I just want to remind everyone that Saturday morning, at 9AM EST, we’ll be opening the next round of World Tour dates for registration. Two of those dates are already posted—Providence, RI and Dallas, TX—and I will be uploading three more tomorrow. They are:

December 12th-14th (Wednesday-Friday)
Miami, FL
I Am CrossFit

March 8th-10th
Brooklyn, New York
CrossFit Virtuosity

March 29th-31st
Stoney Creek (Toronto), ON (Canada)
Outlaw North

April 5th-7th
Murfreesboro (Nashville), TN
CrossFit Murfreesboro

This WILL NOT complete the world tour schedule. We will be releasing four more destinations next Saturday, and the final four the Saturday after. Let me remind you of a few things, that will hopefully save a lot of questions:

-We cannot allow switching of camps. We realize that another camp may have come open, which is a little closer to you, but we simply cannot allow the onslaught of requests we’d receive if we open the floodgates on this one.

-There are no waiting lists. Shit, there’s no refunds or cancelations, so how would we even have a waiting list? We’ve literally sold every spot we had if it’s sold out. The only option would be if, like in Palm Desert, we knew we had enough interest to sell out a second camp World Tour date. If that’s the case, you probably should get a whole bunch of people to post to comments.

-There is no pre-registration or holding of spots. Unless you’re Rich Froning—he can have a spot.

-Registration DOES NOT secure your spot, ONLY payment does. I know, our system is antiquated and will be completely different the next time we do this, but for now this is the only way. Basically, the confirmation of your registration is your PayPal receipt. If you’ve gotten that then you are good to go.

-The only info we have on any of the dates is currently posted (or will be very soon). As soon as we get all the dates posted, we will have hotel information and coaching staff up.

This is Brendan Griffin, from CrossFit Shifted, Cleaning 315# today. This is a great lift—especially for a dude that weighs right around 170#, and is 20 years old (FML). You may be asking yourself, “Self, where do I remember Brendan from?” Well, self, Brendan just so happens to be the same dude I posted video of performing a 1:28, and current “world record”, Diane.

Dear Entire Men’s Field,



WOD 120727:


1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 50% Bar Weight + 30% Band Tension – rest 60 sec.

Notes: The bar should be loaded with 50% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 30% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

1b) 5X5 Incline Bench Press (30-35˚) – heavy but no misses, rest 2 plus minutes.

Notes: Incline BP should be performed in between every two sets of Banded DL. It is acceptable for DL rest to go over 60 sec.


7 minute AMRAP of:

12 Pullups
12 Pistols
12 HR Pushups


1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor) Demo Video
1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 60 sec.

86 thoughts on “120727

    • I think when you’re ahead of the guy in 2nd who cleans 335 you don’t hear footsteps. Just the trillville song “neva eva”

    • Ankle mobility like crazy, then work on stepping into them, like, getting momentum into each step. See what happens then

    • Raise the ankle – lifting shoes or a piece of plywood or something about as high as a lifting shoe heel helps a ton. Ankle mobs as the others are saying and a counterweight could also help. My wife uses a band hung from the pull up rig to get her out of the hole; getting into and out of the hole seems to be the most difficult part and the part where folks lose balance and all goes to shit. I’ve found that reaching forward and grabbing my toe with the opposite hand (i.e. grab right toe with left hand) helps a ton as a counterbalance.
      Good luck.
      Another way to work the strength is to try and come into the pistol out of a forward roll. The roll gives you some gymnastics work + momentum out of the bottom position. Most people can get it out a roll.
      Just my 2¢

      • Thanks alot for the band idea, was going to sub pistols because of my shit balance, now going to use band and actually work on them

  1. Strength:

    ◦1a) 10X2 deadlifts @ 100 kg/220 lbs
    ◦1b) 5X5 Bench Press (30-35˚) @ 55 kg/121 lbs

    Conditioning: 3 rounds RX


    ◦1a) 3X10 Good mornings @ 40 kg/88 lbs
    ◦1b) 3X20 sit-ups (20 sit-ups with straight legs, 20 V-ups, 20 atomic sit-ups)

    No bands, no incline bench and no GHD available today – I’m on a road trip in Denmark and trained at another gym today 🙂

  2. I have no bands and am going to order some online today from either JumpStetch or ATP Pro Gear. Does anyone have a better recommendation?

  3. Strength:
    1a) 90Kg + 30% (198lbs)
    1b) 60-65-70-70-72.5Kg (160lbs)

    4/9 Pull Ups

    1a) 5Kg (11lbs)
    1b) Done


  4. STR:
    a) 205 + RED and PURPLE
    b) 155, 165 x 2, 170

    3 rounds + 2 pull ups (band on pistols)



  5. Strength:
    1a) Banded DL (% off a bit): 165 lbs
    1b) Incline bench: 95-95-100-105-110

    6R 7 pistols


    1a) Strict GH Raise: 15 lbs
    1b) UB GHD Situp

  6. Strength:
    1a) 150
    1b) worked up to 105

    4+10 HRP – working on butterfly pullups. I suck at them.

    1a) 25, 35, 35
    1b) done

    MFS – 4/2/2

  7. Strength
    1. 225 + Green Band
    2. 165, 175, 185, 195 (Failed Rep 5), 195 (Failed Rep 5)

    It seems as though I missed the note about not missing on the Incline Bench. Both reps were close but they were misses.

    4 + 3 Pull Ups

    1a. 20, 25, 25
    1b. 70, 70, 70 (Subbed weighted sit ups)

  8. Strength:
    1a) 170 + red band/purple band
    1b) 135-135-135-140-145

    4+4 pistols (pistols done with red band)

    1a) 7.5/10/15
    1b) done

    MFS – 2/2/2

  9. strength:
    no bands that cut it for the purpose i needed…. 315 lbs. DL
    b.) 165 – 165 – 165 – 170 – 170

    5 rounds + 12 pull ups + 1 pistol

    midline: done

  10. Strength: No bands just did DL’s @ 80% : 325#
    b) 165,165,175,165,165, with no spotter I didn’t want to push it.

    Cond. Never done pistols before, used a yellow band for balance, 4 rounds flat.

    Midline: a) 10, 15, 15
    b) unweighted

  11. Strength:
    1A)235+ Blue Bands

    6 rounds + 12 Pull ups + 1 Pistol

    1a)3×10 Strict Weighted GH Raise: Not very heavy but done
    1b) 3×20 GHD sit ups: Done



  12. Strength
    1a) no bands did DE @ 70%
    1b) did regular Bench with close grip 205, 225, 225, 230, 225#

    6 rounds + 2 PU

    Will do later, ran out of time

  13. I’m a couple days behind this week, just wanted to say that EMOM back squat and front squat workout was awesome. more squats please

  14. Canadian Training Camp is on Easter Weekend?!?!? WTF!!! Now I have to choose between GOD, Family, or the Bearded Wizard! Hope God doesn’t mind….sorry mom!

  15. Strength:
    1a) 105kg + 62kg band tension.
    1b) 80kg, 85, 85, 85, 85. Forgot how much I love incline press.

    Conditioning: 5 rounds.

    1a) 10kg, 10, 10
    1b) Yup.

  16. Strength
    1a) 245+green band x10
    b) 185,205,215,225,225

    -5 rds even

    Just finished off with some reverse hypers

    And Outlaw North??? Since when?? Ive got to assume Jay Rhodes is opening it

  17. Strength:
    1a) Taped off red mini bands and only got 25% so I loaded the bar with 205 which was about 53%
    1b) 135, 145, 150, 150, 150

    4+12 pull ups-subbed pistols with 15 air squats after round 2

    1a) 45# plate
    1b) done


  18. Strength:

    1a. Subbed 5×2 snatch pull @ 205# and 5×2 clean pulls @ 245#
    1b. 135, 155, 145, 145, 145


    4 rounds + 12 pull ups (full pistols on right leg / 3/4 pistols on my gimpy left leg)

    1a. first time doing, no weight
    1b. done

  19. 140kg + purple band wrapped 4 times
    175# on incline (shoulder issue after the massage therapist thought it would be a good idea to dig under my scapula!)

    Conditioning: 5 rounds + 9 pistols

    Midline done: 5, 10, 15kg on reverse hypers.

  20. Strength:
    1a) Couldn’t use bands, did 160kg and tried to make the lifts fast.
    1b) Flat benchpress 90kg-95kg-100kg-102,5kg-105kg, no fails.
    Fuck! kind of didn’t do anything right in the strength!

    5+7 Pistols RX
    Did alternating legs, damn pistols, fkn slow :S

    1a) 12kg
    1b) Done

  21. Strength-
    Deads- Bar loaded at 205 with purple bands, standing on them.. Prolly not the best way but it works.
    Incline- 125 for all set

    Conditioning- 4 rounds, need to work on rhythm on my kip.

    Midline- 35lb plate.

  22. Hey Fellas!

    Should I be putting this much effort into the banded DL or am I going to heavy.

  23. I love coming up with all these MacGyver rigs to accomplish theses WODs!!!

    1a) Red=~125# + 255# on Bar
    1b)155,155,165,170,175 Should have went a 20lbs heavier

    6rds 12/12/9 Loved it!

    1a) 15,10,10
    1b) done

    MFS – 5/3/3

  24. Strength:
    1a: 190×10
    1b: 115,115,125,125,115 (shoulder was hurting so I took it down a notch).

    Conditioning: 3 rounds + 10 pistols (sucking)

  25. Strength:
    1a) 255lb with a heavy band wrapped twice around the middle and anchored to my feet. Probably not a good idea, but the only option I have…
    1b) 205lb

    4 rounds + 2 HR push-ups.

    1a) Subbed good mornings
    1b) My own ghetto GHD sit-ups.

  26. Str
    1a – 205 + 30%
    1b – all sets at 205

    Cnd – 5 rounds + 12 pistols.

    All unbroken

  27. Strength:
    1a) 245# deads with bands
    1b) 205# for all sets.

    5 rds + 9 pull ups.

    Midline: Skipped today.

  28. No bands so 10×2 DL @325
    Bench at 135. That’s all the weight I had left from DL.

    Did 3 rounds and failed on pistols. Never happened before but may be because of the beer and 3 hours of sleep.

  29. Conditioning : 5 rounds + 7 pushups
    Still no barbell for a few more days while I’m on vacation.

  30. 1) 230 + grey bands
    2) 225x5x5 flat
    4 rds
    (hamstrings are sore today)
    9 minute ladder of
    155lb powerclean
    115lb shoulder to overhead
    9 rds of each
    500m row-1:34

  31. strength
    235 on bar stood on the blue band

    which doubled over is around 160 I believe so give or take

    flat bench with an ab mat on the top cause I didn’t want to get to scretchy on my box bench press
    175 175 175 185 195 felt decent will use 195 the whole way next time

    FU pistol squats I will break you (insert best Drago impression) Used a blue and red band to get me out of the hole

    3 rounds so sad

    completed with no weight cause I am a pussy

  32. Thoughts/Results:
    1a) Banded Deadlifts
    195 lbs on the bar. Use a small black band that came up to about 30%.
    Gym doesn’t have a correct platform for banded deadlifts so I ghetto rigged one. For those interested I posted pics on my blog. May help others get a creative set up.

    1b) Incline bench (subbed regular bench)
    Could/should of kept it at 152 but didn’t have a spotter and was iffy on the 5th rep.

    5 Rounds + 12 Pull ups RX
    Good short metcon. Glad I still have my pistols.

    1a) Did strict GH raise. These were tough. Haven’t done them like this before. Hamstrings are still super sore. Did 5 reps because I felt like my hamstrings were gonna blow up.
    1b) GHD sit ups were good. Been awhile.

  33. 1a
    No way to rig the deadlifts with bands yet, so I just worked on speed and got up to 290#
    skipped. no time

    5 rounds + 16 reps


    Hit a 225# PC + PJ yesterday at 160#, and it felt easy. Would not have been able to do that a month ago… Thank you, Rudy!

  34. 1a) 225+gray bands
    1b) 165×2, 170×3

    Conditioning- 5 rounds+ 12 pull ups

    1a) 15, 25, 15
    1b) done

  35. 1a. No bands, did 10 sets at 315#
    1b. Flat bench at 205×2, 215×2, 225

    Conditioning: 4 rds + 7 pistols

  36. Strength
    1A. Subbed deads 5×5 as back didn’t like banded last week – 305, 330, 340, 355, 355
    1B. 175, 185, 185, 200, 200

    Rounds – 5 + 12 HR push-ups

    1A. Subbed Weighted Back Ext – 35, 35, 35
    1B. Subbed Strict TTB – 3 x 15

  37. DL 275 plus big band
    Flat bench 225/255/275/290/290

    Conditioning- 5 plus 8 pullup

    no time for midline

  38. Strength

    5rounds +12 Pull Ups +12 Pistols +6 Push Ups(Big weakness)



  39. 1a. 255ibs and blue bands
    1b. 185,185,205,205,205
    5 rounds +12 pull ups
    no weight- glute ham raises
    GHD sit up- done

  40. 1a) 345 no bands
    1b) 185(weak)

    conditioning- 7 rounds + 2 pullups

    everything else done

  41. Strength
    1a. 250+ big black band
    1b. 185, 195, 195, 195, 201
    5 Rnds
    40lb DB and GHD situps done

  42. Strength – Subbed this workout in the following way..

    EMOM for 15 minutes

    170kg x 2 Deadlift
    Every 3rd minute – Do 5 x 92.5kg Flat Bench Press instead.

    Completed easily

    Conditioning – Pistols done to a 12inch “box”

    4 rounds + 7 pullups
    Pistols slow. Pullups broken in rounds 3 and 4. Pushups unbroken.

    Midline – Subbed in the following way

    1a) 3 x 10 x 50kg Good mornings
    1b) 3 x 10 GHD situps (on bench with feet wedged between safety bars)

    Completed. Lower back fatigued pretty bad by this point

  43. Strength
    115 on the bar, 69kg of band
    Incline bench
    70, 80, 87.5, 90, 90kg

    5 rounds + 4 reps
    This butterfly is working!

    GHR 5kg medball x 3 sets
    GHD sit ups done

    Mfs = 433

  44. So I had a choice: 1) banded DLs sub presses for incline press at home, or 2) sub regular DLs w incline presses at my gym. I chose option two.
    1a) reg DLs at 95kg
    1b) incline press at 50lbs

    5rnds + 19reps (got through 7 pistols)

    1a) 15kgs

  45. Strength

    1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 50% Bar Weight + 30% Band Tension – rest 60 sec.

    1a- 225×2,245×8 (Blue band)

    1b) 5X5 Incline Bench Press (30-35?) – heavy but no misses, rest 2 plus minutes.

    1b- 205 all sets


    7 minute AMRAP of:

    12 Pullups
    12 Pistols
    12 HR Pushups

    -4 rounds + 7 pistols (pistols need work)


    1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor)
    1b) 3X20 UB GHD Situps – rest 60 sec.

    -Done (ish)

  46. Strength
    1a) 175 + blue Rogue band doubled over
    1b) 195 for 1st 4 sets and then failed on rep 5, 185 for last set

    4 Rounds + 16 reps (got to 4 pistols)

    Ran out of time

  47. DL @ 150 with green band
    Regular bench 85-95-10-110-115

    4 rounds + 10 pistols

    Gh raise with 15# db
    GHD sit ups unbroken- check

  48. Strength-

    1A) 225 + Green Band (Felt too easy)
    2A) 215, 225, 225, 225, 225 (Need to start at 225 first set next time not easy but no close misses)

    4 Rounds (Not sure why I suck so bad at a relatively easy workout. Had to scale pistols as well) (Pullups were even tough)

    Did both with a 20-25 lb vest (pretty good weight since I struggle but made it through)


    10×2 Deadlift – 145kg
    5×5 Strict Press – 55kg


    7min AMRAP
    12 Pull ups
    12 Pistols
    12 HR Pushup

    Rds: 4

  50. No Bands for Deads-Just went heavy
    1A) 405, 405, 425, 425, 425, 425, 445, 445, 455, 455
    1B) 205, 215, 225, 230, 230

    8 Muscle Ups-As Slow As Possible -about 5-7 seconds per MU with 1:30 Rest

    5 Rounds+12 Pullups+4 Pistols

    Notes: Bench Press felt great. Stronger than usual. Muscle ups as well. Pistols slowed me down during conditioning. Lack of mobility likely the culprit.

  51. DL 215+2x purple bands
    Incline bench 185, 205 x4 sets

    4 rds + 8 pullups

    3×10 ghr 45#
    3×20 done

  52. Strength
    1) 215+Blue/Red Iron woody
    2) Sub’d Close Grip Flat Bench – 205, 225, 225, 225, 235

    4 rounds + 12 Pull ups + 3 Pistols

    1a) 10, 15, 15
    1b) Completed UB

  53. 10×2 banded deadlift 50% bar, 30% band ( red)

    5×5 incline bench ( subbed close grip, no incline seat)

    7 min amrap

    5 rounds + 12 pu, 12 pstol 10 hrpu

    ( small stool for pistol assistance)

    2×10 strict gh raise
    2×20 ghd sit up unbroken

  54. Bench Press 135/5 190/5 210/5 230/5pr

    10×2 Deadlift @ 250 + 150 lbs band tension (thin blue)
    Incline Bench Press 120/5 125/5 130/5 135/5 140/5

    WoD 4+2 Pull-ups.

    3×10 Glute Ham Raise BW, +5, +10
    3×20 GHD Sit-ups UB

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