WOD 120531:

Rest day.

Remember when I said that thing about learning to Snatch or killing yourself? I dare someone to try it with a hatchet.

Brandon Phillips – 3 Position Snatch @ 230#:

I don’t have anything else to say. You should all be dead.

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      • Can’t wait to see the growth of Outlaw…

        Anyway, I’ll be doing an 800 mile car ride tomorrow and did tomorrow’s training today (at least my guess of what tomorrow holds).

        1) Power Clean and Jerk -> heavy single up to 265 (felt solid)
        2) Power Clean and Jerk -> 5×1 @ 95% of above (250#), EMOM

        1a) Front Squat -> 4×2 @ 285, 295, 295, 305
        1b) Strict + Kipping HSPU -> 10+7, 8+8, 6+6, 4+10

        Conditioning (I’m probably dead wrong on this one, it came from Mainsite this Tuesday)
        Front Squat (95#)
        Time -> 6:00

        3/3/3 (Had Mexican last night, did not sit well)

  1. Hello. New to this site, but noticing I wish I had found earlier. Question about warm ups. Trying to get a feel for what warmups work. I often do a combination of General running or rowing followed by Burgener and stretching and some WOD specific movements. What kind of things do folks do to feel warm before hitting it? How long? 10 minutes? Thanks in advance.

    • Matt – depending on what the day’s workout calls for, i usually do some combo of bar pass throughs with a dowel, light OHS or light regular squats depending on whether it’s snatching vs squatting vs. C&J, some DUs for shoulder warmth and that’s about it. 10 minutes maximum. Row maybe a quick 500 if I’m really not in any sort of rush at all.

      it’s a personal thing, all based on where you know you need extra loosening up or whatever gets you mentally comfortable to get out there and destroy some lifts

  2. I would like for any one to respond to this. I am pretty new to Olympic lifting still. It was about 4 months ago I moved passed an empty bar for OHS! So my question is, now that my OHS is about 125 pounds 1RM, but my power snatch is 150 1RM. So when I do the BBG stuff and it says 75% should I be doing 75% of 125, or 75% of 150 and just try to power snatch then OHS the weight? I am thinking that would at least help my hips and shit learn to handle the heavier weight with the bar overhead going to depth on the squat. Opinions?

    • Travis,
      1) When it says snatch, it means squat snatch, so the 3 pos should have all been to squats
      2) Take the % of your best snatch (any snatch) ever. At worst, you’ll miss. At best, your snatch will improve.

      • Brett, thanks for the advice. I always do full squat unless it says power snatch, but I wasn’t sure if should have been doing 75% of 125 or 75% of 150, thanks for the advice. I will up the weights, haha.

  3. why the straps?? just wondering on principal b/c as a competitive asshole i am getting annoyed by the weight some people are pulling with straps and here i am getting angry at less weight with no straps. damn grip.

    • I only use straps on days when the skin on my hands feels like it is going to rip off. I never feel like the grip strength is the limiting factor for me on max effort lifts. So in order to save skin on days when there is lots of hang work i typically use straps. I typically never use straps on max effort days.

    • Why the straps? Well if you look at “competitive” or olympic level lifters they use straps in training. The reason why most use a strap is to help with grip fatigue. The russians, bulgarians, chinese, etc all use straps even on clean and jerks at times. If your still pulling less weight your grip probably needs to improve as well as your technique. My max snatch with straps is 260, I hit 255 at regionals (barely missed 265). So your theory of straps improving your snatch is a little skewed. Focus on technique and improving your technique and not worrying about the use of straps.
      Yesterday we had 30x muscle ups for time, why would you want to waste grip strength before doing that? I want to set a PR every time I go into the gym-straps or no straps.

      • What BP just said…..There’s a Klokov training video (I think it was posted here) of him snatching 207kg w/straps. I don’t remember anyone calling him out on it?

        Then again I think there were about half as many people posting on here at that time so who knows….maybe you guys would call Klokov out too?

  4. Rudy, you should build a statue of BP in front of your gym…stroogleoff

  5. 1st off: BP – wow! Nice work!
    2nd: I love what you had to say about straps; I tried straps for the first time yesterday and they just felt weird – grip isn’t my problem so I’m probably best to leave well enough alone, except maybe on some heavier pulls?

    3rd: I had a shit ton of make-up work to do today and am traveling to New Jersey for a few days for my son’s wedding so will likely not be able to keep up training as hard as I normally would so….

    Clean and Jerk: worked up to 110 (been after 110 for a few weeks; it’s a PR for me!)
    Kept on cleaning and got 115kg (also a PR for me! 🙂

    Then I decided to make-up “DT” and I should have pulled out the sundial: an embarrassingly slow 11:59

  6. From this day on, BP shall be known as “Snatchalottapus”. Nice work BP.

    Also, not that anyone cares…dropped two minutes off my 1.5 mile time without running anymore than what we have done here. Yeah, it helps that I am about 30lbs lighter than the last time I tested 6 months ago. Maxed push-ups and sit-ups but that is expected. Wonder if any other military Outlaw followers are seeing similar gains.

    • Bobtony, I took some time off my run when I started CF last year, but I haven’t tested since I have been following Outlaw, I will let you know in a few months though.

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