These are coming—very, very soon. This is the mock-up color only. They will be available in black or red, and should be up on THE OUTLAW STORE by the end of next week. Yes, there will be women’s sizes, and yes we are working on a women’s exclusive design (as well as some incredibly short women’s shorts—that’s what you guys want, right?).

Highest male and female Total posted to the site ON VIDEO will win a free t-shirt (yes Derek and Willie, you can compete, but no sumo).

WOD 120601:

“CrossFit Total”

1RM Back Squat
1RM Shoulder Press
1RM Deadlift

Notes: Take 3 attempts on each lift. The lifts must be completed in the order they are written (3 BS, 3 SP, 3 DL). Take as long as you’d like to warm up and rest as long as you’d like.

200 thoughts on “120601

    • This one isn’t about collection for me Large Gentlemen, it’s to have numbers to base the next cycle off of for you guys. You and D. Rob should go together, then you’ll know who you have to beat.

      • Yeah I definitely won’t be a contender on this. I don’t press or squat even close to enough. But we will see if I can break into the 400 club on squats or 200 club on press(highly doubtful)

  1. I think this one has Lauren Brooks written all over it, but she’s going to sumo your A$$ if you don’t actually send her a shirt this time… right LB?

    • Ugh YAH! I think I would have a small Outlaw wardrobe if Rudy actually sent them out!! 😉

  2. Cool shirt but I think Nike might have a problem with this being sold.

  3. no vid due to no upload abilities, squat 405, no SP (normally 215) no DL (normal 455ish). elbow connected with my knee in a clean catch, was focused on moving the weight instead on placement. hell yeah legs and abs for 2 weeks

  4. I know on the Shoulder Press that your not supposed to use your legs, but what is acceptable and not on a good rep? Do your knees have to be absolutely locked out? Because when I get heavy, I have trouble not bending my knees on the start.

  5. Noob, following outlaw for two months in Northern Wisconsin. I broke my collarbone in january, which took a long time to heal. Today I pr’d in all 3 lifts. 275bs,145sp,365dl =785 cf total. Thanks for everything Rudy!

  6. i have been following Outlaw for 108 days, attended the London training camp and have smashed all my PR’s since.

    Today I pulled a very fast, easy 200kg deadlift, which was my old PR and a very easy 180kg back squat, both lifts had lost more in the tank!

    Thanks coach please run another UK training camp soon!!

  7. Body Weight – 166

    Squat – 435 (missed 450)
    Press – 175 (missed 185)
    Dead – 490 (missed 505)

    Total – 1100 (6.63x BW)

    Matched all current PRs except dead which was 15# PR

  8. “CrossFit Total”

    BS – 325# PR since I had my knee injury in November 2010, last 1RM we did I hit 285#
    SP – 175# also PR, attempted 180# twice and failed both
    DL – 400# P-FUCKING-R, last PR was 345#

    FUCK YEA! 900# Total.

  9. New to Outlaw – since it’s a free site, I figured I would do my part to at least contribute data.

    My background…… garage crossfitter, fortunate enough to participate in SC Regional – very humbled by the experience, and hungry to do better.

    Need significant work on Oly lifts and longer duration WODs/Conditioning.

    Counting on Outlaw for serious improvement – or I want my $ back.

    CFT – 1,070 (390,195,485)

    • I met Jeremy about 7-8 years ago when I lived in TX, and he is extremely humble. Like he said, he’s a garage Crossfitter. Never had any formal CF training and has learned everything from video. He mentioned that he qualified for Regionals, but he left out that he finished in 15th place. Pretty impressive in my opinion – especially for someone who has learned all of this on his own. 🙂

      • Thanks Ashley, you’re the reason I’m doing Outlaw.

        If I was really that humble I would upload my last DL video – looked like a cat arching his back.

  10. been reading site for awhile now. time to start doing it.
    49 yo 120# Crossfit for year and a half
    BS: 185
    SP: 85
    DL: 235
    Total: 505

  11. Done in kilos, converted for your convienience:

    BW: 176lbs

    S: 440.9
    P: 198.4
    D: 473.9

    Tot: 1113lbs (ish)

    PBs on Squat and Press, deads weren’t moving today.

    I’m going to go eat everything now.

  12. BS 325
    SP 125
    DL 375

    Total 825

    Poor showing. I have no excuses. I was not strong today.

  13. I was out of commission for a few days so I’m just now working on the 3 position snatch. I’m having problems dropping underneath with full lockout in my arms. Any tips or cues?

  14. Horrible day, pinched nerve in my lower back/hip area. But I did this shit anyway! 215 BS, 135 SP, 325 DL, Failed at 345. Previous DL PR from 6-8 months ago was 365. Only my 3rd week of Outlaw and I already know my numbers are up from when I started. The last time I DL’ed before Outlaw I was only able to get about 305 1rep! I am also a skinny bitch, but working on getting some strength.

  15. BS 285# 15# PR, hit proper depth on this one
    DL 360# 40# PR, hadn’t maxed since I finished a DL program two weeks ago
    SP 145# 5# PR
    795 total, time to get to work!

  16. While you’re stealing images, how about a Led Zeppelin Angel or, as Jon North might call it, “The Arched Angel” with a bar overhead?

  17. BW-176

    Squat- 370
    Press- 175
    DL- 425

    970 total- I’ll crack 1000 next time this comes around

  18. I’ve had better….



    My back squat was a tie for my best lift, but my Press was off 20# and my DL was off 40#. Damn you vacation!

  19. BS-1: 295 SP-1: 225 DL-1: 405
    BS-2: 315 SP-2: 230 DL-2: 410
    BS-3: 335 SP-3: 235 FAIL DL-3: 415

    As RX since Drywall loves it when we do it RX.

  20. Cant do it today as I have a competition this weekend, but last time was below at BW of 90kg

    BS 405
    SP 242
    DL 550

    1197, if no one beats me I will have to grab the video camera and film it monday, pretty sure Willie is going to beat me on BS and DL, but I got him on SP

  21. These SP numbers are freakin high … everybody really is following correct form and not using any legs or shrug starts at all? because if so i must just have some real weird lack of press strength…yet I can do HSPUs all day. which i don’t doubt, but i’m just putting it out there

    • It’s a strict press, you only use your arms. No legs. How’s is it that hard to understand?

    • My press has always been strong before outlaw. Not a knock on Outlaw I don’t doubt it will increase everything but HEAVY weighted dips and close grip incline press seem to have the best carry over and they are the ONLY thing I add to the workload here. I shoulder press very rarely.

    • Do you kip? If not, do you weigh more than you SP? When I see my numbers, I think I am weak but I never really think other people are making up their numbers. If they are, who cares? Seems rather bold of you to make that assertion but I guess the crossfit community is bold.

      • Not hard to understand and certainly not accusing anyone of making up numbers. Just double checking that all these numbers are serious strict shoulder presses. I’m impressed – in a good way! And inspired.

        We are a bold breed, esp on this site. I believe I just have a weakness at the very bottom of the ROM for presses, same deal with bench but I wouldn’t think my press would be so much less than my bench. Whatever, I’m rambling. Enjoy your weekends

  22. Brand new from OK. I have only been doing CF from the mainsite at my home gym. Much better than the local stuff, louder and more productive. Love the core of Oly. lifts, though they are new to me, and powerlifting movements. I wanted to contribute and learn as much as I can. I have a long way to go, but I have lost 40 lbs since Jan. 1, and getting stronger everyday. My lifts will go up the next time the total comes around.

    BW: 240 ish

    BS: 385, missed 405
    SP: 185, missed 195
    DL: 345, missed 365 (not sure what was wrong here today, but it has been a while for a heavy DL. Grip sucked, and I need chalk.)

    915 Total

  23. Anyone have any tricks for recovering from a patella injury perhaps warm ups or treatments to help pre or post squats? I stress fractured my patella and want to get back into squatting without re-injuring it.

  24. I’m very much ready to get over this wall I’ve seem to hit the past couple of weeks.

    Back Squat – 265 (tied RP)
    Press – 105 (tied PR)
    DL – 280 (5# under 2 rep max)
    Total – 650

    Video of me failing my back squat at 270.

    MFS – 4/2/2

  25. How should we get the video to the site? Upload to youtube and send the link?

  26. 635 (Squat 205, Press 120, Dead 310)
    Been cross fitting for 7 months and just starting to get my lift numbers up.

  27. Super Noob here first Post started following LAST WEEK.

    Back Squat 245
    Shoulder Press 135
    Deadlift 305

    came back from an injury and being off for 4 months, I started back up mid April, these numbers are actually close to my old numbers, Im stoked to be following this programing.

  28. CF Total

    Back Squat= 160kg
    Press= 67.5kg
    Deadlift= 190kg

    M=2 F=6 S=3

  29. Squat-285 (below PR by 5)
    SP- 110 (ties PR)
    Dead- 355 (below PR by 5)

    Total 750 (6x BW) You win, Tony Effing Mayo!

  30. I had no plans of doing this when I woke up. Unknown and unknowable…blah blah blah. I reached out to Rudy because I love what you guys are doing and love the training principals he has laid out for you guys. (except you guys are monsters on Oly and I suck donkey balls). So here is my entry into the hat.

    505lb Squat
    230lb Press
    605lb DL

    1,340lb Total.

    No PR’s, to much Ninja training in the last year. Time to move weight.

    • Ninja training has made you weaksauce, are you lighter than me yet?

      Nice lifts though, I think you’re still stronger than 99.9% of all crossfitters.

    • Then I did 30 rounds of 30:30 Row.
      Minimum 150m per round or 7 burpee penalty.

      First Round 165m
      Lowest Round 154m
      Last Round 171m

  31. Crossfit Total: Old total=830, New total=885.

    315 Backsquat (10lb PR)
    395 Deadlift (10lb PR)
    175 Strict Press (old PR-stayed)

  32. I started following The Outlaw Way programming a few months before the Open, but I could not maintain it with my schedule. Now’s as good a time as any to get back to it.

    I did the CF Total about 10 days ago, and the results are as follows:

    BS: 565# (PR)
    SP: 235# (tied PR)
    DL: 605#

    Total: 1405#

  33. bs- 470 pr….had more in me but did not expect 470 to be that easy
    sp- 205 f’ing hate sp
    dl-510 pr


  34. Sq 330, missed 350
    Pr 175, missed 185
    DL 455, missed 475

    All well below my PR’s, I need to get my shit together.

  35. BW–157lbs.

    BS: 375lb
    SP: 165lb
    DL: 385lb

    Pretty disappointed to fall under 400 on the DL, but feel pretty good about it other than that. Didn’t expect 375 to feel so light on the squat, so that was good.

  36. Back Squat 393 failed at 404 twice
    Strict Press 155 I am terrible at these. Going to start working on these again. Big time weakness.
    Deadlift 427 Felt hard, but got it up. First time in a long time I have gone that heavy without tweaking my lower back.

  37. I’d like to propose the Outlaw total, a simple equation to accurately compare CrossFit athletes and preparedness…

    [1/2(CrossFit Total) + (Snatch + CleanandJerk + ME Unbroken Muscle Upsx10)]

    For example, the following totals of:

    1000# CrossFit Total
    230# Snatch
    275# Clean and Jerk
    10 Unbroken Muscle Ups

    would yield a score of 1105.

    CrossFit Total measures strength, Oly lifts measure power, and Muscle Ups gymnastics proficiency and strength endurance. I’d argue that these factors alone could accurately determine an athlete’s ability to effectively compete, as aerobic capacity is probably the easiest piece to develop. Thoughts? Changes? Don’t give a shit?

    • I like the idea, but there is one weakness. Someone with very good gymnastic ability could really pad their score with the MUs. Or maybe not.

      Again, I like it.

  38. Haven’t squatted seriously since last Sept. Only back last two weeks and nursing a stupid knee. But:
    Squat – 140Kg/150Kg (comic fail over the head)/150Kg (Regular Fail)
    Press – 65Kg/70Kg(Fail)/70Kg
    Dead – 160Kg(Old PR)/180Kg (New PR)/185Kg(Fail)

  39. BS: 250 – 10# under PR from March. Need to get back to squatting more!
    SP: 100 – 5# PR
    DL: 285 – 10# PR

    Total: 635

  40. No total for me today…… not maxing a dead unless I am in competition and it’s worth it.

    BB Gymnastics

    Power Clean & Push Jerk

    275 – felt shitty today….clean was too hard and jerk was pressed out.

    EMOM 245 x 2

    Got through 3 minutes and just wasn’t feeling it. No pop today.


    Front Squat, doubles (2-3 min rest) not 1 & 1/4 squats

    275 x 2
    305 x 2
    325 x 2
    345 x 2

    Front Squat PR was 325 x 1 from last summer

    Strict HSPU + max kipping (switch when strict slows down) – 2 min rest
    27 + 6
    15 + 8
    12 + 8


    Front Squat 95#



  41. Bw@ 160
    Bs: 385
    Sp: 155
    DL: 405

    Total : 945
    Pretty happy with that. No pr on dead or squat. Want 1000 before I turn 18

  42. Conditioning:
    25 HSPU
    50 V-up
    75 DB PP @40
    100 DU


    1)315…135×5-225×3-285-305-320(F, put in my head how heavy this was for me)-315(almost to a stop but kept tight core and drove)

    1) 6:34. Dropped DB 1x, rested in hang 2x

  43. BS: 275
    SP: 145
    DL: 335


    Thought I had 305 BS but on further review didnt have full ROM.

  44. I have been following the Outlaw programming for 3 months now and really enjoy it. I broke my tibia and fibula which put me out of commission for a long time caused some sever muscular atrophy, none the less, today I set new PR’s and I am excited to continue with the programming.

    BS (300)
    SP (175)
    DL (365)

  45. Crossfit Total
    Squat: 415# 10lb PR
    Shoulder Press: 170#
    Deadlift: 425#

    Total: 1010

  46. Would love for you guys to critique the shit out of this! I hit a few PRs and I’m using a crappy camera on my Droid 2 – But would love any advice I could get. My strict press SUUUCCCKKKSSS, but I hit PR’s on Back Squat and Deadlift. I get this feeling that my back squat should be stronger, but I also don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, with the exception that I haven’t a clue between the differences between High-bar and Low-bar

    WOD 120601:

    “CrossFit Total”

    1RM Back Squat – 185#, 225#, 245#
    1RM Shoulder Press – 115#, 125#, 130# (F)
    1RM Deadlift – 275#, 325#, 345#

    Total Score – 715#


    1/1/1 – felt damn good =D

    • I did the MFS wrong – ignore that, need to read up on it more. Also, the annotations in the video list the weights I’m lifting at the time (for those that turn annotations off)

    • song choice f-ing rules. pendulum and in flames ftw.

      anyway, you and i have fairly similar numbers and we’re fairly similar sizes.

      BS- 325
      SP – 125
      DL – 375

      BW 168, 5’11”

      anyway, i think what i’m going to start doing is more assistance work in terms of adding in the following routinely after I finish the regular workout stuff.

      -close grip incline bench
      -weighted dips
      -stiff legged deadlifts
      -more deadlifts in general
      -back extensions and good mornings

  47. Thank you coach.
    Age – 17
    BW – 155#

    Back Squat 1RM – 370#
    Strict Press 1RM – 170#
    Deadlift 1RM – 425# (Felt like I had 5-10 more pounds in me but that’s all the weight we have in the garage)

    Total 965# (135# increase overall since last years total)

  48. did crossfit football total instead to prep for #occupystrength in two weeks
    power clean-285f, 285, 300f
    squat-385, 395, 410f
    bench-255, 265, 275
    deadlift-475, 495f, 495f

    total 1430

  49. Back Squat 240# (5#PR)
    Shoulder Press 100#
    Deadlift 265# (25#PR)
    Total 605

  50. 600# @ Bodyweight 135 (140# PR–of course it was more than a year ago that I’ve done this)

    Back Squat: 240 (tie pr)
    Shoulder Press: 85 (20# PR)
    Deadlift: 275 (25# below PR–but the 275 was perfect form. When I tried 285, my back started to break form and I stopped. Didn’t want to go for broke when I’m retraining my deadlift and have an onset of spasms to deal with all next week. It’s just not worth it during training.)

    MFS: 1/2/2

  51. Back Squat: 175kg PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shoulder Press: 80kg PR!
    Deadlift: 200kg PR match

    Total: 455kg = 1003lbs. FINALLY JOINED THE CLUB!

  52. squat= 415 pr
    press= 175
    DL= 475- Had more but didnt want to jack my shit up
    total= 1065

    3rd day on so little tired… Happy with my numbers given the lack of training these past couple months.

  53. Been following religiously since the end of the open, and I totally sucked today. Utterly upsetting. Failed on all three attempts on back squat, 299, 294, 284, then failed on a fourth attempt in order to get a rep in at 274 (PR is 285). Hit a 4 pound PR on press at 139. Then, I missed 369, 364 and 344 on DL, with a PR of 360. Hit 324 just so that I could say I got a rep. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Feeling really shitty about my total, but I’m gonna stick with the program, because I want to be strong like a gorilla, and I still think this is my ticket.

  54. Been following since last week (super noob) got back into CF in April after 4 months of time off from injury.

    Back squat 235
    Shoulder press 145
    Deadlift 305

  55. squat 215 20# pr
    shoulder press 125 5lb PR
    deadlift 375 20# pr

    first time with more than 200 on the back squat

    body weight 175

  56. Back Squat – 375, 390, 405(20# PR) first time I’ve hit that since I was at tech(6yrs ago) and squatted 4 days a week.
    Press – 175, 185, 190(fail-lifetime PR)I absolutely suck at strict press, good thing I can get under the bar fast.
    Deadlift – 475, 505(fail-lifetime PR), 495(fail) 475 went up easy and it just went to shit from there.
    Total – 1065 Was expecting 1100 but oh well.

    Guess your programming isn’t so awesome after all Rudy…BAHAHAHAHA!!! Fuck that, I’ve never felt stronger or as good as I do now, after doing outlaw since October. If you think just because your total didn’t go through the roof from following outlaw that Rudy doesn’t know his shit and it doesn’t work, then YOU ARE A RE-TARD.

    • You must have scored a negatives on your fuckin’ SATs. Your reading comprehension is shit. I don’t put the blame on anyone but myself for a bad day and I’m thankful for the programming.

      “STFU AND JUST POST” (Noel, below)
      Didn’t notice the numbers, ASSHOLE?!

      I can tell you losers are really protective of your sacred comments board, but do me a favor, please, and stop posting like a couple of lap dogs.

      • First off I hadn’t even read your post before I posted mine. My comment is not about you, if it was i would have posted it as a reply to yours and blatantly called you out. So calm your ass down.

        My comment stemmed from the forum that someone posted on the blog the other day. It was for all the noobs that jump from program to program and say none of them work bc they don’t see huge gains, when more than likely the problem is them.

      • Sorry. I’m a dick. Please accept my humble apology. I’m a sensitive bitch.

  57. Crossfit Total:

    Back Squat 500, 530, 585(fail)
    Shoulder Press 200, 220, 230(fail)
    Deadlift 565, 615, 640 (fail).

    For a Grand Total of 1365 no PR’s but good day of lifting

    Video will be up in a few…..

  58. Back Squat: 258 (2# under PR )
    Press: 112 (7# PR!)
    Deadlift: 330 (15# PR!)

  59. No squats due to knee, subbed weighted pull ups
    PU-95(5#pr), 100(f), 100(f)
    Press-145, 150(f), 150(f)
    DL- 425(tied current pr), 435(f), 435(f)

  60. Back Squat 335lbs
    Press 145lbs
    Deadlift 425lbs

    905lbs Total

    Nothing too impressive but I PR’d all 3 movements since breaking my back. I’ll take it!

  61. ok so i just have to say…I dont think i have ever been happier ever in my life! i pr’d on all three lifts!
    Backsquat = 263# (old pr was 228#)
    Press = 128# (old pr was 121#)
    Deadlift = 373# (old pr was 321#)
    Total = 764#

    I do not know how to post videos to this comments so i emailed them to Rudy. I will keep trying to figure it out.

  62. BS – 275 – 15 lb PR
    Press – 150 – 15 lb PR
    DL – 325 – 10 lbs short of PR.

    DL feels like its decreased lately.

  63. Note – I had 2 rest days before this due to feeling terrible all week..
    (Not that it helped much due to restless 3 month old all night)

    Back Squat – 180kg (12.5kg un PR)
    Press – 87.5kg (Equals PR)
    Deadlift – 210kg (7.5 kg un PR)

    Total – 477.5kg (2.5kg un PR)

    Good enough based on how I feel today.

  64. Well, I’ve officially ended my (fantastic, I must say) relationship with John Welbourn and CF Football, and am moving on to Outlaw. I did a CF + CFFB Total today. The numbers in parenthesis are maxes prior to starting CFFB on Jan 16th:

    Power Clean: 280 (220)
    Squat: 370 (280)
    Bench: 260 (210)
    Deadlift: 425 (380) (pissed off cuz I hit a wall…I pulled 410 for a 5RM two weeks ago…)
    Press: 175 (145ish)

    CF Total: 970
    CFFB Total: 1,335

  65. Back Squat – 251 (31 lb PR)
    Press – 108 – first time trying 1RM
    Dead lift -265 – (40 lb PR)
    Total – 624

    Traded my marathon running addiction for Outlaw 2 months ago and haven’t looked back!

  66. Just discovered Outlaw and just started doing Crossfit with aspirations of making the Games.

    Back Squat-365
    Press-155…needs a lot of work, recovering from shoulder injury
    Deadlift -515

  67. Squat- 350, 365 (got to parallel but the knees came in real bad so I stopped there)
    Shoulder Press- 165, 185 fail, 175 got it
    Deadlift- 455 (easy), 500 fail, 490 fail. Should have gone to 475 but I’m an idiot.
    995 total

  68. 1190# total
    435 back squat 30# p.r.

    235 Press, definitely have more in the tank on this one but it was my 3rd attempt

    520 deadlift, failed 545, back just got tired

  69. Back Squat: 380
    Overhead Press: 135 (I’m a pussy)
    Deadlift: 385
    Total: 895, no pr’s today

  70. BS – 221# (7# under pr)
    Press – 89# (2# pr)
    DL – 300# (15# pr)
    Total – 610

  71. squat-350 (15lb pr)
    press-145 (match pr)
    Deadlift-370 (5lb pr)



  72. BS-400
    Started following outlaw programming about two months ago after being frustrated with the lack of progress I was seeing from main site and CFFB. Since I started, my squat has went up 35lbs, press went up 5lbs, and deadlift went up 10lbs. Aside from doing “Murph” instead of “DT” for Memorial Day, I’ve been sticking to outlaw programming as much as my body will allow (slow recovery in my old age). I’m pretty excited about these PR’s since I was stuck at 365 on BS for a year, 175 on press for a year, and 475 on DL for over a year. Needless to say, I’m very grateful for your awesome programming!!!

  73. Still having bad sessions. Doctor thinks I may be hypoglycemic or something. I’ve been sick for the past week or so. With that said…

    BS – 330 (just did 325 for 3 sets of 5 not even 2 weeks ago)
    SP – 175 – PR
    DL – 425 – matched current PR

    930 – I think thats a PR so I’ll stop complaining.

  74. BS–210# (old was 200#)
    SP–83# (old was 77#)
    DL–305# (old was 300#)
    Total = 597# at 129 BW today
    Yea PRs!!

  75. Started Crossfit 7 months ago. Started following Outlaw 7 months ago.
    BS 305
    SP 135
    DL 305

  76. 475 squat (pr)
    230 press
    515 dead
    1220 total

    Didn’t wear a belt and paid the price. Tore something in my back on attempt 2 dead going for 550, my best is 575. PT says my cns was overloaded and shut down. I’m on the 15 day dl and could start light workouts in 2 weeks. 🙁 I still pr’d my total by 75#. I’ll wear a belt next time. I snatch balanced 275 on tues for a 50# pr, I’ve seen hug improvements in 4 weeks of following your program, thank you.

  77. In November when I started outlaw my squat was 285, after hatch it was 350 and today I hit 380. Shoulder press hasn’t moved 165. And finally my DL 435 20 lbs less then my sumo but 30 lbs heavier then my previous normal DL.

  78. Haven’t touched a bar in a week thanks to this awful cold AND stomach bug.

    Squat:200#. Tie pr. (f205, just dumped forward, think I could’ve gotten if tried again)

    Press:90# pr. Not sure how much. (f95, haven’t tested this in along time so expected pr, but was hoping for a little more.)

    Deadlift:310#. 10# pr. Had more too. Yay!

    600# total.

  79. BS-430#, 10# PR
    SP-185#, 15# below PR, shoulders not feeling that great
    DL-460#, failed 470#, 10#PR

  80. Body weight: 168
    BS: 405
    All lifts match my current pr’s so no advancement on weight but at least I’m maintaining.

  81. Back squat 112 kg
    Shoulder press 47 kg
    Deadlift 120 kg

    New to the Outlaw way and happy to be onboard.

    Sarah, Denmark

  82. Warmed up by snatching up to 95% (95kg) and felt good about it

    Back squat
    180, 190F 187kg PB (412.3lbs)
    70, 80F, 75kg (165.3lbs)
    200, 215, 230kg PB (507.1lbs)

    Total = 492kg = 1084.7lbs

    Then a whole bunch of stupid stuff like 5 minutes of 5 max sets of 5 reps of Grace with a partner, then 15 minutes of Cindy rounds traded off with a partner, then 10 x 100m sprints with a partner. And later on worked up to 120kg jerk then some fun involved a rowing machine, a skipping rope, a climbing wall and a partner!

  83. Quick question on following the Outlaw way:
    I can regularly train 4 times a week (Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri). The Outlaw prog is five days a week. Would you suggest that I just skip the Saturday programming or roll the missed day onto the next week so as not to miss out on any programmed training?

    There will be the odd Saturday that I can train on but the above is the normal situation.

    Cheers for your help

  84. CFT
    Squat 345 (25# short of PB)
    Press 140 (10# short)
    DeadLift 365 (70# shy)
    Felt the knot in my left glute/hammie about to twang when attempting 405 for the DL and stopped. Frustrating to be at 85-90% of best condition, but know I’ll surpass old me soon.

  85. Squat – 235 10#pr
    Press – 135 10#pr
    Dead – 275 (old pr 335 sept./2011-think I need to DL heavy more often)

    Total – 645


  86. Just got back from vacation and a 6 hour flight. Just trying to catch up on testing.
    BS- 245 lbs (PR match)
    SP- 135 lbs (PR match)
    DL- 330 lbs (30 lbs PR)
    Total- 710 lbs
    Pretty happy with this considering the previous week of less than optimal food and rest, the 3-4 hours of sleep last night and pretending to be a sardine for 6 hours on a plane this morning.

  87. Just got back from vacation also.

    BS: 235#
    SP: 95# 🙁
    DL: 305#

    Total: 635#.
    Female. 145# bw.

  88. I think I have the honor of being the most weak-ass Outlaw! Honestly, are there any guys as low as I am?

    BS: 285#
    SP: 105#
    DL: 335#

    Total: 725# @ 185 BW

  89. BS 365 (15# PR)
    PRESS 135 (20# UN PR)
    DL 405 (30# UN PR)

    6’2″ 192
    long ass arms (weak press excuse)

    Hit 405 on dl easy, hit 435 a month or two ago and though i’d skip it and jump to 455, got it to mid shin and couldn’t finish…tried again and failed again. Wasn’t strong today I guess.

  90. BS 325, 340 (f), 335 (f)
    *got down into the bottom and felt great, tried to push the floor away and got stuck. I did not feel the weight was too heavy, I just could not push the freaking thing up.

    Press 155, 170, 185, 190 (f)
    * I have been stuck in the 170-175# range for a while now. I was thrilled when 170 went up easy. My pr is 190 but I have not been able to hit near it for a while now.

    DL 405, 410, 420(f)

    Total = 920

    I did the CFFB total right before starting outlaw and my BS = 342.5 and my DL was 425
    I am trying to learn and use the LBBS and I think that when I get into the bottom of the squat I move my torso to the HBBS position or close to it and then I lose the posterior-chain. I need to practice the form for this more.

  91. 930
    bs 345
    pr 150 (5# pr)
    dl 435

    first time not PR total in 3 years of crossfit. hip and knee was still bothering me so didn’t max the BS. Dl has been hovering in the 440 range for a year now…shooting for 500 by year end.

  92. CFT:755 I did this after a 4 hour car ride and my hips were so tight they felt like they were going to rip apart, even after a long warm up. I’m a pussy


  93. Pretty shit CFT for me:
    back squat 440# ( 5#pr)
    Sp – 195- (20# un-PR, wtf?)
    deadlift – 400. I am injured a bit in the hip/low back on one side in such a way that only heavy deads hurt it. Frustrating. I have pulled 505 before.

    total: 1075

  94. BS- 385 x2 (3 weighted vest, 3 chains, 2 100lb plates with weight belt) Do this as I get less spinal compression and still move the weight. Could have done more but could not figure out how to pile more weight on.

    SP- 205 no fail stopped there. (probably could have done more)

    Deadlift- 408 (went up easy but felt a little weak)

    455- fail 2x not sure why but could not man up. New to Outlaw think I am not use to the volume yet. Any one notice a slight dip in numbers in the beginning not being use to the volume?

  95. First time to post. Been following/lurking since March 13.

    Back Squat = 205 / 230f / 215 (225 previous PR)
    Shoulder Press = 95 / 115f / 105f (105 previous PR)
    Deadlift = 275 / 285 / 300 (275 previous PR)
    TOTAL = 610

    Wife had baby 4 days ago so I was working on little sleep and lack of any physical activity since last Monday. Expected drop in Squat and Press due to exhaustion. Very happy with Deadlift as this improvement came after following The Outlaw Way for the past couple months. Probably could get 10-20# more if not tired.

  96. MFS – 2/2/2

    CFT – 935

    Back Squat – 355#
    Shoulder Press – 155# (weak, needs major improvement)
    Deadlift – 425#

  97. Back Squat: 335-355(fail)-355(fail)
    Press: 175-185(fail)-185(fail)
    Deadlift: 405-425(fail)-415(fail)

    MFS: 6-3-2

    Excuses for drywall: I didn’t hit any PRs because I’ve lost 26lbs in the last 6 weeks.

  98. CFT
    BS- 1attempt @ 205lb
    Press- 135lb
    DL- 315lb

    BS and DL are under my max could not do more today my lower back injury resurfaced and it felt tight so I stoped

  99. I made this one up on Thursday the 7th since unable to do on day posted.
    BS 240 (30# PR)
    Press 95 (matched PR)
    Deadlift 310 (35# PR)
    Total = 645!!
    Thank you Outlaw!! I also had a 20# PR on my power clean last week at 170!!

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