WOD 120719:

Rest Day.

I know, I know… You all wanted to read my 9,000 word recap of the Games tonight, so you’d have something to put you to sleep. Sorry, we’ve finally got some cool things to announce, so the dissertation will have to wait.

I am just-pr’d-barbell-slam-excited to be able to announce the first TWO Training Camps of 2012-2013 off-season.

The first will be September 14th-16th, and the location is none other than CrossFit Sua Sponte, in Raleigh NC (aka Outlaw HQ 1b). This will be the only 2012-2013 off-season Training Camp in the Mid-Atlantic region (Outlaw proper will not be hosting), and we expect it to sell out quickly.

The second will be October 19th-21st, and will be our first West Coast camp at CrossFit Shifted, in Palm Desert CA. Being our first trip west—this will probably fill up quickly. I’m not trying to be sales-y, but please don’t wait to register. You’re gonna have to get on an airplane if you miss this one.

*UPDATE* – All registration and payment links have been fixed. If you already registered we DO NOT need you to fill out the form again.

We have built upon what we learned from our camps earlier in the year, and have re-designed them into far more of a course, movement instruction, and developmental format; while still allowing for enough WODs to test your capacity for the sport. Here are just some of the new developments:

-Every camp will be led by a full coaching staff of subject matter experts, and no less than two former/current Games competitors. To kick the Training Camp season off right, the Raleigh camp will feature a staff including Outlaw Gymnastics Coach, and the current 3rd fittest woman in the world, Talayna Fortunato; Outlaw Assistant Head Coach, and four time Games competitor, Brandon Phillips; and rounding out the team, Outlaw Weightlifting Coach, and USA Weightlifting Team member, Spencer Arnold. All camps will feature a staff just like this one—if not this exact staff, and each of the coaches will be leading the instruction through their particular skill development/lecture portion of the camp. And yes, they will be jumping into occasional WODs, so you can say you went head-to-head with the best (and they absolutely obliterated you).

-I will be doing a brief programming lecture that will briefly explain the basics of The Outlaw Way program, and give some more details of the Limited Conjugate Method. It WILL NOT be an exhaustive lecture, and the aim will not be to go into painstaking detail breaking down every nuance of the program. It will be a summary of the methods I’ve used, a breakdown of the thought behind some of the movements I’ve chosen, a review of the literature the philosophy is based upon, and a how-to for scaling the program for any level athlete.

-We will be taking significant time to explain, drill, and cue many of the movements we perform on a daily basis. We will be looking to improve movement efficiency, develop skill confidence, and generally give the athlete the tools they’ll need to be technically sound and forcefully productive. Let me remind you, this course IS NOT only for “elite exercisers”, but for anyone looking to develop mastery of movement.

-For the first time we will be featuring a Competition Preparation, Day of Event, and Strategy lecture. We believe there is far more to success than the hours spent training in the gym. If the athlete doesn’t posses the ability to think through the tasks at hand, or put themselves in a position to be successful; they are wasting the hours they’ve spent cultivating their strength and capacity. Yep, we’re gonna teach you to use brains—for once.

We will be announcing more camp dates over the coming weeks. I will tell you this; we will only be doing one camp per region (except the Southeast), and will only be doing a camp every other weekend. This basically means if there’s a camp near you, you should go. We will also be doing a minimum of four foreign camps (Australia anyone?), so this will greatly decrease the number of US dates we’ll be doing.

I’m incredibly excited to get out on the road.

Almost forgot, cool shit…

Caleb Williams – 507# Back Squat @ 155#:

54 thoughts on “120719

  1. Any of the foreign camps going to be in the uk? I know the weather is always Shyte so I can’t really sell I to you on that point. It would be amazing if you could get here though!!

  2. Hawaii camp please, I won’t be able to make the CA date, plus… You know you want to.

  3. Hey Rudy, John McBrien just emailed me regarding you doing O/S training camps. Let’s hook up and discuss Australia.

    The Cell
    CFE Australia/NZ

  4. Australia, fuck yeah! I think I even emailed re: Aussie workshops last year. If Chad or Brandon haven’t already locked it in I offer up CrossFit Alive as host location.

  5. LIGHT WEIGHT BABAYYY. that is impressive.

    Seriously, Rudy do a camp in Switzerland. It’s in the middle of Europe and everyone wants to go there anyway. I can assist.

  6. John Welbourn is making an effort to come to NZ this year. There must be something special here. Just sayin’…

  7. Completed the registration form, still unable to find the payment link on either the Outlaw page or the Sua Sponte page. Am I computer illiterate or is it not yet active?

  8. Camps sound like fun; not sure I can swing it, but will think about it. It’d be fun if our CFG crew could get up your way.

    OH and Caleb is sick strong. That 230kg squat, hi bar, came after 210, 220, all went up with ease. Very inspiring to workout with someone that strong! 240 or higher next time…

  9. PAYMENT INFO – At the top right of this page move your mouse over training camps and click on the camp you want to attend… Scroll down… see payment info

  10. Paradiso CrossFit will be represented at the Palm Desert camp!

  11. Are any Outlaws going to the Test Your Metal competition this weekend in Lehigh Valley?

  12. get your butt over to the UK. we got the olympics & stuff. and we nearly speak the same language. do it!

  13. I got home from work, checked the blog and THE ONE West Coast camp is sold out before 5:00pm PST. =/

    I’m with Lindsey. It’s like a 10 hour drive for me but I was gonna make it down. If there’s a waiting list please add me – brian.gresham@gmail.com

  14. I guess with your experiences at the border, Canada is going to be a tough sell…

    But we have Canadian Club, plaid shirts, bearded men and plenty of beaver…

    And Jay Rhodes, and Camille, and Lukas Parker, and CrossFit Lusine, and Re-Evolve…

  15. Would love to go to West Coast if a spot opens up. Thanks! -Jason CF Merced.

  16. Would love to be on the wait list for sweet coast camp as well if.possible. Also CF Merced

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