WOD 120705:

Rest Day.

There has been a bit of confusion on the 3 Stop + Hi-Hang Snatch. Spencer sent me a video of one of his lifts today, and it should clear up any confusion. By the way, this lift is at 103kg (227#):

Talayna also sent me video of one of her lifts. While I am not in love with this lift from a technical perspective (not enough pause in each position, re-dip before starting the actual Snatch, BB never got all the way to the hip), it is incredibly heavy considering the limitations of the drill. Also, T’s catch has become one of the best I’ve seen—very Klokovesque. Talayna, 3-Stop + Hi-Hang Snatch @ 165#:

Finally, since there’s still 4 hours left of greatest holiday ever invented, celebrating the #1 ranked country in the history of history; I thought you guys might enjoy one of my favorite patriotic hymns.

12 thoughts on “120705

  1. actually now i’m confused b/c from these vids it looks like the 3-stop is supposed to be – 1. below knee 2. above knee 3. high hang, but in the demo vid it’s 1. as soon as plates break floor 2. at/just below knee 3.high hang.

      • really… why is that? where the athlete stops in this movement is very important. sorry if i’m confused b/c the demo vid and these vids differ.

    • I can only presume that Rudy is wanting us to do it this new way, hence the clarification, and I cannot speak for Caleb, but I do know when he coaches us at the gym it’s 1) break the floor (i lifted it about an inch one time and it was “too high, just break the floor”; 2) below the knee (that is right below the patella area); then 3) high hang position and 4) snatch.

  2. Clarification: Just barely pull off floor, pull to either below knee or above knee based on weakness (i pull to above knee because it’s a weak position for me), then pull to mid-thigh.

  3. Do I need to have some minimum strength requirement before I grow a beard? Sincerely, a guy who just wants to look strong

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