss – 61′
    HSW – 75′ (1:00 max time)
    DL hold #315 – 1:00 (max time)
    KB snatches (24kg – alt.) – 32 (1:00 cap)

    WOD – 11:43. Ouch.

  66. 3 attempts snatch : 155
    3 attempt clean n jerk: 225

    2rm hhbs then every 30 sec drop 5%
    315 2rm, not pr

    2. 285
    3. 270
    4. 255
    5. 240

    metcon: rx 18:54

  67. Snatch (kilos) 91 (200 lbs) 95f 96f (209 & 211 miss)
    C&J 115 119f (253 make, 262 didn’t even try)

    Back Squat up to 141/2 (310), then
    134/2 127/2 120/2 113/2 110/2

    WoD: 18:26 Rx

  68. BBG:
    1.)175, 190, 200*PR
    2.)215, 225F, 225F(on jerk)

    1.) 275, 260, 245, 235, 220, 205

    20:38 w/170# on HPC all else Rx

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