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  1. Air Balloon MUs? GTFOOH…white ppl crazy…whats next, colorful knee high socks made for high intensity exercise?

  2. Might be a precursor for next years games, better work that shit into Talayna and EA’s programming! (seriously, wtf)

  3. Im fixing to buy some oly shoes. Seems like the Romaleos are preferred, but I have very flat feet. Anybody know if the Romaleos or any other brand have no or very low arch supports?

    • I wear the Romaleos II and my feet are about as flat as your little sisters chest and about as wide as your ass.

      If you are debating on getting any other oly shoe other than the Romaleos, save yourself some money, here is what you should do:
      Saw/Gnaw off feet at the ankles
      Drive metal spikes into bloody nubs
      Attach cinder blocks to metal spikes
      Paint cinder blocks terrible colors

      Just don’t strap up the Romaleos to the point of crushing your terrible wide flat feet,. Though they you may get some initial soreness/tenderness when doing double unders in them. Just man through it… it goes away.

  4. That “oh shit” moment when your arms are too fatigued from muscle ups to pull the chute cord lol

    • Man that would suck lol.. I believe i would cut my set alittle short for that reason!!!

  5. Question: What self-respecting world tour fails to stop in the San Francisco Bay Area, or any other location in Northern California? DON’T MAKE ME BEG. I’LL DO IT. I’LL BEG, BUT PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME.

    • that vid aired approximately every 30 seconds during the games broadcast, I’m sure that even castro wasn’t oblivious to it

  6. Strength:
    Deadlifts: 205lbs + 150 lbs x 10 sets
    Incline bench 135 x 5 sets


    7 rounds + 13 reps Rx. All sets in each round were unbroken.

    15 lb plate on GH Raises
    All GHD unbroken

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