WOD 120628:

Rest Day.

In case any of you were lacking motivation.

I find it hard to believe she is this cool, but maybe she is this cool.

(Side note: That’s around 500# she’s squatting, High-Bar. Lulz.)

The question of WL shoes has come up on this site approximately 6,000,000 times. It’s always the same – “what are the best”, or “are there any you’d recommend”. I’ll use this as my one time to answer—mostly because I don’t have the energy to write anything else.

Buy Romaleos.

Don’t buy Reeboks.

The $90 Adidas are ok, and the $200 Adidas are good if you want to look like you stuck your foot in a traffic cone before you walked in the gym. Do-Wins are soooooooo 2008, and anything else will probably fall apart 11 seconds into your first session with them.

Let me reiterate… Buy Romaleos. Everything else is poop.

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  1. From my personal experience:
    Do-Wins = solid shoe for the price
    Reeboks = bad Oly shoe, but a good shoe for workouts like Amanda.

  2. Holley is huge! But shit she is strong. Hopefully she brings us a gold. She has a great attitude.

    I use the Reeboks and I haven’t found any problems, but then again they are my first weightlifting shoe so they are better than New Balance Minimus. Anyone who doesn’t like the Reeboks care to elaborate?

    • I use the Reebok’s. I liked them more than Do-wins, I have no problems with them. Although I am not lifting anything as heavy as most people who are commenting here.

  3. Holly did an OLY clinic at our box and she IS that cool and her lifts are dang fast in real life vs television

  4. Way to kiss up to Nike. Next you’ll probably tell us there’s a bunch of Nike employees following Outlaw and inviting you to Nike HQ for a workout.

    • Wouldn’t be Ironic is a bunch of Nike Sponsored athletes not doing crossfit dominate the Reebok Crossfit Games

  5. I am noticing improvements almost everywhere. Question is I am 5’11 200lb and my muscle ups are the only thing lagging behind. I have 2 or 3 but that is it. Anyone else had this problem who has been following for a longer period of time. Should I be patient and they will come or put in extra muscle up work in wods?

  6. Good thing he also linked the Romaleos from Rogue Fitness. I wouldn’t want to pay way too much for something… 😛

  7. Stevie’s speech spoke to me. “Fuck my feelings and fuck that lamp.” I’m going to the gym to destroy

  8. Risto sports makes a nice handmade custom weightlifting shoe for far less than Nike and Adidas. I haven’t lifted in these, but I hear very good things. http://www.ristosports.com/

    For Adidas footwear, including discontinued lines like the Adistar (Klokov’s shoe of choice) and the Ironwork IIIs, check out dynamic-eleiko: http://dynamic-eleiko.com/

    VS Athletics has a $60 or $70 shoe which I lifted in for over a year. A little heavy and clunky, but sturdy with a solid heel, they will do the trick. I saw Justin Lascek of 70sbig clean 330 at Outlaw in these shoes.

    I lift in the adipowers and they are lighter than the romaleos and most every other wl shoe I’ve tried. I don’t mind stopping traffic. That said, I think between Nike and Adidas it’s a toss-up, they both make quality shoes. As for the bright red of the new adidas, if you’re training hard and frequently, the shoes soon get scuffed up and lose their traffic-stopping luster.

    • I love my risto shoes. They are super duper ugly…..I think their drop is the most aggressive so if mobility is an issue they might be a good fit.

  9. 3-3-2…feeling pretty damned good. Light run today. Mobility. Tomorrow, babies for breakfast and kill in gym.

  10. Quick question for Rudy if possible, or any other moderators. (or anybody really….):
    Im loving the outlaw way so far and have been smashing PR’s across the board. However I find that whenever i take off days i come back more stiff/sore and just more unmotivated to train. Mentally i can’t stand doing nothing for a day because i work long hours as a biomechanics engineer and don’t get to move much at work.

    Im wondering if anyone can help me figure out a template for doing some form of training on off days. I saw talanya does short workouts on her days, but I’m wondering if theres any way to effectively program them.

    so far I’ve been doing the following.
    1) EMOM for 5-10min @65-75% (for a given lift)
    2) Gymnastics skill work
    3) Midline workout (via the outlaw archives)

    though this has been alright its not enough.
    Obviously the programming has enough volume intensity since its a games competitor program, but I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of that in order to add an extra day of training in (thursdays, and still have sunday off).

    Id really appreciate your help, and thanks in advance for those willing to read this/ assist.

      • I wish i could, but i don’t have a pool. and i train at 6am before a public pool would be open

      • I also work in an office and don’t move at all the hole day.

        On rest days I do stuff like an easy 3 mile run, swimming, biking with the kids, mobility work, or skill work on handstands and L-sits and stuff. Be creative!!!

    • Troy,
      I stick to aerobic sessions on off days no more than 20min total active work with short rest periods worked in..then foam roll or stretch 15-20min and feel good going into next training day

      Thursdays – I hit the track or swim
      Sunday’s – Airdyne or mountain bike.

      In the past, I wouldn’t do shit and felt horrible the next session.

      • I feel like that short of a session doesn’t do anything for me since i have such a high aerobic base already (4:41 mile and 16:53 5k). Would it be a bad idea to do EMOM’s or some extra BBG?

      • Extra barbell work? You’re following Outlaw, right? Ha
        I don’t think extra bb work is needed, we do a shit ton already…the purpose of my active rest sessions are to flush/get the blood moving, focus on my breathing and stay loose…not to “Wod”.

        If I hit some extra EMOM it’s on a training day…yesterday was one of those days for me with HSPU.

        But, that’s just how I do it…others may do extra barbell work…in all, feel it out, find what works best for you.

  11. Is the anyone how can help me with some drawing/plans to make your own blocks, so i can train heavy, snatch, clean and jerk from blocks?

  12. “…traffic cone…” ha! every time i look at my damn feet now… shit…

    Alternative note:

    From a time when men were men (unless you are apparently wearing a white jacket) comes the GREATEST commercial ever made:

  13. decided to hit an old goat of mine because I am not going to be able to train “properly” on saturday (I WILL probably go hiking and river swimming, but that doesn’t count)

    30 muscle-ups for time
    Last time we did this WOD, about a month ago, it took my 15:something and I had to call it after 24 or 26 reps. Today I completed it in 9:20 and I had to (inadvertently) share the rings because some of the kids training would just start trying to do MUs while I walked off to chalk or stretch. I think without that interference I would have gone sub 9:00.
    I realize it’s not a blistering time, but it’s a heck of a PR.

    Thanks Rudy!

  14. Romaleo’s saved my life. First Oly shoe, built so study sometimes I think it could be last Oly shoe. I doubt it, but I do hope they will make it until Romaleo 3’s come out (If they ever do)


    When Im lying on the reverse hyper how far should I be hanging off?

    Should my hip crease( where quads meet hip bone) be on the corner of the pad?

    Should the top of my pelvis be on the corner?

    I have looked around to no avail on this issue

  16. Holley Mangold is as quotable as a Rob Reiner flick:

    “Old men hated me. I was an abomination!”

    “So when you walk in a room and whole bunch of people stare at you? A lot of girls, they feel really self-conscious, like maybe they got something on their face. Usually I think people are staring at me because, you know, I look sexy. So obviously, they’re just checking me out.”

    “People say it’s not as easy as flipping on a switch. It kiiiiinda is… If you start thinking that you’re awesome, other people are going to start thinking it too.”

    Well it worked on me, Holley, it worked on me. (Now for an opportunity to use that “abomination” quote…)

  17. bbg: 80Kg, 90kg, 90kg, 100kg, 100kg, 100kg, 105kg, 110kg, 115kg miss, 115kg, 115kg miss
    st: BDL: 185lb + 4blue bands x2, 185 + 4blue, 4 green band x2, 215 + 4blue, 4green band x2, 235 + 4blue, 4green band x4

    SSP: used flat bench with no back, took much core stabilization, dig, 60, 60, 60, 70, 70 fail last rep, reset, fail, rest ten sec, make

    will fill in king kong this afternoon when come back for conditioning.

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