Landed in Long Beach this morning (thanks Jet Blue), and certainly cannot complain about the approximate 900 degree swing in temperature (celsius). Obviously I’ll be a hair busy over the next week, so the content—other than the work—may be a little sparse. If want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, you can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for frequent updates.

Tomorrow, the superfriends unite.

WOD 120709:

BB Gymnastics

1) 5X3 Snatch off Blocks (just below the knee) – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec.
2a) 3X5 Snatch Pull – heavy, rest 45 sec. DEMO VIDEO
2b) 3X5 Heaving Snatch Balance – medium/heavy and fast (the goal is your 1rm Snatch for 5) rest 60 sec.


1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise – rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor) Demo Video
1b) 3X10 Tempo GHD Situps – (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up) rest 60 sec.


4 rounds for total working time of:

5 MU
20 Burpees
7 Deadlifts @ 315/225#

*Rest 1/2:1

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  1. rest half the time it takes to do the round. nice, he talked about this variable ratio scheme on the CF Radio.

    Good luck to all OUTAWs at the games! Bring it home; hopefully to GA< but either way!

  2. I figured it was rest for half of the working time as well, but that’s still an slightly confusing way of expressing that. If the numbers represent work:rest, then it’s calling for twice as much rest as working time (1/2×2=1 / 1/2:1). A ratio of one-half rest to work would be expressed as 1:1/2.

  3. I think we should rest .5:1 i think it would be better… no wait let’s do 1:2….. hell let’s go with 1/2:1…… damn

  4. BB Gymnastics

    1) 135-135-145-145-145.
    2a) 175-185-185
    2b) 135-145-155
    *** Does anyone have any good tips on letting the bar down from the top of the snatch back down to your back? This feels like it is grilling my shoulders, not in a good way.

    1a) 0-5-5

    Scaled to 275- Running time 17::39

      • Yea. I try that and get some major torquing in my shoulder (that i have had two surgeries on). I guess i am still trying to fight the weight to much. I am just gunne let that bad bitch down next time and work on dip

  5. bbg
    1) 185, 205, 225, 225, 235
    2a) 275-275-275
    2b) 225-245×4-235 (hit a rep with 275# warming up, tried 280# and failed barely, should be able to do these with my 1rm snatch soon)

    1a) 20-20-20
    1b) done

    conditioning later

    • conditioning
      total working time 11:40 rx

      round 1: 2:03 unbroken muscle ups

      round 2: 2:35 unbroken muscle ups

      round 3: 4:02 (tried to go 3, 2 on the muscle ups, epic fail on the last rep, had to go up again)

      round 4: 3:00 (went 3, 2 on muscle ups successfully)

  6. BBG
    1) worked up to 125 (not a good day snatching)
    2a) 185
    2b) 95 x 2, 115 x 1


    Total time 19:37 (at 275)

    M/F/S – 4/2/2

  7. Worked at lighter weight today, Sat. I believe I strained or perhaps retore my intestinal hammock (a.k.a. the abdomen), so I figured I didn’t want my guts fallen out… a while back I had a partial tear in the abdomen down close the the hip flexor, ironically the dr. said I shouldn’t have to worry about a hurnia in that area but whatever.

    95, 105, 115, 125, 130#
    2a) 125#
    2b) 115#

    Didn’t think this would be wise to do, I may try a lighter version later but probably no GHD to be safe

    *Scaled to 225#, locking out the 315# caused quite a bit of abdominal discomfort.
    2:44 / 2:20 / 2:31 / 2:46
    10:21 Total working time (hope I did that math right)

  8. Hey everyone, I have a question. A training partner noticed in leaning to the right side on my way up on gh raises, as if I’m pulling with my left leg more. Have same problem with back squats coming out of the hole. I lean toward my left side. Anyone have anything on how to correct this? Thanks!

    • Check your leg lengths for symmetry. Some people require a slight shim under 1 foot while squatting to even out force expression. The difference in strength you developed could be showing in your GHRs.
      Unilateral work may help (pistols, lunges), but you’ll never get the same strength benefits.

    • go to a chiro and get your hips checked if it does appear that one of your legs is longer than the other. for years i thought that one of my legs was .75 inches longer than the other.

      turns out due to an injury sustained years ago my left hip had risen .75 inches higher than my right hip. my entire body was out of alignment, causing all sorts of structural issues. 3 months of going to the chiro 2-3x per week and now my heels rest evenly. now i’m going through the process of retraining my muscles to fire evenly, as opposed to being right side dominant. pain in the ass but saving my L5 from any further destruction should be worth it.

  9. BBG
    1. 155, 165, 175, 185 (F 2 & 3), 185 (F 3)

    Despite the fact that I had three misses these felt pretty good. Threw all of the misses behind me.

    2a. Skipped
    2b. 175, 175, 175

    Can do snatch balances with my 1RM snatch, just can’t do 5 of them.

    1a. 25, 25, 25

    Miserable, but got through them.

    1b. Done

    Did the first set at the tempo but for whatever reason it was really torquing my back, so just did regular GHD’s on sets 2 and 3.

    11:48 work time

    Deads were heavy after the GHR’s and Burpees.

  10. First day following Outlaw.

    1: 135,155,175,185,185
    2a: 205# for all
    2b: 185, 215, 225(F on 3rd rep)

    1a: subbed 135# good mornings for all three sets
    1b: complete

    13:24 Total working Time.

    • This is an unbelievible first post, I almost don’t believe you. Have to be a long time lurker or something.

      • Yeah the format was too good, not enough questions asked, and you made a legitimate substitute for GH Raise.

  11. Ok, I lied when I said I wouldn’t complain anymore

    It was over 100 degrees inside the gym today and I literally died after the BBG.


    1) 185, 195 ,205, 215, 225 (2) PR for 1

    2a) 235, 235, 235

    2b) 135, 155, 155 (These gassed the shit out of me with the short rest)


    1a) 25, 25 ,25 (8)

    1b) Complete


    Complete, SLOW as fuck but I did it

  12. BBG:

    1. 105, 110, 115, 125, 125
    2a. 165, 175, 185
    2b. 115, 125, 135


    Skipped, no time

    Conditioning: 3 rounds due to time constraints. 275# for DLs and MUs starting from “ring row” position (starting to get hang of transition).

    16.29 total time

  13. BBG
    2a 215
    2b PVC
    1a 5#
    1b done
    Scaled 15 pull ups 15 dips, dl @ 225. No time

  14. BBGym:
    1) 95, 100, 110 115, 120
    2a) 205, 185, 185
    2b) 115, 125, 140

    1a) 35#
    1b) Done

    *Scaled 5 ring pull ups and 5 ring dips for MU+285# deads
    Total working time: 12:31


  15. Question for Rudy, or anyone else who thinks they can answer it.

    If I’m not highly proficient in the lifts (oly) would it be better to replace the days BBG with full snatch / C&J singles from the floor ( work up to a moderately heavy single then hit some back off sets w/lighter weight). At this point I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels some days doing lifts off blocks/assistance work for lifts when Im not even great a the lifts themselves first.
    Besides that the strength work, conditioning and gymnastics stuff is good to go.
    So should I just stick to BBG as Rx’ed or just do the classic lifts strictly until I’m proficient ( which I recommended by most oly coaches).

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.

    • I have been following the BBG here for about a month now and I have seen a HUGE improvement in not only my technique, but in my understanding of how the full lift is supposed to look and feel. I used to only hack at full lifts for hours at a time once a week and would occasionally PR (usually only as my DL went up…), but following this programming has shown significantly more progress. I can’t wait to see where my 1Rm’s are – and how much more consistently I can hit them.

      You’ll learn where you break down across the entire lift. And you can practice the lifts more often. Video yourself for a few of the heavier sets and use an app like Coach’s Eye to slow it down. It’s unreal how much better I understand the lifts now than a month ago. I still look like an idiot most of the time, but at least now I know that and that has allowed the possibility of improvement.

  16. BBG:
    1) 115
    2a) 185

    1a) 7.5-15-15
    1b) done

    13:00 working time – 225 DL

  17. First week following Outlaw

    1.) 115,125,130,135,135

    2a.) 225
    2b.) 115,115,125


    2:00, 1:54, 3:30, 3:34

  18. bbg
    1)165, 175, 185, 195, 200
    2a)225, 245, 245
    2b)185, 205, 225 f on rep 5
    1)cambered bar gm-135, 155, 175
    16:59 total working time

  19. BBG
    1) 115-135-145-145-150
    2a) 185-185-195
    2b) 135-145-150


    Total: 21:05
    MU unbroken, burpees consistent. Deadlifts were horrible for me. All singles and too much rest in between.

  20. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 Snatch off Blocks (just below the knee) – Worked up to 185
    2a) 3X5 Snatch Pull – 225, 245, 245
    2b) 3X5 Heaving Snatch Balance – 165, 185, 205 F on 3



    4 rounds for total working time of:

    5 MU
    20 Burpees
    7 Deadlifts @ 315/225#

    *Rest 1/2:1

    Total working time of 14:14

  21. Gymnastics-lbs
    1) 95, 100,100, 100, 105
    2a) 125, 130, 130
    2b) 85, 95,105

    Trained in my garage today due to some obligations so no GHD. Did LB BS instead

    Had to scale the shot out of this one. I usually ask my husband for a shoulder massage, but tonight I think it’ll have to b my ego….
    Total working time: 13:59
    Each round between 2:49 and 3:30
    5 MU attempts ( got 1 in R2 and 1 in R4)
    20 Burpees
    7 DLs at 175lbs*
    *Injury. Easing back into squats and DLs Happy this felt good. It wasn’t long ago I couldn’t do empty bar without pain…Normal scale would have been 215lbs. 7@225
    Lbs would have been heavy pre injury…. I’ve been doing pulls, so here’s testing the transfer as I continue to test my limits:)


  22. BBG:
    1) 165,185,205,205,165
    2a) 320 all the way across
    2b)165 all the way across **should’ve went way heavier**

    1a)15 lbs plate
    1b) Done


    14:29 of total working time
    Happy that i went pretty much unbroken on MU except last round did 4 in a row then one more

    But the flipside I gamed this WOD too much…ohh well you live and learn

  23. BBG –
    1. 155, 175, 185, 195, 205 lbs
    No blocks for below knee height, so used stacked bumpers. I was afraid of a crazy bounce if I dropped the bar on this set up, and I did not want to drop it to the ground and reset every rep onto the bumpers, so I lowered every rep from overhead back to the bumpers.

    Conditioning – 3:02, 3:57, 4:17, 4:07 (15:23 total working time)

  24. BBG
    1) Sn from blocks -> 3×185, 2×195
    2a) Sn pull -> 225
    2b) Sn balance ->185

    1a) done w/ 25# plate
    1b) done

  25. Snatch- up to 145
    Snatch pull- 205
    Did drop snatch again, shoulders hurting to much to load to heavily- 100
    Strenght: done

    Conditioning- Did the first round in 3:50, rested til 5:45, then took til 12:10 on the clock to get done with round 2 and called it quits. I had somewhere to be and I was sucking it up.

  26. BBG
    1) 75kgx4-77,5kgx1
    2a) 100kg all sets
    2b) 60kg – 65kg – 70kg

    1a) Done
    1b) Done

    As RX’d
    2:20-2:30-2:50-2:50 = 10:30 total working time, all MU UB, dl where hard after GH Rise!

  27. BBG:
    1: 135,155,175,185,185
    2a: 205# for all
    2b: 185, 195, 205*4 – 1RM snatch is 205 – barley missed last rep. didn’t get it locked out

    1a: complete
    1b: complete

  28. BBG
    1) 175
    2a) 225
    2b) 175


    Only did 2 rounds because I ripped the sh*t out of my hand.

  29. BB-

    2b) 235

    8:22 total work time

    UB on everything except last round muscle ups


  30. BBG: worked up to 165#, 175# wasn’t there. 185# is PR from floor
    2a) 205, reset every rep for a stronger pull (no straps)
    2b) worked up to 165# for 5, 185# I got 2 out of 5 dropped down to 165# to finish the set. I need to work on these, but was able to get 2 reps at 1rm.

    Strength: 1) done with 25 for first set, 20 for others
    2) first set done unweighted, added a 15# medicine ball for last 2

    Cond. Tomorrow morning for morning PT, ran out of time.

    • Cond. 18:26. I didn’t calculate my rest well, rounded numbers, think I took almost a minute extra rest than I should have. Also for the record, fuck burpees.

  31. BBG-135,155,165,175,175 (first set at 175 got sloppy on 2nd and 3rd rep, second set was much cleaner)
    B)185-205-215 (failed on the way out of the hole on rep 5 of final set)

    strength- cramped on my first set using 25# dropped down to 10 and cramped again on next rep, finished with no weight

    cond.-1:43, 2:13, 4:09 (failed 4-5 MU going for final rep), 2:44

  32. First day back to snatching since having stitches in my right hand. Definitely not back to normal. Catching the weight put a little more strain on the stitches than I was comfortable with to go heavy.

    BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 Snatch off Blocks (just below the knee) – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec.
    2a) 3X5 Snatch Pull – heavy, rest 45 sec.
    2b) 3X5 Heaving Snatch Balance – medium/heavy and fast
    rest 60 sec.

    1- 155,155,155,175(1),175


    1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise – rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor)
    1b) 3X10 Tempo GHD Situps – (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up) rest 60 sec.

    1a- Unweighted but strict
    1b- 3 seconds is a long time!


    4 rounds for total working time of:

    5 MU
    20 Burpees
    7 Deadlifts @ 315/225#

    *Rest 1/2:1

    Total working 11:01. Total 15:02. Great and challenging workout.

  33. ok, first time posting. I’ve been following the program since March. When I first started my snatch PR was 150#, in April I hit 180# and today I hit my PR off the blocks. This program is absolutely amazing.

    2a) 200-200-200
    2b)155-175-185 (1xf)

    1a)done w/1pd KB

    RD1 – 3:11
    RD2 – 3:51
    RD3 – 3:16
    RD4 – 2:56
    Total – 12:34 Rx’d
    All MU UB, fuck burpees…

    Look no stupid Nub questions…….

  34. CFG Data:

    We did it: I PR”ed my snatch off the blocks, not sure what caleb hit. pulls and balances were solid.

    Strength done.

    Conditioning, I have no idea, but something like 10 working minutes probs for the both of us. good stuff.

  35. BBG

    Sn from below knee – 165,165,175,175,185(1)

    Sn pulls – 225lbs
    Sn Bal – 145,165×2


    GHR – 10lbs behind head x 3
    GHSitups – done at tempo, easy

    Conditioning – 11:33 working time. MU unbroken only on first round, DL unbroken all rounds, burpees slow but steady.

  36. BBG:
    1) 155#, 160#, 165#, 170# (made 2, failed 1), 170#
    2a) 245# for all sets
    2b) 155# for all sets

    1a) BW, 5#, 10#
    1b) Done.

    9:14 working time.

  37. BBG: 1)up to 155, missed last rep of 165
    b)115 to 135
    Strength: 1a) good mornings 135
    B) done
    Conditioning : 12:54 working time

  38. BBG:
    1. 145-155-165-175 (made first, failed 2 and 3)-165
    2a. 185# would’ve liked to go heavier but no straps and was already struggling with grip
    2b. 135-155-175

    1a. 5#
    1b. Done

    Had to do bar MU’s, couldn’t get to rings, too crowded.
    12:20 total working time

  39. Holy crap this beat my ass today! Lol day 1 of this ritualistic following! Hopefully this will take me to regionals next year. No more injuries!

  40. BBG
    1) 75-80-80-85-85#
    2a) 130#
    2b) 95-100-100#

    1a) 10#
    1b) Done

    15:20 working time, first round rx’d, but had to scale MU starting 3 into the second rd. considering I could do none three months ago, I am ok with my progress.

  41. BBG: 1.) 125 X 5 (Power) -Went light, still recovering from a sprained wrist.
    2a.) 235 x 3
    2b.) BB x3


    1a.) 15# plate
    1b.) Done


    8:27 total work time. MU’s and DL were all unbroken, which I was really happy about. Glad to see improvement on MU’s.

  42. Noob to Outlaw CrossFit. Haven’t seen this on the site anywhere, so maybe can point in the right direction if it is here… Are you supposed to do all three: the BB gymnastics, strength and conditioning every single day or is there more of a breakdown? And if so, what kind of rest in between each of the 3? Gracias.

  43. BBG:
    1) 70kg, 75, 80, 82.5, 85. Had a few fails at 85 but made up for them. Getting back into the swing here after some time off.
    2a) 110kg across
    2b) 90kg across

    Skipped Strength.

    1:45, 2:10, 2:45, Only did 3 rounds, had to coach. Tight squeeze in today.

    MFS: 5/6/2 Mood is low, fatigue is high. Tough summer.

  44. BBG
    1) 155, 155, 165(2), 165, 175(1), 175
    2a) 185
    2b) 135, 145, 155


    11:20 total working time.

  45. BBG
    Snatch – 185, 205, 225, 235, 245(1)
    Snatch Balance – 225, 235(3), 235
    Pulls – 265×3

    Conditioning – 10:30 total working time.
    Burpees fucking kicked my ass tonight.

  46. BBG: Snatch – 205-215-225-225-235f on the 2nd and 3rd rep.
    Gym was packed, had 4 guys doing Linda as I was snatching, only had 205lbs left and did snatch balances with that.
    core work completed
    skipped conditioning due to it being 110 degrees in the gym

  47. BBG:
    Snatch-135, 155, 175, 185, 195
    Pulls- 295(what was i thinking) 225, 225
    Balance- 135, 2×155 sucking like Obama’s term… “BUT I TRIED REAL HARD”

    Strength: Done and Done

    Cond: 8:16 total working time

  48. BBG:
    1) 135-145-155-165-175(F)-170
    2a) 185-185-205
    2b) 135-155-175(3) catching 3/4. Faster drop

    1a) 5-10(F@6)5-5
    1b) Done

    1) 18:00 

  49. Triple snatch off blocks-
    Up to 225 good, hit 250 for 1

    Snatch high pulls 3×5
    Snatch Balance 3×5

    9:14 RX

  50. 1) did from hang below knees.
    145 155 170 185(fon3) 185

    2a) 185 205 220
    2b) 185 205 220(f resetting from 4 off te back)


  51. BB gym –
    Snatch – 185 – didn’t push shoulder, felt unstable after rehab
    snatch pull – 275
    Snatch bal – 175, 185(2)

    Strength –
    1a – 25
    1b – done

    1:25, 1:31, 1:48, 1:41 total time = 9:37
    3rd round, my Burpee’s slowed down .
    Otherwise, everything UB

  52. WOD 120709:
    BB Gymnastics

    1) 115-115-126-135-135lbs.
    2a) 205-205-205lbs.
    2b) 155-160-160lbs. (matches 1rm Snatch)


    1a) 10lbs.
    1b) Complete


    4 rounds for total working time of:

    5 MU
    20 Burpees
    7 Deadlifts @ 276#

    *Rest 1/2:1

    1:56 + 1:56 + 2:03 + 2:01 = 7:56 total working time.

  53. BB Gym:
    1) 113/123/128/133 f(3rd rep)/ 128
    2a) 163# all reps
    2b) 113/118/123 (need to get better at these)

    Strength: 1a) 10# 1b)done

    Conditioning: 10:52 working time
    1)all UB (2:15)
    2)mu=3/2; DL 4/3 (3:07)-rested too long on DL
    3)mu=2/1/2; DL 4/3 (3:00)
    4)mu=3/2; all other reps UB (2:32)

  54. BB:
    1) 135, 185, 185f, 195, 200
    2a) 235×3
    2b) 165, 175, 175


    1:40, 2:20, 2:30, 2:43

    TWT: 9:10 RX

  55. BB Gymnastics

    1) 5X3 Snatch off Blocks (bar starting over the knee) – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec. @ 55 kg/121 lbs-55 kg/121 lbs-55 kg/121 lbs-60 kg/132 lbs-60 kg/132 lbs

    2a) 3X5 Snatch Pull – heavy, rest 45 sec. @ 65-65-65 kg/143 lbs

    2b) 3X5 Heaving Snatch Balance – medium/heavy and fast (the goal is your 1rm Snatch for 5) rest 60 sec. @ 55 kg/121 lbs-65 kg/132 lbs (4) – 65 kg/132 lbs (4) – 65 kg/132 lbs (4) — didn’t focus enough in the last lift and kept failing the 5th.


    1a) 3X10 Good mornings – rest 60 sec. @ 45 kg/99 lbs-35 kg/77 lbs-35 kg/77 lbs

    1b) 3X10 Tempo GHD Situps – (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up) rest 60 sec.: done!


    Will do it later this week

  56. 1) worked up to 205. PR snatch!
    2a) 315
    2b) –185

    1a) 3X10 10lb
    1b) 3X10
    Conditioning as Rxd.
    8:34 working time

  57. 1) 155-165
    2a) 225-235
    b) 155-175f-165

    1a) 5-10-10
    b) done

    No time for conditioning

  58. 5×3 hang snatch
    135/145/145 2-1/145/145

    3×5 snatch pull

    3×5 heaving snatch balance

    3×10 weighted gh raise
    10# x 3
    3×10 tempo ghd

    Metcon total time 15:15

  59. BBG-

    135-145-145-155-160 – these were all power snatches again due to left knee pain

    Snatch pull –

    225 across

    Skipped snatch balance due to knee

    Completed GH/GHD’s

    Conditioning –

    11:08 working time –

    this nearly killed me – it was so freakin hot today! I did all this in one session – I was outta gas before I even began and the heat just about ended it for me. I was glad when this was over.

  60. 165/175/185/185/185 snatch below knee

    235 snatch pull

    185/215/215 heaving snatch balance

    15# plate on GHR Ghd situps unbroken

    Total working time 13:07 rx

  61. 135, 155, 165, 175- Power Snatches

    225 all – Snatch Pull

    135, 165, 175- Heaving Snatch

    Condtioning: 2:03, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 working time.
    MU- Would do real MU after fail switched to little red band for remainder of rounds
    Burpees- Not fast but felt faster than normal
    Deadlift- 315lb (picked up dropped each but picked up weight immediately. Weight about right)

  62. BBG:
    1) Hang Snatch (don’t have blocks or bumper plates)

    2a) 145/185/215
    2b) 135/165/165 (short of 1RM goal of 185)

    skipped (added some situps in later)

    19:03 total time (.5/1 rest/work)
    subbed C2B ring pullups/diamond pushups for MU

  63. 1)115,125,140,145,155(2 rep) hang snatch
    2a) 185,195,195
    2b) 155,175(4 rep),170(4 rep)
    strength done
    15:03 total time @ 285lbs

  64. M/F/S- 2/2/2 eased back into it from a shoulder tweak, glad to be able to hit it again.


    2a)205/225/225 with straps



    Completed 2 rounds UB, ran out of steam + needed to take it easy on shoulder.

  65. bbg:
    1) 105-115-120-120-120

    2a) 185
    2b) 95-105-115 (3, 1 miss, 2) serious problems with this lift

    strength: skipped

    deadlift at 275

    14:51 working time

  66. BBG
    1. 165, 176, 181, 185(2), 190
    2a. 225
    2b. 185, 195, 205
    1a. 35
    1b. Done
    10:59 felt wooped after this one. Tried to push the pace on the burpees because I suck at them.

  67. Bbg

  68. BBG:
    1.)145, 145, 145, 150, 150

    1a.) 40# DB
    1b.) BW

    19:05 Total Time (subbed Bar MU’s for rings as gym has no rings)

  69. 8/17/12
    WOD 120709

    BB Gymnastics
    1) 5X3 Snatch off Blocks (just below the knee) – heavy but fast, rest 60 sec. 176, 176(miss), 176, 187, 187, 198lbs(2)
    2a) 3X5 Snatch Pull – heavy, rest 45 sec. 225lbs all sets
    2b) 3X5 Heaving Snatch Balance – medium/heavy and fast; rest 60 sec. 176, 220(4), 220lbs(2/3). These were brutal on the wrists.

    1a) 3X10 “Strict” Weighted GH Raise – rest 60 sec. 10, 10, 15lbs
    1b) 3X10 Tempo GHD Situps – (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up) rest 60 sec.

    4 rounds for total working time of:

    5 Muscle-ups
    20 Burpees
    7 Power Cleans* (185lbs)
    Rest:Work 1/2:1

    Total time: 14:50
    Total work time(no rest included): 10:40

    *Swapped in power cleans instead of 315lb deadlifts.

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