I’ve been meaning to post this for the better part of a week, but you guys keep doing such ridiculous stuff that I keep having to put it off. Luckily, today wrought zero world records, and everyone has grown tired of Jay Rhodes PRing on everything. So tonight you get boring old me and the Outlaw Assistant Head Coach in Charge of Drooling: Deacon, coaching up the CF Central competitive exercise team. This video features 3 things which will make any video amazing: 1) Deacon. 2) Three full-grown American beards. 3) Slow motion weightlifting. You’re welcome.

This weekend, at Outlaw homebase 1a, we’re hosting a nice little gathering of some of the baddest exercisers in the world—aka the Outlaw 2012 Games Training Camp. Guess fucking what? We’re going to let all of you play along at home, and go head-to-head with Akinwale 2.0, BP, T, and “The Original Outlaw” Jason Hoggan, amongst others. (I’ll give you the next 16 seconds to go clean yourself up). I’ll be posting the WODs for each day the night before, and will be tweeting (I fucking hate myself for saying that) the results live on The Outlaw Way twitter. Yep, it’s just like Regionals, except you can all win because there’s no judges!!!

No, there won’t be a leaderboard, and I’m not even promising to stick to the WODs I post, but you guys can at least have some fun playing the home version of the “what if” game. We will be doing at least 2 WODs on Sunday, so, if you want to play along the entire weekend, you should probably try not to drink yourself unconscious Saturday night. I will also try to post the approximate time we’ll be performing the WODs, so if you literally HAVE NO LIFE love training, you can sit around the gym all day, and WOD at the exact moment (give or take 14 hours) that BP is sweating in Virginia (or more than likely drinking a sugar-free vanilla latte). To make it feel even more like a douche-y “THROWDOWN”, I’ll be giving each WOD a name so you can tell all your friends you beat Elisabeth Akinwale on “The Fear Denominator” because your Box Jumps are amazing (I’m sure they’ll be wet with excitement).

Anyhoo, should be a fun weekend. I get to coach some of the worlds fittest humans, and you guys get to take ice baths all by yourselves. Remember: Strong is the New Snarky.

WOD 120608 – Games Camp Day 1:

BB Gymnastics


“The Only Time You Have to Take Your Shirt Off is After the Exam”

Take as long as you’d like to establish a 1RM Snatch, then 1RM Clean & Jerk.

Notes: We’ll be having a 2-3 hour lifting session beginning Friday around 5pm. We’ll work on technique on the lifts, and will work up to some heavy singles. You may take as long as you’d like and take as many attempts as you’d like, but when it’s just not going up – stop. Please make sure to Snatch first, then Clean & Jerk.


“BP Made up a WOD That None of You Can Do”


For time:

7 Bear Complex @ 185/120#
50′ HS Walk
5 Bear Complex @ 205/135#
50′ HS Walk
3 Bear Complex @ 225/150#
50′ HS Walk

Notes: 1 “Bear Complex” is: 1 Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press or Jerk, 1 Back Squat, 1 (Behind the Neck) Push Press or Jerk. There are many variations of the Bear Complex, but we will use the one listed above. You may combine the Clean and FS into a “Squat Clean”, or you may PC then FS. A full standing position must be achieved before the PP or PJ begins (Thrusters are not allowed). Once the bar is overhead, it must be lowered to the back then the BS should be performed. After the BS a full standing position must be achieved before the Behind the Neck PP or PJ begins (again, no Thrusters). When the BB returns to the front rack 1 Bear Complex is complete.

The barbell must then touch the floor WITH NO STOPPAGE OF MOMENTUM for the next rep to begin. This means both hands must be in control of the bar as it touches the floor. Basically the goal is complete the prescribed reps for each round without allowing the bar to stop momentum on the floor, or dropping it. There is a 20 Burpee penalty to be performed immediately, every time the barbell is dropped or rests on the floor. Resting with the BB off the ground IS ALLOWED, and the hands DO NOT need to remain in contact with the BB as long as it is off the ground.

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  1. I’m a day behind, so this will be my Sat. And I can do the BP WOD, but I’m sure 2.0 will snatch more than me.

  2. Traveling back to Chicago in mid July from Fargo, North Dakota and looking for a place that follows The Outlaw Way. Going to be south towards Orland Park but willing to drive for the program. Suggestions? Thanks.

  3. been an outlaw for a week now …not going back to HQ but… and i say but i would like to do crossfit for HOPE / tomorrows Camp work out …oh geeeez going to be a long day 🙂

  4. Love the workout…but fuck me that is a lot of rules on the barbell portion alone…Did you or BP make up the rules??…because if BP did, I feel it is unfairly biased rules to the BB portion, and there should be a penalty for dropping on the HS walk as well (You know to even things out (Read: Fuck me even harder))….fuck I wish I had that cross-out thing the cool kids have.

    For all the future questions on that fuck-load of rules here are my comments:

    1. Squat clean it…if you don’t typically do that, you should fucking work on it because power clean + front squat is slow and inefficient as shit in a workout like this.

    2. Jerk it….Push Jerk if you’re stronger/have better skillz, Split Jerk if not…push pressing is inefficient and you will likely die on the 225 set if you do the first 12 (24 if you do it from the back too) as PP. (Unless you’re D-Rob)

    3. Use the top of the back rack to rest, then Rack Jerk and go straight through the next portion of the complex (Front Rack -> Ground -> Squat Clean, then set to Jerk, Bring it down carefully to your back).

    Don’t take a 20 burpee penalty. HTFU (aka dont put your hands on the bar until you are ready to hit 7/5/3)

    And yes…225 is over your max, yes you should scale. (165/185/205 or 145/165/185, don’t be stupid, figure it out)

    No you shouldn’t do Hope AND this weekends workouts. (Looks like theyre going to straight fuck you up)

    Lastly — PR and give your Fuck Yea on the Oly Shit! I need my 225/300, both have been tempting me!

  5. A word of caution on the bear
    Complex WOD, if you do not have the meat on your traps equal to that of it’s inventor (99% of the CrossFit population) please be careful when bringing the barbell from overhead to a back rack. Your C8 is a lovely vertebra and should remain that way. If you are uncomfortable with dropping the bar to the back rack (smaller ladies inparticular) and have jerk boxes I suggest you use them. Rudy will probably get pissed at me but I’m pretty sure I’m going to use them for this WOD. Better safe than sorry.

    There, that was my disclaimer and now I will be better able to sleep tonight having said it!

  6. Snatch 135 Sort of a PR. I have Power Snatched 145, full snatch 125, this was a power snatch/OHS combo at 135. Either way 135 OHS PR.

    Clean & Jerk 165 (not a pr)

    No time for bear complex today

  7. Is there any appropriate scaling for us uncoordinated fucks who can’t handstand walk? Working out solo in the gym so I can’t have someone hold my legs, I could walk sideways along the wall, or attempt to just do a free-form handstand (they typically don’t end well) or wall-walks or just HSPU. Thoughts?

  8. “BP Made up a WOD That None of You Can Do”
    For time:
    7 Bear Complex @ 80kg
    50′ HS Walk
    5 Bear Complex @ 90g
    50′ HS Walk
    3 Bear Complex @ 100kg
    50′ HS Walk

    Broke down the bear complexes 4 + 3, 2 + 2 + 1 and 2 + 1. Much needed HS walking practice, but I still majorly lacking at it.
    MFS = 354 before, 266 after

    Thanks for trying to kill me BP

  9. If BP has 5 dollars and you have 5 dollars, BP has more money than you.

    Even BP’s treehouses have finished basements.

    Dolphins pay to swim with him.

    on another note, what do i look like, Optimus Fuckin Prime? That’s definitely going to have to be scaled haha

  10. looking forward to this one.

    Question on snatch form: in the debate about banging your hips vs brushing them against the bar, i have managed to catch my balls on the way up with the bar a few times on heavier loads. no, i dont snatch naked, and yes i am new to snatching – but not new to cleaning and have never had this problem on cleans.

    the result is im psychologically f’ed now. It’s completely screwed up my mental stability on this lift. i wear compression shorts, so i must be doing something wrong – is this a symptom of hips being too low, knees too far out?

    please help me save my future children.

  11. 80Kg for 2 singles
    90Kg for 3 singles

    22:11 – 1 drop on round 2, 10 burpees done.
    Walks in mainly 2-4ft increments.

    MFS – 784

    • Woops, left out that I did 30 (facing wall) wall runs in place of the 50′ handstand walk

  12. Its official I need steroids…. Just saying

    No PR

    75-90-105 on WOD time 16:44


    • Except this isn’t a stupid workout…
      Being honest with yourself and knowing that you can’t complete it Rx, but doing it anyway, that is where the stupid part comes in.

  13. Snatch 135#
    C&J 185#

    Bear Complex 31:26 95,115,135 w/ 50ft wall walks.

  14. Snatch -130. 5# PR. 1st snatch PR in 16 months. For real.

    Didn’t do C&J or conditioning

    MFS -5/1/1

  15. Snatch up to 215#
    Clean and Jerk up to 275# (cleaned 285#, missed jerk)


  16. Appropriate name for this wod….

    20:39 w/ 40 burpees

    Did six clean and jerks @150 instead of the 3 reps of bear. Did singles and did not do burpee penalty for the 150# reps. My shoulders hate me when I go to my back with heavier weight. 135# doesn’t bother me anymore so that is a plus.

  17. Conditioning: 30:??

    Scaled the loads to 145-165-185 (no burpee penalties…should I have gone heavier? It certainly wasn’t easy)
    Finished the HS walks in 14, 12, and 13 attempts. Fairly pleased with these as I was able to have several sets where I actually felt like I was in control rather than just falling and moving my hands. Just need to do it more consistently.

  18. That video was a HUGE help.

    Snatch – 210lbs PR (Party)
    C&J – 265lbs

    Good luck with the BB all you psychopath’s that try it.

  19. Snatch 185lbs
    C&J- 230lbs

    Scaled Bear Complex
    5 Burpee Penalties

  20. anybody found the video that Rudy is talking about in that video above? he mentions a video with BP doing the snatch ladder in regionals w/a bunch of slow-mo shots that was on the CF mainsite a couple days ago.

    Not seeing it, maybe I’m a dumbass. If that’s the case, link me and call me a dumbass. Drywall should be all over this one.

  21. Today definitely looked like something I’d want to do fresh.

    Slayed my Marines this morning with some sprints, burpees, fireman’s carry’s, thrusters and pullups.

    Had a long day coordinating a field exercise next week so just didn’t have that umph in the gym.

    Worked up to 215 Snatch and 275 CJ and called it there, not conditioning and no PR’s today. Rest up and hopefully back at it tomorrow.

    Just for drywall, I would’ve done the conditioning as RX

  22. Snatch 150 (15# PR)…thanks outlaw way!

    Clean&jerk 155 (not PR)

    Bear Complex WOD scaled
    7 bear 85#
    50′ hs walk
    5 bear 95#
    50′ hs walk
    3 bear 105#
    50′ hs walk

    M/42/132#/CF Vitality

  23. WOD 120608 – Games Camp Day 1:

    BB Gymnastics

    *5PM EST

    “The Only Time You Have to Take Your Shirt Off is After the Exam”

    Take as long as you’d like to establish a 1RM Snatch, then 1RM Clean & Jerk.

    1) 94, 2) 134, 3) 154, 4) 164 (solid), 5) 179 (failed in the hole), 6) 179 (f), 7) 179(f), 8) 179 (f, soooo damn close–getting underneath it every time, just losing balance), 9) 179 (f), 10) 179 PR!!!!

    Clean and Jerk:

    1) 155, 2) 184 (a little sloppy), 3) 204 (f), 4) 204 (slight press out), 5) 214 (failed on clean), 6) 214 (f), 7) 214(f).


    “BP Made up a WOD That None of You Can Do”

    *7PM EST

    For time:

    7 Bear Complex @ 120#
    50′ HS Walk
    5 Bear Complex @ 135#
    50′ HS Walk
    3 Bear Complex @ 155#
    50′ HS Walk


    Mariana: 50#, 65#, 80# and 100ft. Bear crawl: 8.30

  24. Snatch 240 pounds!!
    : ) 9LB PR for this kid right here!!!
    Was feeling straight beat up all morning, and this came out of know where.

    Conditioning- BP Mr 28″ quad WOD , fuckShitFuck 2012
    32:00 RX

  25. Snatch – 155

    + 120 burpees

    I was so relieved to be done I forgot to look at the clock

  26. Snatch 155#
    CJ 200#

    50s HS
    50s HS
    50s HS

    1 bar drop

    was going for 135 155 185, had to do 135 135 155
    destroyed my elbows after amanda earlier this week

  27. BBG:
    1) 95-135-155-175-185(PR)-195(F)-195(F). Coaches fixed my high hip start which closed my hip and increased power
    2) 135-185-205-225(PR)-235(F) not near deep enough in split and super slow dip.

    1) 155-175-195.  
    19:32. Penalty @4 on x2 and @2 on x3. HS walks max 8′.

  28. Snatch: 195 20lbs under PR. Wrist injury preventing solid catch.

    C&J: 255 10lb PR

  29. Snatch: 95kg, 100ff, 102.5f
    Clean and Jerk: 115, 120, 125, 128.5 PR!!!

    Been a long time since I PR’d the ol clean and jerk. Stoked as shit right now.

    Made up Amanda. Wanted to do BP’s WOD cause I think I actually could but I haven’t done Amanda in so long.

  30. 13hr day teaching & coaching

    No time for anything today.

    Will be snatching and doing BP’s fuck you WOD tomorrow morning.

  31. 1) 205. -10 off of PR
    It was a sexy ass rep though
    2) 240 -25 off PR

    BP’s workout.
    26:30 with 165/185/205
    Hardest workout I’ve done. A lot of procrastinating.

    Kevin, you’re a beast.


  32. Humbled…
    20:51 – after the first rd it all just went to shit.
    2 Burpee penalties. Just didn’t have it, lost my marbles tonight.

  33. Snatch: 175 lbs
    C&J: 215 lbs

    BP wins: 95/115/135, 10:46
    Just started following. Nice to meet you all

  34. Snatch – 170 lbs (PR), 175 (PR) – Fuck yeah.

    Didn’t do c&j or conditioning.

  35. Snatch PRed at 205 which was fucking sweet and missed 215 7 fucking times!!!!
    Then cleaded up to 245 and just felt beat up no where near pr. Gonna do the conditioning tomorrow

  36. here’s a better video of 280# snatch, don’t know why the other one was so blurry, i thought the camera wasn’t on for this one but i found it… kinda freaky that the clock read 11:11, i always seem to glance at it when it is that time..

  37. CFG Data:

    SP: Snatch worked up to 75kg, form broke down so I backed off and hammered form. CJ: 110 (tie PR); then Cleaned 120 (PR)

    No time for conditioning so we just quickly worked some handstand walks

    Caleb: Snatch 120kg; CJ 150; handstand walks.

    Adam: snatch 85; cj 100; handstand walks

  38. Following since Dec. Thanks Rudy.
    Snatch 145 5# PR
    C&J 190 5# PR

    From last week:
    Squat 345
    DL 405
    SP 135
    (All PR’s since starting outlaw)

  39. Snatch: 175# (tied PR), failed on 185#
    C&J: 225# (10# under PR)

    WOD: 20:11 But I just used 165# straight across, and I suck at hand stand walking.

  40. Snatch: 180lbs (tie PR)
    C&J: 230lbs (5lb PR)

    Conditioning: 17:04; 145, 165, 185.

  41. Snatch: 150 (10#PR)
    C&J: 210

    Conditioning: 26:30 (including 60 burpees): 145, 165, 185

  42. snatch: 145
    C&J: 185

    Bear complex from hell: who knows how long, it was awhile
    135 – 145 – 160


  43. BBG-

    Snatch – 185 (all time PR is 195 done twice in my life – one of those at regionals but now it just escapes me)

    Clean and Jerk – 245 (just did 255 the other day, today I power cleaned it once, squat cleaned it twice and failed on all 3 jerks)

    Conditioning – 40:23

    The only thing I didnt do was the burpee penalties, and there would have been a lot of them for me. Oh well.

  44. First day back off the back injury

    Snatch – 195
    C&J – 270 (Done after the conditioning)
    Both 20lbs under my PRs, felt weak after the ~7 days off

    Conditioning — RX: 22.13 – HS walk felt surprisingly good, bar felt very heavy – devastating for sure. Kevin’s time on this is simply not right.

  45. Snatch – 215, multiple fails at 225 and 230. Previous PR is 225.

    Said eff the BP wod and did a partner WOD consisting of some other stuff i won’t bore you with. 9:45

  46. 1RM Snatch 185 PR

    1RM C&J 225 (weight no problem but having trouble letting weight roll onto finger tips with hook grip? PR is 245

    Conditioning (Bear Complex)
    14:00 (155, 175, 195) forgot handstand walk this workout made me a little delirious

  47. Sn 205 pr finally, I’ve been after this for a while missed 210×3
    Next time

    C&J 255, 260 f on j x 2
    Pr also

  48. Snatch – 175#
    C&J – 225#

    “Hardest WOD ever”
    Scaled 135/155/185

    60 Burpees

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