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  1. Thanks for rubbing it in, jerk. Some of us are stuck at home working. :p

  2. Argh! Laura, you broke my streak. I guess that’s the advantage of birthing children for the guy who posts!

  3. Fuck I love Thrice. Too bad there is no way that farewell tour makes it to hawaii….

    • Same here. No way they would make it to New Zealand either..
      At least I got to see them during the Vheissu tour 5-6 years ago.

      • At least you made it to a show though! I’ve been in love since Identity Crisis and still never managed to make it to a show… Did they play anything from The Illusion of Safety or earlier when you saw em?

      • Mac – I can’t reply to your message for some reason.

        From memory the vast majority of the songs were from Arist in the ambulance and Vhessui. All I remember hearing earlier than that was Deadbolt. Was definitely hanging out for some older stuff but alas, didn’t happen.
        They all seemed sick/exhausted – usually new zealand gets the first or last show of international tours – but it was still amazing.

      • Yah it won’t let me reply to your message either Shaun. I figured they wouldn’t play too much old stuff but I would still cream my pants to hear deadbolt live. From what I heard they were taking requests from people for their set list for this tour. Hopefully Rudy can confirm this but I would have to guess they grinded out a lot of older songs for those long time fans (I hope). Speaking of which I dunno if we have and Refused fans here, but is anyone going to make it to a show for this “comeback tour” of sorts?

  4. Tried to get into that show tonight but was sold out. Wonderland soothed the soul instead.

  5. Cant have these guys in New Zealand but possibly an Outlaw tour some day soon?

  6. So I have a pair of Romaleos 1 in the mail for me right now. Pretty excited to see what a truly stable platform will do for my lifts. I also was able to PR my jerk, and go heavier than I expected with my squats as well as have a beer and enjoy the sun.

    In the words of my people
    “It’s a fine fine day to be an Outlaw!”

  7. Seeing thrice in SoCal stoked you like them outlaw is the shit! Drywall is a pussy he can’t write anything funny anymore.

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