Tonight marks the end of my immediate travel schedule, and the end of me saying things like—sorry, I have a ton of things to write in summary of the last 5 weeks, but I just don’t have time. I can say this… The 14 names listed below are either athletes that I personally coach, or are confirmed followers of this site. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them, and remind them of one thing—your season is not over. You have accomplished nothing except earning the right to participate in the finals of your sport. If you are going to California to simply pick up your free Reebok shit and get on ESPN, you may wanna find someone else to coach you. If, however, you believe that the Games champions are not already decided, then the goal remains to win everything.

Outlaws qualified for the 2012 CrossFit Games:


-Elisabeth Akinwale – 1st place, North Central
-Talayna Fortunato – 1st place, Southeast
-Chad Mackay – 1st place, Australia
-Christen Wagner – 1st place, Asia
-Rika Diederiks – 1st place, Africa
-Brandon Phillips – 2nd place, Southeast
-Jason Hoggan – 2nd place, South Central
-Patrick Burke – 2nd place, Southwest
-Kevin Simons – 2nd place, North West
-Alicia Gomes – 2nd place, North East
-Candice Ruiz – 2nd place, South Central
-Candace Hamilton Hester – 3rd place, NorCal
-Justin Allen – 3rd place, North Central
-Austin Stack – 3rd place, North West


-CrossFit 7 Mile – 1st place, Latin America
-CrossFit CDR – 2nd place, SoCal
-CrossFit Central – 3rd place, South Central
-CrossFit Champlain Valley – 3rd place, North East
-Team Butchers Lab – 3rd place, Europe

WOD 120528:


5 rounds for time of:

12 Deadlifts @ 155/105#
9 HPC @ 155/105#
6 Push Jerks @ 155/105#

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    • Yeah I’m thinking the same thing. Especially since Rudy said at Christmas that he would give us another long horrible workout like the “12 Days of Outlaw Christmas” Memorial Day…not that I’m complaining.

  1. Alicia, Kevin… Congrats on qualifying this weekend… In the future please don’t keep me up until all hours of the night (in Japan) waiting too see how you are placing and just take first in everything so I can go to bed early! Glad you guys came out on top!

  2. Earned the right to participate. If you want more than to just participate it’s time for some work. Regionals is done…and mine was Rudy’s favorite, so there.

  3. WOD 120528: Outlaw Way
    Game prep


    5 rounds for time of: (~19:00)

    12 Deadlifts @ 135#
    9 HPC @ 135#
    6 Push Jerks @ 135#

    AB’S wheel x30
    500m farmer carry 45# plates

      • Crappy auto spell…”ab wheel”. The old school lawn mower wheel, metal bar and two bike grips. I love ’em.

      • Yes, I know what the fuck it is. The … was me asking myself why the fuck you would be doing them.

      • You don’t shit what I eat, so why sweat such an irrelevant detail as my doing ab wheel roll-outs at the end of a workout.

        Tomorrow I will eat a bunch of caramels, or something else completely arbitrary…

      • Eric it could be him asking himself that because he is one of the coaches that helps Rudy moderate this place .. so maybe ask yourself is you being a little dick going to help or hurt when you start looking for advice on how to get better

      • Although I am not one of Rudy’s coaches, just a measly moderator of ignorance, I appreciate the compliment.
        But as numerous other moderators have said before me, the only thing that Rudy(and people who matter) cares about are the things that are programmed on the blog. Not how many fucking Ab Wheels you did that day.

      • i’m not trying to be a “little dick” or start some shit here. I saw LGA’s original reply and answered up, thinking maybe he wasn’t sure what I had posted. As you notice, I was very polite in my first reply. I only flamed when the very next reply from LGA was rather snide…”I fucking know what it is….” type stuff.
        As a mod he should be promoting positive and focused discourse here, not firing up some n00b for posting “30 ab wheels”.

  4. DT – In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

    13:24 rx (Holy fucking weak forearms Batman!)

    Semper Fi to all my fellow Marines (and other servicemen) out there on this Memorial day! Stay safe!

  5. For the record, everyone that posts here are animals. It saddens me to know I’ve been crossfitting for a year and a half and I still struggle like all hell with the barbell. Here’s my disappointing numbers from just now.


    5 rounds for time of: (~19:00)

    12 Deadlifts @ 155#
    9 HPC @ 105#
    6 Push Jerks @ 105#


    Struggled with the HPC’s the most. Was it a good idea to use two different weights? I have two bars, so it’s not like I was loading/unloading.

    • Yes. And even so that must have been a dog fight.
      I remember my first go at this 2 years ago going 14 and change and it was hell.

    • Don’t beat yourself up, just do your thing. The real disappointment is not showing up and getting the work in. The results will come.

  6. MFS – 342

    “DT” – 17:56

    155# DLs, 115# HPC and PJ. I tried 135# for the HPC during the warm-up – shitty form. Disappointed, as I know I can get 135# overhead from previous work. Scaled anyway to 120# for the first round, form fell apart after 3rd rep. Scaled to 115# for remaining 4 rounds.

    Still have a long way to go to catch up to the < 10:00 crowd, but those overhead numbers are steadily climbing. Used to not be able to get 135# at all.

  7. 24’58” Rx’d

    Deadlifts and HPCs are cake for me, it’s the push press that kills me. That spinal compression is a b.

    Enjoyed it nonetheless. Added some deadlift triples up to 375, at which point my palm ripped open so that ended that haha

    Have a good day everybody

  8. Since Rudy decided to take it “easy” on us today, I figured I would make it a little “fun” and do DT @ 225. Ummm yeah, definitely not an elite time but I completed it
    16:46 – goal was sub 15 and I should have had it, but I rested way too much.
    Video to come.

  9. DT: 15.08 Rx. Grip sucked today, too hot and even chalk didn’t help. HPC were singles by the end. Push jerks were fine though.

  10. 20:40
    I have NEVER been able to handle the HPC and PJ of DT at the “women’s” weight of 105#. The last time I did this workout it was a struggle with 65#. I can’t believe how much stronger I am.
    Today I struggled to keep my grip on the fat bar, and that slowed me down on the HPC. I was doing singles on the first two rounds. The weight might as well have been 155#, I thought to myself. The first two rounds took almost nine minutes because of my self-imposed limitation. That got old really fast. I decided to quit telling myself that I couldn’t grip the fat bar and manned-up. I did sets of three for the last three rounds. All deads and PJ were unbroken. Back started to tweak in round three during HPC.

    MFS 1/3/6

  11. 1 rm snatch: 185
    3×3 behind the neck snatch grip push press: 155,175,185
    3×3 Heavy Snatch Pull: 215

    DT: 10:04

  12. 12:25
    First time doing it by standing up fully, then starting the HPC, rather than using deadlift 12 to start HPC 1.
    Deads unbroken, jerks unbroken, HPCs 3s and 2s.

  13. “DT”

    Had to scale after first round. HPC got ugly fast.
    155# 1st rd
    135# all others

    All gave some, some gave all!

  14. Only got in three rounds because it was all I had time for. And frankly I wouldn’t be able to finish the WOD in under thirty minutes. My erectors are fried.

    Three rounds in 15:14. Lots of work to do.

  15. DT 9:50 – Improvement from the last time I did it.

    MFS: 4/3/4

  16. Did “Running” DT… Started each rd with a 400 m run
    19:17 RX weight
    My first post here but have been following BB gymnastics for few weeks. Continuing to follow now as adding it in addition to team programming for the games. Coach Rudi make me strong!

  17. Wrist has been bugging me today, didn’t feel confident with power cleans or jerks today so I mixed it up.
    PR on “DT” from last summer is 6:22

    Did our affiliate WOD

    5 HSPU
    10 Burpees
    20 KB Swing, 24kg *vertical
    40 Double Unders
    80 KB Goblet Squats, 24kg
    40 Double Unders
    20 KB Swing, 24kg *vertical
    10 Burpees
    5 HSPU



    EMOM for 20 min
    Deadlift 315 x 3 odd minutes
    10 Pullups even minutes

    Hot as hell in the gym these last few days. 100 F with the humidex, tough to recover.


    • Humidex…is that some special Canadian word where you mix the percent humidity and heat index

      • hahaha yes Large Gentleman Athlete.

        I already converted to F, what more do you want!

        was 90F without humidity, with that factored in they say it “feels like” 100F

        haha weird and wild stuff up here!

      • Make that +2. I agree. Like any blog, its going to attract a bunch of dick bags who suck at most things in life and have the opportunity, here, and places much like here, to present themselves as something less sad than they really are.

  18. “D.T” – 9:25

    8 months ago I was taking 155 out of a rack to jerk it for three reps (not UB reps either) in a metcon. And now a sub-ten DT. Thank you Outlaw.

    Oh, and for people who had grip problems, unless you’re going to go crazy unbroken on the HPCs, do 11 Deadlifts with an alternate grip, then switch it up, do 1 Deadlift, and then start the cleans. I actually think it’s better that way anyway (again, unless you’re going to go mostly unbroken) because the brief pause lets you chunk off more HPCs, rather than going into them fried.

  19. 9:34 with 135lbs
    Haven’t graduated to men’s weights yet but this was a 2 minute PR with 135 in a matter of 2 months

  20. After ~3 weeks off for recuperating from a torn ham/groin pull, went after today’s like a muh, then stopped to suck wind, then back to work, then gasp and spit, etc. 15’06” Rx’ed in the end. Looking forward to being able to show improvement on a re-test since this was def not a PB.

    Pleasure to meet Rudy and Deac at the NE Regional and watch CVCF show some serious mettle. Great coaching. programming, hard work and teamwork paid off!

  21. An FYI to whoever is keeping track of such things (Rudy, Drywall, Laura?) I’m not on the team but the third place team in the Northwest Region, Spokane Valley CF, has been following The Outlaw Way since about the end of the Open. They posted on here at least once and I hit up Spokane Valley CF on Saturday’s and I’ve been seeing The Outlaw Way on the whiteboard for the past few weeks there.

  22. DT – 12:20. 20 minute PR! haha

    My history with this workout..

    Mid 2010 – With 60kg, all powercleans from the floor – 22 minutes
    Nov 2010 – As RX – 32 minutes
    April 2011 – With 60kg, hang power cleans – 16/17ish minutes
    Today – As RX – 12:20

    Very happy with my progress! This was all about the grip, so from the beginning I was being strategic..

    Deadlifts – 11/1 all rounds except 6/5/1 last round
    HPC’s – 4/4/1 all rounds except 2/2/2/1 last round
    PJ/PP – Unbroken

    I was through 3 rounds in 6 minutes, and 4 rounds in about 8:50 so I died on the last round, but still very happy with the improvement!! This workout is soo much easier now that I have the hook grip!

    5 minutes later_

    Back Squat on every second minute

    70kg x 3
    100kg x 3
    120kg x 3
    140kg x 3
    150kg x 3
    155kg x 3
    160kg x 3
    160kg x 3

    Some nice volume in here.

    Good night of training!!

  23. DT – about 15min
    My timer stopped at about 10min and had to be reset

    Need lots of work getting efficient at the overhead, just a little bit of pressing out killed the speed and made them a fight

  24. BBG:
    6×3 snatch @135. Needed to get back to snatching again

    8:34. Still reeling from the weekend of 3 Hero WODs, hotdogs, ice cream, and over drinking alcohol!!!
    Did first 2 rds in 1:45 then fell apart!!!

  25. DT in 9:26… bout a minute PR pretty happy with it all, the hang cleans aways get me

  26. DT 7:17-scaled to dl 155, hpc 135, pj 15#. Very happy to be able to put weight overhead.

  27. Made this benchmark up today since I couldn’t work out all weekend.
    7:03 rx’d.
    My first rnd felt amazing, went so fast by the 4h I even rested on the deadlifts. I know I could do better. Lesson learned, no more 3 day vacations from the gym and eating deliciously crappy memorial weekend desserts.
    Lookin forward to havin another go at this. DT is my favorite 🙂

  28. DT-accidently did 6 rounds: 21:10. this was miserable. Couldnt hold onto the bar to save my life.

  29. Had to make this one up….

    6:56 Rx (PR by over 2 min!)

    Deads and PJs were performed unbroken, but had to break up HPC to 5 and 4 after round 3

  30. 12:08

    DL unbroken
    HPC killed me UB rd 1 bt the rest broken- my forearms couldn’t handle it
    PJ all UB except rd 4

    Could not finish this workout before…

    The BB complexes kill me


    * shoulders tight and sore from starting to throw the baseball again (BP for kids) and dodgeball

  31. First time. Did 30 minutes after a 500m row, 50 wall balls that gave me a fran type cough. Could be the colder air coming into winter in Aus. Will go even better next time we meet.


    Hook grip the deadlift overhand both hands, rest on 11’s all but 1st set, rested late into HPC all but first set. 1st and 4th set of PJ unbroken others 1-2 breaks.

  32. New to the board. Started the program immediately following regionals. Love it so far. Have to work a week behind because of issues with work and timing rest days.
    DT: 6:36. PR

  33. Been off for 2 weeks was diagnosed with quardrciep tendonitis.
    felt tired

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