Tony Effing Mayo with the greatest feat of strength in Outlaw history.

Leaders after day 2:

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WOD 120610 – Games Camp Day 3:

“Harder Than Fran”

10 minutes to establish a 1RM Weighted C2B Pullup (any style).

Notes: Vests MAY NOT be used. Weight maybe be hung around the waste (thanks fucking autocorrect, its supposed to be WAIST) any way, but may not be strapped to your upper body.

*Rest 10 minutes.

“Larry Bird”

For time:

60 KB Swings 24/16kg
50 Burpees
40 Pullups
30 One-Legged OH Squat 65/45#
20 DB Push Jerks 70/50#
10 Muscle-Ups
100′ One-Arm BB OH Walking Lunges 65/45# (50′ each arm)

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  1. wow….Our box has 147kg stone and out skinny strong man did 4 in 60sec over 130cm yoke.

    Your guy hmmmm not bad for a fellow skinny guy

  2. Curious to know what the outlaw oly shoe of choice is? Looking at the Nike romaleos and the reeboks. I have had the addidas power lift trainers and they served ther purpose as a starter shoe but didn’t last very long so any feedback on what you guys like would be appreciated. Thanks

    • chris – i have the reeboks and honestly, the quality isn’t the best. i ripped out an eyelet in the first couple weeks i had them just tightening the damn shoes. they feel solid when they’re on, but i have heard many more good reviews of the romaleos than i have for the reeboks.

    • Chris i was about to ask a similar question. I have just had a lift put on my powerlift adidas… hoping that will shape them into a better shoe. I’ve not heard good things about the reebok; a buddy of mine bought a pair and said squatting in them was very unstable! he went with the new adidas adistar or whatever and loves them, 2 bills though.

  3. Weighted C2B Pull Up
    – 115 lbs

    “Larry Bird”
    – 18:30
    – Push Jerks @ 50lb DB (heaviest in gym) and One-Legged OH Squat @ 45lb

    M/F/S – 1/2/2

  4. BBG: EMOM for 8min 3 tng pwr snatches @135, for 3min 3 tng @ 155. Have a Comp in Hilton Head coming up this Saturday, so been hitting the snatches and cleans a lot more than usual, so every day!

    Strength: 90#

    Conditioning: Larry Bird
    23:28 scaled to just pistols because I suck at life!

  5. “Harder Than Fran”
    55#, Weighted C2B are WAY harder than regular Weighted Pullups, for me anyway. 1RM on regular is 95#.

    “Larry Bird”

    Couldn’t even do 1 rep on the One-Legged OHS so I did them in the Front Rack.

  6. Weighted C2B Pullup= 85lbs (no video)

    Regular Weighted Pullup= 115lbs (BW=163lbs)

  7. please keep the elite level wods coming(yep just implied im elite) to cut out the awesomeness of 200 posts about a bunch of nothing thanks.

  8. At a wedding this weekend, limited stuff to use in the “fitness room”
    3 rounds of:
    10- 1 arm DB snatch at 50
    10- DB clean and Jerk with two 50’s
    Did it in around 7 minutes or so.

  9. Bro, I’ve following for a year and I’ve been able to scale ur workouts so I can get closer to being able to complete them RX, but, dude, I got to the muscle ups and couldn’t get 1!! I just went on to do the overhead lunges; having to stop every 15′ to regroup.. Dude, u shoulda named that workout Mt Rushmore or ur fucking stupid… Lol without a doubt bro u have the best programing out there!! Props!!

    • Oh and 1 more thing.. I got into Crossfit because I wanted to do a badass workout program to get better at golf.. 3 years later I’m doing Crossfit 6 days a week a golf is secondary to me.. However, over the last 2 years I’ve only played 4 times until last Friday.. I go out and hit the ball 30 yards in the air farther and consistently than ever, and I shot 67 with 3 bogeys.. Goes to show u that whatever athletic sport u play Crossfit is the best training for being physically prepared for ur sport!!

  10. Chest 2 Bar- 100lb (sloppy)

    Larry Bird- 35:30
    Scaled overhead to 45 vs 65
    Scaled MU banded with the smallest band

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