We’ve taken upwards of thirteen 1st place finishes in WOD 5, aka “The Snatch Ladder”. This fact is neither surprising or impressive in my opinion, simply because the program is built around getting a lot of exposure to the Olympic lifts. We, however, haven’t necessarily had the same success with WOD 1, aka “Diane”, that I would have thought, especially considering one of the other major building blocks of the program is constant gymnastics practice.

Well, boys and girls, today we had a little more success…




WOD 120526

BB Gymnastics

1) 12 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch.
2a) 3X3 Behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


3 rounds for time of:

7 Muscle-Ups
21 DB Thrusters @ 35/20#

Compare to: 111219

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  1. quick 7am work ,
    Snatch 135
    10 min EMOM 2 muscle ups
    Heading to Poughkeepsie CrossFit for the Grand opening /Memorial Day party
    We’re doing “Carse” at 9am

  2. BB Gymnastics
    1) 12 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch – hit 97.5kg (PB of 100kg) missed 102.5kg
    2a) 3X3 Behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press – 100kg
    2b) 3X3 Snatch Pulls – 130kg

    3 rounds for time of:
    7 Muscle-Ups
    21 DB Thrusters @ 15kg

    Extra fun
    As a team of 3 complete 6 rounds of
    22 thrusters 50/30kg
    22 box jumps 24/20″
    Run 400m
    22 burpees
    22 pull ups

    Whole team runs together, reps in the gym shared out as long as 22 get done
    Total time around 42 minutes

    • Samir – one thing I notice is that when you’re in the hole on that attempt, you are looking down. That pitches your weight forward and the bar as well. Your second pull was quick and you got under the bar fast but remember to keep your eyes up. Just a thought!

      • Thanks, looking at my other attempts and looking down does seem to be the problem.

    • I’m no expert, but I do train with one: looks to me like your starting bar path comes out around your knees instead of you moving your knees ‘out of the way’

    • The bar is in front of you the entire lift. The weight of your body is on the front of your foot before the bar gets past your knees. The weight of your unit (body and barbell) stays in your midfoot through out the lift. Especially with the Nike Romaloes, you HAVE to sit back into your heels and be patient.

      Another thing is you are ripping it off the ground. This adds to the problem of the weight being forward…

  3. Snatch – 92.5Kg, 97.5Kg(F)

    Snatch PP – 80-85-90
    Sn Pulls – 100-102.5-105

    MU – 4/3; 3/2/2; 3/2/1/1 – no failures
    Th – 14/7; 9/7/5; 9/7/5

  4. BB Gym:
    1) 120 – 5# under PR
    2a) 135, 140, 145
    2b) 170, 185, 195
    off day. everything felt heavy.

    used red bands for MU transitions

    MFS – 2/3/3

  5. BBG
    1. Find 1rm snatch – 125 (pr for full snatch, trying to catch up to my power snatch)
    2a. 125
    2b. 135

    Worked on MU skill in leiu of conditioning.

  6. BBG:
    1) 115, 125, 135, 145, 155f, 155-not much, but its a 10# PR.
    2a) 155
    2b) 205


  7. BB Gymnastics
    1) 145# AGAIN!!! it felt easy, missed 155# twice!! must b a mental block, so weak!!!!
    2a) 145, 155, 165#
    2b) 135, 145, 145#


  8. BBG:
    1RM snatch: 155.
    165 was a double fail and some nice over the top screams of frustration.

    3×3 snatch press: 135 – 155 – 165
    3×3 snatch pulls: 165 – 165 – 165

    Subbed in 95 lb barbell for rnd 1, 75 lb barbell rnds 2&3.


    That was hard…I was cooked today. Sore as heck. But still smiling, fuck yeah

  9. BB Gymnastics

    Spent longer working up to 1RM
    Hit 225, had 240 locked out twice but too far forward and lost it coming up….the one I was determined to save and ran about 15ft out with it before loosing it behind. Sloppy….

    BTN Snatch grip Push Press
    205 x 3
    225 x 3
    240 x 3 PR by 5#

    Snatch Pulls
    245 x 3
    275 x 3
    275 x 3


    5:00 (last time 5:16)

    MU – UB, 4-3, 3-2-2
    Thrusters – UB, 12-9, 11-10

    BUT also did 200 ring dips last night, shoulders got hit pretty hard from this


    Woke up and could hardly walk with my calf being in spasm last night, couldn’t get into a full squat. had it worked on when I got to the gym, prepared to have to make up other programming for today, worked out alright.

    Coming back in later for “Beer Grace”
    30 C&J. 135/95, full beer every 5 reps.

  10. BB Gymnastics
    1a) 225- This is 20 lbs less than at regionals. I don’t know whats going on with it but I need to fix it. All this work should help.
    2a) 245, 265, 265
    2b) 275, 275, 275

    7:56. I struggle on Mus so this work is great!

  11. BB Gymnastics:
    1a. 205
    2a. 155, 175, 195
    2b. 225, 255, 275

    AMRAP 7:
    24″ to 38″ Box Jumps 5 Reps
    10 Ground to Shoulder Stones 120lb (Alternating Shoulders)

    Completed 4 rounds

  12. guys/girls help me out. looking for form critique and trust me there’s no shortage of bad form in this video. my current PR is 155…this is 165 and as you can see, i’m being a baby and intimidated to catch it in a full squat like I need to in order to stick the lift. 135 is the heaviest that I can currently pull with “better” form and catching in the hole as I should.

    what i’m seeing:
    -right off the bat my hips shoot into the air turning the first pull into a stiff legged snatch dealift…taking my quads out of the equation
    -pulling too slow on the second pull, not being aggressive enough
    -not catching in a full squat and getting under the bar

    I’m sure there’s more though that i’m doing wrong, so go ahead and rip this one to pieces, I need the help.

    • you hit the nail on the head with your self critique, third pull definitely needs to be more aggressive. at least you are good at self critique, keep following Outlaw and watching yourself, you will get better.

      • Thanks for the feedback Zach, I appreciate it. took the time to watch a ton of snatch videos today and went back out, lowered the weight a lot and worked on improving it. I’m still too slow getting in the hole, and you’ll see I tend to speed up through the pulls and then kinda ride the weight down into an OHS. practice makes perfect though

    • Chris- you asked for it, so I did it. I went through this in order, I wrote down everything that I saw. You will see that if you mess it up early, it is only going to stay messed up or lead to more problems. It rarely ever fixes itself. Again, I wrote them as I saw them, was not trying to explain things until I actually came to type this up. (and that is only so you can actually fix yourself)

      [Starting position]
      – Feet are too far apart. (you want them underneath hips. greater power closer)
      – Hips are too high.
      – Back is rounded.
      – Head is down. (look straight)
      – Right wrist is hyper extended. (Why?)

      [1st Pull]
      – Bending arms + raising hips = barbell not moving. (arms straight)
      – Bar comes off ground when hips are higher than shoulders. (mostly back- very little help from legs).
      – Head still looking at ground.
      – Weight of unit (body+bar) is in the front of the foot.

      [2nd Pull]
      – Arms bent. (No power from legs)
      – Bar is way too far in front of Center of Mass (CoM)
      – Weight of unit is being carried in mid foot. (needs to be in the heel)
      – Knees are bent far too much.
      – Jumping way too early. (barbell should be close to hips before you jump)
      – Head is not looking straight up. (still should be looking straight here)
      – (you look to be favoring the left side. Maybe because of the wrist- extended right wrist will allow the bar to fly away, causing less control over that side but a stronger feel of the left side).

      [3rd Pull- Receiving of bar]
      – Feet land far too wide for hips to get low. (remember you have to squat)
      – Bar in front of CoM. (Need for it to land right over your heels)
      – Head is looking at ceiling. Even after weight is received. (your head dictate the shoulders. Your shoulders dictate your arms. Your arms dictate the bar. So, essentially, if your head is out of position, the bar will be out of position).
      – Hips are forward and not back ready to receive the barbell. (Got to catch in OHS).


      [Additional tips]
      – Hands could stand to be a little further out. Maybe 1/4″- 1/2″ on each side.
      – I am posting this after you posted the second video of you lowering the weight. Good job on taking that initiative.
      – Have someone knowledgeable watch you and work on your technique.
      – Work the pieces of the whole. This is a complex movement. I typically make people start hips down (snatch from hips, above knees, below knees, floor) Then correct on things from there. If I take away things that can be messed up early and stay with the lift then (in theory) I am limiting the number of errors I have to correct.

      Finally, you have all the “right” gear to protect you as you get heavier in weight (knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belt, etc.). However, if you do it right and with better form, you will lower the risk of injury. They have their purposes, but they do not make the lifter.

  13. BB Gymnastics

    PR’d!!…. lol I started outlaw 2 weeks ago and seen TREMENDOUS improvement!
    135# Snatch…. Got under 140, but walked forward and time was up… Last Saturday I got a 125# Snatch… awesome feeling!


    13:53 RX

    • Sorry I forgot my snatch pulls and snatch balances

      155# Snatch Balance
      205# Snatch Pulls

  14. Worked up to 180lbs 5# below PR just didn’t feel it today.

    1a) 215,215,225
    1b) 235

    Conditioning. Rx’d. 7:37

  15. Conditioning: 10:45

    Was shooting for sub 10:00 but dug myself into a hole on my second round of muscle ups that I was unable to get out of.

  16. Conditioning: 11:00. Used 75# bb thrusters since i dont have dbs. Felt like crap.

  17. BBG
    1) 248-felt a lot better this week, tried 255 and missed
    2a) 225, 235, 245
    2b) 275×3 low back was a little tight didn’t push it on these

    Conditioning – 7:50
    MUs were 4-3 on the first rd, DB thrusters UB, then I got 2 MUs and noticed the rings were getting uneven and hit 3 singles and they had gotten so uneven I was pulling mostly with one arm and the transition was really awkward so I switched to bar MUs, thrusters 12-9, all single bar MUs w/ one miss, UB thrusters

  18. 1. 185
    2a. 175
    2b. 225
    Conditioning: 7:36. PR by 4:04. MU’s have improved greatly but hit all wall on the last rep, may have taken a full minute just for that one.

  19. bbg
    1. hit 225, 245, 265, easy money, spent the rest of the time playing with 285, here is an attempt, criticism is always appreciated.

    2a) 275
    2b) 295
    conditioning 9:46 rx’d muscle ups are getting better, db thrusters were difficult, felt the ring dips from yesterday

  20. Rudy!!! My snatch has been stuck @ 175 for two years. Got 180 then 185 today! Gonna kiss u right on the mouth (no homo) when I see you. Thanks again for your coaching tips with our team CF Paragon @ southeast regionals.

  21. Snatches feeling awful all week.

    1. Worked to 195 kept missing. 185 max today, 5lbs under PB
    2. 205 x 3
    3. 255 x 3

  22. Snatch PR, 230lb today..felt great! 10lb PR

    2a 205-205-225
    2b 255-255-255

    Conditioning, 5:54 rx’d…never did this WOD before….taking to many breaks between sets.

  23. BBG
    1) 145lb 5lb off from pr (last week) 2 attempts 155, first 1 weak pull, second got under it but intimidated and couldn’t stand it up

    2a) 155-155-155
    2b) 175-175-175

    conditioning 4 hours later due to brunch

    12:50 rx’ed, singles on muscles ups second and third rounds should get them back fast

  24. 1) Snatch – 230 not a PR but have not hit 230 since December of last year.
    2a) 225/235/240 F after 1st rep
    2b) 275/275/275

    rx’d = 6:45 (5 min pr from December. Starting to be more fluid in my kip when stringing multiples together. All thrusters unbroken)

  25. 1) Snatch – 190 PR! Took 3 attempts at 200 and missed the, out front, it’s there though.
    2a) 175- did 4 sets
    2b) 255- did 4 sets

    Did amrap 7min: 150 DU buy in then : 5 burpees + 7 wall balls
    Results: 7+4

  26. BB: 198# PR

    2a.) 195#, 215#, 220#
    2b.) 215#, 225#, 225#

    Ran out of time for conditioning because I wasted too much time trying to cure my hangover from all those birthday tequila shots. Thanks Quintela brothers…

  27. BBG: 185# Full Squat Snatch PR- still 20 pounds short of Power Snatch PR
    2a) 190, 170, 170 (using too much legs on first set)
    2b) 185, 185, 185 (form still sucks on these)

    Did my first muscle up and couldn’t get another so did
    21 UB thrusters, 1 muscle up, 12 pullups and 12 ring dips, 8,7,6 thrusters, 14 pullups and 14 ring dips, 8,7,6 thrusters, 14 pullups and ring dips.
    (pullups I went UB first set, 7, 5, 2 on the second set, and 4, 4, 3, 3 on third set)
    (dips UB first set, 7 and 7, and then 2’s for final set)

    Took 15 minutes (would have taken less time if I didn’t have to move the rings after missing MU’s)

  28. Figured I’d start posting my results since it’s now my second week following this unreal programming. Most of the girls out lift me and my metcon times aren’t competitive but I’m hoping to change all of that this year.

    1) 145
    2a) 155 (20lbs more than last week, felt great)

    9:37 as RX’d
    …I hate thrusters

  29. 1) 205#…. Matched PR
    1a) 195
    2b) 195 )OHS sub
    Conditioning…..13:00…..UB Thrusters and Single MUs….
    MFS 8-4-8

  30. Did a 2nd workout today with a couple friends.

    4 rounds
    4 dl @365- 6 s2oh @185- 8 bj @24
    Time: 5:11- everything unbroken, box jumps with a step down every rep.

  31. Memorial Day Murph
    W/ vest 39:14.
    Rested 15 minutes then
    without vest 35:00.

  32. BBG – 70kg. Snatch was terrible today
    Strength – Subbed Normal Push Press because of sore shoulders from yesterday
    1a) 105kg x 3 (Equals PR), 105kg x 2 x 2 (Failed on 3rd both sets)
    1b) 100kg x 3 x 3. Not much explosiveness on my pulls today. Sigh
    Subbed 7 strict pullups + 7 strict ring dips for 7 muscle ups.
    Subbed 15kg plates (mine have handles around the rim) for 35# db’s
    First round unbroken, everything else really broken.

    No push today. Bad day of training for me. Sigh

  33. 1. 95, 105, 115, 120, 125 new PR (5#), 130 Fail-only tried it once, and I caught it, but I quit on it because I’m a sissy and my shoulders were screaming. Next time.
    2a. 85
    2b. 205
    Conditioning: 18:03 (Thrusters UB, limiting factor definitely muscle ups, but I did them all. Only my fourth or fifth workout with them)

    MFS: 1/3/8 My shoulders hate me today. I didn’t think I could PR the snatch or do any muscle ups. Made it happen.

  34. Extra Conditioning this morning: 4 minutes of each station with 1 minute break
    250 meter row, 10 2pood KB swings
    5 squat cleans @135, 10 pullups, 15 KB jerks at 1pood each
    10 ground to overhead sandbag lifts @ ~50 pounds, then 150 yard run with sandbag
    1 15′ rope climb, 2 stones to shoulder with 120 pounds.

    struggled on rope climb, first time ever doing it though.

  35. 1) 175# from high blocks (hip-height)
    2a) Up to 225# (shoulda gone heavier)
    2b) Up to 285#

    1) 5:21

    Extra Conditioning
    2) 7rds +1

    3) 22:21 (hell on earth)

    M/F/S – 2/4/5

  36. BBG
    190# that’s a 5# PR! Missed it twice but got it on the third.

    2a) 205#

    Felt strong throughout

    2b) 220#

    Grip started to get fatigued by the last set.

  37. 1) 165 – seems go be a theme lately. Stopped here because we had a lot to do today.
    2a) up to 185 but singles cause no jerk blocks.
    2b) 205

    Previous was 5:49
    4:32 – subbed bar muscle-ups today after falling thru on my first MU in a different gym with really high rings. Didn’t do the gymnasticky ones either they were real bar muscle-ups this time!

    Did 3 other wods I won’t bore you with!

    MFS: 2/3/2 – these #’s increased after Being there 4 or 5 hours!

  38. BB Gymnastics:

    1. 125 power snatch in 8 minutes and stopped — knee / ham better but told “no deep squatting” by doc. Definitely becoming a mental as well as physical thing.
    2a. 145 — no rack today so clean and jerk to start position
    2b. 185

    Conditioning: modified to 7 strict PUs, 7 ring dips, 21 2 pood KB swings

    Forgot to start timer. Just went as hard and as fast as I could.

  39. BB Gym:
    I did yesterday’s pc&p(p)j, up to 175#
    Then EMOM @ 155# (missed 2 total presses)

    Sub’d muscle-up progressions
    Thrusters @ 30#
    Time: 9:10

  40. Still feel like sh!t.

    Cond. MU with 1/2 in red bands. 14:50

    That’s probably all i will manage to get done today.

  41. 1) 195 – 10# off my PR, shit day.

    1a) 200

    2b) 220

    Conditioning – 9:54 MU’s inconsistent, need serious work!

  42. Today was the worst day I have experienced in my training IN A LONG TIME. Not sure how long, but A LONG TIME. Maybe ever. Nothing worked right. I felt like shit. I moved like shit. it was shit!

    BBG 155 so ugly I’m embarrassed to post that number.

    155 – 215
    185F – 215
    155 – 215


    Wait for it………………


    This was the hardest lesson I’ve taken in a long time!

  43. 1)155- power snatch missed snatch 30 pound drop from last workout felt weak?
    2a)175 x3 behind push press (felt heavy and missed last one on 3rd set
    2b) 245 x3 heavy

    Cond=13:18 (substituted 7 pulls, jumping negatives) dumbells unbroken

  44. 1) worked to 185 then dropped 165-175-185-190
    went for 200 missed
    *my old pr is 200 and I can’t seem to get past it anymore. I think something has gone wrong in my technique because all of my assistance lifts for the snatch have increased



    Could not find a bar high enough so seated MU’s

    *shoulders sore and tight from throwing baseballs again

  45. 1) 165, 175 (fail)
    2a) 175
    2b) 245

    Conditioning – 7:10. beat my last time by 1:29.

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