Derek Robinson’s 1340# CFT:

Discussion topic: What do you think the merits are of a ranking system, like this one, for Games athletes?

Before you read the WOD, I’d like to ask you to please STFU. This WOD, and others like it, have basically stopped me dead in my tracks at numerous competitions. We absolutely must have a baseline on these longish efforts, so each and every one of you can find the point of no return, and learn how to eviscerate it with an 8-billion-kiloton level of fury (too much?).

WOD 120602:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.



20 minute AMRAP of:

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats

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  1. It stops you dead because 1) it’s doesn’t have a barbell, 2) it’s not heavy shot being lifted, and the most important 3) you have no wind.

  2. Well, one thing it doesn’t take into account is that athletes in the later regionals had longer to strategize & practice the workouts.

    It will be interesting to see the final results of the Games compared with that list though.

  3. Hand release or regular pushups?

    I don’t know how much of a difference this would make in the scoring system for qualifiers, but there must be an advantage for the regions that were in week 5 over those that went 1st. Especially in event 3. Although Azadeh is in top 5 females and she went first. But, I wonder how much of an outlier she is–or is she?

    Also, reading further down in comments on that site, someone noted there were big changes in the men’s rankings when the scores of non-qualifying individuals were factored. But, there wasn’t much change in the ladies.

    A better way to have more comparative results would be to have all regions at once. But, that is unlikely to happen for several reasons, namely the pr and marketing value of dragging it out, for lack if a better term. I mean, how do we live with one only week of the Regional Update show instead of five? Even then, other factors, some more than others, such as climate, competition level of each region, and quality of the overall event management and available services (I’m thinking no sports medicine/massage therapists to treat athletes at South Central) could be a factor.

  4. I think those metrics will hold true for some of those guys but definitely not all of them. Kinda like the Open isn’t the best predictor of Regionals in my opinion (D-Rob 53rd…), it will totally depend on the actual Games workouts, prior Games experience, how the athletes are feeling at that point in time, who performs the best under pressure, the weather, blah blah blah. There are way too many factors to come up with any accurate system.

    Look at BP for instance- according to that he is ranked 28th. No way in hell there are 27 guys better than him heading into the Games- zero chance. He went the 1st week of Regionals, didn’t get close to his PR on Diane, traveled 27 hours to compete…just way too many factors.

    Not a knock on that metric system, there is just no real way to rank those athletes with any certainty. The only real way to do that is to get all the athletes in the same place at the same time- period. We will see soon enough.

  5. There’s definitely an advantage for the most recent regions; however, very interesting to find some of the athletes in earlier Regions up at the top of the ranks tho …

    Drywall … don’t yell at me. Trying to get my hustle on, mmkay! So … all gazillion of you Outlaws competing at the Games. Hit me up if you have any spectator tickets you want to sell!

  6. That ranking system is interesting to see, but I think this is a bit more analytical.:

    Cool seeing you at the NE regionals. Congrats on the success so far.

    Doin Murph tomorrow. You should throw the mile runs onto Cindy in there for the rest of the Outlaws haha. Really fcuk em up.

  7. I fucking love lists. Power rankings, all star rosters, draft boards, USA Today coaches’ polls, shit fuck damn I just can’t get enough lists. What the fuck, let’s rank our exercisers too.

  8. Discussion topic? Clearly this blog is getting too fancy for me.

    I think the rankings are fun and even beneficial for the development of the sport (yeah, I said it, it’s a sport). As far as I’m concerned it’s good, solid entertainment value. In the end there’s a nice neat resolution to all the speculation come July. No one will be left to bicker about who went first, traveled furthest or had better ice in their ice baths.

    • I was watching American Ninja Warrior on G4 ( which ranks higher than ESPN 2) and they called it a sport. So which one is more of a sport, Crossfot or American Ninja Warrior?

  9. It doesn’t matter until its game day. The Giants had a horrible record last year and still won the Super Bowl.

  10. The biggest flaw in ranking athletes on a single weekend of events that didn’t happen simultaneously, is that the sample is just too small. Only 6 workouts in different conditions. North Central on field turf, Canada East on concrete, Northeast in the rain and humidity on grass, etc. I’m sure this affected workouts that either required a lot of ground force, like with all the squats in wod 4 or the snatch ladder. I’m sure it (weather and surface conditions) also affected the longer workouts.

    I would also question whether or not some guys who didn’t qualify should be in this ranking. Perhaps a 6th place in one Region (all things and conditions being equal) would have been a 3rd place in another Region.

    Perhaps most would not consider this, but to me there may be some folks who did not make the Regional through the Open process but would have destrominated the Regionals. A good frined of mine in the Northeast barely made the Regional (54th place) but came in 5th overall. Meanwhile there were other guys who did well in the Open, who shit the bed at the Regional. (Perhaps they were more endurance type athletes or simply fudged their Open numbers.) I wonder how many guys didn’t make it but may have done well in the Regional. Maybe even well enough to rank on this list.

    The ranking is just entertainment at this point.

  11. Check out Derek’s CFT vid from Jan of last year. Apparently I’m listening to the wrong kind of music.

  12. Thank you for clogging the blog with random shit ( besides on rest days which is awesome) and not results again. Bottom line is rankings don’t mean shit unless your going head to head and even then it doesn’t mean shit. Look at Serena Williams this week.

  13. I think the ranking systems are simply food for fodder at this point. Yes, its now called “The Sport of Fitness”, so someone has to win, or just ‘not suck’ as bad as another competitor. Maybe in five years time they’ll have some merit and there will be a standard of consistency to base comparisons. By then, we may have repeat and 3-peat winners.

    On a different note; I was more intrigued by the number of athletes that had to bow-out of the games season due to injury…Salo, Briggs, etc. A number of them mentioned having coaches, so being pretty much a beginner CrossFitter,I wonder, is it a coach issue or athlete issue? ( I am considering that the coach is ‘with’ the athlete, not coaching from afar.) Could those injuries have been prevented or is it just a normal thing of wear and tear for CrossFit athletes in the long run?

  14. That list is bullshit. You think Hoggan will take a 15 second break on pullups when Rich is next to him? Fuck no.

    Game. Blouses.

  15. Snatch up to 80kg, no PR attempt today. Just technique.

    Cindy: 30 rds + 5 Pullups

    … and then i puked!

    • Great job at Regionals Kasper. Was there to watch. Visited the Lab the next day. Awesome place to train!
      Have fun at the games.

  16. Love lists and numbers myself but there are many others factors to take into consideration in these events . Travel times , climate differences asia , Europe, USA ,oz etc all have different heat and humidity to contend with . Bottom line is it will all come down to who has it on the final day same as any sport ( hush my wicked mouth for using the s word ).People will always produce lists and folks will always critique them cos that’s what sports people love to do does that make us obsessive compulsive ?

  17. Had a SWAT PT test this morning so having to skip Cindy. Scored a 100 out of 100 points after following strict Outlaw programming for two months. Not bad for a “strength biased” program.

  18. Snatch – 215 (missed catch of 225 3x)

    “CF Total” – 1000#
    Squat – 395#
    Press -185#
    Deadlift – 420#

    Doing “Cindy” later tonight

  19. Hey guys, any advice on oly shoes for a wide foot? Right now i wear New Balance Minimus for metcons and lifting. Size 11 2E. I cant seem to find anything in a wide size.

  20. only worked up to 185# on the snatch today. My back has been really bothering me for the last week.

    26 rounds + 3 on the cindy, I still had some in the tank after this. The pushups were just getting hard because of muscle failure and the squats just felt slower today than usual because of my back. Still a 6 round PR. Gotta work the chest more for sure.

  21. Snatch
    90Kg, rake of misses at 95Kg and 97.5Kg, none of which I got underneath.

    Murph yesterday, no Cindy today.

  22. Thank you coach for your awesome programming.
    It’s been a long term goal of mine and I accomplished it today.

    Age – 17
    BW – 155#

  23. BBG: 205 Full squat snatch- 20#PR on Squat Snatch, matched my old Power Snatch
    Conditioning: 3 hours of MMA and Jie Jietsu.

  24. Snatch = 215 lbs (5 lbs PR)

    Cindy = 29 rounds + 5 Pullups + 8 pushups, not as efficient today, about 2 rounds less then my PR

  25. Snatch
    FUCKIN awesome day!!! been stuck at 145# for-fuckin-ever (cause I, in the past, have moved like SHIT!!) …. but today what happened,,,, o I got pissed and just lifted the shit.
    hit 150 then 155 then fuckin 160#, failed 165# twice by losing my balance, still felt good at that # tho. Back durin the open, the Snatch ladder, I hit 165# for one rep, but it was a SHIT rep and looked like a monkey tryin to fuck a BB or like I was doin a CP to BB, anyway, today’s 160# was smmooooooottthhhh like fuckin butter! I know I know 160# is still weak shit but I been “hittin the snatch” <—lulz since… well… 12.2. so FUCK YEA!
    160# PR (I don't count the 165 I hit back in 12.2 cause technique was poor)

    25 rounds, PR, last PR was 23 rounds.

  26. 38 years old, 5’7, and 165 lb. Been out for a while nursing a back injury, but feeling pretty good now and making an effort to stick to the programing.


    – CFT: 865 (315, 165, 385)


    – Snatch: Hit 160 clean, but failed @ 165. Been stuck in 160 – 165 range for months.
    – Cindy 21 + 5.
    – Additional: Team WOD (2 people) for Time (20:15)

    100 Box Jumps 24
    100 KB Swings 55
    100 Lunges Front Rack 65
    100 Toes to Bar
    100 Thrusters 65

  27. Thus begins my more intelligent auto regulation.

    Snatch: Worked up to 90kg, just worked technique and speed and got a decently heavy lift in. Didn’t go for volume or max.

    Then did DT with my affiliate. PR’d that.

    20 minutes later did Cindy: 26 rounds PR again.

    Very good last 2 days.

  28. Redid CFT, because I hyped myself up yesterday and wanted to redeem myself. I took my time warming up today, working my way up to a heavy lift, and it payed off:

    BS: 289 New PR
    SP: 139 Matched yesterday’s new PR
    DL: 344 (PR is 360, spent from yesterday, but really looking forward to next time)

    What I did wrong:
    I thought that doing outlaw would give me super-human gaIns, and though I don’t doubt it eventually will, going for a 14# PR on the first attempt after a measly warm-up is a stupid thing to do. Basically, I hyped myself up way too much, went way too heavy on my first attempts, and gassed myself out before I could even complete a rep.

    Also, I was stubborn for redoing the total today, but yesterday was shit, and I needed to do it for my own peace of mind.

  29. Snatch- embarrassing. I am having trouble on the 2nd pull and getting full hip extension before pulling with my arms. This starts at about 165#. Weight lower than that I don’t really have that issue.

    Cindy: 34 +7, its a pretty decent workout for me.

  30. BBG: 140, 145 ffff
    This continues to be a big weakness of mine. Trying to stay positive and just keep learning.

    Conditioning: 27 rounds, 3 pullups. First time doing “Cindy”. Would have liked 30, but felt like I maintained a pretty strong pace throughout.

  31. I’m guessing “Snatch” means Squat Snatch? Which I totally suck at.

    235lb (35lb less than my split snatch)

    23rnd + 7

    12min + is my absolute worst nightmare. I hate all 20min amraps (unless it is heavy and high skill)

  32. i think the idea is brilliant, but many factors are not on considered on that such as the fact that late regions had the chance to create better strategies, and weather and all taht, so at the end is a great idea and gives us a perspective of how the games standins could look like, but yes,, is not 100 % accureate…so is missing one of the 10 skills,,,,btw sorry english is not my firts langueage, ,,,lol,,,!!!

  33. BBG: 205 PR

    Conditioning: Amanda-7:41
    Felt super heavy on the rings today. Snatch felt really easy.


  34. BBG
    Hit 243, felt pretty good and went for 254. Lost it behind me on the first attempt, then threw it behind me on the second attempt. So I went for 259 and missed it twice behind me. Pull felt great today, just couldnt get the cat h under control.

    As for Cindy aka Push Up Contest
    16 rds + 5 Pull ups
    After rd 3 it just became a push up WOD, I absolutely suck at high rep push ups.

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one who sucks at pushups

      Snatch – 195, 5lbs under PR – missed 205, got under it, but left it in front

      13rds + 13 reps

  35. Snatch
    240 (got 245 at Regionals as a power snatch)
    +10 PR for Squat Snatch

    22 + 3 push-ups
    Had to break push ups after rd 10 which sucks.

  36. 1) 215 PR!
    Chased it a lil but it’s a 10lb PR

    Did CFT from yesterday
    330(it’s all I had)
    Time to buy more weight.

    Cindy: 1 roundish
    Wife came home with steaks and beer. Priorities changed.

  37. snatch-230

    cindy – 22+3 (6rds less than pr)

    shitty conditioning this week do to shitty diet and rest. time to dial it back in because i f ing hate losing

  38. This has nothing to do with todays work out. Playing around and got a MU today!!! Got my first one back on Halloween. Did 3. And haven’t been able to since. Thank you Rudy for pushing me to be better!!!!!! I should go do Cindy now while Im happy.

  39. Can’t lift the barbell right now. For some reason an hour after the 30 MU’s this week my back seized. Mobility didn’t help. Guess it was a long time coming because the WOD was fine Wednesday and I PR’d. Chiropractor says I’ve irritated L1 and L2 significantly and to stay away from any extension (thats the position it hurts in) until it’s good to go. He says a week but who knows. With the stiffness and pain I’m in right now a week seems a little soon, athough that would be nice.
    Anyone have any tips? They would be greatly appreciated.

    I just started this programming 3 weeks ago and hit 4 PR’s this week alone. I can’t wait to get back to lifting, that’s where my weakness lies.

    Hit Cindy today. PR by a few reps… 25 rounds plus 3 pushups

    • There are a bazillion things you can do, how much money are you willing to spend is key. If your current chiro doesn’t do ART (active release technique) find one that does and get some of that. I find that coupled with seeing a masseuse, who would preferably have experience working on athletes, helps a great deal when something nasty happens like your injury. Im lucky enough to have friends who’s professions are those stated above so it is fairly cheap for me. Also if $$ is no problem the recomenndation would be get re adjusted by chiro, deep tissue, then back to chiro for ART in maybe a week or twos time.

      • Rick,

        It’s like you read my mind and it’s good to hear that I’m doing the right things. I hit an ART session Friday with my chiro and a massage today. My back is jammed right up. My scoliosis doesn’t help things but that won’t change. Scheduled in for ART in a week and another massage in 2. It feels like it hasn’t made progess but it just happened Wednesday night. I don’t know if I should take the next 3 day cycle completely off or do metcon/skill work and lay off the barbell. I’ll play it by ear. I’d rather rest now and be back sooner than rush it and be off longer.

        Thanks again,

      • What Glissel & EA said is a far better suggestion. I would also recommend adequate rest i.e. time off. I don’t see a reason not to take time off, unless you were being paid or training for competition in this sport or another for money. If your not a professional athlete how will a week. Who was it that said that two athletes all things being equal, the one who recovers best wins, or somethin crazy like that. The idea is you may just need to let that shit recover. I took a week off after my knee had some slight pain the next morning from lifting, came back and PR’d my Snatch by 10#s. Hope this all helps.

    • I jacked my L4/L5 and L5/S1 … worst pain ever earlier this year. ART technique my chiro used didn’t help much. Thanks to Talayna’s suggestion ….If rest doesn’t work, look up McKenzie Institute and find a certified McKenzie Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer that can work with you.

      • +1 on Glissel’s recommendation. I saw someone who used Mackenzie techniques on me with great success. I had a painful shoulder problem for months- and had been treated by a reputable chiro (one who works wih the Bears, etc) who thought I may have structural damage. I went the Mackenzie guy and was given some neck exercises which seemed hokey but led to immediate relief. No shoulder issues since (knock on wood and thank God).

        The more I prioritize mobility and stretching every single day, not just when something flares up, the healthier I feel.

  40. Had a comp today, but my wife PR clean after 2 weeks on Outlaw by 8lb and myself by 20lb after 1 month.

    Bayou City CrossFit Team Event

    1) For time
    100m shuttle 
    75m run + 15 KBS @70/53 (2 members each)
    50m run + 15 thruster @115/75 (2 members)
    20 burpees (sync as team)
    100m shuttle 

    2) 10min Max effort Clean

    3) 15 min AMRAP
    1 member holds DL @225/155
    30 pullups
    30 1 arm DB press @55/40
    30 T2B
    30 BJ @20

    5 of 25 teams. Poor WOD 1

    1) 14:30
    2) Kim-160(8lb PR)
        Meg-165(PR, 20lb lighter)
        John-245(20lb PR from 1 month on Outlaw)
    3) 4+70 reps. Highly efficient as team shifting between stations and not letting the bar drop 

  41. 14 rounds even….Push Ups….what LGA said.
    PR’d Snatch at 210 yesterday at the firehall……

  42. BBG : up to 175 No pr focused on form with lighter weight after that

    Cindy : 28 + 1 pull up. PR by over 5 rds

  43. Snatch – hit 215, miss 220, miss 230
    Was having too much fun attempting double & triple PRs during the 20 mins ; )

    Cindy – 30+7 , this was a PR by over 3 rounds, haven’t done Cindy for about a year.
    Focused on perfect standards, I actually had a fucking blast doin it this WOD today.

    Rest 3 hours

    Hit another AMRAP w/ 115 power snatches, MUs & GHD sit ups.
    Really working on high rep, lightweight barbell shit.
    Thank you Coach.

  44. Snatch: 120 (5# under PR)
    Cindy: Just did this one 2 weeks ago doing kipping pull-ups 20 rounds + 10 air squats
    Today got 19 rounds + 5 push-ups doing butterflies only

    I’ve been working on my butterflies for awhile. I’m still better at regular kipping, but know I need to have butterflies in the arsenal. No more kipping until I have them down. Oh, and push-ups suck as always.

  45. bbg 145 5 off from PR, missed 155×2 getting it overhead but flinchy when I take the weight.

    cindy 16 rounds 18 reps off from PR

  46. Got back into the game the end of this week after a much needed post regional physical and mental break. Actually did Cindy Thursday with my gym, but wanted to get back into posting.

    Cindy: 23 + 6 push ups – PR by about a round and a half

  47. BBG: 1 RM Snatch – 180lbs (5lb PR)

    Conditioning: “Cindy” 28 rounds + 17 reps
    (PR by 2 rounds + 5 reps)

    Couldn’t upload the video today. Apologies Coach.

  48. Snatch: yesterday I worked up to 2 x 1 rep @ 65 kg (143 lbs), so did light power snatch 2 x 2 reps @ 50 kg (110 lbs) today.

    Cindy: 15 rounds (first time doing butterfly pull-ups)

  49. CFT total
    Back squat 295#
    Shoulder press 175#
    Deadlift 410#

    24rounds+5 pull ups+10 push ups+1 squat

  50. Worked up to 150, with good form so I was pretty happy. Not very heavy to you guys but it’s good for me and I felt awesome today. Not a PR but that’s ok.

    21 rounds + 5 pull ups, and 4 push ups

  51. First outlaw workout ever so I’m not even close to being half as good as everyone else but we all have to start somewhere, right? 155# snatch PR, 19 +5+3 on Cindy.. At least I have something to work towards!

  52. Thought I was going to get a 5# PR on snatch, just couldn’t stick the landing. Missed 150 3 times

    Cindy sucked donkey dick today
    17 rounds + 10 reps

  53. Snatch – worked up to 145 then done.

    Cindy – 20+5. Not a pr and felt like crap. Bad couple weeks of nutrition and lots of beer. Back on it Monday.

  54. Knee / hamstring not feeling great so had a leg-free day. Skipped BB gymnastics and did “sit up Cindy” — 5 pull ups, 10 HR pushups, 15 abmat sit ups.

    17 rounds + 5 pull ups and 10 pushups.

    Sit ups really slowed things down after round 5. Feel like I would have been safely 20+ rounds on normal Cindy. Can’t wait for this knee issue to clear up.

  55. BB gymnastics
    1RM Snatch – 175 (10# off PR, failed 185×2 and 190×4)
    -having real issues with snatch lately, might have to post a video and get some criticism

    – 26rds + 19 reps

    M/F/S – 2/4/1

  56. A few questions im struggling with being in the bottom in the snatch or should i say catching it low. Also same on cleans i struggle getting under the bar. I was wondering the benefit of adding in ohs once a week to build confidence and some strength in the bottom position. i started adding FS with the pause at the bottom for my cleans just seems to help me mentally. Also on technique for the snatch. i started watching Jon North teach his superman pull and hit and catch tecnique this is seems to be a bit diff from what coach burg. teaches. Any thoughts on either way and whats seems best is appreciated.

  57. Snatch, 215#
    Got under 225 3 times and couldn’t settle it.

    10′ AMRAP of Cindy: 12 rounds + 7 push ups

  58. Snatch 75kg (down 5kg from last week although that was an all time PR)

    Cindy – 18 rounds + 5

  59. Hang snatch – 77.5kg (PR). Stoked

    Cindy – 17 rounds + 5 pullups + 2 pushups. (2 round + 7 rep PR)

  60. snatch 54.5kg (120#) – 2kg PR up from a 0.5kg PR 2 weeks ago, both the first PRs in about a year so im happy!

    cindy – 20 + 6

  61. BBG
    1. 1RM Snatch 185 no PR still have a stomach bug.
    1. Cindy 20rnds + 1 squat

  62. Snatch 1RM: 185# (never done a full snatch before in my life)

    Cindy: 14 Rounds (more like 20 minutes of pushups)

  63. Snatch 140# up 25# since kennesaw outlaw camp!

    Short on time so did our gyms wod.

  64. Snatch: 145#

    Cindy: 14rds +5 Pullups +10 Push-ups

    4/7/2 -Allergies are kicking my ass this week

  65. BB Gym:
    Snatch, up to 135#, tied PR

    “Cindy” for 15 minutes
    12 rounds + 7 reps = 367 reps, new PR

  66. Sn worked to 185 & missed
    Then 155 175 185 195(f) 200 205(fx3)

    18 + 5 pullups


  67. M/F/S – 4/4/3 (Pissy mood)

    Snatch – Really nice 165# (175Fx3, I suck at snatches, looking for major improvement)

    Cindy – 16 rounds (only gave it 85% effort, 30 UB cock punch buy out)

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