While I was there for David’s PR last night, I had only seen its finish, as I was just turning away from watching another of the 3,000 lifts that were going on at the same time. I noticed that Josh had taken video of the lift, and I asked David to send it to me as soon as he got it. David’s email containing the footage was prefaced by something about “dogshit bar path”, and as soon as I opened and watched I knew what he meant. I knew there was only one person who would be right to break down, critique, and help fix the issues in David’s PR lift. I immediately shot an email off to Spencer Arnold asking him to put the footage in Coach’s Eye, and do the cool commentary thing over the stop frame breakdown. Spencer is the coach who has shot many of our demo videos, has helped me work with many of our Games athletes, and once described my Snatch style as “mummy arms”.

Here’s what Spencer sent me back:

Today Jay Rhodes PR’d his Back Squat. Jay Rhodes weighs 170#. Today he squatted 475#. This was a 35# PR and 35# from TRIPLE bodyweight.

Despite the fact that we haven’t heard from him in a while, Kevin Simons has been training like a dude who isn’t just “excited to go to the Games” (the phrase used by all passive-aggressive Games competitors which really means… I don’t think I can win). When I think of Kevin’s training, I always like to imagine he is lifting bears and doing muscle-ups on tree branches. You know, cause everyone in the Pacific NW is a lumberjack/bear hunter.

This is honestly a jaw-dropping lift to me. Kevin Simons, THREE-HUNDRED-POUND Push Press:

Finally, as if this post didn’t have enough ridiculousness, David Cornthwaite has become a very good lifter. David was already a good lifter, but in the last few weeks he has PR’d almost every day—that’s not hyperbole. On Saturday David sent me videos, in succession, which contained a 300# Jerk to match his PR, a 315# Jerk to set a new PR, and a 345# Jerk to make a new PR by FOURTY FIVE POUNDS. He also has a little message at the end for BP, who had just hit 340#.

DC , 345# Jerk:

WOD 120704:

BB Gymnastics

10X2 3-Stop Snatch Pull + 1 Hi-Hang Snatch – heavier than last week, rest 40-60 sec.

Notes: This combination of these two movements is meant to be performed in succession. In other words, at the finish of the 3-Stop Snatch Pull the athlete should be set in a stalled Hi-Hang position. Without any re-bending or other momentum, the athlete should immediately perform a Hi-Hang Snatch. It is noteworthy that this version of the Hi-Hang Snatch should should be performed with hip and knee extension.


Yes, this is a team workout. If you do not have anyone to be on a team with (you are pathetic), you may complete it individually performing half the reps.

“Team America”

*In teams of two complete:

100 KBS 24/16kg
50 Burpees
15 Muscle-Ups
10 Snatches (any style) 185/120#
15 Muscle-Ups
50 Burpees
100 Partner Wall Balls 20/14#

For time.

Notes: All reps may be apportioned in any way between the teammates, but only one teammate may be working at a time (example: if one teammate wants to perform all 100 Burpees they may). The only exception is the Partner Wall Balls. Partner Wall Balls must be performed by teammates alternating Wall Ball shots. This means one teammate performs a Wall Ball shot, while the ball is in the air the other teammate steps in, catches it, and performs another Wall Ball shot. All reps must be performed alternating.

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  1. Jay, NO REP.

    Didn’t Re-Rack.

    BTW, that was sarcasm for the message board samurais out there.

    Nice work, I need more Rick Flair though.

  2. nice lifts.. gets me motivated enough to keep working my front rack mobility..pretty soon i’ll be able to keep a full jerk grip on the bar instead of just fingertips.

    • “The only exception is the Partner Wall Balls. Partner Wall Balls must be performed by teammates alternating Wall Ball shots. This means one teammate performs a Wall Ball shot, while the ball is in the air the other teammate steps in, catches it, and performs another Wall Ball shot. All reps must be performed alternating.”

  3. BBG
    135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 (F, F), 185 (1, F), 185 (F, 1), 185 (1, F), 190 (F, F)

    These felt great up until they didn’t. 185 for the three reps that I got was a 5 lb PR from what I did here last week. Grip was starting to go near the end.

    Skipped, did some Air Dyne interval work instead.

  4. BBG:
    125 for 3 sets, 135 for 7 sets

    135# snatchx5
    I did 8 muscle-ups each time. My wife doesn’t have them yet, so we worked on them after the WOD.

    This was a fun one. Happy 4th!

  5. Well isn’t this a cute little program. Mind if Bailey and I use this for our active recovery days?

  6. conditioning
    17:25 rx with a teammate
    first time doing partner wall balls, we used a pivot step to move as little as possible.

    resting a little bit, then going after the bbg for today

    • bbg
      165, 185, 205, 205 fail 2nd, 205, 205, 215, 225, 235 fail, 225 fail

      video of 225# feel like my positioning has improved a lot since starting the new strength cycle, fired up to hit my goal of a 300+ snatch

  7. BBG
    Last rep was a hang snatch PR for me.

    Did in team of 3, so 150 kb, 75 burpees, 20 mu, 15 snatches @ 155

  8. BB Gym:
    Drew – 135
    Ashley -110

    Drew and I did this as a team. He did 29 oit of 30 MUs. I only got my last attempt. We used the 20# WB.

  9. BBG:


    14:07 (solo – cut the reps in half)
    chest 2 bar subbed for MU
    95# snatch
    KB front squat subbed for wall ball

  10. 1. 95, 95, 95, 100, 100, 105, 105, 110, 115, 120

    Conditioning: w/ Jessica 25:50

  11. Gymnastics
    10×2 75, 85, 90lbsx8

    **Garage so no KBs or WBs sub’d muscle snatches for KBs and Thrusters for WBs. Both done with bar (45lbs him/35lbs me) as RX* regarding weight for everything else and switching off for thrusters.
    *Also first set of MUs we counted my 3 missed attempts (I hit the rest for both sets! Shoulda redone the 3, wasn’t sure I would get it).

    Partners = M/230lbs & F/125lbs

    Happy 4th Outlaws!!!!! This was great AND it got my husband to WOD with me in 90 degree heat on a holiday:) Hard earned pool lounging with margaritas!!!!!

    PS 120lbs snatches felt EASY. I used to catch it hunched forward instead of straight up and down once it got heavy. I also used to forget to jump my feet out so was often unbalanced at the bottom. I think all these high hangs helped a ton – it’s almost as if this stuff works…..PR day soon?! 🙂

  12. BB Gymnastics

    10X2 reps 3-Stop Snatch Pull + 1 Hi-Hang Snatch @ 55 kg/120 lbs all 10 sets (quite happy about that)


    For time:

    50 KBS 16kg
    25 Burpees
    8 Muscle-Ups (banded)
    5 Snatches 55 kg/120 lbs (anyhow)
    8 Muscle-Ups (banded)
    25 Burpees
    50 Wall Balls 14 lbs
    Time: 18:42

    Comments: MU banded, the rest RX. First time doing a WOD with such heavy snatches. Should be able to string them more together next time.

  13. Just starting program

    Snatch scaled to 135#

  14. BBG – 5 sets at 145, 5 sets at 155

    Conditioning – 22:03, used 165 for snatches

  15. BBG:
    135×5(missed only one snatch) 155×4(missed only one) 135 for final set


    Did with 3 people 21:25

    *added extra reps accordingly

  16. BBG-105-115-125-135-145-155-165f-165×2-175fx2
    Started light only second week doing this, starting to get comfortable

    Conditioning-I am apparently pathetic, half reps solo-14:14 RX

  17. BBG:
    135, 135, 145, 150, 155(1), 155, 155, 155, 155, 155

    “Team America”

    50 KBS 24
    25 Burpees
    8 Muscle-Ups
    5 Snatches 155
    8 Muscle-Ups
    25 Burpees
    50 Partner Wall Balls 20

    17:24 (I am are pathetic)

  18. BB Gymnastics @ 65kg

    Team America= 20:08

    75kg Snatch

    Partner used 45kg

    M= 2 F=2 S=7

  19. 135, 140, 145 , 150, 155, 160 , 165, 170, 175, 185 (fail)

    50 KBS 24
    25 Burpees
    21 Pullups
    21 Dips
    5 Snatches 175#
    21 Pullups
    21 Dips
    25 Burpees
    50 Partner Wall Balls 20

  20. 1) 145×2 165×2 185×4 195f 200f
    Daughter said the reason I missed 195 is because it wasn’t even like 200. False.

    Conditioning later will involve beer burgers and explosives.


  21. BBG: up to 155. Few misses. Kept jumping forward
    Conditoning: 17:46
    Snatches at 165

  22. Early morning…worked up to a Max Effort Front Squat and ended up at 325#. Big PR.

    Then did a slightly tweaked chipper due to my right hand being out of commission. I wore a 30lb vest.

    50 KBS 24/16kg
    25 Burpees
    10 Strict Pull Up
    7 One Arm DB Snatches (100#, all left hand)
    10 Strict Pull Up
    25 Burpees
    50 Wall Balls 20#


  23. WOD 120704:
    BB Gymnastics



    “The Fourth of July”

    7/4/12 reps of:

    Left Arm KB Snatch 24kg
    Right Arm KB Snatch 24kg

    For time. 6:25

  24. Lower volume ahead of a comp this weekend but felt good snatching so
    Muscle snatch PB @ 70KG
    Power snatch PB @ 92.5KG

    Gassy conditioning based on movements for this weekend
    6 min amrap
    10 thrusters 45kg
    10 lateral bar burpees
    Immediately into 4 min amrap
    8 box jumps 24″
    12 kbs 24kg
    A – 3 + 13
    B – 3 + 1
    Light run and negative split 30:30 x 10 row

  25. BBG – Worked up to 75kg – Was moving fast tonight and caught most in a power stance due to tired quads from yesterdays work

    Conditioning – Modified

    50 24kg KB swing
    25 Burpees
    8 Strict Pullups
    8 Strict Dips
    5 x 70kg Snatch
    8 Strict Dips
    8 Strict Pullups
    25 Burpees
    50 24kg KB swing


    Slowly plodded my way through it. Made all 5 snatches in 2 minutes which made me happy. Tired elbows/forearms now so I’m glad for a rest day now

  26. BBG:

    95, 95, 105, 105, 115, 115, 125, 125, 130 (f), 125


    Did 7/3, posted there

  27. BBG:
    No can do. Wrist is f’ed!

    16:16 – subbed 30 HSPUs for mups each time, and 205# cleans for snatches

    *Did w/ Mayra who, by the way, hit a 10lb PR snatch (of any kind) from a high-hang then she got it from the ground. Crazy

  28. RESULTS: 3-2-5
    1) 95-115–135-135-135-135-135-145-145-145-155-155.

    1) 11:00. Split down the middle with Todd, each failed 5x on SN. All other moves flowed quickly.

  29. BBG
    110×2 120×2 132×2 142(f,1,f,f)

    No partner today so did half the reps and snatches at 132

  30. BB Gymnastics

    Conditioning (Did it by myself and scaled to 135lb snatch)

  31. BBG: Up to 130#.

    Subbed Bar Muscle Ups for Rings today (no rings available). Got 1 Rep at 175# for sntaches, failed 5 times, dropped to 155#, did 5x 155#. Rest of wod rx’d.


  32. BBG – 155, 155, 175, 175, 185, 185, 195, 195, 195, 195

    Conditioning – 18:44
    ***Done with a partner, all reps split 50/50. Used a pivot step in and out for the wall balls.

  33. BBG:
    135, 145, 155×3, 165, 175×2, 185, 195

    20:37 rx for me and partner did 165 snatches 50/50 except for muscle ups Thanks RICH!!!

  34. 10×2 3-stop snatch pull+1 snatch- 135 across, had to do power snatches, still can’t squat, probly another week or two before I can, can’t wait!

  35. 10×2 snatch – 95 x6 , 115x 1 (went lighter so I could catch in snatch versus power) Can go heavier next time)

    Conditioning- 21:20
    (Used 155 on snatches need to go heavier next time) (Also started with muscle ups once a fail I went to banded.)

    Ready for rest tomorrow.

  36. Snatch: 103/108/113/118/123/128/132/132/138/138
    Last week I worked up to 113….goin to try to get in the 140’s next week (143# is my pr for squat snatch)

    Team America: 24 min rx’d with partner

  37. felt weak today……having some bicep minor issues. went light on lifts

    BBG: 155
    Metcon: skipped muscle ups after started hurting, did 2 c2b per, and 165 on snatch….19:24 i think was time

  38. BBG 125# for 8 sets, 135# for 2 sets

    I did the Conditioning alone so I basically cut the reps in half and tried to use the rx’d weight and instead of doing bb snatches, I did one arm db snatches.
    this is what i did:
    50 KBS 24kg
    25 Burpees
    7 Muscle-Ups
    5 DB Snatches (each arm) 70#
    7 Muscle-Ups
    25 Burpees
    50 Wall Balls 20#


  39. M/F/S – 2/3/5

    115/125/125/135/135/145/145/155/155/165 1+1F


    Super fun wod. Did with a partner that at one time was better than me on most days. I had to pull him through this one by doing the majority of the MU’s and snatches, then pushing his comfort zone on the wall balls. Outlaw is working great for me.

  40. 8/13/12
    WOD 120704:

    BB Gymnastics
    10X2 3-Stop Snatch Pull + 1 Hi-Hang Snatch – heavier than last week, rest 40-60 sec.

    “Team America” (modified for 3 people)

    150 KBS 24/16kg
    75 Burpees
    22 Muscle-Ups
    15 Snatches @ 185lbs
    22 Muscle-Ups
    75 Burpees
    150 Wall Balls

    Only one person worked at a time. Finished in 22:03.

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