WOD 120621:

Rest Day.

It’s not that we don’t like you…

It’s that we don’t give a shit about you. Well; it’s not you, personally—it’s everyone really. We only like us, our people, the ones who think like us, the ones who are there every day, the ones who have a horrible rack position and are working on it, the ones who just will not reach that lead foot on their Jerk, the ones who pay us their hard earned money and thank us with every drop of their sweat.

I know, you have no fucking idea what I’m talking about. You thought I was about to get all Jon North on you, and bring Donnie in to read this post on video. Nope. No dramatic flair, only this: I want you to stop coming into my gym.

We have been witness to a disturbing trend over the last 3 or 4 months. Every day, I’m not exaggerating, we get an email saying that someone wants to drop-in to our gym. We get so many drop-ins that we had to add a form to our gym website, and actually say that we would no longer allow ANY unannounced drop-ins. We had to do this because we were starting to have multiple drop-ins during the same class. One Saturday morning I showed up and there were SEVEN waivers sitting on the desk. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s flattering as hell, but I shouldn’t need name tags to coach my Saturday morning group.

You may think I’m an asshole for this post (or just in general), and you may not understand WHY we’re so vehement about not wanting drop-ins. The funny thing is, I actually don’t mind drop-ins. I sorta like them. I always wanted to be a gym that let any traveling exerciser come in and hang out free of charge. I’ve NEVER charged anyone a drop-in fee, and have never been charged one. It’s petty, and goes against the entire aesthetic I envisioned for my gym. When people like SEXYASFUCK, Ranger Steve, or Auste Rayome visit us we absolutely love it. Why? Because they know-what-the-fuck-they’re-doing.

No, you don’t have to be a snarky blogger, a bald/bearded guy that’s lost a million pounds, or a top 15 level athlete to stop in, but you must…



This is religion to us. You might as well walk in to Rich Froning’s house and say, “I don’t know, Jesus – Allah, they both have beards.” Our CLIENTS will get mad at you for not knowing how to squat, and THEY will laugh at you behind your back. They will literally shake their heads in pity the second you step out of the rack having no clue whether the barbell is on top, below, or magically floating three feet behind your traps. When I read the percentages off the board and you respond with “I’ve never done a one-rep-max”, they won’t even be surprised. They’ve seen too many just like you. Too many visitors who “have been doing CF for 2 years”, and need me to spend the entire hour session with them because they “don’t really lift” at their gym and they’ve “never done a handstand before”.

Yep, I’m elitist as shit. I only want my people at my gym. If you’re visiting DC, you don’t have at least a working knowledge of our movement lexicon, and an exhaustive list of your own numbers—stay the fuck out of my gym. If you pass through our defenses, and dare to come in, be prepared for us to ignore you every second you’re there. Again, it’s not that we don’t like you, or that we purposely want to be assholes, it’s just that I WILL NOT allow you to steal attention from my paying clients. We have many VERY hard working people. They are obsessed with their performance, their numbers, and fixing the things they suck at. They are there EVERY DAY. They are a gym that will not EVER complain about a session going over time because they were being coached, and MANY of them will stay after or come in early to work on things they are struggling with. They also want their coach’s eyes on them. When it’s their time, it’s their time, and every time a visitor comes in it’s a crapshoot as to whether they’ll be ok or we’ll have to spend an hour teaching them how to do a lunge (true story).

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  1. I wish I could tell my patients to stop asking me if I do triathlons in a similar fashion to this!

    Oh well here’s something else unrelated to fill up the rest day… A little tribute from Hank to the Outlaw Women:

  2. I wondered when this would come about. Outlaw is like the new mainsite only better. I would consider myself a total ass if I came to visit without having my shit together.

  3. Damn I almost feel guilty for asking, but ill be in England for 2 weeks and am looking for an Outlaw friendly place in and around London.
    And if anyone else is from Northern Ontario let me know, I cant be the only one stuck up here.

    • Crossfit London Uk on a Tuesday night for sure, CrossFit Bold, CrossFit Central London, In2Crossfit Clapham. Yeh we kind of got tainted by the outlaw brush!

  4. Ok if someone floats a barbell magically 3′ behind their traps I’ll take them as a walk in! I’ve just gotta see that shit! As a guy that travels a lot, worked out a couple dozen different affiliates the rules are the same, be respectful, stay out of the way, don’t take away from the paying clients, and if the coach kicks ass, stay late kick him/her a Franklin for a 1 on 1!

    • Jason, I’ve been looking all over for that photo so I could post it on here. It’s perfectly fitting for today’s post.

  5. wow – Rudy – what a puss – maybe you’ll get your wish, and noone will ever bring anyone else into your gym – this is a perfect example of someone over-estimating their value – somebody put a quarter in Rudy’s ear – his teeth may roll back – fuck, buy the Westside methods book if Rudy doesn’t want you in his gym – Go to Globo – Go anywhere else – as long as Rudy doesn’t have to teach you – next Games, he’ll be as Old News as the fucking Zone Diet anyway – “Outlaw” my ass – Outlaws are as Outlaws do, that means NO BEIBER – and, only helping those already strong is some Beiber Shit – FUKTARD is that a word? if not, it should be

    • “Yep, I’m elitist as shit. I only want my people at my gym. If you’re visiting DC, you don’t have at least a working knowledge of our movement lexicon, and an exhaustive list of your own numbers—stay the fuck out of my gym” <—– English

      • Sooo…you’re saying you don’t know the difference between a high bar and low bar back squat and don’t have a list of your RM numbers?

      • Did someone tell you that you suck when you were a kid? Got a little sand in the vag this morning? A little irritation down there?

        In keeping with my skateshop themed posts from before…the shop I worked in years ago had a full size mini-ramp in the back room. Paid for and built by the owner, friends etc. It was semi-public meaning we’d constantly get a bunch of little assholes constantly dropping in asking to skate it. Ninety percent of the time they would be told to go skate at the park up 2 blocks up street from the shop. Or told to fuck off and get out of here. The ramp was for close friends, family and for the pro’s the stopped through during the summer. Not the kid who’s pushing mongo and truck-grabbing the set-up he just bought at Zumiez and who will more than likely break is fucking neck just trying to drop in on thing.

        But my fucking point is that I understand where he’s coming from. I’m sure Rudy has put in an metric-ass ton of time and money into making Outlaw what it is now. It’s his business, that’s the whole point you dolt – he can exclude you if he wants.

        You whiny bitches are all cut from the same cloth. If you don’t like what’s going on STFU and leave. If you do…less talk and more work. Don’t be a shitty attention whoring asshole.

      • Right. Anyone complaining about not being a welcome guest at Rudy’s gym- have you BEEN to Rudy’s gym?

      • I like EA’s comment… no one feels WELCOME there. I used to fuck up on purpose, just to get some attention, even if it was negative attention… like a son desiring to be recognized by his abusive father. At least he knows I am alive.

      • Not that it matters but one of my best friends tried to drop in this week and was not allowed to do so. He even sent an email after hoping he could set it up at a later time that may be more convenient. He was a college football athlete, has his level 1, USAW cert, and one hell of a fucking guy (ie he knows his sheet and is a fucking beast). He understands the situation but at the same time it’s kind of deflating when you want to be around the best and have the chance to be coached by the best.

      • haters gonna hate, but I have to say that what Rudy wrote is the truth.
        Seriously, people. I’ve been with Rudy since he first opened the affiliate in July 2007. The current location of Outlaw has about 1,800 sq ft of usable floor space. We usually have groups on the order of 12-20 members, taking a class at the regularly scheduled times. That pretty much takes up the entire floor. From 4:00-8:00 each night there are usually another another 4-8 people that are following Outlaw Way, who are lined up on the sides of the gym, working in the squat rack, or on the Oly platforms.
        This makes it incredibly difficult to deal with anyone who just wants to drop in. We’re not haters. You’re probably all great people. But the fact remains, if the owner of the gym can’t cater to the people who pay the bills, then he won’t own a gym for very long.
        Does it suck for some of the people, some of the time? maybe. But there is a solution: fire up that computer (which you’ve already proven you know how to do), click on the drop in link on the gym’s website, and set up a time that works for you AND the gym so that you can say you got a work out in at Outlaw.


  6. There are lots of gyms who refuse walk in’s. I think when traveling researching the gym you want to visit is key and vital. Finding out if they fit your “style”of training would be smart. Knowing your entering into Outlaw Country would be a nice thing to be clear of before entering. Insert huge sign “Enter at Your Own Risk”… Just saying.

    I don’t know how all you guys are going building you’re own set but i’m working through the catalyst athletics instructions:


    Just a heads up that for the 10″ stackers the instructions are about 8.5m or 30 foot (feet?? not sure how that one works) short. Had to head out and buy some more wood

    Otherwise everything else seems ok but i haven’t started on the lids yet

  8. I do love a good Rudy-rant.

    in the immortal words of Ralph Wiggum: ‘What’s a battle?’

  9. there are motherfuckers that pay to go to my gym that don’t know the difference between a power clean and a full clean. They ask every time. That shit bugs the fuck outta me and always makes me want to rage fuck them in the face. GOOD POST!

  10. I have only been following this programming for 3 weeks now and love it. This is what has been missing in my current CF Box. The only thing is, is now I’m an out cast some what at my box I feel for not following their programming. Has anyone else ran into this situation?

    • Yes, try doing other things with the people in your gym like talking or playing softball. Suddenly, the fact that you do different workouts makes you feel less of an outcast.

    • Yeah Bro, join the club. Does your gym ever do oly lifting contests? Or compete against other affiliates? If so, you will go from zero to hero around there. The owner might orally pleasure you for saving their image. If your box doesn’t do that shit you need to find a new box anyway.

  11. I agree! Have that same problem every time we have a drop in. It’s both frustrating and exhausting.

    P.S. your programming has both changed my own personal training and my clients. Thanks for always coming up with great stuff!

  12. Long time lurker, first time posting. Thanks for this, Rudy. I see why this can initally appear arrogant to folks like “khargis,” but this just shows that your regular paying clients are your priority. Respect. I’ve been coaching at various CF affiliate for 2.5 years, and drop-in’s are like rolling the dice. When people call themselves “experienced” and “just drop in” like a bull in a china shop, demanding all my attention and distracting from the group’s flow/progress, it’s equivalent to them shitting all over my regulars. Great post.

    Also, Courage on CFFB. Why the fuck hasn’t someone commented on this?

  13. Keep doing what you do Rudy; I ain’t mad at cha. There’s a reason why you’re successful at this thang, and if others can’t hang & measure up to the Outlaw Way of doing things, they have to get it together before stepping up to the challenge. If/when I do “drop-in” my game will be tight.

  14. way to keep the focus on you paying members; do what you want with dropper-inners.
    you are popular and cool. just glad you wrote this post instead of going Cobain; don’t do that, I fucking like your programming, and stuff!

  15. I enjoy drop ins at the Gym and I like to drop in at a new gym when I’m not home, but I understand Rudy’s frustration. But I think it is a little misplaced Rudy is mad at the symptom and not the problem. It’s not that Drop ins are the problem bad drop ins are a combination of a few types of bad crossfitters. Here are some of the problems of what makes an annoying or bad crossfitter which leads to the symptom of a bad drop in.

    Bad Coaching, some people are dedicated cross fitters and work hard but have no idea that they are going to a bad box where their coach doesn’t know shit, so when they get to a good box they look like a clown.

    Then you have the people that do crossfit because they are wanderers and are just looking for some gratification in being part of the next fad or part of a group.

    The gym rat who has never done a snatch but is big and thinks he has to do 200lbs the first time he attempts and just can’t go down in weight and work on form. You cringe because you think he is going to kill himself.

    The guy looking to hook up with a girl, or a girl looking for a boyfriend.

    The jackwagon who won’t admit he doesn’t know how to do something, nothing irritates me more than hearing a coach ask if everyone has done a push jerk before and everyone nods their head and then you start setting up your weight to warm up and the clown next to you asks is this a push jerk and demonstrates a deadlift.

  16. I own a box in a resort destination. We average a little over 20 drop-ins per week during the summer. I have seen all kinds of CrossFit. Some good, most of it is not even close to technically proficient or pursued with integrity. And I’m talking on just the bodyweight stuff, not even when it comes to lifting weights… which we do almost daily at my box because we subscribe to technique, then strength, then strength endurance. Whether anybody else buys into the system anywhere else is not my concern until they come and visit us.
    I am a giant fan of Outlaw because it works and Rudy in general because he fists political correctness on a regular basis and he knows his shit. I have been watching Outlaw since November and the stats back up the attitude. Also, as much as Rudy pretends not to give a shit, he does. More than most of you will ever know. He wouldn’t be doing this in this way, if he didn’t care. It’s a TON of work. No matter how much he tells you to go fuck yourself, he cares if you, by your work ethic, also show that you care. When you fuck up what he is trying to put together because you are not accountable for yourself (re: useless) you are fucking with him personally and, more importantly, wasting his limited time. Who wouldn’t this upset?
    I can relate with Rudy’s thoughts here: The members at my box goes through a month long training period before they are allowed to come into regular CF classes, which means, by that time, if they have bought in to what we are doing they know how serious we take it, what full ROM is on a squat, a pullup or a push-up is and that this is non-negotiable, ESPECIALLY when you get tired. They all get 1RMs relatively quickly on squats and deads because we perform ME days every Monday in some way, shape or form on these lifts (re: Louie, Westside, Conjugate… when not doing Hatch…). BUT, I ALSO have members that ask me what a thruster and a clean are EVERY time we do them that have been with me for over 2 years and we do cleans in some form a minimum of once a week and thrusters every 2 weeks. I am, by all means, not immune to what I would call “silly” (re: what Rudy calls ” fucking stupid”) questions. I currently have a roster of 170 members. (None of whom are Games worthy if that is how you judge the quality of a gym.) Plus, roughly, 20 new members every week whom I know practically nothing about who are just VISITING. They fill out waivers. We charge them $20/visit or $50 for the week. They have paid us to Coach them, BUT not at the expense of the 170 other members who pay us way more each month to do right by them. Our members are patient. Our visitors (most of them) WANT to learn how to do IT BETTER and it’s not really their fault if they come from a box that pursues CF differently (or with indifference) than we do. We consistently get visitors commenting on the quality of our training and this validated our path in the early days.
    I am not trying to be elite. Outlaw is. Right now, I am trying to be proficient and offer my members that want to go further in “the sport of fitness” the best opportunity I can to do that while giving everyone else (95% of my members) who just want a great workout, a great workout. With visitors, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, because, quite honestly, you never really know. But even at the level I am trying to offer (not elite), visitors- most of them through no real fault of their own- are challenging because we are not all trained the same through CF.
    If I was going to go visit Rudy I would expect to say nothing, learn a ton and have my shit together before walking through the door. As a coach that cares, I view it as my job to help you the best way I know how, this sucks tremendously when you don’t know what a rack position is, how to “get tight” or what “HIPS!” means when coming out of a heavy squat. And I’m NOT trying to send a collective of people to the CF Games.
    And, lastly, I would offer this: Rudy is allowed to do whatever Rudy wants to do in his house. It’s his house. There is MORE THAN ENOUGH INFORMATION HE PUTS OUT FOR FREE EVERY DAY THAT WOULD ALLOW YOU TO EXCEL IN THE SPORT OF EXERCISE.

  17. This is a really interesting post to me because I travel all the time for work and try to drop in at different gyms whenever I possibly can. I’m also new to crossfit and, for reasons I’ll let you judge, am not as well versed in a lot of movements. I have never done a low bar back squat and would probably screw it up (I do know my other 1RMs and they would be laughed at on this site). When I drop in, I try to make my experience level clear, and I refuse to drop in to a gym that won’t let me pay. I also try not to be the idiot when I do go. All of this is because I try to be respectful of the business the trainers/owners are trying to run. As someone who spends most of his time analyzing businesses and what makes them successful, I know how hard it is to make money as a box owner. This being said, I’ll try to offer a slightly different perspective.

    I could get a great workout in my hotel room. I drop in solely for the purpose of learning more, and because I think it will help me to learn about the different ways CF is taught/implemented (as you all know the quality of execution varies significantly). I have been told “not to go so low because it makes it harder” on a squat, and I have also learned cues that I had never heard before that have really helped me. I do research on every box before I go, and if it looks like they program off of a wodcalculator or whatever the fuck that thing is that randomly generates metcons, then I pass. Obviously I look at the coach bios as well. So basically, I rely on drop ins to make me better.

    The bottom line is that even though I completely understand and agree with where Rudy is coming from on this, I hope it doesn’t become the prevailing attitude of higher-quality box owners/trainers out there. I know there is a rapidly growing number of douche bags in the CF world in general and that I may be in the minority in terms of how I approach drop ins, but I think you can reduce the douche factor by changing the approach to drop ins rather than eliminating them. In other words, charge more. If you are a good coach, then you have a very valuable skill set. Charge people for it. If people don’t appreciate the value (i.e., the douche bags), then they won’t pay. if they do, then they will. That way everybody’s happy and hopefully no one has to deal with faggots in head-to-toe lululemon and tye-dyed compression socks anymore. In all my obsessive research on this stuff, I have come to believe that Rudy’s method is the best out there for me. If he charged me a month’s membership at my current box for a drop in, I would do it no questions asked. I may be a beginner, but I’m doing everything I can not to be. It would suck to be shut out from quality coaching because I don’t have a 400lb back squat yet. I may be a drop in, but I want to be your client at least for a day and I will pay for it.

    Lastly, Rudy, it would be great if you could post a rant about how to convince your box to follow outlaw. Really appreciate you making your stuff public.

  18. Well damn it – first I get kicked out of my regular gym for being too skinny – http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/06/21/plus-size-friendly-gym-bans-skinny-people/?hpt=hp_t3 – now I can’t drop in at outlaw because… well because I suck.

    Okay, all honesty, just wanted to drop that link somewhere. I go it alone in the crossfit world in my garage, I have family in the NoVA area and would LOVE to just visit outlaw to at least say that I showed up once at the gym who’s phenomenal programming I follow. HOWEVER, with that said, were I a drop-in, and a free one at that, I honestly wouldn’t expect more than to be able to see a workout on the board (and to sign a waiver so my dumb ass couldn’t sue them). I paid nothing, the owners/coaches owe me nothing, no training, no oversight, etc. etc.

    I’m also SUPER cheap, and I’ve dropped in at that local boxes in my area before on their “Free for everyone intro” class type things, mostly just to meet people, check out the vibe. Again, I expected nothing out of it. I also always try to buy a shirt. After reading Rudy’s post, I’m surprised that there are people that take advantage of such great training in the manner that they have.

    If I was my choice, I would eliminate drop-ins for anyone that didn’t plan on becoming a client of some sort, there are plenty of other gyms in the area people can get their wod on. Or they can pay for/schedule some 1-on-1 time.

  19. Phew… The title and beginning of his post scared the crap out of me. I seriously thought Rudy was about to say “No more kick-ass Outlaw for the masses” and I was going to cry like a lil’ girl.
    But, does this mean that the pilgrimage my wife and I planned to take some day is verboten or that we have to send in video applications including the last 6 mos of Outlaw programming??

  20. I enjoyed reading this site and would have loved to go to the gym at some stage, but given the obvious shitty attitude I’ll look elsewhere. This kind of attitude is what gives CrossFit a bad rep. You are undoubtedly a good coach with a proven performance record but this makes you look like a dick.

  21. Rudy’s being courteous compared to other coaches out there…

    Really, a parody of this for CF is long overdue.

  22. This is exactly why I LOVE the OUTLAW WAY!

    Keepn’ it real even in Misawa, Japan!

  23. I Strongly Agree!
    You Must Have Your Stuff Together!
    I’m working on my handstand progression as well.
    Great Job Rudy!!!
    Much Respect!!!

  24. How about you stick to making great WODs and stfu with the bitching! Rants were funny in the beginning but now theyre annoying.

    • Problem solved? Wishful thinking. The only barrier between that page and people’s faces is google. And they still can’t get it right.

  25. Ah, my liege, a fine example of the precision of expression, profound truth, eloquence, and devotion to our sport, which I so enjoy and admire!


  26. trend[ trend ]
    noun #outlawway#crossfit
    1. the general course or prevailing tendency; drift: trends in the teaching of foreign languages; the trend of events.
    2. style or vogue: the new trend in women’s apparel.
    3. the general direction followed by a road, river, coastline, or the like.

    Yes, you are a trend, you will fade just like CrossFit. And only douche bags will remain in boxes while the rest of us secretly purchase the Warrior CrossFit Package from Rogue and remain hidden in our garages. Meanwhile, the douches will head straight to your gym, like a zombie apocalypse, with barbells magically floating three inches behind their traps. You won’t be able to do shit about it except sit on your computer writing in your blog, still talking shit, while breathing and tasting the remnants of your flagulance.

    “I’m fucking in, you’re fucking out!”

    • I just have a couple questions about your comment…

      1) When there’s only “zombie douches” at the “boxes” and they head straight to my gym, does this mean I will be the only affiliate left? If so, will the zombie douches still have active credit cards? I know it seems like I’m asking for a lot of details, but this seems like a lucrative scenario, and I’d like to be prepared with perhaps a larger space and a few more coaches.

      2) Will you and your team of garage freedom fighters still be doing CF or following Outlaw and/or, will you still be interested in women’s fashion?

      3) Do you by chance teach yoga?

      4) This is not a question, but a comment… Usually the “smell/taste your own farts” thing is reserved for anonymous bloggers who write under a “handle” or pen name. My name is Rudy Nielsen, I own Outlaw CrossFit in Alexandria VA, I usually stop at the Starbucks on Pendleton before I go in to teach the 10am group: if you’d like to drop-in some time please email us first, I’ll be there working with the same zombie douches I’ve been coaching for the last five and a half years.

      • What was that rudy?… Couldn’t hear you well… You must have been fading away there for a second. Oh, Wait, nope, I heard you loud and clear.

      • 1. Not sure what a zombie douche is.

        2. I’ve never met anyone who trains out of their garage.

        3. Fuck yoga.

        4. Farts a are funny, just dont do it in front of anyone. My name is Lauren. I am a Kindergarten Teacher in Oakland. I coach CrossFit Kids in the East Bay. I hate Starbucks, and I buy rockstars from the Shell station near my gym-but only when they’re on sale 2 for $3.49. I am cheap, which is why I take full advantage of your free programming. I am a fan of sarcasm and Clay Matthews, and I appreciate you taking the time to send a thoughtful response.

    • ‘trend’ is used to vaguely quantify transient interest in any given subject/activity. It has no bearing on the quality of that activity. Crossfit, rudy, and all his peeps will still be kicking ass whether or not anybody is following them.

    • For real.

      So anyway, there’s this cool event next month where a bunch of people who have been busting their asses will leave their blood, sweat and tears on the field in front of a bunch of other people who also bust their asses everyday. Should be good times.

      • I’m going to have to buy one of your shirts. VERY cool deal you have going on with the “PROVEN” shirts. I’d prefer mine autographed though 🙂

        I seriously hope you and T are battling it out in the end!

  27. I have admired Rudy’s programming for some time now, but this post exudes most things that others knock crossfit for. It’s, frankly, embarassing to the community. Especially when the last wod video on the main site from outlaw came with captions pointing out the poor form being used (the last crossfit total). Meanwhile, everyone else has to stay home because we don’t know what were doing? Got it.

    • THANK YOU!! I saw that and was completely shocked that they allowed it onto the mainsite!!! Makes crossfit look so bad.

  28. Unreal! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that Crossfit was about community, family, friends, training hard and having fun. This is the problem when 1. A coach takes himself too seriously 2. A box becomes bigger than life 3. The elitist mentally seeps out of every word in your rant. Now, I suppose you’re going to say that, “it is about family, the Outlaw family and everyone else can go fuck them self”! Awesome, so inviting and welcoming for that guy or gal that wants to “drop in” for the experience or see what the comradely was like at the famous “Outlaw” box. So they get made fun of by the “real” members behind their back and no one talks to them because they don’t squat properly??!! Yet chances are, those same elite members either are 1. not as bad as they think they are 2. couldn’t squat shit before some good coaching and training.

    Sounds like a pretty solid group of people to me! Sign me up so I can be part of the family that mocks others that are merely just trying to better themselves too. I can’t wait to pay you way too much so I can become an elitist’s asshole and make fun of people that I once was.
    I train with some beasts in our garages and we know our shit and we smash metal every day. By that, I’m saying we our strong and could hang at any box. Are we good enough to “drop in” with you bad asses??

    I do not follow your program and probably never will. That said, I have dropped in to see what all the hype was about and then I stumble upon this post.
    So sad to me to read posts like this just perpetuating the Crossfit reputation that is already tarnished because of attitudes like this.

    Rudy, you are a good coach and are obviously loyal to your “Outlaw” members. No one can fault you for that. But don’t be that guy who only gives a fuck about his little bubble in the world. A good coach is always looking to help the lives of anyone who seeks it. If you only want to coach those that can squat perfectly and throw around big numbers, then just say it. But remember, every elite athlete started somewhere and every good coach once didn’t know a damn thing.

    • So you say “I do not follow your program and probably never will” but yet you also say “Rudy, you are a good coach”. How would you have any idea if he is a good coach if you don’t follow his programing?

      • Good question. For the record, I will say again that I do not follow his program. I program for myself and others. I too am a coach to many different types of athletes/people. That said, I have listened to Rudy talk about programing and understand his philosophy. He’s educated and understands the numbers and sequences involved in creating good programs for the masses and the elite.
        However, i have never been coached by him and do not personally know anyone that he has ever coached so I suppose I am out of line for assuming he is a good coach.

        When someone is as passionate and obsessed about something like Rudy is with coaching and his box, that’s usually a pretty good indicator that 1. he gives a shit about his peeps 2. he’s done some homework and armed himself with knowledge and experience. Most likely making him a good coach.
        I was giving him a compliment when as you point out, I probably shouldn’t have because i have no personal experience.

        From one cocah to another, it’s not hard to recognize good coahces without having been personally trained by that person or following his program.
        That said, every coach has a philosophy and his and mine are very different in regards to drop ins and coaching those that are not elite fire breathers.

        At the end of the day, who gives a fuck what i think or do. It’s Rudy’s gym and he is the leader there whether he realizes it or not. Good leaders set good examples to their people. Rudy sets the tone for his box. His attitude towards outsiders will only manifest in the gym by his members as in the case of most reply’s to his rant.
        If that is the attitude he wants to be know for, then great! Rudy and Outlaw will sit on their pedestal and mock all those that are not as good as them.
        To each his own……..

    • Instead of bitching, answer this. HOW THE FUCK can you expect ONE SINGLE box with a limited number of resources to simply sustain quality coaching, appropriate levels of attention, enough equipment and space by allowing everyone to drop in? OUTLAW is the fucking mecca of crossfit right now. With Rudy and Outlaw being mentioned in almost every fucking crossfit article EVERYONE and their fucking child wants to see what it’s about and make the fucking pilgrimage to NOVA to see and be a part of whats going on. Every bad ass (or those whom think they are badasses) want to see what they are made of. Every gym rat wants to see what it’s all about, and every MILF wants to touch Rudy’s beard. How can it be possible to just accept drop in after drop in daily and sustain the quality that has made OUTLAW what it is? All of you who are complaining are taking it as a slap in the face not realizing you’d want it this way too if you were there. You wouldn’t want your class suddenly over size and over ran with randoms who demand attention and take away from your workout. Stop bitching and fucking man up and realize this place can only supply so much of the demand.

      • The irony being – there’s not that much going on. It’s a normal box with good coaching and way different programming. You show up, you work, you get coached, you go home, you do it again. There is nothing that will make you a superstar in one visit, no magic secret to take home to your friends. Spend a year here, however…

  29. So I study your programming at work (as I’m supposedly reconciling budgets) and this…

    This is religion to us. You might as well walk in to Rich Froning’s house and say, “I don’t know, Jesus – Allah, they both have beards.”

    … made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that, miiiiight get fired. There is absolutely nothing funny about budgets.

    Keep kickin ass & being elite.

  30. +1 true story Nick. But I think they can only ditch the shirt if they are wearing grade A genuine over-priced crossfit “gear” (a t-shirt should NEVER cost more than 20 bucks btfw) otherwise they have to leave on their cheap ass shirt and suffer the shame of it all.

  31. Rudy,

    Does the, ‘ If you’re visiting DC, you don’t have at least a working knowledge of our movement lexicon, and an exhaustive list of your own numbers—’ statement also apply to your training camps?

  32. Nick,

    Spot on. This Rudy guy needs to CALM DOWN. Really? That worked up, huh?

    Wish I didn’t share the Crossfit “Community” with this jerk.

    • Instead you’d rather share it with all the paleo pushing, zone diet elitists that look down on people who eat carbs, right?

  33. Thanks for clearing some things up. As a garage gymer, I have always felt like I shouldn’t even think of “dropping in” unless I’m knowledgeable and somewhat proficient on the movements for the day. After all, who would enter a competition without being confident they can perform every movement posted. I utilize every resource I possibly can and try to get as much coaching as possible ONLY when I PAY for a clinic or specialty course (i.e. olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning phase, powerlifting seminar). If I attend a class as a drop-in, I do not expect or ask for any special attention. Good to know how all those affiliate owners feel about drop-ins. Will continue to take this into consideration prior to entering ANY box.

  34. I used to have a lot of respect for Rudy and the Outlaw way. Then a while back I discovered there is no real interest or appreciation for us regular folks, even those who truly believe in his knowledge, his coaching, and the results that brings. Too bad really. This post and the frequent mean humor in the guise of sarcasm says a lot.

  35. Your regular clients are lucky. At my own box, we also have frequent drop ins who take all the attention of the coach…it is absolutely not fair to people like me who WANT/NEED to be coached. It’s one thing to provide a place for out of town visitors to work out, but another all together to have them take from the regulars. Harsh, maybe but making paying clients a priority is how you run a business.

  36. I’m with kenaces. I don’t like people wasting my time and I don’t like wasting other people’s time either. To hear an owner of the gym say this is great. Especially the part about free drop in’s. Rule of thumb. Fuck your $20 fee. I’ll buy a shirt and keep it old school.

  37. I think if you had bought in Donnie to read your post it would have come across very different… Quite sublime even….

    Question. Are drop-ins allowed to your site, or do you hate those also?

  38. wow…just now reading this. I was one of the “seven” to drop in on that Saturday you referred to. We were snatching so I don’t think you’re referring to me regarding the low/high bar squats.

    Its funny…I actually came to Outlaw to see if I could move to that box from a different one and become one of your paying customers. I would have paid a drop in fee if it was required. I bought a shirt to support to box and thank you guys for the drop in fee.

    Honestly Rudy, you were the only friendly coach I met…I felt like a major nuisance to everyone else. And maybe I was to you too, being a visitor. And maybe that’s how the coaches see visitors (especially untrained ones, but I’ve been doing Xfit for a couple months now so I tried not to get in anyones way). Being a visitor is not really fun either. Not knowing anyone, not know the equipment, or the set up, or the order in which the box runs. But you HOPE when you go into another box that you’ll have a good experience and get to talk about it with your crossfit box the next time you go home.

  39. You do realize you’re in a service industry, right? Regardless of whether this makes you seem petty (it does, fwiw) it’s just a silly thing for a profit-seeking entity to do. We’re too good for your money! Take it elsewhere. Brilliant.

  40. I get where you are coming from (inexperienced drop ins are a PITA) but way to drive new business away. There’s no way as a beginner I would’ve come to you for training. You could’ve made it clear whether you were referring to new people WHO INTEND TO LEARN THE TECHNIQUES and become regulars as opposed to randoms who pop in for one class.

  41. This thread is as dead as Michael Jackson but just like the record labels, you keep bringing it back. For those of you who havent been to the Mecca that is Outlaw crossfit let me fill you in. It’s about 1500 square feet, the floors are uneven, there is no heat or AC, the place looks straight out of rocky 2. People actually get thier lives threatened in this place. Laura struck me upon my head with a pvc pipe for poor form on a dead lift. People disappear and are never seen again after getting in the way of a snatch. This is a house of serious learned doctors! No one there really scales their shit. Trust me, if you are going there looking to learn the basics of Rudy’s programming in a couple drop ins you are not going to have a good experience. You wouldnt go to west side barbell and ask Louie Simmons to train you on the conjugate system in two hours.

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