WOD 120614:

Rest Day.

Jared Fleming was at CF Sua Sponte today. This is 300# off high blocks.

This video reminds me of something I’ve been wanting to discuss on this site for quite some time, but it somehow keeps slipping my mind. Many of you have i-Phones. I too have an i-Phone. I believe it is the greatest technological advance in the last 7-billion years, and if there were a way to have it surgically attached to my brain I would. I, unlike many of you who have i-Phones, am really smart (I will not mention any other brand/make of phone, I will continue to pretend they don’t exist). Maybe smart is an overstatement. Maybe I’m just not as dumb as some of you. I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m basing my argument on, as the Outlaw Way has not yet developed an eleet exercise Wonderlic Test. My theory is based upon a simple diagnostic, really. I see data being offered up on a daily basis and I cannot, in good nature, allow some of you to make the rest of us look like buffoons anymore.

Here is my simple IQ test: if you send me an i-Phone video, and you’ve chosen to shoot it vertically… YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Don’t you notice THE BIG FUCKING BLACK BOXES ON EITHER SIDE OF THE SCREEN when you upload it to YouTube? No offense to any of you (actually be offended, I hate you), but you realize your video is going to look TERRIBLE when I post it here, right? Jared Fleming—right up ^^^^^^ there—should look like a Viking god throwing a 300# war hammer over his head, but noooooooo… John has him looking like your little cousin Jeff, throwing the football away as soon as he touched it the first time you made him play Smear the Queer when you were kids (Who named that game, btw? I actually feel bad for writing that. It was a good punchline though).

If you don’t believe me, watch this:

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  1. The irony here is that viewing the first video on a vertically held iPhone wipes outbthe black boxes and makes it look just fine. Like Thor himself is tossing up the weight.

  2. Fine I’ll construct some stand-up talking camera machine thing to keep it from falling over when it’s horizontal and upgrade to the 4G… you didn’t have to get all nasty about it!

    • Higher elbows on those high pulls, which will help keep the bar closer longer in the full snatch.

  3. Any chance of getting programming for Friday since work only allows for that to be rest day?

  4. Secondary PSA:

    If you open a vertically shot video in vertical mode on your iPhone it will be a full screen video. So THERE people who use computers!

  5. Rudy/Spencer, what are your thoughts on “hit and catch” drills vs. snatch high-pulls? It seems that advocates of the former (e.g. Jon North) do not believe in the efficacy of the high-pull. Just wondering if each accessory has its place, or if they are from two separate schools of thought and should not be trained together.

  6. VV is the correct way to film a lift with an iPhone if you plan to watch it again immediately on the same iPhone. You’re filming a human and generally we are taller than we are wide… generally. VV lets the subject be as large as possible on those tiny fucking iPhone screens which suck compared to my HTC One X screen. So if tape yourself so you can get immediate feedback and make corrections because you want to be stronger. If you don’t care about that shit and want to look pretty for coach get a wind machine.

  7. +1 on the muppet video tutorial … hilariously informative

    It’s the last week of an online competition I am competing in and this week’s WOD is on par with Outlaw programming.

    For time:
    30x Snatches (135#)
    30x Muscle-ups
    *10 min time cap
    *Partition reps as needed
    *Add 1 sec per rep not completed within time cap

    Results -> 10:13

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