Jason sent me this—it’s his nightly ritual. You want to go to the Games? Be careful what you wish for.

Jacob Heighes – CDR Redlands – 21 Unbroken MU. Side note: He also snatches 265#. Coincidence?

WOD 120530:

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM 3 position Snatch (low to high). DEMO VIDEO


30 Muscle-Ups for time.

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  1. I love Ice baths — but that is very inefficient, as you are always preaching efficiency, I felt obliged to offer a better solution. I went to the local shopping mart and bought a bunch of metal punch bowls. I fill 2-3 with water at night, they freeze and I dump them in at night. Total cost ~$12 (probably less than all of those bags of ice) and they last forever. Plus large chunks dissolve much slower and keep it cooler. 2-3 punch bowl ice chunks is all you need — haven’t done as much ice bathing this year unfortunately, I love them, never understood why that was viewed as a negative, or ‘crazy’?

    • Probably has something to do with willfully submerging yourself into freezing ass cold water. Crazy fuck.

  2. Haha… I appreciate the advice, and I’ll probably use it when I have more time… after the games/bar (crap, that doesn’t help). I didn’t really predict it would become my nightly ritual… just accidentally became my survival mechanism after we started Rudy’s patented “Surprise, you’re gonna die today!” games prep training cycle.

  3. One other tip: don’t use ice at all, just cold water from the tap. You only have to lower your body temp a few degrees (if that) to get the lactic acid flush / oxygenation effect that you are looking for. Immersion in water that is 15-20 degrees C (59-68 F) for 10-20 minutes is more than enough to do that, and much less painful.

    • Really? Do you have a reference to back that up? I know the data on actual ice baths is controversial in the scientific literature ,that’s why I ask. Thanks.

    • I’ve heard about the jack ruse and thermogenex stuff and have always done cold showers after workouts; do you think cold shower is about as good as cold bath? Probably not; the immersion probably plays a factor in the thermogenic effects… time for some self-experimentation. Probably going to bring the kiddie pool to the gym today with ice… for fun! 30 muscle-ups, I don’t think I’ve ever done 30 muscle-ups.

      • I read an article on talktomejohnnie where welbourn recommended contrast showers. I usually do 30 count HOT and 60 count of as cold as possible for 3-4 rounds. I doubt it’s as hardcore or effective as an ice bath but it seems to help a lot.

        I think cold or contrast showers are better than nothing.

    • 1) Lactic Acid does not make you sore. Your body has all the lactic acid flushed very quickly after exercise.

      2) The reason why you get sore is the small micro tears at the Sarcomere level of the muscle.

      3) Studies have shown that ice baths may not be effective in recovery. Will it hurt to do it, no. But, will it absolutely lead to a quicker recovery, no.

      4) Many times Ice does absolutely nothing for recovery, you would have to have it extremely cold and would get burnt by the ice before it would even penetrate the muscle down to the sarcomere level.

      • Great accidental discussion on the merits of the ice bath. Good to see that you all are keeping up with your “scientific” studies. Just remember, with a control group you can prove almost anything.

      • Here’s my N=1 study: sometimes when I feel really fried from training, I jump into an ice bath for a few minutes, get out, towel off and feel much better.

        Do I have any proof it helps my recovery? Nope. But ice is cheap, it’s doesn’t take very long and I feel less shit afterwards.

        Like the lucky rabbit’s foot, if you think something helps, then it helps.

      • “Water, fire, air and dirt
        F’ing Magnets, how do they work?
        I don’t want to talk to a scientist
        Y’all motherf’ers lying and getting me pissed”

        Getting strong and edumacated all at the same time!


      • I love how the guy who acts like he knows what he is talking about says something about hypothermia setting in at 35 degrees and the water being 0-4 degrees can’t really be good for you. HEY DUMB FUCK, IF THE WATER WAS 0-4 DEGREES IT WOULD BE A SOLID BLOCK OF FUCKING ICE!!!!! The water in an ice bath is probably around 40 degrees BEFORE you get in it, so no you don’t have to worry about hypothermia. SMMFH.

      • Unless I am the dumb fuck for assuming he should be using Fahrenheit instead of Celsius

      • LGA, I’m not going to get into a cock-measuring battle over what I do and don’t know, but I was talking about Celsius. Fahrenheit is retarded…

      • And the fact that I referenced Celsius in each of my posts prior to the one in question probably should have given that away…

      • I realize by my own ignorance that I have lost all credibility, I guess what little I might have had. I had just posted and was reading the posts from bottom to top and your last post does not reference Celsius, as I should have continued to read before I posted my asshat of a comment.

        Yes I know by adding salt you can’t get the water really close to it’s freezing temp

  4. 30 muscle ups took me soooo long today… 17minutes lol. Im gonna say its the 10lbs I recently added that did that. Shoulders wherent 100% either.

    @ CS

    I’m gonna try the cold tap water this in 5min to see if it feels the same.

  5. “14:00-and-change” on the muscle-ups. As always, I come out of the gate strong on these, doing them in 5’s but i drop down to singles from 15th rep on.

  6. quick question for coach Rudy (or others): the demo vid descriptions suggests that the order – top to bottom versus bottom to top – can be altered depending on athlete skill/proficiency with the lifts. I’m assuming that applies here as well?
    I’ve really been struggling getting under the bar; trying to rehabilitate my default power snatch to the real deal – any suggestions on where I should start? Thanks!

    • I would start from the bottom and work your way up because thats the way he posted it. I understand what you are saying though about struggling with it when you get to your last few reps, however I think that is the point with this one. This complex is a good one and is very challenging. My tip on that 2nd and 3rd rep would be to have a very aggressive shrug and make sure you come to full extension. The tall snatch is a movement made to work on an aggresssive 3rd pull. If you can’t go heavier that’s ok, you will be able to if you follow what he post. Give it time and patience.

  7. What’s everyone’s ice bath strategy? I’m currently doing 2 minutes in (I have to go 1 minute legs/1 minute torso in my bath), dry off then 2 minutes warmth, and repeat 3 times.

  8. BB Gymnastics
    195, Failed on my 3rd rep with 205.

    30 MUs 8:20 This is a PR bc this is the first time I have done this workout hah. Slow and needs to get better. Thanks for the programming!

  9. BBG
    145, 155, 175f, 175f, 175f, 165f
    *Probably half asleep still

    30 mups – 4:27
    *A PR but very sluggish

    Summary: Fuck working out at 6am.

    • Afternoon work…

      100′ Reverse sled pulls – worked up to 365#
      EMOTM for 15mins
      5 – burpees
      6 – SDHP (135#)

  10. Barbell Gymnastics:

    Worked up to 120 (f @ 125 on tall snatch) – still favoring left knee, so all power snatches but able to get under with partial squat which is an improvement.

    Conditioning — No rings, no muscle ups. Did Grace instead — figured 30 reps of something was better than nothing.


    Although still at a snails pace, this is a massive PR since starting the program in January, and on a bum knee.

    Need to sort out my muscle up situation, or lack thereof.

  11. Got my muscle ups done in 10:30

    145 3 pos snatch
    155 from the ground and from ATK(fail at PP)

    At what point does the hook grip stop crushing my thumbs into meat paste?

  12. BB Gymnastics
    95, 115, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145 – fail on 3rd pull. 145 again – tweaked my wrist on first one.

    30 MU – 9:45. Can def be better, wrist was limiting factor.

  13. Oh I have idea: let’s take the completely idiotic comments back to the crossfit main site where they belong.

    If you’re unsure of what exactly what I’m referring to, then this applies to you.

  14. BB Gymnastics
    5×1 3 POS Snatch @ 115# (Felt heavy as fuck! DEF GOT SAND IN THE ol’ VAGINA!)

    30 MU – 14:29 rx. Again. Today’s theme was how big of a pussy could I be in one day at the gym…answer: Ginormousaur (it’s a large dinosaur you fucking bitch!).

    M:5 F:7 S:3

  15. BB Gymnastics
    worked up to 120# attempted 125# and (F) the 3rd position, just couldn’t quite lock it out.

    30 MU – 4:49
    I gotta get my rings hung higher, I have to start every MU at an L-Sit position for full arm ext. so I did all reps as singles. Dropping into an L-Sit and goin back up is tough as shit, so I would do one then get right back on for another 4 more then shake my arms out and do 5 singles again. <— Major shit value!!

  16. BB gym:
    110. Had multiple failed attempts at 115 at the 1st position.

    Didn’t do anything for time, but I got 5 today. I know that’s nothing for most folks, but that’s big progress for me.

    MFS – 3/2/2

  17. Rudy, would it make a difference if I start with my conditioning prior to my technical and strenght workouts?

    • I’ve heard that some female athletes perform better at strength after doing their conditioning.

      Like everything, experiment, note how it effects your performance, then make a decision.

    • I would focus on your lifts first. You need to do these while fresh and not post conditioning. I would recommend to follow it exactly as he post it. He post it how he does for a reason. If you want to switch it up you can expeirment like Zach said, but I would follow it as is.

  18. BBG
    10# PR on the 3 pos. snatch
    I got 150#, had 40 seconds left and tried 155# I got the first 2 positions and failed on the high hang.

  19. bbg worked up to 205, wow, this felt like a wod in itself haha, the mid thigh hang snatch took everything i had but i nailed it

    conditioning 9:09 rx @ bodyweight of 241# this is 6 minutes faster than i’ve ever done 30 mu for time when i weighed 231#, did sets of 3 until i had 12 reps left then went for doubles. felt really explosive, most reps were a few inches from lockout just from the initial hip drive and pull. really happy to have progressed so much with my mu’s

  20. BBG:
    worked up to 140. felt pretty good.

    …please ignore my odd choices of music as they switch between electro and metal and such. idc what you think of either genre, just hit mute. critiques welcome, i need it.

    no-go on the MU’s. tore open my left palm all nice and bloody 2 days ago, ripped it back open today during snatches, decided to leave it to heal.

    went with this triplet instead…
    Weighted Pull up: 45 – 45 – 45 – 70
    OHS 95
    50 DUs

    4 rounds.

    I suppose I should introduce myself since everybody else seems to do that. I’ve been following Outlaw for almost a month now, and loving it. I’m a personal trainer at a regular “health club” but crossfit is everything to me. Got into CF about 6 months ago, competed in most of the open and I’m looking to compete in the garage games in the northeast this fall. My ultimate goal is to one day make it to regionals. That would really be awesome and I think I have the ability to make it happen in the next couple years if I keep up my training. We’ll see. Nice to meet all of you, happy to be part of the Outlaw family.

  21. hey Zach,

    You are correct, I just suck at holding my hook grip as I am a big baby still haha. I could also lighten the weight of course.

  22. First day back from Costa Rica vacation. My body forgot everything about everything in the 12 days I didn’t work out.

    Failed miserably at 115 on the snatches (shouldn’t have)

    Did 15 MU in about 10 minutes before I decided it wasn’t happening today.

    Hoping Friday/Saturday will prove better in the gym

  23. BBG
    140 Felt really good only grid 145 once and missed the last one. mainly cuz I brain farted. I’m good with it

    30 MU

    8:43 PR! by almost 2 min

  24. BB Gymnastics

    3 position snatch – worked up to 140#




  25. BBG
    77.5kg (170lbs)

    Stupid brain telling me to do a set of 5 out of the gate and then leaving me high and fucking dry doing bastard singles pretty early on. Has anyone else burned a hole in their forearm on the ring strap over the past week or is it just me bleeding from the arm whilte doing this?
    MFS = 253

  26. BBG–125
    Have made progress on the snatch in the last 10 weeks of Outlaw, but it is still painfully low compared to all other lifts. Just gotta keep working


    Was on a great pace for the first 20 and then starting failing on some reps during the last 10. Definitely shooting for sub 6 next time.

  27. BB Gymnastics

    Conditioning (30 Muscle Ups)
    6:50, slower than my PR (5:50ish).

    Added a 5K row (19:15,3).

  28. First log…

    BBG- 154, 165, 176, 198, 209(f)
    Conditioning- 6:25, broke 5,5,5,4 then really hit a wall

  29. BBG:
    Too embarassing to post. I’m still focusing on trying to drop under the bar. I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain, but I can’t do it properly. It will happen. I’ll get some real coaching within the next few months and will hopefully have a focus on my snatch form.

    Just got my first MU back at Christmas, so I’m still a newbie in the MU department, but I was able to do 15 in 12:13 – then I failed rep after rep after rep for 18 more minutes and felt my shoulder start tweaking, so I called it a day.

    • Just post nobody cares if you’re doin’ it with the 15lb bar as long as you’re doin’ it.

  30. BB Gymanstics 185 on the 3 position snatch. Missed the high position on 195

    Conditioning – 9:42 (It was fucking debacle….started off with 12 in the first minute and ten seconds then everything went south in a hurry. Pr is 6:13. Pissed about this and will have to do it again next week sometime because I really though I would be sub six.)

  31. 3 position snatch



    Difficult day for the ego. My snatch form sucks and I missed at least 8 MUs

  32. AM:
    3 pos snatch build to 135
    4 RFT
    20 barbell hops
    5 deads 275lbs
    200m run

    Only did 15 muscle ups in 3:30
    ( shoulders an arms weren’t up for it today)
    Snatches even felt like shit this am!

  33. BB Gymnastics

    135lbs-Fuck my grip on these


    “DT” instead of MU’s

    18:15 – (see comments from BB Gymnastics)

  34. BB Gymnastics

    23:41 (1st 10 PU grip, last 20 false grip)

  35. BB-115#
    I am a born again snatch virgin. I am also a NOOB to outlaw. I have been crossfitting for about 3 years and have ran from the snatch for all 3 years. No longer.I train at Real Fitness Naples, formerly from Crossfit Pittsburgh.

    Another workout I have avoided because like the snatch I refused to get good at muscle ups. My form is super sloppy and terribly inefficient but nonetheless I got through them. Glad Talayna encouraged me to start following the Outlaw Way.


  36. BBG
    Worked up to 193, missed on the high hang at 203 twice

    Conditioning – 5:20 AAAAAHHHHH wanted sub 5, still need to get better at pacing it. Did 5-4-3-3, then all singles. Did about 10 singles w/ one about every 10 sec then the last took about 1:20.

    • I’m just glad you didn’t pull the roof down. It seriously concerns the climbers when you string MU’s…

  37. BB Gymnastics


    Nailed two perfect reps at 215, bringing it down the bar caught my belt and smoked me in the knee…..attempted the high hang but missed it. Confident I would have made it if I didn’t bring the bar down like a noob.

    30 MU


    I’ll call it a PR. Went 3:20 almost 2 years ago, but zero full extension of the arms. Was also 15# lighter then, so I’ll take it.
    Went with false grip, all singles. One fail @28.


  38. BB – 145#
    Conditioning – 6:10 , went too fast, first 18 in 2:20 then struggled
    42 yr old , crossfiting 18 months, following outlaw for Two months, the program kicks ass!
    Thank you Rudy.

  39. BBG: worked up to 175# then stopped due to some shoulder instability
    Did 30 MUs on Saturday so I decided to do the wod at the local box. OHS and Burpees….would have rather kicked myself in the nuts for time.

  40. BBG) 135 / Missed 145 on tall hang
    Cond) Did OutlawCrossFit conditioning with rest of the gym. 6:06 All MUs unbroken. Too much rest.


  41. Did gym’s WOD
    3×5 press then a bunch of pushups and runs THEN
    3 position snatch, moderate weight, THEN
    EMOM x 5 min, 6 muscle ups

  42. BBG: 125#
    I know, huge numbers eh.

    30 MU’s: 6:52
    PR by 3:07!
    Gamed it this time and went out moderately with 5-4 then continued 3’s from 12-30. Worked out but still have work to do.

  43. 3 pos snatch @ 135 for all of them, I hate that 135 whoops my ass!!!!….but since doing all of these snatch complexes I’ve been able to dunk again like I was in college and I’m only 5’8″ 195..

    30 mu’s 5:08 pr….first time I’ve done that many….

    Keep kickin ass Rudy!!

  44. 1) 185
    PR for a triple. Got it my third try. Almost killed my kid in my first attempt at this weight. Not a good idea to video from the front. At least she wasn’t strapped to my chest.

    2) 8:48

  45. BB Gymnastics
    3pos snatch-155, missed 160 from the high hang twice, just couldn’t get under it fast enough
    Conditioning- got to 16 MU and started tearing on my wrist/palm, called it there, took me like 15 minutes just to get those! MU’s are one of my many glaring weaknesses

  46. 3 position snatch: 125 (grip was limiting factor)

    Conditioning: 13:00 (first time doing this wod, failed my last MU which caused me about 1:30….pissed)

  47. Snatch: 230 pumped with this.

    muscle ups: I was probably one of the few still using the false grip at Regionals. Decided it is time to change. 16:28 all without a false grip. Terribly slow but new and learning

  48. BB gymnastics

    4:53rx Un-pr by 13 second dang it.


  49. Still sucking eggs…
    3 pos at 185# in last min.
    30 MU in 12’38”
    Started at an improved 4/min pace with no FG, but lost it and failed last 2.
    Tech improving, muscle endurance lagging a few weeks. I was slower than when this was sandwiched by 800m runs.

  50. BBG: F*king 100 lbs. I have avoided the snatch for months and it shows. Too bad we don’t do more of them around here…

    Cond: 10:37. First 10 took about 1:30 and then it was all downhill from there. That’s the first time I’ve ever done 30 MU’s at a time though, so I’ll take it.

  51. Snatch: 65, 75, 85, 95, 105 fail 2x on the hang snatch (we did something similar to this back in January or February–pretty sure I got 105 then)
    Muscle ups-Epic Fail. Couldn’t get ONE!! After 15 minutes, I stopped and did extra conditioning: 15 min AMRAP of 400 meter run, 15 V-ups. (6 rounds +1 run)

    MFS 2/10/10

  52. BB Gym:
    88# 3 pos. snatch

    44:20… yep, took a little while, but I did it 🙂

  53. 165 3 position snatch. No conditioning because I didn’t have anywhere to do Muscle ups and was planning on pushing a prowler but couldn’t because people were in the way. So I am swimming later.

  54. BB Gymnastics
    20 minutes to establish a 1RM 3 position Snatch (low to high).

    30 Muscle-Ups for time.

  55. Fun Day— My 2 favorite movements in the sport.

    3 position Snatch- 195 Good…… Hit 210 for 1, missed the 2nd position.

    30 Muscle Ups For Time- 3:55.

  56. BBG – 105, at 110 failed on the third pos.

    Used a pulley system for MU’s @ 3/4 of body weight
    Time- 15:45 first 10 were strict after that a kipping.

  57. 1) 75, 80, 85fff So first time failed my snatch which was gay. Second time failed in the second position. Third time failed on the last high hang snatch. Apparently I should have tried a fourth time? Did this while coaching tonight so couldn’t totally focus on it.

    Conditioning: 6:57

  58. 195lbs on 3 pos snatch.
    First time ever trying it. Pretty fucking happy about it.

  59. 3 pos snatch: 155, 170, 185F (high hang), 175F (high hang). Kept losing my grip for the high hang pos. I should have used straps.

    30 muscle ups – 4:32, 45 sec un-PR. my chest is still destroyed from murph so i’m blaming that. went 3×4, 3×3, 3×2, 3×1 which is different than normal. failed rep 30 and tore my hand on rep 27. what a fuckin’ day.

  60. BBG
    1. 3 position snatch 175
    7:27 much faster next time. Need to move my rings so I can get a full kip

  61. bbg
    115 failed on the tall hang with 125

    30 MU: 16:12
    first time completing that workout.

  62. snatch- 185, had to stop there

    MUs- 6:19..tried a fast strategy with a big quick set at the beginning…it didn’t work out. Died on the last 10

  63. BBG –

    170 – pretty happy because I’ve been have very bad training sessions lately. I hope this is a step in the right direction.

    Conditioning –

    4:29 – not a PR by a long shot but it still felt good.

  64. Worked up to 155 (failed high hang)

    Scaled muscle ups with ring pulls x30 and jumping negative muscle ups x 30 14:34.

  65. 1 rm 3-pos sn 135, 155, 165, 175, 180 x 1

    30 MU for time
    got 17 in 6:20 ish

    I was trying to practice maintaining the false grip throughout, but I could not extend my arms completely at the bottom. Then I switched to no-false grip MU and I could not get up and over the bar. I really need to practice stringing these together. I do not have a spot that is high enough where I can get full body extension in the bottom. I need to work on them.

  66. Decided fuck it balls out and see what happens ie. can I maintain sets or reps quickly after initial bunch of reps. Answer was no.

    10 in 55 secs 7 & 3
    Final time of 8:16, PR by 48 secs.
    All singles for the rest, the 3-4 times I went for a double I missed the second rep. Balls.

    Will redo as small sets or singles inside two weeks and crush the shit out of this time.

  67. Loving the testing and training right now.
    185 3 position snatch

    WOD: 5:03. PR

  68. BB Gym:
    125lb stop here did not want to push it, could of gone heavier

    Conditioning: 7:45

    Once I loose the false grip am done!


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