You just never know who you’re going to get an email from that lets you know they’ve been following the site… *shaking my head* you just never know.

(It’s the guy that Snatched 265# in the video and WON the Australian Regional, Chad Mackay.)

WOD 120523:

BB Gymnastics

7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO


15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press.


For total time:

Run 1 mile
40 Pullups
30 Pullups
20 Pullups

Notes: HSPU are Regionals standard and kipping is allowed.

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  1. I am really looking forward to that Strength phase coming up for the off-season! My bench can really use the help.

  2. Hey guy’s. My name is Jason Haywood (the other dude in the video) and chad’s training partner. I to have been following your program leading up to the regionals and finished in 6th place overall. Love it. Just thought I would let you know.

    Kind regards from down under.


  3. With so many Australians coming out of the woodwork might be time for a training camp down under..

    • And pop over to New Zealand while you’re at it, there is a bunch of people following down here too!

      Cool to see Chad and Jason have been following, I wonder how many other top athletes are following undercover…….

      • The Australian Regionals was awesome! Ive been following for the last month or so the only part i have not followed has been the strength. I have a lifting coach and i follow his training and programs.
        A huge shout out to all athletes from Australia and its great to know that the top athletes from Aus are on this site 🙂
        Training Camp to Australia is a must!!
        PS: Im traveling over to the states to watch the games in july so ill make sure to keep an eye out for the outlaw crew.

    • its in the same time zone as Japan .. they can go see you in September when they are done with us up here!!!!!

    • I’ve been trying to go Westside but I have a hard time keeping my upper arms externally rotated and it’s just a bit painful. Gone back to bodybuilding style. Then again, I’ve also seperated both shoulders (right shoulder twice) and tore my left pec about ten years ago. I may not be the best example…

  4. My Name is Mahdi Te Heuheu. I’m the third guy in the video. I came 8th in the region. I have also been following this site for the last 6 weeks, I will follow it all the way to the 2013 games!

    Outlaws everywhere! I love it

    • Loved the Haka Mudz. How many from Mount Crossfit are following? We have about 3 of us at Crossfit Newmarket who have just started this week, been lurking round this site for a while……. You coming up for CFNZ Battle Royale 4?

  5. While I’m no crossfit badass, i too have been following from Auckland, New Zealand..

      • Hey mate,

        Im a garage crossfitter in South Auckland.
        I have some bumpers, bar, squat rack, kettlebells and rings.
        It seems to be working pretty good so far!

  6. Rock on Kiwis (oh, ok, and Aussies)!

    Anyone in or around CFDunedin following?

  7. Been following for three months now, loving it. From Sydney Australia.
    Bring on Aussie outlaw training camp!

  8. BB Gymnastics
    270# went too fast with too many reps getting to RM. I had 285 a month ago.

    For total time: 29:00.
    Still getting my scaling locked down. Too long. I needed this to be about a 16:00 – 20:00 WOD

  9. Chads a great guy and competitor! Looking forward to hanging out again-big guys got to stick together!
    Glad to see so many outlaws from around the world finding success!

  10. BB Gymnastics
    7×1 – 175 Every set
    Felt good. Struggled with the tall snatch but got it together by the end. Also, I tried the “superman pull” from Jay North’s video…great instruction.

    325. This felt good but went up real slow.

    6:11 Mile. This feltt good and was happy with my mile. I wasn’t pushing it 100% on the mile because I wanted some energy when I got back. Felt like I could for sure do sub 6.
    13:59 Overall

    • Are you in the games?? Those are insane numbers! I just started following this 2.5 weeks ago, I hope I can get to those numbers one day haha.

    • I took the time to look you up on the games website. Good numbers in the open!

      • Thanks man. I decided to go team this year but have been to the games 2 years ago with Crossfit Wilmingtons team. I am now at Crossfit Vitality and I have started following Outlaw 2 weeks ago as well. I look forward to becoming a better athlete this year. He seems to have a great program that produces great athletes. Good luck to you this year!

      • I replied with 3 links to your comment further down on the page but it says it is waiting on moderations. If it doesn’t go through soon. I will repost them.

    • My first Outlaw post is in reply to you. 6 WOD’s in on Outlaw and I am mangled in general..especially from the copious amount of squatting and those GHD’s.

  11. BB Gymnastics

    7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – #115
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-lfIreOfas (Last set…not the best of the bunch, but heavier than last weeks 95#.)


    1RM Bench Press – 225, 245, 265, 285 (PR 1 RM)


    15:46 rx – Almost got hit by a fucking Semi crossing the road on the mile run!

    Active rest day tomorrow barefoot waterskiing! Yah beer!

    M:1 F:3 S:3

  12. Question for all you guys who snatch with a lot of layback at the top: anyone else start mangling their back when they started learning this?

    I’m chucking around old PB weights really easily now, but I’ve also pulled a lower trap, a spinal erector and pissed off one of my SI joints in the process too (seperate occasions).

    I don’t normally “do” injuries, anyone got any tips beyond stretching the shit out of my hip flexors and getting stronger abs?

  13. BB Gymnastics:

    Slowly easing back in on left knee. First day back snatching in 2 weeks. Kept it light and power snatches only: 7×1 @ 48kg


    185lbs — weak


    Subbed 1000m row (3/4 slide) for mile run
    Strict PUs


  14. BB Gymnastics
    Started at 75# and worked to 95# concentrating on speed n hip ext.

    295# missed my old PR of 305#

    My run time sucked, I wasn’t going all out but still it was like 8+ <—- WHAT THA FUCK?!?!

  15. Snatches 5 x 2 @80Kg, missed one of the first set, two of the second, got the remaining sets no problem.

    8:05 for the mile
    PU: 15-13-5-4-3 / 7-7-4-4-5-3 / 11-5-2-2
    HSPU: 9(1)-7-2(1)-1(1)-1 / 4-5-4-2 / 4-3-1-2

  16. BB Gymnastics
    1) 7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. 

    1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press.

    1) For total time:
    Run 1 mile
    40 Pullups
    20 HSPU
    30 Pullups
    15 HSPU
    20 Pullups
    10 HSPU

    Notes: HSPU are Regionals standard and kipping is allowed.


    1)95-135-135-140-140-145 High hang is the limit. Floor was quick and snapped 

    1) 135×5-185-215-225(barely)-230(struggled, arched back way hard. Pushing away instead of back)

    1) 14:50. Run @6:00 with good amount in tank still. First run in 105 days, legs held up well. 
    Pullups 20/20-12/8/10-10/5/5. Push yourself
    HSPU 20 strict, then Kip 15-10. Much easier on stable platform

  17. BB Gymnastics

    115lbs for all sets- Felt great, should be able to step this up to 135lbs pretty easily, trying to be patient and get form dialed in instead of trying to go all beastmodal™ on the barbell.


    205lbs-Should have this at 225lbs+ if I get my shit together and bench a bit more


    16:34 (minus last set of PU&HSPU but also ran a bit farther than a mile I think)-Guessing I would have been around 20’ish if I wouldn’t have ran out of time.

  18. BBG:
    Started at 95# and worked up to 125#.

    315# (PR)

    18:21 rx’d.

  19. BBG
    115# No misses


    My HSPU still suck ass! But at least they are better than they used to be.

  20. BB Gym:
    95# all sets

    175,190(PR), 205(almost PR slight touch of the bar from spotter)



  21. BB gymnastics
    1) 125x3sets, 135×2,145×2 ( worked on staying patient in the bottom, so sat there for 2-3 seconds each position)
    275=20lb PR
    conditioning 15:15( still struggling with HSPU’s but getting better, 6:13 mile= 80%. trying to conserve energy for everything else)


  22. Feeling really weak this week.

    BBG – 135 all sets. Good reps but felt blah.

    Don’t have a bench so did OH Press – 185=20lbs less than PR

    Cond.- 14:54 rx’d. (.75 mile)

  23. Weightlifting
    1) 3 pos Snatch @ 2×135, 2×145, 1×155, 1×165, 1×175

    1) CGBP 1RM @ 285 (+10# PR)

    Rx’d -> 17:30
    First set of 40 pullups UB … good milestone for me (being 220#)

    2/2/2 -> felt much fresher today

  24. BB Gymnastics – 155#
    Strength – 225# Bench Press
    Conditioning – 15:59 Rx


    Awesome stuff. Been following the Outlaw way for 2 weeks now and been feeling great. I wish I was introduced to the Outlaw way sooner.

  25. Interesting article posted today on the Journal from Bill Starr about the deadlift. I don’t want to spark the debate of “to deadlift or not to deadlift”, so my question to the Outlaw crew is this:

    Mr. Starr suggesting using lifting straps as often as possible. What is your opinion? Should you use wrist straps so grip strength is not a concern? Or do you think it’s better to get the grip strength up before worrying about crazy heavy lifts?

    The same goes for wrist wraps, do you folks use them or no?

    Also, I’m not a games competitor and don’t know for sure, but are lifting straps allowed in competition? What about wrist wraps? I figure if they’re not allowed in competition, then why bother using them in training?

    Just curious, that’s all. Thanks for any replies.

    • In exercise competitions, we throw around barbells like Thai hookers. You need all the grip strength you can get.

    • In certain lifts, using straps helps lift more weight, so that is a decent reason to use them. For instance, you might only be able to snatch 205 with no straps, but 225 with them. So you can improve by using straps by adding more weight, but your not going to get a stronger grip. If you use straps (which I occasionally do), you have to add some grip strength training into your regiment (which I also do). Hope that helps.

  26. Hi there… My name is Andres Danelutto from Argentina…. your programming is the best. I finished 3rd on Latin America Regional last year. i would like be in California next year

    Bench Press 286lbs

    Conditioning 12:46

  27. BBG- Tested my 1RM, missed it on saturday due to sprained thumb Got 195 beautifully, missed 205 on the drop. No PR today, but my form was far better than the last time that I got that weight.

    Then went throught the workout.

    3 positions snatches at 135, 135, 135, 145, 145, 145, 145.

    Ended up snatching for about an hour and loved it.

    Bench press – 250# (45 # PR. Thumb bothered me a little bit, still a little sore from spraining it one week ago. Maybe if I had been able to get that last working bench press day last wednesday I could’ve thrown up 265-270)


    1 mile run (was actually 2000 meters, there’s not an ‘even’ 1600 near my gym, took 9:00)
    40 Pull ups – 5 sets of 8 were planned, switched to 8 sets of 5
    20 HSPU – sets of 5
    30 Pull ups – sets of 6
    15 HSPU – sets of 5
    20 pull ups – 8, 8, 4
    10 HSPU – got the first 4, then nothing left in the tank. Kept doing single kips.

    Total time 26:17

    4/5/3 – did not sleep well last night at all, woke up forty minutes from my training session

  28. BB Gymnastics
    145- missed the high hang on the 1st set so did and extra set at the end.
    295- went for 305 and just didnt have it.

    17:59– mile 6:50, pull ups were fine mostely sets of 20/10. hspu were a mess, did them all strict due to falling off the wall everytime I tried to kip.

  29. BBG- 75 all the way

    Strength, got up to 205 on the last set. I had no spotter so didn’t want to risk death.

    Conditioning- My run was bull shit, 8+ minutes, Finished at 27:08 subbed 145lbs push press for HSPU because I am a punk bitch who can’t do more than 3 or 4 HSPU in a row still.

  30. A) 115/115/135/135/155/165 miss from high hang/165
    B) 340 missed 355

    time: 18:02 fucked around too much on pu and hspu

  31. BBG) 115, 115, 115, 135, 135, 135, 145 (missed on last rep)
    Strength) 290 on bench max

    conditioning- changed it up because I wasn’t going to be able to do all of it.
    400 m run, 20 HSPU (feet on bar), 20 pullups- 3 rounds finished with 1 more 400 m run. Finished this in 13 minutes or so, forgot it after I looked at the clock.

  32. Gymnastics:
    7×1 at 135#, just started learning to snatch. Really glad you guys put so much emphasis on it.





    6 Minute Mile
    All Pullups in Two Sets Each
    HSPU Unbroken

  33. BBG
    100# across the board, dropped to full squat snatch everytime, which is a first for me. A little shaky but felt great. After the games this weekend and seeing power snatch debacles, ego be damned! I’m doing it right from the start.

    230# 15# under PR, rushed for time and haven’t been benching much.

    1mile 7:25
    20 pike HSPU
    5 strict pull ups
    10 pike HSPU
    5 ring pull ups
    10 pike HSPU
    5 ring pull ups
    10 pike HSPU
    5 ring pull ups
    10 pike HSPU

    Shoulder buggy so I stuck with strict pull ups, 6 anchors in right labrum got me sceeered!

  34. 3 POS Snatch (135-155-175-185-190-190-195)

    1RM Bench (365lbs) First time benching heavy in a very long time. In hind site I probably should have made an attempt at 385, but I will take it for now.

    Conditioning (26:45) At a bodyweight of 251lbs this morning, this was the trifecta of suck for me. A longish run, high rep pull ups, and fairly high rep HSPUs. I have a long way to go in these areas, but have seen noticable improvements in the past few weeks.

  35. M/16/5’7”/160lbs

    BB Gymnastics

    7X1 3 Position Snatch (135#, 135#, 145#, 145#, 155#, 165#, 175#(missed last pos))


    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press. (215#)


    For total time:

    Run 1 mile (6:57)
    40 Pullups (30/5/5)
    20 HSPU (15/5)
    30 Pullups (15/8/7)
    15 HSPU (8/5/2)
    20 Pullups (11/9)
    10 HSPU (8/1/1)

    time: 15:17 as RX’d

    **HSPU all done strict**

  36. Been following your BB Gymnastics and Strength for 2 weeks now and I freaking love it.

    7×1 Position Snatch (115#, 120#, 125#, 130#, 135#, 140# Missed on high hang, 140# got it)

    15 Minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press

    Age 17
    BW – 155#

  37. BB Gymnastics:
    7×1 3 Position Snatch- Hit 145# all across board also caught every snatch in full squat
    Didn’t feel bad just felt like going lighter and hitting form

    Strength: also known as the Highlight of my workout
    PR by 20 lbs with 380#

    Conditioning: In the words of the great Brandon Phillips, “Enough to keep you hungry” was the definition of the wod for me……basically I sucked this one up…BUT i just identified more things to work on!!

    Run 8:25 should’ve pushed it more conserved to much for inside part
    Eventually ended with 23:25 after a fuckshit ton of scaling..

  38. BB Gymnastics: 7×1 3 Position Snatch @ 155
    Strength: ME Bench @ 325
    Conditioning: 14:09 (HSPU’s are a definite weakness of mine that I continue to work.)

  39. 3 pos snatch 125lb
    Bench 1RM 275
    Shouldn’t have waited 6 hrs to do cond..
    WOD Rx’d 19:56
    All strict HSPU

  40. 7×1 snatch 115lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs stayed light and worked on form

    Bench 305lbs good solid push

    Conditioning 16:31 didn’t push my run like I should really kicking myself for that.

  41. BB Gymastics

    7×1 3 Position Snatch (Floor,knee,high hang)

    165 (failed high hang)
    170 (failed high hang just barely)

    Just tested max bench in a tag team style comp a couple weeks ago – hit 290
    Worked to 1RM strict press since I haven’t done it in forever.

    185 ties PR, 190f

    Happy with that, last couple times I’ve tested this I haven’t been able to hit over 175.


    Run was 5:50ish, didn’t feel like I was going that fast….just stayed moving
    Pullups broken up too much, they weren’t there today at all.
    HSPU broken twice strategically, just to keep them fast.


    Sore all over after last 3 days.

  42. first day on outlaw
    M / 22 / 6’1 / 193lbs.

    BB gymnastics:
    7×1 3 position snatch- 95, 95, 115, 115, 125, 135, 135

    1 RM Bench Press 275#

    For total time:

    Run 1 mile (6:35)
    40 Pullups (10/10/10/10)
    20 HSPU (5/5/5/5)
    30 Pullups (10/10/10)
    15 HSPU (5/5/5)
    20 Pullups (15/5)
    10 HSPU (6/2/2)

    time: 20:09 RX
    Should have pushed harder on the pullups looking back, HSPU are a top weakness so glad to work on them.

    Hoping to improve my snatch, I can move a lot of weight but its not pretty so I focused on hitting depth on the catch making the reps feel fluid.

    Bench stuck at three quarters, pressed through.

    Love the programming, I think Im hooked, just need an Oly Coach now to correct my technique

  43. CFG Data:

    Had a horrible day, generally – got some weird blood results and was a bit worried; little focus.
    1. I really hammered technique after the seminar on saturday and Caleb said they looked better than normal: stuck with 60kg throughout. I hate the high hang without straps
    2. 245 – elbows were tweaky
    Conditioning: we didn’t time ,but it was good.

    Skipped snatch time constraints
    2. 285 – then stopped for time
    Conditioning – done. Rocked HSPUs

  44. Gymnastic-155 but missed the high snatch.

    I was not upset my coach said I had a good drop under the bar I just fell back on my ass.

    Strength- 275

    Conditioning- ran the mile in 6:11. Finished the workout in 21:11 talk about needing to be more efficient in my pull ups an HSPUs.

    I have been doing the workouts by myself but today my coach who tuned me into The Outlaw Way and follows it was there to give advice.


  45. Pretty amazing seeing exercisers from all over the world posting!

    BB Gymnastics:

    130 – Not even a PR, didn’t feel like I was positioned correctly.

    25:43 – 2 of my weakest movements in 1 WOD! Blah!

  46. BB :
    No misses, technique is improving as well as strength.

    Strength: 1 RM BP 270# (10 lb PR)

    Conditioning: 6:20 Mile

    Total: 16:22

    Improving on speed and efficiency on HSPU, but still need to work on it.


  47. 1) 135- all power snatches on the complexes due to knee
    2) 205, 225f, 215f
    Conditioning- 15:07

  48. BBG: 155 across

    Strength: 290

    Conditioning: 12:23

    5/5/7- slept terrible and woke up hurting everywhere

  49. Snatch – 177, 188, 193, 193(fail-high hang), 193(fail-high hang), 193, 193

    Bench – 305 hit 315 a while back
    Ok with that I guess, Lifetime PR is 335 but I weighed 255 and benched a lot(when I was an athlete and not an exerciser)

    conditioning – 17:30 slow. A bunch of goats for me on this one. Let’s see… Running, high rep pull ups and HSPU.

  50. BBG
    80# all sets. Feeling better and better in the bottom of the snatch.

    185# (15# PR)

    Run was the worst part. It’s hot in Texas.

    My numbers are not the best, but after a month into OW, all I do is PR.

  51. 3 position snatch: 92, 92, 92, 97, 97, 97, 97

    1RM Bench: 150

    Conditioning: 16:59

  52. Golf
    18 holes – yeah, I said it
    *It was hot/ humid as shit! Was pretty tired heading into the gym…

    95, 105, 125, 135, 135, 135, 135
    *Kept it light and really concentrated on form

    Gardens CrossFit wod – 8:22
    10, 9,…2, 1 – HSPU
    20, 18…4, 2 – v-ups

    Power cleans, full cleans, high pulls, and a couple of heavy single front squats to top it off

  53. BB gymnastics
    125f,125,130,135f,135,140,145f- Too Slow




  54. Snatch: first time doing these from low to high, 185 for all sets. felt fast and trying not to pull early

    Bench: hit 350

    Conditioning: 17:41 a miserable mile, followed by high rep pull ups = no fun. Kipping Hspu’s are coming along nicely, broke once on each set to avoid failure.

  55. BB:
    All UB felt fast and easy, At regionals I failed 2 times at 205 FML and finished 205 after the clock FML!!!!!

    I didn’t do bench I worked on HSPU (huge Goat)
    3xME (Narrow hand position)

    No conditioning this week for me

  56. Day 3.
    BB Gym:
    First 4 sets @75#, then 2 sets @78#, last set @83#)… most difficult from the knee for me.

    103# Bench Press… almost as pathetic as my press, but I’ll get there.

    1 mile took me 6:55, but HSPU’s are slow (sets of 3, then 2 then 1’s on the last set)

    Ready for a rest day!

  57. BB Gymnastics- Skipped

    Strength- 205 lbs

    Conditioning- Rx’d. Finished the run in 6:18. Felt easy, then finished the rest when the clock hit 18:11. HSPUs and my butterfly kip are getting a lot better.

  58. BB Gymnastics

    135 pounds (felt strong. Technique was on point.)


    235. New PR. Previous PR was 225.


    16:52 (Had to row 1600m instead of the run. Damn rain storm flooded our running route)

  59. @ CrossFit Shifted

    7×1 snatch
    125,135,145,155,165,170pr, 175miss
    Been lifting with an elieko bar once a week and missing everything but today with our old bars I hit everything… Fuckin weird!

    #235 bench: pr


  60. 3 pos snatch: 155, 165, 175, 185(2), 195(1), 195, 175

    Bench: 260lb (15lb PR)

    Did conditioning from 2 days ago (12 min amrap): 5 rounds + 5 GHD situps

  61. Hey, this was my first Outlaw day.
    BBG: 3 Position Snatch: 65, I haven’t worked on the snatch in months, went light and did it right…
    Strength: Bench 245
    Conditioning: 19:08, all HSPU’s were strict.

    All in all, I’m stoked to be here!

  62. BBG: started 10lbs heavier and ended 5 lbs heavier
    (135, 140, 145, 150, 155 – fail hh, 155, 160 – fail hh)

    240# (5lb PR)



  63. BBG: 90,6×95
    Strength: 1rm bench 185, 20lb PR

    conditioning: rock climbing hangboard training

  64. Almost killed myself with the 1RM Bench Press. Jumped a little higher than I should have with no spotter. Got stuck under the weight. Normally in situations like these, I just tip the bar to the right, weights slide off, bar goes flying to the left. No issues. Yesterday however, weights didn’t want to slide off. It was damn scary! Next time I’ll have a spotter. Successfully hit #185 on the bench though

  65. 7 x 1 snatch:
    115 – 115 – 115 – 135 – 135 – 115
    -on the 5th set i was in the hole and lost my balance a bit, had to dump the weight forward and did the roll backwards…clueless idiots in my gym all rushed over to make sure i was ok since they’ve never even seen a snatch before…lowered the weight so as to not freak anybody out.

    Bench 1rm:
    New PR at this bodyweight (170 lbs.) 235 x 1

    6:22 mile
    didn’t time the rest. felt good though.

  66. BB-135lbs All Sets

    Strength- 305lbs (158lb Bodyweight, 5lb PR)

    Conditioning: 11:45
    *Mile in 5:42
    *Unbroken on HSPU

  67. BBG:

    135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185(1)/165(2), 165 Got it from the floor at 185 then missed at the knees so I went down to 165. Hit everything else even though some were with an ugly push press at the top :


    335 at PR


    Almost too embarrassed to post…36:52, but it was RX’d

  68. BBG: 85, 95, 105, 105, 105, 105, 105 (not that heavy just technique)

    130# PR Finally body weight (weakness of mine)

    Run around 7min

  69. BBG – Skipped
    Bench – 110kg. Pathetic

    Conditioning – Subbed 2km row for run and 24kg KB swings for Pullups (it was freezing outside)

    23:25. Also Pathetic. Row was in 7:30 and felt good. Lower back stiffened up on the KB swings straight away – its usually my grip which limits me. KB swings – sets of 10 the whole way. HSPU’s – all strict, sets of 3-5 with big (read: 10-20 seconds) breaks to let my back feel less stiff.
    I don’t know why but my lower back was limiting my HSPU? Weird.

    Crap night, rest day today then hit it hard tomorrow

  70. BBG: 105 for all sets; worked from top down. Focusing on getting under the bar and locking at in hole. Love Olympic lifting everyday.

    Bench: 175lbs which was my previous max from about 5 weeks ago. 185 failed. 180 got stuck half way back up fought for 6 seconds but couldnt lock it out.

    Conditioning: 23mins; mile at about 85% did it in 6:44 Pullups were real good. Butterfly’s coming along nicely can get 12 connected before i lose my rhythm. HSPU are shit, did 10 for each set. Must’ve spent like 12 mins struggling with these.

    Extra: 7-8 sets of a Complex i made up of 1 power snatch, 3 snatch grip push press, 3 1&1/4 OH squats. Did at at 95lbs.

  71. BBG:

    Had to skip. All bars were taken. Grr. Will definitely make up.

    25:26 (rx). A little over a mile on the run.

  72. conditioning: 13:23, HSPU’s continue to get better.
    PR’d mile time easily with a 5:23. Really felt like i could have gone faster on it too. Just kept a steady pace so I wouldn’t blow myself up for the rest.

  73. BBG: 7×1 3 position SN, worked up to 125#, really trying to nail down and drill my bar path from knees to hips and final pull (“arched angel” as North commented on), seems light, but I need to drill the shit out of the tecnique
    Bench press: 300#
    Conditioning: 20:37, run surprisingly under 8 min at 7:40 and pull ups were best in a while, HSPUs still shitty but steadily improving

  74. modified wod

    800m run, 15 DLs 275, 36ft hs walk, 400m run, 10DLs, 36ft hs walk

    rest 2

    21 pu
    15 pu
    10 hspu

    Still working to get back to where I was

  75. Thursday PM
    3 position snatch worked up to 3 reps @ 65kg

    1RM bench PB @ 130kg, shot for a big jump of 140kg and narrowly missed it

    Friday AM
    For total time:
    Run 1 mile
    40 Pullups
    20 HSPU
    30 Pullups
    15 HSPU
    20 Pullups
    10 HSPU


  76. BB Gym:
    95, 95, 105, 105, 105, 105, 115#

    Bench 1rm: 185#, just missed 195#

    Conditioning from Outlaw CF:
    19:00 with toe-assisted HSPU

    Then 3 Magners. Very good day.

  77. BB Gymnastics

    7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO

    Strength – used 64 kg –

    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press.

    110 kg


    For total time:

    Run 1 mile
    40 Pullups
    20 HSPU
    30 Pullups
    15 HSPU
    20 Pullups
    10 HSPU

    Time 21.00

  78. BBG


    265 – Havent had this much on the bar in a year! Still recovering from a grade 3 AC seperation in my left shoulder but this felt good.


    15:10 – 6:31 mile not going all that hard, but my HSPU’s suck! I went very narrow on the grip, and my kip needs work. I’ve never really tried to kip before.

  79. 1) 135, 140, 145, 150, 155 x 2, 145

    1) 285 20# off pr and not sure why

    No timer but it was close to 20 min
    Run 1 mile

    *getting better at hspu but still a weakness

    *felt good before during and after workout on a beautiful start to Memorial day weekend!

  80. BBG:


    15:58 – Run was a bit sluggish (just under 7) but HSPU were all unbroken which got me some time back.


  81. 7×1 snatch 115
    1rm Bench 305 (went down from fatique did 315 3 weeks ago)
    7:30 mile 24.27 total cond time

  82. BB Gymnastics

    7X1 3 Position Snatch (low to high) – heavier than last week, rest 60 sec. DEMO VIDEO

    Warm-Up Sets: 65-85-105

    Working Sets: 125-125-125-125-125-125-125 (no misses, all squat snatches)


    15 minutes to establish a 1RM Bench Press.

    225-245-265-285(5lb PR)


    For total time:

    Run 1 mile
    40 Pullups
    20 HSPU
    30 Pullups
    15 HSPU
    20 Pullups
    10 HSPU

    *15 minute cutoff

    Notes: adding a 15 minute cutoff to the majority of these met-cons to try and increase intensity and reduce the volume.

    Results: Got 14 HSPU on the round of 20.

    MFS: 2/2/2

  83. 1) 115, 125, 125, 125, 125, 135, 135.
    2) 275#. Ties a PR from 5 years ago when I was benching more often.

    Conditioning – 17:33. 400m split: 7:03 which should have been faster in hindsight.

  84. BB Gymnastics


    15.50 (way to slow on the run)

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