Not gonna lie—I’ve been waiting to do this for a while. First time I’ve actually programmed this for a large group of people, and I’m excited to see exactly what happens.

The workout for Friday the 29th… King-Kong.

You can read the story of how/why I originally came up with King-Kong here: King-Kong Is My Beautiful Baby. Obviously, when I wrote this, I thought it would be for a fairly small portion of the population. Now it’s not even that big of a deal to be able to complete it. I actually finally decided to write it in after watching video of Graham Holmberg and Marcus Hendren the other day. I haven’t seen a legit sub-2, but if anyone can get one on video, BP will send you a whole bunch of autographed tape that he wore on his wrists the week before (Bill, he’ll just bring it over to your house). Awesome, right?

D-Rob’s 2:08-

Yay Gomez!!!

Lots of words…

-Don’t worry, boys. BP is still tough – Power Couple: Phillips and Denney

JT, men with beards, and perhaps the best women’s side on earth (sorry Jess, Leah, and Bethany) – Determined: CrossFit Central

-Darkhorse… CDR Redlands: Eye on the Prize

WOD 120629:

BB Gymnastics

10X1 Split Jerk off Blocks – you may work up to a 1RM if technique is solid, rest 60 sec.

Notes: You may use racks, but blocks are absolutely the suggestion. These do not have to be UB reps, and are designed to be dropped on the blocks after each rep.


1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 60% Bar Weight + 20% Band Tension – rest 60 sec.

Notes: The bar should be loaded with 60% of the 1RM Deadlift. Band tension should equal 20% of 1RM at the top of the lift. Judging band weight and setup is explained in this DEMO VIDEO

1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press– heaviest possible (all sets), rest 2+ minutes

Notes: These should be performed between every other set of Deadlifts. These should be done sitting on a box or bench with no back. Feet should be in contact with the floor as the DBs are locked out overhead. Make sure to absolutely lock out every single rep.



3 rounds for time of:

1 Deadlift @ 455/300#
2 Muscle-Ups
3 Cleans (full squat) @ 250/165#

Notes: The Deadlifts in this WOD are designed to be 90% of a 500# Deadlift. If your 1RM is below 455/300# scale the load to somewhere between 90-95% of your 1RM. If your 1RM is above 455/300#, do not scale. The Cleans in this WOD are designed to be 80% of a 315# Clean. If your 1RM is below 265/175# scale the load to somewhere between 90-95% of your 1RM. If your 1RM is above 265/175#, do not scale. HSPU are Regionals standard, and Kipping is allowed.

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  1. Any suggestions for King Kong in a garage gym with only 1 barbell? I tried googling for “king kong with 1 barbell” but the only results were *insert punch line here*

    I could load the barbell with the weight for the clean and do more reps of DL, but I can’t clean 90% of my 1RM DL. Thoughts?

    • Yes. Load the bar in such a way that your deadlift weights are on the ‘outside’ of your clean weights. DL – immediately slide off the extra pounds, then MU, alternate bw switching weight off and on after DLs and before cleans so it gets mixed up. Dont go resetting an entirely new barbell. load the bar smart.
      or go buy another barbell; if you were near me, I’ve got about 7 extra bars in my garage that I’ve been trying to get rid of. Some of them have “rigged” sleeves that would be fine for DL, but that would fall apart during clean (drops) and I would just give it to you. any chance you are in northeast Georgia and want a bar? 🙂

    • That might work. I’d have to remove 2 plates from each side, and then add back a smaller 1 each round, and then add back the 2 plates and repeat. For a timed WOD that doesn’t seem ideal. The lazy in me would rather just load the bar for cleans and do more DL

      • What do you mean “that might work”? How could it not work? Take weight off then put it back on…it’s not rocket surgery.

  2. My suggestion to all is make sure everything is as close as possible. I lost time in transition and should have went TnG on all cleans.

  3. Hey Rudy thanks for the information on scaling the King Kong. Being a smaller individual i’ve always wondered the best way to scale the conditioning parts of the workouts. I can normally get it right so its around the 12 – 15min range but may be missing some important stimulus you want us to get.

    It might be asking a bit much but i imagine you have a couple of people in mind when you write these things, what are the basic numbers (snatch, clean, DL, Squat, press etc.) for an Rx male and female you expect?


  4. I’ve been dying to try King Kong and really interested to see how Caleb will do
    – should be interesting. Really wish I’d not done the 30 MUs yesterday, ah well – variability.

      • I’ve seen much better uses of sarcasm on here.

        I had a coach that used to do that, he would combine different sayings and confuse all of us…”you can lead a turnip to water, but you cant make it bleed” stuff like that.

        FYI: I tried googling rocket surgery, it was easier finding Reverse Hyper Substitutes and Low/High Back Squat videos.

  5. BBG

    1a) 205 lbs + purple bands
    1b) 5 x 8 using 35 lb Kbs

    Conditioning later

  6. What an incredible day of p fucking r’s.

    Split jerks
    115, 120, 125, 135, 145, 150PR, 150f, 150, 150 whoop! During this ordeal my training partner dropped 160 and guess who fucking power cleaned it… Me! Double whoop

    Banded dead lifts 145
    Strict press 25lb dumbbells

    King King 7:17
    210 dead lifts my Max is 230
    125 clean, my max squat clean is 150

  7. BBG:
    100-100-100-105-105-105-110-110-115(F)-115Kg / 253lbs

    1a) 107.5Kg / 236lbs
    1b) 23Kg / 51lbs

    8:51 (160Kg/100Kg) (352lbs/220lbs)


  8. Split Jerks (kg): 100, 110, 120,120,125,130,130,120,120,120

    Deadlifts: 130kg+blue band across
    Seated Press: 2x24kg Kettlebells x5x5

    Conditioning: 4:14

  9. Not following the programming, but I really like the workout “King Kong” and have been wanting to do it again for awhile. So this was a good excuse for me to modify my regular programming …

    Clean: 135×2, 185×2, 225×2, 245×2, 265×2, 285×1, 300×1, 305xFFF
    King Kong (rx’d): 3:49 (PR)

  10. BB Gymnastics

    10X1 Split Jerk @ 90kg across (no blocks limited)


    1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 60% Bar Weight + 20% Band Tension – 114kg

    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press– @ 2 x 20kg.



    3 rounds for time of:

    1 Deadlift @ 180kg
    2 Muscle-Ups
    3 Cleans (full squat) @ 85kg
    4 HSPU


    I suck at full squat cleans

    M= 2 F= 5 S= 5

  11. BB gymnastics
    1) worked up to 250=5lb PR
    1a) 275+ band
    1b) no DB’s so 115 w/ BB
    based of 90% of my lifts
    dead@ 410
    Cleans@ 225
    = 6:45


  12. BBG
    1. 205, 225, 245, 265, 285 (F), 285, 295, 300 (F), 300, 305 (F)

    300 was a 10 lb PR and had been a goal here for a while.

    Video of 300

    1a. 245 + Blue Bands
    1b. 50 lb Dumbbells


    Went with 90% of the written weights, 405 on the Deads and 225 on the Cleans

  13. BBG:
    135 – 155 – 165 – 175 – 185 – 185 – 195 (f) – 195 (f) – 185 – 175

    Dumbbell press:
    60 lb dumbbells

    Scaled King Kong (fucking loved this WOD btw)
    Deadlift: 385
    Squat Cleans: 165

    lost time because i was crossing the whole damn gym for the muscle ups and HSPUs but truthfully I’m very weak at going max effort and then jumping right into the next move so I need to improve my conditioning. ~10 minutes. lotta fun


    When Im lying on the reverse hyper how far should I be hanging off?

    Should my hip crease( where quads meet hip bone) be on the corner of the pad?

    Should the top of my pelvis be on the corner?

    I have looked around to no avail on this issue

  15. BB Gym;
    Worked up to 195. Failed twice. Got 185 for a PR.

    1a) 180
    1b) 35

    Used 285# on first round of deads and 275# for last two rounds. Failed quite a few cleans which I didn’t expect. However, I got all the MUs! I’m excited about that. Missed a few, but it’s definitely progress.

    MFS – 2/5/2

  16. bbg
    245, 265, 285, 295, 305, 315 PR, 325 fail, 325 fail, 325 PR

    1a) 315+blue bands, Macgyver rigged up two york stands together for a pretty decent set-up
    1b) 55# did sets of 8, don’t have any heavier dbells

    conditioning, ~20 min after i finished strength training
    King Kong
    6:21 rx
    a tip of the hat to anyone who can complete this one, and a super good job to anyone who can do it in less than 3 minutes. inspiring.

  17. BBG:

    65(2)-65(2)-70(2) X 5 sets-75(1)-80(1)-80(1) kg


    DL 75 kg + bands
    Seated DB presses 16 kg


    Tomorrow – was training at my weightlifting club today 🙂

  18. BBgym:
    165, 165, 170, 175, 175, 180, 180, 185, 195(f), 195(f)

    Deadlift: 225+bands
    BB Press: 110# (didn’t feel like driving to the gym just for DB Presses)

    Didn’t time, only have one bar.
    315# DL
    rnd 1: 165# cleans
    rnd 2&3: 155# cleans

  19. BBG:
    185×2, 195×4, 205×2, 215f, 215, 225(10# PR), 235 fail(this was an extra attempt at a 20#PR)
    10×2 DL @ 240+ bands
    DB Press: 50, 50, 50, 60 f5th, 50
    Conditioning: King Kong-more like Diddy Kong for me (375 DL and 205 cleans)
    Time: 9:46

  20. BBG:

    155, 155, 155, 160, 160, 165, 165, 170 (f), 170 (f), 170 (f) = shitshow


    1a) Clean pulls sub for DLs — 225 all sets
    1b) 50# all sets


    Attempted @ 325# dl and 175# clean


  21. STR
    205 with blue bands
    22.5 dbsp
    COND. 5:33
    Dl 305
    6 dips 6 pu
    CL 185
    No hspu


  22. BBG: 10×1 Jerks (from rack): 185, 205, 225, 230, 235(old PR), 240, 245(f), 245 , 250, 255(f), 255(f) = 15 lb PR @ 250

    Str: 225 + 1 30 lb chain per side (subbed chains for bands, seems more hard as fuck and far easier setup with bands next to impossible) Fast, but conservative weight. Will go heavier in the future.

    Db Sp: 60,65(f on last rep),55,55,60 (Lots of experimenting to find my heaviest working weight)

    Cond: KING KONG!

    I started outlaw specifically because of Jay Rhodes, his blog, and this workout. I’ve never tried it but couldn’t wait for it to be programmed!

    1 x Dl: 355 (95% of last tested max)
    2 x MU
    3 x Clean: 205 for first round, 185 for 2 remaining (90% and 85% respectively)
    4 x Hspu
    = 7:49
    Long story short, have to work on at least one aspect of every movement.

  23. BB Gym;

    225, 235, 245, 255×3 , 265×2, 270, 275
    I have realized that the middle weights give me the most trouble. As soon as I get above 270 I get faster.

    1a) 295
    1b) 52 lb KB


    First time doing King Kong. I could definitely cut some time off of this, I just had no idea how fast to go. This quickly became my favorite workout.

    MFS – 2/3/2

    • Damn man, that looked smooth and easy. You could have shaved at least 30 second off with having your shit setup closer together.

      • Thanks man. Yeah we talked about that after. Now that I’ve done this once, i would love to do it again soon. Honestly just had no idea how it would feel.

    • I was corrected by my TP (ATD) that my time was actually 2:50, Not that anyone gives 2 shits.

      • Nice work Drew! Hoping I won’t have to ubber scale this WOD forever!!! Hope all is well at the home front.

  24. BBG
    155×1 / 175×5 / 185×4

    1a. regular DL – 265 x 10
    1b. 45s x5

    4:46 – scaled the shit out of it

  25. CFG Data:

    Did BBG and Strenght – Jerks were up to 100kg then stuck there to keep form work up. Felt pretty weak today

    King Kong (probably my new fave WOD): 7:45
    The cleans slowed me down a lot; someone in the gym said that easily a full 5 minutes of this was spent on the cleans. Nice! 120kg is my 1rm clean so 113.5 was rough.

    CALEB: did all the necessary work

    King Kong: 3:09. Would have been well below 2: but missed a muscle-up in round 3 then rushed a second miss; finally came off the rings for a few seconds, but you know how it is when you fail a muscle up, it’s sort of harder than making one.

  26. Worked up to 175# C&J

    Used 185# Deadlift and 40# Dumbells for strength.

    King Kong in four minutes with
    225# DL
    135# Clean

  27. BB Gymnastics
    Worked up to 205 (F)

    1a) 205 with no bands
    1b) 55

    “King Kong” 8:55 (300 DL, 195 Clean)

  28. BBG
    200 – 240 going up 5lbs each lift (245f)

    1a. 275
    1b. skipped due to bad shoulder

    King Kong
    405 deadlift
    235 cleans
    6:30 – pretty tough but no misses.

  29. BBG: 225
    Strength : 1a)225 plus bands
    b) 50 # DBS
    Conditioning: 7:54 deads @385 and cleans at 205

  30. BBG
    205×5, 225×3, 235×2
    1a) 215 + bands
    1b) 70# dbs
    8:08 w/ 345 DL and 205 clean

  31. BB Gymnastics

    1b) 53#

    5:01(scaled Deadlifts to 385)

  32. BBG
    115-120-125-130-135-140-145-150-155(PR)- 160 (f)

    1a) 170# + bands
    1b) 35#

    14:10 (scaled to 260 / 150) slow, but I am stoked I can even finish this. Missed a couple cleans, but I am definitely progressing.

  33. Squat 385×1
    Build to 225×1
    275 bar with orange bands
    King kong
    Dl 425
    Clean 205
    Shoulders really sore today
    Right after wod deadlift 445, 455, 465

  34. BB Gymnastics

    10X1 Split Jerk off Blocks – you may work up to a 1RM if technique is solid, rest 60 sec.

    – I treated this as a 1RM test. Took about two minutes rest in between. Worked up to 315#. 15# PR


    1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 60% Bar Weight + 20% Band Tension – rest 60 sec.
    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press– heaviest possible (all sets), rest 2+ minutes




    -Well I can’t deadlift 455. I scaled to 405# and made it through at 8:33.

  35. BBG:

    Started at 185, worked up to 205. Hit some, missed some, decided not to try 215

    10×2 DL at 235 no bands

    5×5 seated barbell press at 105

    “Scaled as hell kong”

    1 DL 255
    2 Chest 2 bar PU
    3 cleans @ 135
    4 HSPU

    I tried cleans at 165 which would have made pulling the plates off faster – just the 45s on the outside, but i just couldn’t hit them all today, so rather than miss cleans for 20 minutes i changed the plates around to the 45s on the inside and did it at 135


  36. BBG:
    Worked up to 245lbs, 255f

    1a) 285, 285, 8 x 325
    1b) 5 x 50

    Possibly tomorrow

  37. BBG got up to 300# (35# PR)

    DL-245# with blue bands
    Seated Press-60# DB

    King Kong-6:42 RX

    Exhausting afternoon

  38. BB gym –
    Build to 320lbs (pr) went for it twice and failed then 325lb (f) off rack

    Strength –
    315 DL + blue bands
    Seated on floor press with 2pood kb’s

    Condition –
    2:25 – everything UB touch n go, FUCKIN hspu were slow, plus Graham and Marcus were there hawk eyeing me and hoping I didn’t beat their time…it’s all in fun tho…
    was in 3rd round of muscle up at 1:30…which makes me even more pissed at final time …fuckin hspu

  39. BBG:
    100, 105, 105, 110, 110, 115, 120, 125f, 120, 120. Jerks were a little off today so didn’t go up for a PR. That’s alright, long hot day in the sun.

    1a) 120kg + 44kg band tension at top. These are starting to slow down a bit. It’s borderline dynamic work, takes almost a second to do a rep.
    1b) 60lb, 65, 65, 65, 65

    Coached for 2 hours.

    “King Kong”: 7:13. So the first round I Rx’d which means I got a DL PR at 455lb. Previous 1RM from the total we did before was 440lb. It was pretty ugly so for safety reasons I didn’t want to repeat a new 1RM 2 more times; I scaled down to 420lb (95% of my previous 1RM) and finished it with that. Everything else was Rx’d. Cleans were heavier than I thought they would feel after that DL. First attempt at even a partially scaled King Kong.

    Almost didn’t come in today, glad I did.

    3/3/5 (extra sore from extended mobility mashing I did the other day)

  40. Went straight for kong. This has been a long time goal of mine. I just wanted to complete it.

    10:12 rx

  41. Skipped jerk due to time plus I made up Saturday’s workout yesterday.

    Banded dl: 225# bar + blue band
    Db press: 40’s

    King kong: 4:22 rx’d.
    Wish I would have video’d it. It felt good! My favorite kind of wods are heavy as hell with low reps 🙂 thanks Rudy!

  42. BBG
    255,255,255,255,275,275,300(f)300(f)300(f)300 PR! Have been chasing this number for a while. Feels good to hit it finally.
    banded dl: 235 plus skinny bands looped on the bar and foot. probably was not heavy enough. will make the adjustment next time.
    db press: 75’s

    King Kong
    5:27 rx’d
    shaved 3:09 off my previous time from April.
    missed 2 muscle ups and 2 cleans. dl’s felt light.


  43. BBG
    253, 273, 284, 297, 308, 317, 322(f x 3) was getting under it quick just off on the catch every time.

    DL @ 300# w/ a green band
    DB Press – 55, 60, 70#KB x2

    Conditioning – 4:53
    Pissed about that one, left way too much on the table. Should have done the squat cleans quicker, just walked up and picked up the DL, and knocked myself off the wall twice on rd 2 of HSPU. I am happy about how much easier it was compared to the last attempt, thanks Outlaw Way 😉

  44. BB Gymnastics

    10X1 Split Jerk off Blocks



    1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 60% Bar Weight + 20% Band Tension

    265 + 20% Band

    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press




    4.01 RX

  45. Split Jerk

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQKxRtjCdwc&w=420&h=315%5D

    Banded Deadlifts
    10×2 260 plus bands

    db press 50-50-50-60-60(failed last rep)

    King Kong (scaled)
    DL 390
    No MU/ strict pull ups
    Squat Cleans 160
    HSPU 2 sets strict but shallow last set scaled


    175 is where I was last week, and was a split jerk PR for me, so this is a huge PR jump. Thanks Rudy for all the hard work you do.

  46. BBG: Up to 255#
    Strength: 245# dead lift with bands, 50# dumbbell presses
    scaled to 405# deadlift, 225# cleans: 6:17.

  47. Worked up to 155 on 10×1, attempted 160… no go. Backed down to 145, got it 3 more times.

    185 on banded deads, 40# on dumb bells.

    King Kong: 4:54 with 225 deadlift and 115 clean. First time.

  48. ‎6.29.12


    55×5 (no DB had to use kb)

    King Kong

    Gabe yous the bitch not me

  49. King kong –

    Chad Kibbey 7:17,
    finally completed this wod, gave it an attempt about 6 months ago, and about a year ago.

    Brendan Griffin 3:34. 30 sec PR

  50. 205-225-245-255-265-275-280pr-285pr-295F-290F

    dl 295+bands

    king kong-10:04 this is a 4:30+pr from about 6 months ago. should have been sub 8 but missed 3 cleans

  51. King Kong: Rx’d 9:10… It was a 5# PR on every clean! Thanks Rudy a huge accomplishment for me. We had two other outlaws in the gym hit it Rx and 2 more people PR’d deadlift. Results are amazing!

  52. BB Gymnastics

    10X1 Split Jerk off Blocks – 205-255


    1a) 10X2 Banded deadlifts
    305 bar
    140 bands

    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press–


  53. BB Gymnastics

    10X1 Split Jerk 165-185 never really felt solid


    1a) 10X2 Def. Deadlifts (sub) @ 275 focused on speed

    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press 50lb


    King Kong

    1 Deadlift 365
    2 MU
    3 Cleans @ 205 (felt easy)
    4 HSPU

    all % at >90%

  54. Jerk- 155-245lbs
    Dead lift- 295lbs
    King Kong- 7:16 (230 clean)
    Everything else was rxd. Can’t wait to do this a year or 2 from now and do as rxd.

  55. BBG: 185 225 255 275 285 295 305 310f x100000000
    Deads 295 x10 w/band
    press 55 DBs

    Conditioning 5:06RX min+ PR

  56. BBG
    110, 120, 120, 125, 125, 127.5, 12.5, 130kg

    DL @ 137.5kg plus bands
    Press @ 22.5kg / hand (could’ve gone heavier I reckon)

    Lost loads of time in transitions being a soft cock

    MFS = 444

  57. I did it!! Slowly but I did it! King Kong Rx’d!!! This is something I thought would never happen! Years ago I saw Josh Everett crush this WOD and never thought I would come close to attempting it. Now I have joined the club. I am very proud of this moment.

    Time: 8:08

  58. BBG
    275 (missed at 285 & 280 barely)

    1a) 295 + bands
    1b) 60

    9:26 – rx’d (missed a couple cleans)

  59. KK — 3.49

    Hitting the rest tomorrow AM hopefully…storms and shitty luck at the gym this weekend – trees demolishing cars, etc. slowing things down

  60. BBG:
    Worked up to 265

    1a) 290# on bar with double purple bands about 340 at top
    1b) 55#’s

    6:23 rx Deadlifts seriously slowed me down by minutes

  61. BBG –

    185-205-225-235-245-255-265f-265f-265f-265f – If you couldnt tell, I REALLY thought I could get 265.


    255 + red bands doubled up.

    No dumbells so did bench –


    Conditioning –

    King Kong Not Rx’d –


    Deads @ 405 (425 max)
    Cleans @ 230 (power cleans – left knee tendonitis is killing me)

  62. up to 225 on Jerks (really sucked today, rack position was terrible)
    185 plus 2 green bands on DL’s
    35 lbs. on shoulder press (left shoulder is killing me, not sure what is wrong. 35 felt light, but like a gremlin was eating my shoulder) No time for King Kong

  63. split jerk: 70kg to 115kg, missed 115 twice then made.
    BDL: 185 blue bands x2, 215 blue and green bands x2, 225 blue and green bands x4, 255 blue and green bands x2
    Seated dbp superset: 65lb all sets, didn’t have seat with back so good core work too

    King Dong: 405dl, 225sc, all else rx, 6:23

  64. BBG: 60-80-90-95-100-100-100-105-105kg


    No bands used still trying to work out how I’m going to do this.

    King Kong: 190kg Deadlift 100kg SC

  65. BBG:
    10X1 Split Jerk off Blocks: 225, 235, 245,255(f), 255, 265(f), 265, 275(f), 275, 285(f)

    1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts: 270
    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press: 45 lbs (all I got)

    Conditioning: “King-Kong”
    8:12 Scaled
    405 DL
    235 Clean.
    I only have one bar so I lost 1.5 – 2 minutes switching out plates.

  66. WOD 120629:
    BB Gymnastics

    205-205-205-210-210-216-216-221-227-229lbs. PR (from a rack)


    1a) 221lbs. Bar Weight + 73lbs. Tension

    1b) 5X7 Seated Dumbbell Press – 35lb. Dumbbells



    3 rounds for time of:
    1 Deadlift @ 337# (approx. 90% of 365lbs.)
    2 Muscle-Ups
    3 Cleans (full squat) @ 199# (approx. 85% of 235lbs.)
    4 HSPU

    6:03 (only one barbell)

  67. Strength:
    10×2 of Deadlift at 355lbs, rest 30 sec
    10×5 of Narrow Grip Bench Press at 205lbs, rest 1 min

    “Donkey Kong”

    1 DL @ 375lbs
    2 MU
    3 Squat Cleans @ 230lbs
    4 HSPU

  68. BBG – Worked up to 325lbs (+10lb PR)

    1a. 315 lbs + red bands set up in the yoke.
    1b. 55lbs, heaviest DB in gym, did 5×8

    Conditioning – 8:03

  69. BBG:

    Split jerk from high blocks: 80 kg


    Deadlifts: 75 kg
    DB presses: 16 kg


    Far from RX 🙁

  70. Split Jerk up to 245(f) everything felt heavy

    Deadlift 245 with purple bands
    DB Presses 80 lbs

    Conditioning: Gym closed so ran 12 steep hills sprints about 40 years each,

  71. Recently started following the “Outlaw Way” and loving it! “King Kong” has quickly become my one of my favorite WOD’s!

    3:47 Rx

  72. BBG

    1a)255 + blue band double looped each side
    2b) I Only have 35lb DB, Sub’d seated barbell press on flat bench @ 115

    King Kong Scaled with 1 bar, I have 2 bars but not enough weight
    1 – DL @ 400#
    2 – MU
    3 – Squat Clean 225#
    4 – HSPU

    10:58 including weight changes

  73. BBG – Worked up to 255

    Banded deads – 215 bar weight + ~80lbs band tension
    Shoulder press – 60lbs/hand

    King Kong – 5:59 (DL @ 365, sq cl @ 225)

  74. BBG
    1. 205, 215, 225, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255, 260 15lb PR Had more today
    1a. 265 with Green Band
    2b. 53lb KBs
    Scaled DL to 425 otherwise Rx.
    Next time no scaling

  75. King Kong Rx 5:39

    Already been told that MUs were no reps due to no turn outs. Other comments welcome. 3rd set of cleans were disgusting, pleased to Rx though.

  76. BBG) 185×4, 195×3, 205×2, 215f, 220f
    conditioning) 20:50, dl 335 sc 225

  77. BBG

    1a) 275# blue band
    1b) 50×5

    425(2 rds) 375(1 rd)
    Blue band

    23 min

  78. BBG: 190, 195, 200, 205, 210, 215, 220, 225, 230, 235PR

    1a.) 250 + 1″ band
    1b.) 60

    DL: 405PR
    Clean: 205
    2 rds @ 9 min (could not get 3rd DL on 3 attempts) finished everything else time unknown

  79. 8/6/12
    WOD 120629:

    BB Gymnastics
    Split Jerk – worked up to a max for the day. 245lbs, 265, 276(miss), 276, 287(miss), 287, 297(miss), 297(miss)

    1a) 10X2 Banded Deadlifts @ 260lbs + 20% 1/2 doubled-up red bands – rest 60 sec.

    1b) 5X5 Seated Dumbbell Press– heaviest possible (all sets), done between every other set of DLs. 65×5 70×2/65×3, 65×4/60×1, 60×5, 60×5.

    “King-Kong” (scaled)

    3 rounds for time of:
    1 Deadlift @ 385lbs
    2 Muscle-Ups
    3 Cleans (full squat) @ 250lbs
    4 HSPU (done with a 2″ deficit)

  80. I wanted to post this video of my co-owner/partner/”little brother” Will Blackburn aka Show Pony performing King Kong in 2:00 flat. I have been looking for better times out there since Will posted this insane score but have yet to find one. Does a better time exist?


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