I don’t really have the time or the energy to do a huge recap post tonight, but I do want to just sort of throw some thoughts out about things I observed/learned/realized over my 5 weeks of Regionals.

-The Southeast had the biggest, loudest, and best crowd I could ever imagine seeing at a competition. Just two short years ago, I remember watching Rich beat BP and Spencer Hendel on the final WOD at the 2010 SE Regional…in a public park…on an outdoor basketball court…with about 50 people watching.

-If you can’t snatch you have two choices: 1) Learn to snatch – immediately. 2) Quit. Seriously. Go play fucking golf or run marathons, or just kill yourself.

-We qualified 15 individuals for the Games (yes, we found out about another today). Those 15 individuals all followed the EXACT same program leading up to Regionals. It is the EXACT same program that was freely made available to every single one of you on a daily basis. This illustrates two truths that I have always believed strongly: 1) If the program is comprehensive, directed, and well planned, and the athlete is already fairly competent, there is almost never a need for “individualized” programming. 2) The reason those 15 qualified and you didn’t, while using the same program, is because they move better than you. They are more efficient, produce more force, understand pacing better, recover better, and generally get more out of their bodies than most humans. The fact is, if you move like shit, you better get someone to fix you.

-There are 3 kinds of people in the world: 1) Those who Kip their HSPU and did very well on Diane. 2) Those who thought they’d be fine without a Kip, and are now not going to the Games (this excludes ALL midget ninjas). 3) Brandon Phillips.

-I wish I could have seen Jason qualify in person. You can’t imagine the thrill of coaching someone on their first WOD, seeing the potential they have right away, and then seeing them realize that potential after years of heartbreaking failures. Come to think of it I’m glad I wasn’t there–crying like a baby isn’t very gangster.

-The Snatch Ladder was my second favorite competition WOD ever (Amanda will always be #1). Obviously I’m a homer for the lift, but the ladder format is absolutely brilliant and should be something we see in some form every year. The addition of the double-unders was another stroke of brilliance and eliminated any logjams while adding another strategy aspect. Also, we won a WHOLE lot of them.

-Sorry, Drywall, it’s not a midget/BW specialist sport anymore. I guess they’ll always have their burpees.

-I had one of the most genuinely wonderful and surprising moments of my life with Greg Glassman during week 3. I was reminded why I am honored to know him, and am grateful, on a daily basis, for the life and opportunity he has given me and my family. Thank you, Coach—I hope we made you proud.

-Rental cars are shit, hotels are lame, and flying still sucks, but getting to see and meet all of you guys was amazing. Besides, the free paleo kits made it all worth it.

WOD 120529:

BB Gymnastics

7X1 Clean & Jerk @ 90% – rest 60-80 sec.


Back Squat: 1X8 @ 70%, 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X5 @ 90% – rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515



3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pullups

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  1. Went to a competition on saturday called the South Atlanta Showdown. I snatched 215# in the max snatch which is a 10 pound PR! This lift is now absurdly heavier than my other lifts. My current max bench press is only 205#. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing but this shit is making me fucking awesome at snatching.

    • Great job on the snatch!! when I was your age I didn’t even know what it was…
      I was benching about 90# more though 😉

    • I’m also 18 and I benched 240# and only snatch 175#. If you want I will trade with you 35 for 35 pounds. Great job btw.

  2. If the evil wheel is good enough for john welbourn then its good enough for me.

  3. BB Gymnastics

    300, 320, 365, 385

    8:17 This was 45 seconds slower than my last Helen time.

  4. BB Gymnastics

    195, 205, 235, 245#

    10:02, this was my slowest “Helen” time EVER!! WTF self??? Last Helen time was 8:35.
    I’m gonna go complete a set of 1,232,345,643,769,045,938 UB Cock Punches for time.

  5. 1) 205, all power cleans, several misses on jerk.
    2) skipped due to knee
    Helen- 6:41-pretty sure the course was a little short, broke twice on last set of PU, everything else UB

  6. Ready for my kick in the junk from Drywall, Rudy or whoever else.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Rudy Poo, why should a program be customized for the athlete?? The athlete needs to adjust to the demands of the program (which in this case is games competition and stength gains), not the other way around.

    In an a nod to Rudy, we’ve named our unofficial unaffiliated box “Crossfit CockPunch”, the program never lets the name down. Thanks for all you do Rudy!

  7. bbg-got 270×2, then it got sloppy so finished with 245×5

    old injuries force me to back the weight down but i am focusing on mobility that gets me into a better front rack so i can keep progressing the clean and jerk.

    strength 255×8, 275×8, 310×5, 330×5

    Conditioning 10:06, 15 seconds faster than last time i did Helen. 51 seconds slower than my all time pr.

    D.T. then Helen… forearms feel all swolled up like they got stung by some bumblebees

  8. Been off trying to get gym going for about 6 weeks. Feels good to lift again. Out of shape and need to work back into higher volume.

    BBG) 205 Missed on the jerk a couple times. Form was sloppy, shoulder’s weak.
    Strength) Didn’t right down numbers. 245 on last set. Felt heavy as fuck.
    Helen) 10:24 My pullups are shit right now.

  9. BB Gymnastics

    205, 205, 225×5 – Went legit cleans-no jerks because back is a little tired from PC+PJ EMOM workout, been relying too much on PC’s and have been hesitant to clean since the wrist is healed. But gotta get over that shit sometime and today seemed like a good day. Felt good.


    235×8, 255×8, 285×5, 300×5


    11-something, didn’t bring runnig shoes so had to run in socks. Track was not tacky and when I cornered it was like I was on fucking ice skates, oh well.

  10. C&J:

    210×8, 225×8, 255×5, 270×5

    Rudy this was for you,
    Due to equipment on hand and measured distances for running outside, I used a 70 lb. KB and a half mile as my distance as thus renamed this “Helen with a beard”. “Big Helen” and “Butch Helen” just didn’t feel appropriate.


  11. C&J:
    220×7 – felt pretty good/fast

    205X8, 220×8, 250×5, 265×5

    9:07 – Had a steady pace, I guess is was just a little slow. Would like to get down to low 8 min time.

  12. 2nd day back.
    Had to feel out the BBG since it’s been a while and hesitant about reinjuring hammie:
    C&J w/60 sec rest (90% is ~238#)
    225 x 2
    230 x 2
    235 x 2
    240 x 1 all felt good, but pressed out last jerk a bit

    Squats were shite
    262 x 8
    280 x 8
    315 x 1 (felt like I was about to get stapled)
    315 x 1 a bit disappointing since I was hitting 3 x 5s at 345# on CFFB before the open, but glad to be back under the bar and able to squat again.

    Helen took me 11’45”. I think this is the slowest time I’ve gotten in about 3.5 yrs. Alright… got it done and going to improve.

    No bad pain, but getting sore as hell. Will try to suck it up tomorrow.

  13. BB: 245
    Strength: 250,265,300,320 x3-4&5 didn’t happen.
    Conditioning: My slowest Helen of all time 8:52, but I haven’t done a met con since regionals so whatever. Plus my shoulder felt like snakes on a plane.

  14. Strength:

    10:01 – lot slower than my PB of 9:15, which ain’t fast
    Runs – 1:40/1:50/2:30

    MFS – 4/3/8

    • Noob question… What are these numbers that you put at the end of your results?

      ie- mfs 4/3/8

  15. worked on snatch work from Saturday – I really need to hammer away at my snatch technique, and slowly but surely am getting there.
    snatch up to 75kg – felt ugly so backed off and worked pulling under faster.
    snatch push press: 60, 70, 80 (felt lighter than I’d expected)
    snatch pull: 100, 120, 125(most i’ve ever done)

    Did today’s conditioning
    This is a HUUUUUUGE PR for me. I’ve not done Helen in a fuckin long time, mainly because I hate this WOD. I think my last time was somewhere between (and don’t laugh) 11:30-13:30, maybe even slower, so this is a huge PR! 🙂

  16. BBG: All sets with 225#.
    Strength: Done. Last set was 300#
    Conditioning: 9:07. Way off my PR. All sets unbroken.

  17. C&J 7×1 @ 90% (250#)
    BS based off 365# 3RM

    8:39 (8 seconds slower than PR … I felt like I was moving at a sub 8 min pace … got done, looked at the clock and couldn’t believe I didn’t beat my PR)


  18. C&J Rx
    155#x2 squat clean both, push jerk Rx
    175#x5 power clean all, split jerk Rx

    HBBS Rx
    185#x8 Rx
    210#x8 Rx
    240#x5 Rx
    250#x5 Rx
    Based off 280# 1rm, all felt really good, A2G

    Conditioning after work as Rx

  19. BB Gymnastics

    275 x 7 x 1

    Felt easy, solid jerks. Jerk positioning has improved tremendously since starting Outlaw.

    Back Squat
    275 x 8
    290 x 8
    330 x 5
    350 x 5 (PR or close to)



    Was heading for a decent time and the forearms just went on me.
    First round done in 2:08, second at 4:35-4:40ish
    All UB, except last pullups 5-3-2-2 which killed the time.


  20. BB Gymnastics

    190 7 x 1 The jerk is starting to feel smoother

    Back Squat
    225 x 8
    240 x 8
    275 x 5
    290 x 5



    Went UB in all the movements was barely holding on to the bar on the last set of pull ups. Last run was super gased for some reason… PR tho

  21. BB Gym:

    235×5(forgot to add weight, i’m a dumb ass)



  22. BB Gymastics: 195. Felt a little slow. Had a long memorial day weekend.

    Strength: 210, 225, 250, 265. Felt really good. Nice steady squats with no mishaps.

    Conditioning: 8:57 RX. Did everything unbroken. Could’ve ran a little faster.

  23. BBG: 80 kg
    Strength: 77.5kg/82.5kg/95kg/100kg
    Helen: 8.39. Almost a minute slower than my PR. Looks like a lot of people struggled on this. Any thoughts? I did feel tired to be fair as have inadvertently not had a proper rest day for 5 days…

  24. BB Gymnastics
    245- all good reps


    Skipped Helen and did a partner workout:
    30 HSPU
    40 One arm burpees
    50 power clean @135
    400m relay
    50 boj jump @24
    40 cal row
    30 KB swing each person @70
    200m OH walk with KB @70- everytime you drop/switch both partners have to do 5 burpees.

    Time: 15:04

  25. BBG

    240#, 260#, 295#, 310#

    Working with metal plates seem to make everything tougher.

  26. Clean&jerk 175x1x7
    Squat 225×8,245×8,280×5,300×5(easy)
    EMOTM for 7 mins
    3 t&g reps of 155# squat clean

  27. BB Gymnastics


    Conditioning (Helen)
    10:43, should’ve done better, slow on the runs.

  28. First time running in a wod since missing a month due to knee and finals. Gotta love high school. Only been back for a few weeks
    C&J up to 225.
    Squat: 245, 275, 295, 305

    Helen : 8:52. Runs killed me

  29. BBG
    Clean and jerk at 113.5kg
    All reps hit based off a 150kg 3RM
    Dogshit, never felt like I had any speed on the runs
    Not cool
    MFS = 532

  30. 7X1 Clean and Jerk @ 255 (made all of the lifts but push jerked all of them….my positioning and confidence in split jerk has been shit lately)

    Back Squats
    1 x 8 @ 300
    1 x 8 @ 315
    1 x 5 @ 360
    1 x 5 @ 380

    Felt good on squats

    Conditioning: “Helen”
    8:02 (runs were shit everything else was unbroken)

  31. WOD 120529:

    BB Gymnastics

    7X1 Clean & Jerk @ 90% – rest 60-80 sec.
    145# (one failed jerk on #4 lift)


    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 70%, 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X5 @ 90% – rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

    Notes: Percentage is based off of 120515 (185)



    3 rounds for time of:

    Run 400m – slow 
    21 KBS 24kg – unbroken 
    12 pullups – UB butterfly PU round 1 and 2

    Time – 9:01 PR by 22 seconds (lost butterfly PU on last round and use of arms for about 5 min post WOD!)

  32. BBG: 7×1 @ 185lb
    Strength: 155-175-175-175lb
    Stayed there to work on technique. I’m done with training bad habits then having a year go by and still having shit form with low numbers. I need a fucking squat clinic or something.

    Helen: 8:23
    not a PR but then again I did it alone this time.

  33. 1) 7×1 @ 165lbs

    2) 145/155/175/190

    Helen 9:31
    broke on the last set of pull-ups could have made a few more seconds…

  34. BBG
    140# full clean and jerks

    Back Squat

    Helen in 9:48

  35. BB gymnastics
    1) 215 for all, no misses
    1) 225, 245, 275, 290
    8:33( everything unbroken, apparently i was alot slower today then i thought)


  36. BBG – 185
    Squats – 185/200/225/240

    Felt like crap after Murph yesterday. Just happy to do something.

  37. BBg – Ran out of time.Will add it in tomorrow.
    Strenf : 305/325/375/knee went south. Been fighting some knee troubles.

    Conditioning – we did Murph yesterday for the holiday, so I did DT today. 1450 rx. not bad for me.

    By way of introduction, I run CrossFit Elevation in Denver. The entire gym is on outlaw programming – so a lot of stuff I post here reflects that. I am a long way from qualifying, personally, and my partner and i are pretty committed to each participating in one of our classes every day. So many times, we do the outlawcrossfit.com wod rather than the wod posted here. Sometimes we do the one here. Generally we do the strength work here. It has provided the same ridiculous benefits for us and our clients as it does for anyone else, and we look forward to hosting a camp out here and meeting the outlaws. I also look forward to seeing many of you in LA.

    If anyone has questions about our experience implementing this program with our gym, fire away. Happy to help, we have a ton of gratitude for the Outlaw Way

  38. BB Gymnastics: 150lbs

    Strength: 185lb was last set <— Still can't believe how off my squat #s are from pre-injury.

    Helen: 10:08 – 30 sec off of my PR.

  39. 225# 7*1


    Helen- 7:19
    Not sure how accurate the run distance is but definitely a PR

  40. BB Gymnastics
    C&J 7x1x195
    Back Squat- 165×8, 175×8, 200×5, 210×5- super easy, felt like shit the day of the 3rm, so this was cake
    No Helen- did Murph yesterday so I figure I’m good for like 6 metcons, right?

  41. BB Gymnastics
    7×1 C+J @ 205

    Back Squat 8@210, 8@225, 8@255, 8@270

    “Helen” 8:23

  42. 7×1 @ 255#
    255, 275, 310, 330 on back squat
    8:27 Helen (PR)

    This is my first outlaw wod. Can’t wait to dive into the outlaw way.

  43. BBG – 273 jerks were a little sloppy at first.
    Went for 283 on the last set and missed on first attempt bc I came up on my toes, went for it again and got it.

    Strength – 263, 283, 314, 334 last set was pretty tough especially when the bar started to slide down my back on the 3rd rep.

    Helen – SL:OW, 9:02 runs may have been a little long but more the fact that I was slow. Guess I need to go read T’s blog again about nuttin up in training.

  44. BB gymnastic-195 across. They were some of the best clean and jerks I’ve done.
    “Helen”- 9:45. Off of my pr I felt great on the first round,but than the heat hit me and took over. I need to get used to the summer heat and humidity. No excuse just need to get better.

  45. C&J
    205, 215 (90%), 215, 215, 215, 225, 225

    Run 800m
    60 OH Lunge Steps (45/25lbs)
    50 Weighted Push-ups (45/25lbs)
    40 Weighted Sit-ups (45/25lbs)
    30 DB Thrusters (40/30+lbs)
    20 Power Cleans (155/115lbs)
    10 Weighted Pistols- R & L (53/35lbs)
    Run 400m
    Time – 28:40

    Did Helen recently in 8:00

  46. BBG: 150#
    Strength: 150#, 157.5#, 180, 190

    Didn’t get to conditioning (15 hour work day). Will try to hit Helen on Thursday before traveling.

  47. 105
    100/110x4f/100/110 (not sure what happened on the second set, but dropped the weight for the next few anyway. finished too light)
    17:23, never linked more than 3 pull-ups, which really slowed me down

  48. BB Gymnastics:

    C&J: 7 x 1 @ 230. I felt slow under the bar, but better than expected after a weekend of debauchery and heinous nutrition. Lesson learned.


    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 235 , 1X8 @ 250 , 1X5 @ 265, 1X5 @ 280. For whatever reason, the squats felt pretty heavy today. Percentage is based off of calculated 3RM of 335.


    “Helen” 8:06. My legs felt heavy and my wind wasn’t great either. 400m is usually a strength, but wasn’t today. I went UB on all sets except for going 7 & 5 on last set of pullups.

    My wife got on-board today as well, so I’m pretty stoked.

  49. 1. 165 (felt good!!)
    2. 172, 189, 204, 215

    Conditioning: Helped teach our on-ramp class tonight and did a wod with them.

  50. BBG: 220#,220,220,225#,225,225,225

    Reps felt pretty good and my split jerk technique is improving.

    Strength: BS 275,295,335,351

    Helen 7:55


  51. First time poster, been doing outlaw religiously since the end of the open. Love this shit and feel like I am getting strong as fuck! 😉 Thanks Rudy for putting together such basass programming!

    BB Gymnastics:
    7×1 @ 245# clean and jerk (split)

    245×8, 265×8, 295×5, 315×5

    8:15 (PR)

    Unbroken, maintained butterfly pull ups till the last round but then had to go back to standard kip

  52. BB Gymnastics
    7X1 Clean & Jerk @ 90% – rest 60-80 sec.


    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 70%, 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X5 @ 90% – rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.
    Based off 3 rep max (350#)
    245#, 265#, 300#, 315#

  53. BBG: C&J 235# x7x1, no misses all clean reps
    BS: 275# x8, 315# x8, 330#x5, 350#x5
    Helen: 10:44

  54. RESULTS:

    1) 200. Good split. Arching back x3.

    Strength: (based on 285)
    1) 135×5-200-215-240 (IT band super tender under load, shit body position leaning fwd)-255

    1) Getting shit from box again so had to do their WOD “Randy” 75 PS @75
    3:50. PR by 1:10. Pussy dropped the bar and broke sets when there was no burn. Sub 3:00 is in my wheelhouse. 30 done @0:57

  55. Bb gymnastics: 275, missed a jerk
    Squats: 315, 345, 385, 405 rough
    Conditioning: 9:50 dying. Unsure of what has been going on with the running nonsense. Threw up again. First round was completed in 2:25 ish then it just fell off.. Big time.
    Michael Miller 2 is a monster!

  56. BBG

    Back Squat: 245#, 260#, 295#, 311#


  57. BBG
    1. C & J 221
    1. Back Squats 260, 280, 320, 340
    Helen 9:06 runs were slow.

  58. Week rest is over! Feeling fresh and got a ton of drinking out of the way.
    1) 240 no fails
    2) based off 305. Done!


  59. BB gymnastics
    1) 200 no fails

    225, 240(not deep enough), 275, 285
    knees kept coming in

    8:04Rx missed pr by 11 seconds but it was good anyway.


  60. After a little over a week of eating like shit and not picking up a barbell, I went into the gym and got exactly what I deserved…shitty exercising.

    C+J: 205-225-235-250x1x4
    BS (estimated 330 3RM): 230×8-250×8-280×5-300×5
    Helen: 9:21

  61. BB Gymnastics:

    C&J: 7 x 1 @ 105. Felt good on these.


    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 135 , 1X8 @ 145 , 1X5 @ 160, 1X5 @ 170. Percentage is based off of calculated 3RM of 190ish.


    “Helen” 12:12. Felt like shit after a long weekend of eating unhealthy and making poor decisions. Lesson definitely learned.

  62. 163# for clean and jerk…the last 2 felt the best!
    Backsquat- 160/170/195/205. All of them felt heavy.
    Helen: skipped. Tore my hand up pretty bad last week and I got a local competition this weekend…tryin to heal so I did DT instead. 7:03 rx’d.

  63. just slipped a disk in my lower back doing the last set of the squats, fuck

  64. I feel like a train wreck today..
    Shoulders were feeling sore so I did squat cleans only (no jerk) on the minute for 7 minutes

    105kg – 1,F,1,1,1,F,F – Terrible tonight. Had no pop and felt weak

    Back Squat – Based off 180kg x 3. High bar

    125kg x 8, 135 x 8, 152.5kg x 5, 162.5kg x 5 – These felt difficult but the last set wasn’t bad at all. It might even have been a PR? Took longer rest breaks because I felt like crap and wasn’t recovering well between sets.

    Skipped the conditioning due to feeling like arse.

    5 x 5 string rings dips as I packed my weights up.

    Average night, happy with the squats though

    • Made up Helen a few days later a few hours after the Crossfit Total

      Helen – 10:53 – 1:15 PR!

      Happy with my showing on this

      Runs were very slow – 1:45, 2:05, 2:15
      KB – Unbroken (very stoked – didn’t give up mentally for once!)
      Pullups – 6/6, 3/3/2/2/2/, 3/3/3/3

      Lost all my time on the runs and pullups but very happy with the PR! Very grippy right now.

  65. BB Gym:

    Strength:245, 265, 300, 315

    Conditioning: 8:25 Almost 1 minute slower than PR.

  66. BBG
    215 Felt really good today in the split.


    Last set felt the best. Hips were super tight in the bottom.


    I actually can’t believe how sore I am from Murph. Runs were horrific!!!!!!!
    Everything else was unbroken.

  67. BBG


    10:48, approximate distance, all UB until last pu

  68. 7X1 Clean & Jerk @ 90% – rest 60-80 sec.
    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 70%, 1X8 @ 75%, 1X5 @ 85%, 1X5 @ 90%
    245, 265, 300, 320
    3 rounds for time of:
    Run 400m
    21 KBS 24/16kg
    12 Pullups
    8:36- PR but my pull-ups were terribly out of rhythm

  69. BB Gymnastics

    7X1 Clean & Jerk @ 225


    Back Squat: 1X8 @ 245, 1X8 @ 265, 1X5 @ 285, 1X5 @ 295


    “Helen” – 8:33 rx

    M:2 F:2 S:2

  70. BB Gym:


    10:20 – Almost 30 seconds slower than my last time. No excuses; need to learn to run faster and no break on my last two sets of pullups.

  71. BBG: 195# all felt really good-technique definitely getting better
    Strength: 245, 260, 290, 310 (failed on my last rep at 310#). Im OK with that since it wasnt that long ago that it was my 1RM.
    Helen: 8:02. Disappointing-Helen should be low 7s for me.

  72. clean & Jerk #165-felt good, a year ago I could not get that over head
    Back Squat- missed the part about going off my 3RM and used my 1RM when it got too heavy so motified it a bit…on a good note I got a new 5 RM PR 🙂


    Didn’t do Helen shoulders super sore…

  73. BB Gymastic 170#
    Strength 196,210,238,252
    Conditioning 13:20. First non assisted pull ups since surgery. **** YEH! Now just need to run faster.

  74. BBG: 245~>
    Strength: 285,305,345,365
    Skipped Helen
    1a) 3×15 box jumps 24″ bounding
    1b) 3×5 5″ deficit hspu on Paralleleets
    1c) 3×12 T2B
    :60 rest b/t sets

    Conditioning: 2×100 UB double unders :53, :48. Rested as needed.

  75. Helen: Distance marked off using a running GPS then verified by another device. Finished in 7:14, thats a 59 second PR from when I did it leading up to regionals. All KBS’s were perfectly vertical, had a judge.

    • And I’ll post for my Girlfriend and training partner who is an outlaw as well. She finished in 9:53 which was close to a 3 minute PR from the week after the open.

  76. bbg
    285, 285, 285, 285, 285, 285, 285 fuck yea
    250, 265, 300, 320 w/ cambered bar
    10:34 slowest runs ever, 2 min. off PR time, lets blame it on the maryland heat

  77. Barbell Gymnastics:

    165 across


    Still no squatting. Did same rep pattern with push presses @ 135# and 145#


    “Rowing” Helen — 250m row sub for running


  78. I guess I’ll just continue to have bad training sessions. This sucks.

    BBG –
    225 for all

    Strength –

    1×8 – 250
    1×8 – 265
    1×5 – 300
    1×5 – 320 (only got 1!!)



    I suck.

  79. 1st ever crossfit workout……got a ton of work to do this year!

    BBG-135 for all
    (just trying to learn the form)

    1×8 165
    1×8 185
    1×5 225
    1×5 245

    (had to use treamill insted of track, definitely could cut that down)

  80. BB Gym:
    C&J @ 155#, felt really good on the jerk

    BS @ 190, 205, 230, 245#

    Cond: “Helen” – 11:13

    First ever WOD with butterfly kips.

  81. 1)1 rm 3-pos sn 135-155-175-180×1 couldn’t get the hang
    had to max out at the school gym since they have bumpers and bailing is ok

    1)8×235, 250
    5×285, 300

    *1st time sub 10 and it was pouring down rain on the run which made the pullups a bit slippery. Fouond out that your arms will not come off if you keep pushing through the swings and pullups

  82. 195 C&J (Did a combination of clean and power cleans) Jerks easy cleans hard. Not 90% but all I had on the cleans dropping underneath.

    245 x 8
    315 x 8
    315 x 5
    285 x 5
    365 x 5
    (used weighted belt, chains, kettle ball, and weights to make up weight. less compression on bad disc but moved the weight still)

    Helen- 11:38 (lose about a minute overall getting to start of run since it is 30 yards away) Everything unbroken until last round where I went 16+5 KB, and 8+4 on pullups.

  83. 1) C&J 240 (hard to lock out), 240 (f on jk), 225, 230, 235, 240(f on jk), 235 (f on jk)
    *rough day

    1)8 x 235, 250
    5x 270, 300

    9:27 in the pouring rain and a pr!!
    -2:02 from a few weeks ago when doing the extra work for Group 1

    My strength has declined a little but my conditioning is at or above the best its ever been. I was super pumped to try this wod because I had a feeling I would kill my old times. This was the first time I can remember completing DT also. Thanks.

  84. 1) 185
    2) 220, 235, 270, 285
    Conditioning – 9:04 PR (previous time: 10:56)

  85. Did 3 rep max back squat since I missed testing last week and wanted a benchmark.
    3 rep: 355
    Helen: 8:43. I fucking hate this workout

  86. BB Gym:
    7×1 @ 165lb

    LBBS: 1×8@165, 1×8@185, 1×5@200lb, 1×5@215lb

    conditioning; “Helen” 8:21 previous time was 7:36, 45sec to make up

    2/6/8 Put an 8 b/c my quad tendonitis is hurting or my vangina.

  87. Midday
    C & J – 5x100kg, 2x110kg
    BS – 100, 107.5, 122.5, 122.5kg

    8.24 – 21 sec pr, could’ve been more. Had diarrhoea before and pains during workout, definitely slows you down on the runs.

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