So… I don’t know how we would go about reporting or posting a “world record”, but we’ve got one (does Guinness have to be there?). Earlier today Brendan Griffin, from CrossFit Shifted (who’s team have been following for the last 5 months), OBLITERATED Dan Bailey’s 1:35 “Diane”. I know, you’re thinking, “How in the fuck can you obliterate a 1:35 ‘Diane’?”

Oh, I don’t know, how about a ONE TWENTY EIGHT?

Go ahead, rub your eyes, you read it right. Twenty-year-old Brendan Griffin did “Diane” today in 1:28. Before you say he’s not locking out on the round of 21, wait until the round of 15, you’ll see—he’s fucking locking out. In fact, I’d go so far as to say his standards are at the least comparable to Bailey’s, if not better (oh, he’s an inch taller than Bailey).

Someone should probably call Pat Sherwood…

Now we’ll break from our regularly scheduled awesomeness, as an opportunity for me to do something I love to do—admit a gigantic fuckup.

Throughout the off-season we preached the benefits and necessity of the kipping HSPU. This prophecy played out when the Regional WODs were announced, and the one that started the whole thing off featured 45 HSPU. I remember sitting in a hotel in Edinburgh, frantically reading through the standards of “Diane”, in order to find out if kipping was allowed. When I read it was, I whispered a little fuck yeah because I knew it would give a huge advantage to our group of Games hopefuls, and that those who weren’t BW ninjas would struggle if they weren’t proficient at the least manly movement in competitive exercise. For our ladies it was a no-brainer. With the exception of Becky, who has our gym record of 2:08 on Diane, I’ve never seen a woman who can complete that many reps—without a kip—at a very rapid pace. For the dudes it was a different story.

After BP’s 27th place debacle on the 30 HSPU workout at Regionals in 2011, I decided I’d make sure that any male I coached would know how to kip HSPU–no matter how many unbroken strict they had. We worked on both versions almost every week in the off-season, throughout the Open, and in preparation for Regionals. Whenever we’d work strict, Jay Rhodes would always have preposterous numbers. He’s one of those that’s in the 30-40 unbroken range, and can do them to about a 2 foot deficit. I would have NEVER thought they’d be an issue for him, especially with a fairly wide standard and no deficit, but then I saw the setup at the SE Regional, and to be completely honest—it mindfucked me.

I’ve made a pretty good name, and had some pretty good success, by being one of the first coaches to really propagate the idea of using “strategy” for a competitive advantage. My assistant head coach, Corey Perry, and I have pretty much tested everything at one point or another, and we can do a pretty good job of telling you where things will fall apart, or where you can gain a few seconds. I knew before the first Regional that kipping would be my strategic recommendation for almost all my athletes. After BP’s second mid-twenties finish on the first WOD of a Regional, which would have likely been avoided easily by kipping all reps, I had no doubt I’d recommend it to everyone. Jay Rhodes, however, was an odd case.

The reason the setup at the SE mindfucked me was because of the lack of the bottom 3′ on the wall. You’ve all seen it by now, so you know what I’m talking about. It’s not a big deal unless you have an odd way of balancing yourself on the wall, like Jay Rhodes, which includes the back of your head rubbing the wall through the entire range of motion. Seriously. He’s actually rubbed a near bald spot into the back of his head from time to time, and as soon as I saw the hole I knew it would throw him off. This sent both of us into a million-text-a-day freakout, that had Jay doing a thousand HSPU a day in every possible scenario. His kip sucked, the hole in the wall threw him off, the sky was falling, and we couldn’t figure out what to do. Jay had something like a 2:10 Diane on video, but I think we were both worried he’d “pull a BP” on WOD 1, and we’d be working out of a hole the entire weekend.

This leads to my fuckup.

I convinced Jay to practice his kip and just go with it. I knew this might make us take an 8th, but I couldn’t live with him trying to go strict and dying on the round of 15. I got to the venue in Toronto late, and barely had time to get back to the warmup area to watch Jay warmup. The kip he showed me was fast and precise, and it looked to be something he could do all day long. I felt confident he’d be in the low 2s, and honestly felt pretty relaxed about where he’d place. When the WOD started he flew through the deadlifts, but on his very first HSPU O knew there was something wrong. He was further away from the wall then we’d practiced, and instantly went to a longer kip then I’d ever seen him do. I was a solid 200′ away, and instantly went into a full sprint to try to get as close as possible so I could let him know he’d changed his kip.

When I got to the side of the wall (pretty sure I ran a 4.2 40), I noticed that the mats looked a lot more sloped then the setup I had seen the 2 weeks prior. I also noticed that all the guys who were kipping were struggling to stay on the wall because they, despite being at the end of the box, just seemed closer than I had seen. This hadn’t been a problem anywhere else, and I had even talked to BP about being too far from the wall at the end of the box. I yelled at Jay to shorten up and he just looked at me like he was trying everything he could and didn’t know what was wrong. He finished in 3:42 which was good for 6th overall. 6th isn’t bad at all, but when a guy has a legit 2:10 PR, 1:32 slower isn’t exactly what you want. The funny thing was that many of the times in Canada East were far slower than the other regions. The only male who had a time that was even remotely competitive was A.D. Larouche, who put up a 2:13 completely strict.

Let me preface (or is it to late for that?) by saying, that even if Jay had put up a 1:28 Diane, it wouldn’t have really made much difference in the standings. His still-healing back locked up and went into spasms on WOD 4, and that basically ended Jay’s weekend. The problem is, as a coach, strategical errors are the kind of things that keep me up at night. Apparently there was something odd about the mat setup that weekend. Everyone who kipped struggled with it. We heard rumors of people measuring the box something like 6″ too close to the wall, and the mats were definitely sloped in a way that would push you away—especially with a big kip. The only guy that didn’t struggle, didn’t kip.

I know it’s all a huge fucking “what if”, but today Jay showed me that I probably convinced him to make the wrong choice.

Jay Rhodes – 1:40 “Diane”- FML.

WOD 120606


Compare to 120427

9-7-5 of:

Snatches (full squat) 135/95#

For time.

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  1. We actually had that problem at the Latin American Regional – I think the boxes were measured fine, but a lot of the stations had mats that sloped down away from the wall (the mats were also in the grass, which may have had something to do with it).

    At any rate, I watched all the women from my box who had practiced and mastered a big, Carl Paoli-style kip with a big loading of the hips at the bottom have a really hard time balancing. And when I went to do that kip there myself, it was a huge waste of time trying not to fall backward (well, forward I guess) while loading up the legs in the kip.

    Sort of nice to know that we weren’t the only region that got screwed.

  2. 1st….Mr Griffin. I’m shaking my head. Unbelievable. 2nd. Rudy. I love that the longest post you have made after weeks of success is essentially an apology.

    • +1

      Warren Buffett has stated the hallmark of a good business manager is candor usually displayed by freely and publicly admitting their mistakes.

      I guess that goes for good coaches too.

    • +1 – Griffin – that was fucking insane!
      +1 on Rudy comment too. Rudy, I’ve been following now for a while (only posting for a short while) and I am continually amazed by your humility. I think it’s the halmark of a true genius/expert, not to mention your programming is bad ass and has made this old fart feel better than ever! Thanks and thanks for that explanation.

      Now for a question: How is that this huge error in the WSOE occurred and no one was called out. It seems like things were stacked against certain regions, or at the very least the game was not on “level” playing ground. Shouldn’t someone chat up Dave or the “head judge” about this… get some sort of explanation… People are going to have a hard time taking this ‘sport’ seriously if things are not done in controlled and standardized conditions essentially eliminating some of the top athletes in the ‘sport’ (i.e. Jay).

      • It wasn’t until around the first event was done that we realized what was wrong.
        I’m not sure it’s still around, but we have a picture of the mats all bunched up and the line significantly closer to the wall.
        So the tape outline was correct, but the placement of the mats threw everything off.
        Once the event is done though…..I don’t imagine you could do much about it. And like Rudy stated, at least it was the same for everyone. Even with my time being so slow I only took 6 pts.

        Either way, it’s all said and done.
        What I have to do now is build a regional setup with 3′ of space and practice.

  3. 32″ from ground to wall in Asia… this really sucks when several of your female athletes are barely over 5ft tall.. there is nothing better than slipping under the wall and kipping up into it. For those who said that every region was set up exactly the same I call bullshit just look at the pics!

  4. Great post. Stay hungry for those improvements. Next time build the stage yourself.

  5. I am about 5’9″ but I have a reach that rivals Kevin Garnett’s. I can scratch my shins without bending over. True story: I have to buy my dress shirts at a big & tall store because the sleeves don’t fit me on regular dress shirts. Thus, my head probably travels 3x the distance from the mat that JayRhodes’ head travels. So for me, learning a kip may make sense.

    I’ve seen one person in our gym get a 1:34 Diane. He also happens to have a sub 2:00 Fran. (As far as I know it’s still the “world record”.) He weighs about 165# and most of it is in his biceps. But, his arms are so short, he has trouble scratching the top of his head. He seems to be perfectly built for pullups and HSPUs. For him kipping would be STOOOPID.

    Seems to kip or not to kip will always be a body type thing, not necessarily an environment thing (ala the Regional).

  6. 30-40 unbroken hspu… yes plz…

    PS: anybody know the area around Corolla, NC? flying the family out to a beach house this weekend, staying for a week, looking for an Outlaw friendly box or at least a place i can strength train. Outlaw home base is about a 5 hour drive.. So close yet so far lol..

    • You could try Crossfit Outer Banks, located in Kill Devil Hills. It’s about a 30-45 minute drive from Corolla. Not sure if they’d be ok with you bringing your own programming or if they’d make you follow theirs, but it’s probably your best bet.

  7. Did the 1RM snatch from Saturday that I didn’t get to do, 125, matched PR.

    75# for snatches (that’s now bad I am at them)

    10:36 time
    First time trying Amanda because I only recently have been able to do muscle ups.
    Now I need to get a shit load stronger!

    • Don’t feel bad about your snatches Travis. I could power snatch heavier weight for this workout today, but full squat snatch I’m going to shoot for 75# as well. We are pretty much in the same boat.

      • Thanks Nick. I can power snatch more than my full snatch by 15 pounds haha. This is all pretty new to me still but I think for my late start at Olympic lifting and squats in general I am making good gains. May never be games level but it wont be for lack of trying!

  8. I’ll use him for toilet paper!
    Great job though-seriously, I’m jealous.

    • Being ‘used for toilet paper’ between 28-inch quads is going to be very messy!

      Don’t get on this man’s bad side!

  9. Sick Diane time! Way to go!

    Did yesterdays work today. Took an extra rest day yesterday and since i trashed my shoulder last time we did Amanda i thought i´d better do BS and Diane…

    Squats: 8x 135kg, 5x 145kg, 3x 152.5kg, 3x 162.5kg, didn´t do the last set of 3x 170kg. Knee was feeling a bit strange.

    Diane: 3:50 – No PB and HSPU felt really weak today. Maybe it´s the fact that i´ve been up since 4am. Shape feels great otherwise…


  10. Any Outlaw friendly gyms in the Central Virginia area? I contacted Rare Crossfit and haven’t heard anything back. Gonna be home for 3 weeks and I need a place to train!

    • Will – I just let Adam at Rare know…..he should have emailed you – give him in call. There are about 8 of us following Outlaw and we workout at different times throughout the day. Hope to see you there!

  11. Sick programming. Been following Crossfit main page out of my garage for 2 years now and came across your blog about 4 weeks ago.

    Last Saturday I had the morning off work so I visited a local Crossfit affiliate for the public Saturday workout. They did a 4min on / 1 min off type of team workout that had 3 different ‘events’ for the 4 min on; Annie, Diane, and a bj/ run. I started with Diane.

    Now, my previous PR was 7:27. But with all the hspu work over the last few weeks I was thinking I’d do a little better. When she called, “time” after the 4 minutes all I had left was 9 hspu’s. LOL. I was pretty jacked, and I wanted to just finish them off cause I would have shaved 3 minutes off my best. I didn’t, but I was really happy with REPPING the 21 and 15 hspu’s. I had to kip about 6 each round, but I never fell off the wall.


    • any Outlaws up in the Cookeville TN area? Gonna be moving there for school this coming up semester.

      • I love Outlaw as much as the next guy but are you kidding me? Go to CrossFit Cookeville and get the chance to work with Rich Froning and Dan Bailey!

      • Yea i plan to do some up there but still the gains I’ve seen with rudys programming i think ill stay pretty faithful to outlaw!

  12. 24:49

    1st time doing this WOD. I am awful at muscle ups, but I’m still working on them and did this as rx’d.

  13. Amanda: 7:31. 1:00 faster than last time. Snatches were fast and easy. Muscle ups went a ton better than last time, just had a couple failed reps that cost me a good minute or so on the clock. shooting for 6 something minutes next time.

  14. WOD 120606


    9-7-5 of:

    Snatches (full squat) 135/95#

    For time.

    8.42 (massive PR)

    110530: 16.16 (low hanging rings)
    120427: 12.04

  15. 7:15

    Did the MUs 5/2/2, 3/2/2, 3/2
    Snatches unbroken. First time with Amanda so I was pleased with how it went. My snatches feel strong lately. Really like that.

  16. First time doing Amanda. Lots of room to improve on touch and go Squat Snatches, and moving faster through the snatches. Unbroken on muscle ups.

    Conditioning: “Amanda” in 8:09

    • Alright that is obviously not an iPhone being used to film this right? Looks fucking professional grade!

  17. This is my first post, but I’ve been following for a few weeks. Probably should go ahead and contribute this blog to my long time goal of snatching 225…which I did about 2 weeks ago on a 12 min max snatch Saturday.

    Today’s WOD:

    5:47 Rx (Just to piss people off)

    Don’t know if that’s a PR or not because I haven’t done this WOD in like 1.5 years or so

    MU: 8/1, 2/2/1/1/1, 1/1/1/1/1
    SN: 2/1/1/1/1/1, 3/4, 5

    Pussed out a bit in the beginning in regards to breathing and stringing reps together…aerobic capacity isn’t quite where it shoudl be right now

  18. I was judging at the Canada east regional infact judge jay rhodes and I measured the wall crudely with my 12 inch feet and the distance of the line was 18 inches instead of 24.

  19. 7:20 something… Not really sure.
    Only got the 1st MU. I’m happy that Im finally able walk up to the rings and know I can get at least 1MU. Wasn’t able to do thy a couple of weeks ago.

  20. Amanda 7:42 definitely a PR by 2 min but I just didn’t have a good drive. Love me some Outlaw!!!

  21. Amanda- Subbed 1 Ring Dip and 1 Pullup for the MU’s. Can only do so many MU’s and didn’t have anywhere to do them.
    I missed one rep on snatch, and wasn’t doing touch and go on the snatches but they felt good. Ring dips suck, as do pullups, and exercising in general.

  22. Amanda: 11:25
    No rings so did Pullups and dips 27/21/15. I do have Muscle ups though!
    Did 95lbs snatch (max snatch is 135)

  23. I have a question that does not exactly pertain to this workout, but I woul dlove some feedback form you guys:

    Before regionals and at regionals my snatch grip was as wide as you can go on the bar. After talking to Rudy after the snatch ladder where I missed well under my PR (Pr of 235, missed 215) he said it may have been because of my wide grip and the combination of the weekends worth of workouts, high rep snatches + double unders, and the lack of leverage making it tougher on my fatigued shoulders. He also said it was fine for single snatch attempts but may have got me at regionals. So after regionals I made the adjustment and moved my snatch grip in a few inches, to right outside the last ring on the bar. ITs been an adjustment. I feel slower under the bar then I did before, and I and I am trying to stick the weight still out front. which leads to misses. I m missing way more now then I did before. Im getting it up plenty high enough and it is going up easy. I am still up in the air, trying to decide whats better. I mean There are trade offs both ways. With a not so wide grip I have more strength(leverage) in my shoulders overhead due to the angle of the shoulder joint. Not sure if It effects the pull from the ground. With a wider grip I am quicker under the bar, dont have to pull it as high, but due to the angle of my shoulder I am slightly weaker. The leverage at the shoulder with the wider grip does not effect me in single rep attempts. But, at regionals after a weekend of my shoulders taking a pounding the lack of leverage got to me with the high rep snatches + double unders and I was unable to hit the lift. Missing well under my PR @ 215#.

    So the question for you guys is what do you think is better. I have never had formal coaching in the olympic lifts (besides Rudy telling me to use the hook grip after I was having trouble holding the bar on the hang clean workout at regionals). I have searched around the internet to see which ones better, I have looked up videos of lifters to see what they do but I have really not had luck on trying to figure put whats best.

    Any input would be appreciated. Should I stick with it or switch back. OR even switch back for single rep attempts and go a little closer for high rep snatch workouts such as Amanda.

    I am 6 foot 1 with broad shoulders, I know size has something to do with grip width.


    • Tancini,

      Regarding your grip: You probably didn’t need to make such a radical adjustment. Just a 1/2 inch or an inch might have made a big difference for you. Having too narrow of a grip means you now have to work extra hard to get under that bar even faster. Also, flexibility may possibly be an issue if you’re now too narrow. Get a hold of me. Lets work on some o-lifts.

      • thanks for the link. I went back to my videos from today and stopped it on my second pull or when my knees are bent like the guy did in the video. And it looks like the bar is sitting too low. I’ll mess around with it tomorrow at the gym to see how it is.

        And ashley: I got your fb message. We should definitely get together.

    • Rudy had me switch my grip wider at Regionals because I snatched narrow. I probably shouldn’t have switched on game day, but I did and whether or not it contributed to my 20# un-PR and dropping out of the top 10, I’m sure it didn’t help. However, this week was the second time snatching after Regionals, 3rd time using the wider grip and I hit a 15# pr in one session on the snatch, which I haven’t pr’d on in 2.5 years. Give it some time and see what happens.

      • Solid shoulders, Tancini. You caught that before the bottom of your squat, were under it, but your shoulders were soft… the weight crashed down on you. I’d seriously suggest two things (1) be ready for the weight and (2) widen your grip a little bit. Rudy obviously saw something with your grip at Regionals so don’t go as wide as you were then, but from watching the bar crash on you and reading what you said, I think you may have gone too narrow now.

      • Watch this in slomo… Bar’s going forward off the floor, which is probably making your weight shift towards your toes. You want that bar going BACK off the floor, not around your knees. If it doesn’t throw off your pull, try rolling it forward about half an inch from your starting position and bring it back with you as soon as it comes off the ground

      • Yes, of course, weight in heels longer. Every single person doing Outlaw, with the exception of Caleb Williamsm, needs weight in their heels longer. However, I think the bigger, more obvious, easier to correct issue is the too narrow grip. Tancini, you’re 10 inches taller than me, but only hold the bar a couple of inches out further than me. Move out your grip. 🙂

      • thanks for the replies, and ashley I widened my grip a little today for a few snatches. Felt so much better. I think I found a good happy medium.

  24. I suck and am really disappointed in myself today. I wanted to attack this workout,but it crushed me. Stringing muscle ups together since my surgery has been shit. Excuses for my shitness
    Amanda: 18:43
    Last time I tried this was ’11 regionals timeframe and I could not even do it with 135, so I guess that’s a start in the right direction, I still feel like throwing myself out of exercising forever!

  25. Amanda(ish)
    Bar Muscle Up
    Snatch (85)
    Time = 15:57

    Need to work on Ring MU’s
    scaled snatches down

  26. M/6’/175#
    15:01 Rx’d
    Thats a pr being that its my first time doing it Rx’d so no complaints. MU’s need work and so do my TNG Squat snatches, but seeing overall improvement and getting pr’s!

  27. First time posting but I saw first hand how well this programming works competing again Austin stack and Kevin Simon’s in the northwest regional. Hopefully it will improve on my performance next year

    Amanda rx; 5:10 – unbroken/4-3/3-2 snatches and 5-2-2/4-3/3-2 muscle ups

    All time favorite workout missed the cut by 3 spots at last years regional so every time I see this ill give it Alittle extra

  28. “Amanda”

    7:06 @115# Snatch

    Felt like I could have pushed the weight higher now on Snatch, but last time we did this I did 115 and I wanted to compare. 2:59 better this time around!

    Can’t wait to do this one again and Rx the snatch weight.

    MU–9ub, 3/2/2, 3/1/1
    Snatch–all singles, need to work on T&G

  29. Amanda 30:09rx …. I win right? There has got to be an award for slowest time. Love me some Outlaw, could not have done this rx a few months ago. Thanks

    • It’s all about improvement, I had a horrible time today too, but keep on trucking. Good work! Stick to the program and things will get faster and stronger!

  30. Amanda 6:28 Rx. I am excited to retest this again at some point soon. I could have been more aggressive on the snatches.

  31. WOD: 14:33. 3 minutes slower than previous time (11:31). Sad panda.

    m/f/s – 2/6/7

  32. “Amanda”
    25:46… super stoked to have done this prescribed! next time, faster!

  33. 8:29 Rx
    First time I have been able to string together snatches at 135. It didn’t last, but at least I started out that way.

  34. ‎19:53 – 75# “squat snatches” aka power snatch followed by overhead squat. I’m not 100% sure why I can’t catch it in the squat position – but I also can’t OHS much more than 75#

    Hated every second of it. Though I’m kind of stoked, the other day it was posted 30 muscle-ups for time, it took me 15 minutes to get my first 15, then I failed for 15 minutes straight rep after rep after agonizing rep and called it a day. So there’s improvement in my muscle-ups after a few days (going to blame this on better ring positioning)

  35. 1) 9:09
    Happy I got sub 10. Failed a couple snatches and 1 MU. Meh…

  36. Did some different stuff today

    Work to max Clean & Jerk

    310 – PR by 13#

    “Wake Up Call”

    Muscle Up
    Snatch 135/95 (power or full)
    Deadlift 315/205



  37. Eh! Didn’t quite do Amanda. Super weak on MU so did Snatch reps at 95lbs then did 10 MU. Usually have few (or lots) of failed attempts on MU but today I got thru 10 without any misses … maybe I should’ve went for Amanda. I felt like She-Ra today!

  38. “Amanda”
    Chad Kibbey 4:18 (Left)
    Brendan Griffin 5:27 (Right)
    Dave McFarland 7:36 (Back)

    All PRs.

    So damn fun!!!!!
    Performed @ CrossFit Shifted

  39. I went way, WAY too heavy on my snatches. I know they suck and I should have done 75lbs, maybe 85lbs at the outside. But I did 115, and ended up just power snatching them. Stoopid ego. And the MU’s just weren’t going to happen today, so I subbed 3 pull ups and 3 ring dips for each one. Took me 18:17. I hated every minute of it. Note to self: Remember to practice the Oly lifts!!!

  40. “Amanda”
    First time doing this WOD. First set of snatches was off, second/third set felt great, guess I didn’t warm up enough. MU’s were easy, snatch was the weakness,

  41. Amanda 6:56 (5:21 PR), 6:42 Diane (5:30 PR). Props to Outlaw Way programming, a game changer for me

  42. 10:11

    Not setting any records, but first time I’ve done this rx’d. Thanks, Rudy

  43. 16:42…. first time doing this WOD and first time I’ve ever done more than one muscle up consecutively so I guess I’m okay with that…. for now.

  44. Amanda

    (17:45)… This workout was rugged! First time doing it and I’m sure it didn’t help that 135lbs is 90% of my 1rm, but got it done and it was fun

  45. 6:50 “Amanda”

    Tipped scale at 239lbs today, I guess 3 days of fast food and 9 hrs sleep (total) while in hospital with our first baby didn’t help these hips.

  46. 8:40 something. over 2 minutes outside my fastest time. probably best to leave me alone for a while
    mfs – 724

  47. Made it through the first round of 9 MU! (I just relearned -from 6 months ago-my first one this past weekend)

    Threw on the red bands for the 7 and 5.

  48. Amanda: DNF

    15 min of muscle up work – I think I had 6 successful attempts

    Then, since I was supposed to do some snatches, Isabel – 4:26

  49. 8:13 PR

    Snatches were easy. MU were trouble. I just went and bought cutters gloves a la Neal Maddox so that I can return to the ol faithful false grip MU without tearing chunks out of my wrists. I’ll probably redo this once I get my false grip back, which won’t take long, and destroy this time.

  50. 8:03 Amanda

    135 snatch dropped after each rep but on bar quick
    Bar muscle ups but jumped up to scale.

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