WOD 120607:

Rest Day.

Yep, I admitted my error last night, and gave proof as to why I was a dumbass.

Tonight… EFF ALL Y’ALL. I was right. BAM!

(Sorry, had to get that out.)

Today BP decided to test “Diane” with a kip the whole way through (like I suggested at Regionals), just to see if it was faster. Guess what? It was, by almost a minute, and he hasn’t really worked on his kip since Regionals. *If you are BP you should stop reading now* Today’s 3:23 would have put him at roughly 15th overall on “Diane” (look, I know it’s the “what if” game—STFU). This would have been an improvement of 10 spots, and would have given him first overall in the region by 6 points. However, FAR more importantly, he would have won another $1000 if he’d been first. And everyone knows, you can buy a lot of Strongbow with $1000.

I’m so glad to have finally found another snarky, curse-laden CF blog. Ever since this guy decided he’d rather BE a competitive exerciser, than make fun of competitive exercisers, I’ve had a little hole in my heart of darkness. Imagine if you could find a blog that not only filled your need for the lulz (at other’s expense of course), but also attacked topics so appropriate and relevant that you felt like they were actually talking about things directly related to you—it would be too good to be true. Outlaws, I give you – SEXYASFUCK (no, fuckers, again—it’s not me).

Today my best friend and brother, John Dill opened the doors of CrossFit Sua Sponte for the first time. Not to get all teary eyed, but without John there’s a likelihood that none of what you see here would exist. John was the first person that basically said to me, “Yeah, fuck it, let’s take over the world.” Opening CFSS was John’s personal first step towards world domination, and I couldn’t be more proud.

If you’re in Raleigh, there’s a new affiliate that will welcome all Outlaws with open arms. The music will be loud, the bars will be straight, and the coffee will be strong. Outlaw homebase 1b is now open for business.

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  1. Yay John and Outlaw 1b! I’m excited to see 1a for the first time this weekend.

    A quick thought about Rudy being right and wrong at the same time, all athletes are different and at times require different strategies for the same WOD. This is why when EA goes unbroken on a heavy as F* deadlift workout and Rudy excitedly tells me the strategy is to do the same, I keep a possible plan B in mind!

  2. More blogs of people bitching about people bitching… just what I want to read.

  3. Coach Rudy. since this is “rest day” and hopefully a bit more free-flow in the forum I would like to your help, and the help of any others for my situation.

    Sunday I wrecked my mountain bike and now have a partial tear of my MCL, my patella was displaced laterally, and I have a nice contusion to the bursa sac and patellar tendon.

    As always, I said “fuck conventional wisdom” which says immobilize and re-evaluate in 3-6 weeks. I iced it and got right into passive/active ROM stuff and am now fully ambulatory, but a bit stiff and guarded.

    I can deadlift. I pulled 275# today and did 225# for reps.
    My problem is squats. No-joy there AT ALL.

    Any suggestions on what I can do to not completely “lose” my squat while I get through this for a few weeks?


    • Not a real doctor, and everyone is certainly different, but that doesn’t sound like a “work through it”-type of injury to. Sounds pretty serious, and I can almost guarantee that what ever strength you lose in your squat if you take it easy the next couple of weeks, it is a lot less than what you would lose if you completely tear your MCL (or worse).

      Conventional wisdom may not work for everyone, but the reason why it is conventional is that it usually works for most. Probably best to listen to your doctors. Good luck!

    • “Any suggestions on what I can do to not completely “lose” my squat while I get through this for a few weeks?”

      Anything that doesn’t hurt.

      • +1

        I had a partial tear of MCL playing rugby a couple years ago. This was pretty much the advice I got from the orthopedic surgeon for the USA Rugby team. He knew the demands of my sport and basically told me to be my own doctor. I rehabbed with single leg lunges (forward,side,back) and doing leg press instead of squats. At least for the first couple weeks, then worked my way to squatting.

        If you don’t have access to a leg press machine, you can always do this:


    • Here is my educated opinion… take it or like Drywall posted “do whatever the F……. you want” with it 🙂

      The MCL does not “heal” per se as there is not enough blood supply there, BUT don’t dismay if it is only partially torn it will scar over in those 3-6 weeks, making your knee more stable at that time and less likely for your patella to continue to sublux laterally. IF however, you decide to go the HTFU route to your own demise and squat, you will continue tightening your IT band. This will pull your patella laterally, tearing the scar tissue your MCL is trying to form, and making you more prone to patellar subluxation for well… maybe ever! (not cool)

      My suggestion would be to destrominate your weakness (excluding squatting) and become a gymnastics ninja while you’re down. If you can’t do 30 Muscle Ups UB then you already have at least one thing to work on! Although not as recommended, you can probably deadlift, but I would not squat. To keep from losing all squatting strength practice pistols and then weighted pistols, and then weighted overhead pistols (another cool party trick). There are actually studies that show strengthening your contralateral(opposite) side will help maintain lean mass and strength of the immobilized side. Here is some reading on the subject of what to do: http://beastmodaldomains.com/2011/09/21/working-around-injuries-focus-on-what-you-can-do/

      Lastly, there is a taping technique called McConnell taping for the patella. You would tape yours towards your medial side. YouTube it and play around to see if it makes it more comfortable while you’re healing.

      Good luck!

  4. “Just when I thought you couldn’t be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!”

  5. How many of you do more than just the outlaw prescription per day? By that I mean extra WoDs or more strength work, and if so does that mess up the programming?

    Also, do you also do a lot of fine tuning stuff – core strengthening, agility/balance etc or do you find the daily programming itself enough to bring you to competition level?


    • Just follow the programming. If you try to add extra stuff your body may literally shatter to pieces, it’s plenty of volume. Yes it will mess up the programming and yes he programs a shit ton of ‘core strengthening’ stuff.

    • Extra ab wheels….and the Shake Weight every night before bed….helps me get to sleep at night

    • I add some running/swimming in with some MMA training, but I am not trying to be a competitive crossfitter. I do it because I wan’t to get strong and in better shape, but don’t plan on going to regionals or the games or anything. However, I have felt good adding other stuff in so far as long as you rest and eat plenty to help recover.

    • Eric Ripert: Hey, here’s this amazing recipe I made and you can have it for free.
      Mouthbreather: Wow, that’s really generous of you. I know its the one you are famous for but I am going to add some more salt, pepper and garlic and bake it for an extra 20 mins.
      Eric Ripert: Fucking mouthbreather.

  6. Going to have to find a new gym I think. So many people from our gym started doing Outlaw in favor of the random gym WODs during open gym that they cancelled all open gyms. Don’t think they were too happy with all of the massive PR’s we have been putting up in the past 3 months. Their way of banning Outlaw without officially making that statement.

    • PR’s daily I might add. You’d think a Box owner would be proud of his top athletes working their asses off and making huge strides. But a huge ego is a dangerous thing. And since it was not the gym’s “programming” making the gains, Outlaw has been banned.

  7. Rudy…Crew…I’ve missed you and your smartassery. I come back tomorrow for the ‘fun’ and wasting an hour or so on the comment board.

  8. The ONLY problem that I have with ALMOST EVERY SINGLE “Diane” video is that no one ever stands fully up-right in the dead lift, like c’mon… I know that speed counts for something, but form is pretty much everything…. that’s why I say to all of them…. that your time is invalid… just my little rant for the day sorry if I piss anyone off

    • Phil — Its all good to have your opinion…when you hit 220lbs and have a sub 4 Diane, or at any weight have a 1.28 please feel free to post them and we will care. “Form is pretty much everything” — I disagree, form and efficiency are very important, but if you focus too much on those you will never match the intensity needed to compete…sometimes you just gotta grip it and rip it. *DB Snatch event*

      • I am 18, weight 215-220, and have a 5:54 Diane time… I’m not the greatest, but I try my best, when I wrote “form is pretty much everything” I ment it in the way of locking out the rep, not having the perfect back angle… if you watch his video it looks like his hip isn’t opening up at the top… but ya never know…

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