I’m not posting any new Training Camps tonight, because we simply need a few days to catch up. We will announce one per day next week in order to keep the laptops from getting rhabdo. I will try to announce the double-up dates first (SoCal, Miami, tentatively Chicago), and then go in chronological order from there.

Side note: Is Iceland cold?

From Michael Tancini-

“Today I hit a 275# Snatch off the blocks at the knee. Thats a 50# PR from the end of the Oly cycle in April till now. I just wanted to share it with you and say thanks.”

WOD 120721:

BB Gymnastics

Take as long as you’d like to establish:

1) 1RM Snatch
2) 1RM Clean & Jerk

Notes: These are from the floor. If you take more than 30 minutes to complete the Snatch, the recommendation is to rest a half hour before starting the Clean & Jerk. If this is not possible, then try to limit yourself to 15 minutes to complete the Snatch testing.



21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 95/65#

For time.

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  1. Iceland is warm in our house in Reykjavik, I heated the floors of the kitchen and bathrooms… You’ll be in the south, where it’s never colder or nastier than Boston in winter, often warmer. It’s just a bit darker, but inside a gym is inside a gym.

  2. Lifted like a turd. Maxes of 100kg and 131kg
    Snatch 90kg lots of misses at 95 and 97.5. Lots of swearing
    Clean and jerk a comfy 120kg but no capacity to get under 127.5. More swearing

    Fran 3:33 PB by 13 seconds

    Mfs = 454

  3. Snatch: 195, 205(f)x10, 205!! PR by 10. Bout fucking time. Took an hour and a half, will have to finish up tonight.

  4. Tight low back this am.
    Snatch 170
    Fran 3:58 missed PR by 30 seconds
    Snatch was weak but at the same time felt fast and smooth. Looking forward to trying it again fresh.

  5. BB GYM

    1) 1RM Snatch @ 50 kg/110 lbs-55 kg/121 lbs-60 kg/132 lbs-65 kg/150 lbs
    2) 1RM Clean & Jerk @ 55 kg/121 lbs- 65 kg/150 lbs – 70 kg/154 lbs – 75 kg/165 lbs

    (5 kg/11 lbs from PB in both lifts)


    5:41 RX (no PR)

  6. Snatch – 155 (10# PR)
    C+J – 220# (no PR)
    Fran – 4:38 (BIG 40 second PR)

    M/F/S – 2/4/3

  7. Long time listener, first time caller.

    Weightlifting maxes will have to wait. I’m out of town and only had a little bit of time.

    Fran – 5:53rx. 31 sec PR.

    That round of 15 really sucks.

  8. I started this programming about two months ago, and I just wanted to say Thank you. While my numbers are not lighting up the world, in two months my Snatch went from 125 to 165, C&J went from 225 to 245 and Fran is down to 4:10, :40 pr. I feel stronger, technique is better. Confidence is high. Repeat, confidence is high. Can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store.

  9. Snatch 125 ( 10 lb PR)
    C&J failed current PR 155 a bunch

    Fran – 3:32 ( 50 sec PR)

  10. BB Gymnastics:
    Snatch: 175, 10#s off PR for squat snatch and 30# off PR Power Snatch
    C&J: 245 20#s off of PR

    “Fran” = 2:55

    :13 seconds then PR, I did everything UB, just didn’t have it today.

  11. Will do lifts tomorrow.

    Fran: 7:30 @ 85#. Just so happened the gym was doing Fran as a benchmark for a 30 day nutritional gig. Will revisit in 30 days.

  12. Snatch 105#, 10# PR from the floor
    C & J 155#, 5# PR Had done these separately, but first time together

    Fran, 4:11, 28 sec PR

  13. 207 snatch (2# pr)
    242 C&J (10# pr)

    not as good as i expected, looking forward to getting better during the next cycle!

    5:11 fran

  14. 90kg Snatch. Went into PR land with 102.5kg, got so close so many times. Sometime this century I will PR my Snatch. Current is 100kg since last October.
    120kg C&J. PR is 128.5. Made the clean several times, kept missing the Jerk.

    Fran: 3:32 PR. Last PR on this was 4:54 set sometime last year. Went UB but probably took too long of breaks between sets. Just didn’t want the Fran painstorm to happen.

    On a side note, does anyone belt their Oly Lifts? I never have but am considering trying as I recently started belting my squats and they’re feeling way better. I know it’ll take getting used too, I just am wondering if it’ll give me the added security to go harder on my PRs.

  15. The doc whos been rehabbing my shoulder came out to the gym to watch me lift and treat my shoulder between lifts…so tempo was a lot slower.

    Power snatch PR – 215, caught 225 power sn and lost it an inch before Standing up completely. This is huge for me being that I couldn’t snatch 135 without pain and anything over 165 killed me…I’ll catch you 275 kats soon enough..ha!

    C&J – 310(pr +5)

    Fran –
    2: muthafuckin 06!! (10sec PR)

  16. BBG
    Snatch – 160# matched last PR, missed 165# about 4 times.
    C&J – 225# that’s a 10# PR

    4:22 that’s a :36 PR

  17. BBG:
    clean and jerk 15# PR, very happy.
    Snatch – just missed 5# snatch pr

    heavy fran: 135# thrusters feel easy

  18. I didn’t PR on anything, this whole week sucked.
    Stayed at 95# snatch, just couldn’t get the 100 back far enough in the catch. Need major work on technique still.
    Clean & Jerk was 120# never maxed on full clean and jerk only have power clean and jerk to go off of.

    Fran was ridiculous, need major work on my pull-ups still, wasn’t feeling it today. 9:20, increased time by 55 minutes.

  19. Tied PRs on both lifts:
    Snatch 210
    C&J 265 (jerk felt like nothing, clean wasn’t fun)

    Fran 3:14-PR by 2 seconds but best time in over a year by 20 seconds. Need to get butterfly pull ups and get under 3 min.

  20. BBG
    1) 185 (15# PR)
    2) 235 (30# PR)
    Felt slow and sore today, but was still able to PR on both lifts. This past cycle was the bee’s knees.

  21. BBG

    1. 160 snatch. PR by 10 lbs and felt really smooth and easy today!
    2. 210 C&J, no PR here, still need a lot of work getting elbows under faster on the clean


    2:25! 22 second PR!

  22. Snatch- Just wasnt there for me today, need some technique work pelvic bone feels bruised from the previous couple days? Does it sound like maybe im hitting the bar alittle early or something? I will get a video up next week.

    Clean and Jerk- 165lbs which is a 10lb pr. Psyched myself out and missed the jerk at 170, well i got the jerk just didnt bring feet back together before i lost the bar… None the less happy with the PR i did get, as i stink at OLY Lifts and after only a week i am feeling more confident in them.

    Fran- did not time, just did it as fast as i could

  23. Snatch – 205# (5# PR) Didn’t get it on vid. like I wanted to
    Clean and jerk – 270# Cleaned it and ALMOST got the jerk.

    Here is the vid.

    3:06 BIG BIG PR. Haven’t done it in over 2 years haha.

    BW 155#

  24. Snatch: 195# 10# pr, tried it too soon off the bat. Had to back off and build up, I think I have 205 but just not today

    Clean and jerk: So I cheated, I tried this yesterday, and got 235# a PR. Did it again today, and PR’d again, 245#… 2 PR’s in 2 days

    ‘Fran’: 3:20, an 18 sec PR. transitions were fast, pullups were fast, I slow down on thrusters towards the end of the 15’s.

    That’s 5 PR’s in 2 days. jerk, snatch, clean and jerk (twice!), and ‘fran’.

  25. Does anyone know of any Outlaw friendly gyms in the Orlando area close to Disney? I am going to be there next W-F for work and wanted to find a place to train.

  26. Snatch: 125# (any heavier and I wouldn’t squat under it)
    C&J: 155# (same, I got 185#, but it was a power clean. I wouldn’t squat underneath)

    Fran: 9:45

    • Just a side note: I PR’d on both lifts with full squat. My Max Power Snatch was 140, but my max full squat snatch was only 95.

      On my C&J I did not PR, 155 was what I was doing before. However, I did PR the 185# power clean. My previous PR was 180. I was so upset at not making the squat, I didn’t even think abou the fact I just PRD!

      My Fran blew chunks, no PR, just horrible, horrible time. I wanted to log it though, so a year from now when I’m awesome, I can look back and remember I once sucked!

      • I gotta work on squattin under em too man.. I think I may start doing Overhead Squats for a warmup or something so i can get use to that.

  27. Snatch: 62kgs (PR!!) Failed 64kgs twice, second one the pull was high enough, just needed to follow through….(BW=125lbs)

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ThsJvqHOeM&w=420&h=315%5D

    That was the high of the day. Downhill from there….

    C&J: 70kgs (not a PR and ugly, should have waited longer)

    Fran: 4:50 (not a PR, lost butterfly PUs earlier than usual)

    • Okay, the fail on embedding the video is me….BUT the sidebars on the video I cannot take responsibility for beyond the company I keep!

  28. Snatch
    175 – tied PR. Numerous attempts at 180, didn’t happen.

    205 – 5# PR.

  29. BB Gymnastics

    Take as long as you’d like to establish:

    1) 1RM Snatch
    2) 1RM Clean & Jerk

    1- After about 5 missed attempts I finally stuck 245# (20# pr from the ground)
    2- Made up to 305# without a miss (another 20# pr).



    -3:14. Not a pr..ugh.

  30. I was excited to see today’s cond. since I’m at my level 1 training and thought how convenient that Fran is the workout. Until they made us do it as a team. Gah! So I did 55 thrusters and 40 pullups today.

  31. Snatch: 155 failed 160 several times
    C &J: 185 Got under 190 twice and couldn’t stand it up…..Pissed

    Fran: 3:51 6 sec PR (came off the pull up bar way to much, grip was gone)

  32. BB Gymnastics

    1. 220 (equal PR)
    2. 265 (equal PR)

    Fran – 00:02:48 (PR by 7 seconds)

    Thanks Rudy 😉

  33. BBG:
    1) 195 (+10 PR)
    2) 265 (-10 PR)

    As RXd
    Previous PR: 2:16

    The jump in the snatch from 195 to 205 might as well be 300 pounds, thats what it feels like.
    I am happy with the Fran time, I wasn’t sprawled out on the gym floor afterwards. Felt really good throughout.

    Ready for a rest day!

    • The jump from 195 to 205 took me a month of frustration. Keep with it and you’ll blow by 205 before you know it.

  34. BBG
    1) 195 (Matched PR, and with much better form)
    2) 245 (Matched PR)

    3:56 (+:32 from PR)

    I felt completely wrecked after the Snatch and C&J. I hit a wall, and never really recovered after the first round.

    1/5/3 – Still baby-ing my wrist from the mild sprain two weeks ago.

  35. BBG
    1) 92,5kg (2,5kg PR)
    Almost got 95kg, lost it by standing up to fast :/
    2) 105kg power clean+split jerk (same as my PR)
    Should have worked up in a squat clean, couldn’t get under 110kg,

    Did fran last week in 2:46 rx so decided to do the games individual chipper instead, got 15:00 rx

    95kg sntach fail;

  36. Snatch- 185lb (tied PR but had to do power)

    Clean- 255 (missed Jerk but that is still a 10lb PR on Clean)

    Fran- 5:59 never done before for time. Thought I would be between 4-5 min guess not.

  37. Snatch – 82.5kg (7.5kg PR from beginning of Oly cycle)
    C&J – 112.5kg (2.5kg PR from beginning of Oly cycle)

    Thanks Rudy!

    Skipped Fran and did some EMOM stuff with thrusters and pullups

  38. Fran: 5:12 …53 second PR haha. long way to go but man i was happy with that

  39. BBG
    1. 205 PR by 10lbs from the ground. Matched below knee PR.
    2. 267 PR by 22 lbs. Probably had a bit more, but I had no energy at this point.
    3:35 All sets unbroken.Finally figured out my breathing and what world of difference. Next time sub 3.

  40. So, yesterday I warmed up twice (5-6 hrs apart$and kept failing at 80-90% of snatch so I just called it a day.

    Today was a different day.
    1) 220 Fuck Yeah! 5lb PR.
    2) 275 Fuck Yeah!! 10lb PR.
    Rudy, thanks for the awesome programming.

    Fran: 3:48
    (-:02) off PR


  41. So, today went back into my garage and said screw it.

    I went again for 270# clean and jerk and guess what… I got it.
    Then I cleaned 280#…. Missed the jerk. Beyond happy with this.
    Thank you Rudy.

    Age 17
    Body weight 155#

  42. BBG
    Snatch 235 (+20 PR)
    Clean and Jerk 285 (+10 PR)
    (Clean 295 (+10 PR))

    Fran 3:10
    (first time w/ Fran)


    Haven’t posted in a couple weeks. Life has been hectic. Had to modify training considerably. Back to business this week, though.

  43. What is the cycle of lifting days and rest days supposed to be? I’ve been doing 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off. Is that how its supposed to be?

    • If Rudy post a WOD you do it, if he doesnt then you dont.. No really though, the rest days are Thursday and Sunday.. So yes it will be 3 on 1 off and then 2 on 1 off.

  44. Snatch 215..it was 190 on 12/05/26

    Clean and Jerk….245…was 225 on 12/06/04

    Thanks Outlaw

  45. Snatch – 200lb (10 off PR..)
    Clean and Jerk – (15 off PR..)

    Will take those considering only did the last 2 weeks of this cycle..

    5.11 – 5 sec PR… Faded badly, such a mental battle..

  46. Could not be happier with my progress thanks to The Outlaw Way.
    Snatch PR: 165 (up from 135). 22% increase!
    Clean PR: 205 (up from 185). 11% increase!

    Fran PR: 5:43 (improved from 6:03).

    Today was a GOOD day!

  47. BBG:
    Snatch – 185 (Weak, but felt good)
    C+J – 255 (2# under PR)

    Fran – 2:32 (PR)

  48. 1RM Snatch – 225# (PR)
    1Rm C&J – 285# (PR)

    Fran: 2:28(PR)

    That’s a 20# PR on the snatch and a 20# PR on the C&J since Regionals. FUCK YEAH!! The Fran time was a 1 second PR. FUCK YEAH!!

  49. Even though I PR’d lifts, I set myself up for disappointment by sticking numbers in my head that I wanted to hit but couldn’t yesterday. M/F/S – 3/4/5

    Snatch – 190 (15# PR from beginning of June) Wanted 205#
    Clean & Jerk – 245 (10# PR from beginning of June) Wanted 255#

    4:36 (previous was 5:10) Wanted in the 3’s, hit a wall

  50. 1) 115/115/125/125/135/145/145/150 (miss)/150(miss)/150 PR

    2) 165/185/200/205(pr)

  51. 1) 115, 115, 125 (miss), 125, 135, 145, 145, 150 (miss), 150 (miss), 150 (PR!)

    2) 165, 185, 200, 205 (PR!)

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