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Don Hasselbeck brought his 1984 Los Angeles RAIDERS Super Bowl ring to the North Central Regional, so I could get a picture with it. He actually made sure I put it on to take the picture. I was shaking. This was the coolest moment of a very cool day. Thanks, Don.


WOD 120519:

BB Gymnastics

1) 12 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch.
2a) 4X3 Behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) 4X3 Snatch Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


Run 800m
9 Back Squats @ 275/185#
18 DB Push Jerks @ 60/40#
Run 800m
7 Back Squats @ 275/185#
14 DB Push Jerks @ 60/40#
Run 800m
5 Back Squats @ 275/185#
10 DB Push Jerks @ 60/40#

For time.

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  1. I’m 3 wods in to The Outlaw Way, so please excuse my lack of vocab. What is BB Gymnastics?

    • Read the doctrine – you’ll find that and tons more good shit.

      (It’s olympic weightlifting basically….in various forms)

    • Posted this on yesterdays, but really felt the need to post it again after seeing this.

      For all of you noobs to the site, and/or people who just like to ask stupid fucking questions.
      Rudy knows his fucking shit, don’t question his methods just STFU and do it. If you have to follow a day behind, then fucking follow a day behind and STFU. If you can’t follow the programming to a “T” then follow it the best that you can and STFU. If you don’t know what something means then fucking google that shit. You are all adults, well most of you, Rudy does all of this programming for free, and he trains a lot of ELITE exercisers, he doesn’t have time to hold your fucking hand and explain everything to you, unless you want to pay him $200 a month, and still if you asked me some of the questions that are asked on here I would tell you to keep your money.

      Really, what is BB Gymnastics?!?!?!?!
      I REALLY hope that you know what BB means, if not, 1,000,000 cockpunches for time for you. If you didn’t understand the meaning of the combination of BB and Gymnastics…then think about it. What are the movements you are doing with the BB and then how might that relate to gymnastics movements…AH HA, AHHH HAAAA…

      Fucking think people, do you not have to think for yourself on a day to day basis, or do you always have someone there walking around with you holding your hand.

      • I’m new to this Outlaw Way and I can read but what does “STFU” mean? Is it like “Snatch the fucking weight”? Can’t be cuz that would be “STFW” hmmm I wonder… can anyone help?


        1,000,000,000 CPs for time

        4:20 Rx

        Pr’d by a minute!

      • LGA, If I come to boro will you hold my hand?? <—lulz and I know what STFU means,,,, it's gotta be "Steal The F'n Underwear" <— right, right???!! I'm gonna do an extra wod today too, work on some squa-sna-chucks (or however the hell Courage spelled it) and some UB ME BB Cock Punchese EMOM followed by (another exercise Courage was working on that was based off of horse maneur shoveling, need a video to figure it out tho) but whatever it is, an AMRAP of that, and mayb if I get to 16 WODs a day I can beat Rich next year!!!! hell yea!! On a serious note LGA, Hughey… nice job at regionals, watched a few of the team WODs.

      • chill bruh I think he got it after the first 2 sentences. Although I agree people do a little research if you don’t know.

  2. Back squats – we don’t usually get a rack for any BB movements in a conditioning piece. Is this the same?

    • Im just taking a guess, but I think taking it from the rack on this one is acceptable. A lot of people on here dont have a 275# c+j or for the ladies a 185# c+j.

  3. Bb gymnastics
    1) 135# with an asterisk. I’m in a tiny foreign gym with no bumpers and very congested free weight area populated by people who will walk right into a lifter doing squats, much less a ballistic movement. So, I work my snatches conservatively for now. No biggie, I can drill form/technique.

    2a and 2b) 155# ea


    26:37 using 225# and 45# respectively

    Additional strength work:
    Since I am built like a spider, I want to increase my force generation over the very long length of my pulls. So….

    1) Zercher Squats 5×3@225 moving very fast/aggressively through each rep

    2) Pendlay rows 5×3@165 focus on ripping bar off floor and hitting my solar plexus before releasing weight.

    • In looking at the conditioning portion, I figured Rudy planned this for a 17:00-22:00 minute window. Looking at everyone’s times, I think I assessed correctly. Looks like I need to tighten up my scaling to hit the time domains.

  4. BBG
    1) Snatch. PB of 100kg, today hit a 90 easily and had 2 tilts at 105kg but missed them both
    2a) Behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press – 4 x 3 @ 95kg
    2b) Snatch Pulls – 3 x 3 @ 115kg, 1 x 3 @ 120kg

    22:41 as rx’d using a rack to take the squats out of

  5. Warm up 100# db snatch
    Snatch to 170
    2a 135
    2b 205
    WOD rx’d
    Leg are beat up from f squats and Karen yesterday

    • My box dosent have 60# DB, heaviest set is 35# DB. Anyone know of any good sub for the push jerks since I don’t have the RXd weight? ….I was thinking about doubling the reps and using the 35#….

      • See LGA’s post above for desired answer. I personally was going to use hspu’s.

  6. I’m going to follow the programming just because of the love for the Raiders…..

    No, thats a lie. Its clearly great programming.

  7. Snatch:

    Just didn’t have the right power today

    did 80, then 85 kg before I failed at 90 and 95 kg

    Snatch pp: 100 kg

    Snatch pull: 100 kg (focus on technique)



  8. BBG:
    Snatch: worked up to 165# today.
    Push press done at 145#
    Snatch pulls done at 180#
    21:50 (had to use 60# Kbs, the 60# DBs were…missing).

  9. BB gymnastics
    1) just didn’t have it today… Got under 185 multiple times couldn’t lock it out.
    2a) 165,175,185,195
    2b) 225 for all sets
    13:53 RX


  10. BB gymnastics
    1RM Snatch – rough day, warmed up to 165 then started the 12 min with 175 pulled under it twice but just couldn’t finish. Thought it was a mental thing so went to 180 (5# under PR), pulled under and caught it 5 times but just couldn’t stand up.

    4×3 Snatch Push Press @ 185
    4×3 Snatch Pulls @ 235

    – no run mapped out at new gym so subbed 1K row, no 60# DB only 50#, BS @ 255

  11. 1) 215lbs, 13lb PR!
    2a)155, 165, 175,195 should’ve went heavier.
    2b)275, 295, 305, 315

    Conditioning: 15:12

  12. bbg,
    1) 275# 20# p.r. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! thank you for this glorious programming Rudy! And thanks to all the other Outlaws for posting ridiculous numbers and pushing me. happy day.

    2a) 245, 265, 265, 265
    2b) 325, 325, 325,325

  13. Big thanks to the programming, I have been trying to pass 200# on my snatch for over a year now and been following outlaw for a month and hit 203 today and just missed 208

    1) 203# PR
    2) 176# across all
    3) 240# across all

    cond: 19:52 not my best effort on this one

  14. 1) 185 lbs. 10 lbs under PR, but it was the easiest 185 I’ve ever gotten.
    2a) 165, 185, 195, 205
    2b) 245 for all

    Scaled to 205 on the squats, and 55 lbs kettlebells for the jerks. Got bitched after the 2nd run and had to stop. Not enough water for how hot it was or something.

  15. BB Gymnastics

    Snatch (went well beyond 12min, just worked my way up)

    240 ties PR
    245 f x 2
    245 PR
    250 JUST missed it

    BTN Snatch grip push press
    185 x 3
    205 x 3
    225 x 3
    235 x 3

    Snatch Pulls
    250 x 2 x 3 (cut off last two)


    BS unbroken
    DB PJ’s 10-8, 8-6, UB
    Runs…..slow and laboured cause I’m a weightlifter now.


  16. BB Gymnastics
    1)… eh… better than last time I suppose but no pr today, hit 145# easily and missed 155# twice.
    2a) 145, 155, 155, 165#
    2b) 145, 155, 165, 155#, didn’t get a good pull at 165# so dropped back down.

    Kicked my ass yet again today 24:38, my Squats were limited to 2-3 reps at a time.

  17. Did Powersnatching for 20 minutes. On the minute stuff. Up to 205. Still trying to avoid knee flexion when I can.
    19:28 with 135# BB PushPress. Transitions were laxed.

    Runs were real slow. BS unbroken. Need more long stuff… and need to start doing running drills. Damn calf still tightens up easily.

    Some awesome times and weights on here today! Very impressive.

  18. Snatch up o 195×3 misses. Went into some on the minute power snatches up to 185.

    22:44 with 135BB
    BS 3/3/3-3/2/2-3/2
    Runs slow

  19. BB Gymnastics

    1) Snatch
    Went up to 165. Posting it not because it’s a PR in weight, but because it’s a PR in time spent being patient in the hole under something heavy. (yeah, yeah… that’s what she said)
    2) Snatch grip PP
    3) Snatch pulls 205

    Conditioning other

    MFS: 1/2/3

  20. 1) 95, 100f, 102.5ff, 105fffff
    Yup… was snatching for about 30 minutes. Really wanted 105 and I got dang close so many times.
    2a) 90, 95, 100, 105
    2b) 120, 120, 120, 125 from a 2″ deficit standing on a plate.

    Conditioning: 17:54
    800m rows and 50lb Push Presses with 2 extra reps each round.

  21. BBG: SN 170#, not feeling great today, however bar height was the best I’ve been able to produce in a while, just not sticking the catch
    SN grip PP: up to 185#, shoulders a bit tired wanted to only hit them at around 80%
    SN pulls: 175#, did halting deadlift to just above knee then would finish pull, trying to adress where I feel I miss the lift the most (going from the point just off the ground to above the knee and taking the bar from there to the hips). Anybody recommend any drills for this, in addition to halting deadlifts?
    18:47, runs slow, not the best runner, hams still tight from other day and felt them on the very first 400m, all squats and PJ unbroken, weights were fairly easy to work with.

  22. A) 12 min to find 1 rep max snatch
    220/ 230 f….not a pr but pulls are feeling good and can tell a big pr is coming soon.
    B1) 185/205/215/225 definately go heavier next time.
    B2) 230 all sets

    conditioning – skipped no time….might try it tonight on my lunch break

  23. RESULTS:
    Sleep=5.2 hours. Awoke very groggy
    Work=4 hr OT in hold moving dunnage, chain and steel scraps.
    Wx=Rolling 5 degrees. Fair breeze, mod temp

    1) 95×3-135-165-185(f)-185(f) weak pull-185(f) locked overhead then broke at waist and dropped. Bullshit rolling 
    2a)135(too light)-165(more)-175(f)-170-170
    2b)185(nipple high)-185(nipple high, jumping away from bar during pull)-205(jumping back on last rep)-205(big improvement)

    1) 17:40. Run 80m shuttles, shuffle to stop at bulkhead but pace slower than ashore. Slick decks with moisture and hydraulic fluid.
    BS @225. 5 degree rolls does not allow for more without risk of injury. Still dragging on rolls. PP @50/45 KB/DB all I had. 

  24. a.) drilling the squat snatch technique (20m)
    5×75#, 5×95#, 5×115#, 5×135#, 5×145#, 1×165# with 4 misses

    b1.) 115# all sets
    b2.) 115# all sets

    c.) conditioning: 18:44 w/ 50#db

  25. Holy hell my legs are trashed.

    1)Slowly worked my way up, and got 229, missed 239. Just slow and sore.
    2a) 195, 217, 227×2
    2b) 265×4

    18:45 – Went super low bar on the back squats, all sets UB.

  26. So I’m having some trouble with the flexibility for full snatches and OH squats. Just wondering if anybody has some good mobility work suggestions to open up the hip flexors in the bottom of the snatch.

  27. Snatch: After a week at the beach I didn’t quite have enough to PR. 118kg @ 64.5kg BW: Here’s the video:

    Conditioning: 17:46 RX

  28. 1) 205 tied PR failed at 215 a lot. I just can’t keep it locked out in the hole.
    2a) 205 215f 215 225f
    Both fails on 3rd rep
    2b) 225 235 245 245
    Conditioning done around 4 hours later
    Used 53lb KBs
    Runs slow as shit. Got mad calf cramp on last 800 and walked a lot.
    Squats 5-4 4-3 5
    PJ unbroken

  29. So I googled before I posted to as not get raged on, but when I went from taking the bar overhead to putting it back on my shoulders, excruciating pain. What does this mean? Am I going to die? Are weightlifters allowed in heaven?

    Srsly though, wtf is wrong with my shoulders?

  30. Conditioning: 15:19

    Runs, accidently did a 900m on the first run.
    Squats UB
    DB PJ, 9-5-4 , 7-4-3, 10 UB used 65# DB’s, the gym doesnt have 60’s

    Bringing the squat rack outside made the transitions much quicker.

  31. Hey, I am new to following is the programming. Been looking at past posts and noticed sometimes there are second conditioning workouts that are posted as either group 3, 4, or 5. I am trying to find out how I should choose which group to follow, or if there is a set way to choose.

    • No need to do the extra stuff unless you’re competing in regionals. If your games season is over just do the regularly prescribed work.

  32. @GMadg i’ll help ya before you get your head ripped off. the extra work is for regional competitors. if your not going to regionals, then don’t worry about it.

  33. 1) 75kg (Equals PR). I missed 77.5kg 3 times very closely. I’m sure this (and more!) will be coming soon..
    2a) 95kg x 4 x 3 – Felt good and strong. My left elbow and shoulder wasn’t enjoying the movement that much however.
    2b) 95kg x 4 x 3 – Getting lots of good height and power on the bar.

    Conditioning – Subbed 60kg BB push press for DB Push Jerks


    All runs slow – 3:50 for first run. 4:30ish for the other two. Runs had 3 turn arounds in them.
    Back Squats – All unbroken. In my squishy running shoes which through me out a little bit, but this was a light enough weight not to bother me.
    Push Press – 6/6/6, 8/6, 10

    Good workout. Slow and steady with small breaks between the push presses. I wish I could run faster while fatigued!

  34. Snatch didn’t feel that great. hit 173, missed 184 twice.
    176 for ppress
    208 for Snatch Pull

    18:12 for the WOD.

  35. Attended Caleb and Kelly Williams Peak Peerformance Weightlifting/CrossFit Gwinnett weightlifting seminar and learned more about the list in 8 hours than in the last yer. The hands on approach and depth of knowledge from these two lifters, and the small (12 people) format was fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone, ESP at $175!
    As part of the seminar I snatched up to 75kg, off my pr by 5kg, but ….
    Cj 105, then cleaned 110 twice, missed both jerks, tried cleaning 115kg and after a full 8-9 hours work I just got pinned, slow elbows, on a fresh day it’s going up

  36. 1) 185# – 10# PR and pretty remarkable considering last October 135# was the most my left shoulder could handle, and I didn’t even attempt anything over that until I started following this site in January. Now I hit a new PR every time we test.

    2a) up to 170# – never been comfortable with behind the neck work (dropping the wt down on my back)
    2b) 215# all sets.

    No time for conditioning.

  37. 1) got 75 kg easy, failed 79 kg twice but it was so close 🙁
    2a) Used 65 kg all the way.
    2b) 85 kg

    Conditioning: 21.57 – Used 115 kg instead of 125 kg – Great workout

  38. 205 snatch fuck yeah. tried 210 and felt a shit ton heavier basically i just did snatch pulls with it. maybe it’s in my head.
    2a) heaviest 210
    2b) 225 for all

    conditioning) 15:53
    used 245# since 275 was going to make my spine snap like a fucking yoga instructor. and didn’t have dumbbells so did hspus instead. i probably could have done this faster but the squats were scaring the shit out of me so i never really pushed it til the last round.

  39. 1) 225 missed everything else. Wasnt sticking it at the top once again.
    Didnt have time for next two.



  40. 1. Snatch- 135 easy; failed 145 on 2 attempts. Locked out in the bottom both times held for a second and the weight fell forward. Don’t think i was getting under the bar enough.

    2a) 165 all
    2B) 205 all

    Conditioning: used 185 for back squats and 35lb DB’s for PJ both unbroken
    Time: 16:26
    Hit it at about 85-87%, runs were slow but squats and jerks felt good, technique was good.

  41. BBG:
    1) 110# , 5#pr. Slowly making progress here!!

    Team wods with box today. Helen and partner Nutts.

    • Cond. 33:12(rx from rack) I’m fine with this considering I couldnt do 185# when I started this program 2 mos ago.

  42. BBG:
    1) 175 Squat Snatch. 30# less than my last PR at Power Snatch, but want to get better getting under the bar.
    2a) 140, 160, 180, 200
    2b) 185, 205, 205, 205

    Conditioning: 12 sets of
    Row 1, Rest 1- Sub 1:45/500m pace each time

  43. BBG:
    Snatch – hit 145….failed on 155 which is my current PR 6 times before saying screw it. really wanted 165, not today though.
    2a) 145, 155, 165, 175
    2b) 155, 155, 165, 175

    Conditioning: took me forever but it was a needed confidence boost on the 275 deep squats.

    extra: 20 minutes – even minutes 3 PC&J 135, odd minutes 2 ring muscle ups
    last 2 rounds bumped up to 155.

  44. PC&PJ up to 160# PR
    EMOM @ 135#, missed 1 rep due to bar-chin collision

    1&1/4 Fronts @ 135#
    HSPU, none strict, all assisted – 6, 4, 2, 0

    No conditioning, shoulders dead

  45. Snatch 135# 5# PR 🙂 went for 140 three times..not there yet

    2a)105, 115, 125, 125
    2b) 155


  46. Snatch 180 not a pr but the work up weights are a lot more consistent
    Snatch Push press 155
    No Sn Pulls
    Conditioning 22.35
    subbed rows, 35 kbs push press

  47. BB: 155, 175, 195(10# PR!), 200(fffff) Got under the bar twice, but could not stabilize it.

    2a: 135, 155, 175, 185
    2b: 185, 205, 205, 205

    Conditioning (scaled 400m runs, 255#, and two 1.5p KBs): 13:03


  48. Snatch – 170 (5lb PR)

    2a) 215-225-235-245
    2b) 275

    WOD-21:52 squats as prescribed but used 2- 55lb KB for the presses

  49. BBG
    1. 1RM Snatch 195. Under 201, but couldn’t quite catch it.
    2a. Snatch PP 185
    2b. Snatch Pull 225
    19:28 runs were long, used 53lb KBs for PJs otherwise ex.

  50. 1)175, 185, 195 f
    *just couldn’t get enough into it this morning
    2a)185, 195, 205, 215



    * still coughing up junk from my chest, kids have been up at night with illness as well, skipped Sat due to illness and I tweaked my back on Fri not during the squats but bending over to take the weight off the bar. I think it is from coughing so much

    Rudy, thank you for everything and good luck to the Outlaws going to the games.

  51. BB Gym:
    1rm Snatch, 135# new PR!
    PP and snatch pulls @ 135#

    BS @ 225, 205, 205#
    PJ @ 40#


  52. BB Gymnastics

    1) 12 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch.

    185 lbs… really dissapointed here… old max is 195lbs. Just not today i guess.

    2a) 4X3 Behind the neck Snatch Grip Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


    2b) 4X3 Snatch Pulls – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.



    Run 800m
    9 Back Squats @ 185#
    18 DB Push Jerks @ 40#
    Run 800m
    7 Back Squats @ 185#
    14 DB Push Jerks @ 40#
    Run 800m
    5 Back Squats @ 185#
    10 DB Push Jerks @ 40#

    For time.

    Result: 19:06

    MFS: 2/3/4

  53. 1) 170 (PR by 5#). I think I could have gone for 175 but I’ll keep that for next week.
    2a) 165
    2b) 225

    Conditioning – 21:13 w/ 255# BS and 50# DB

  54. 1) Power Snatch 175 make 195 just missed.
    2a) Snatch Grip Push Press 4×3 =155 pretty easy
    2b) Snatch Pulls 4×3 = 225

    run 800
    9 squat @ 275
    18 db push jerk @ 60
    run 800
    run 800
    Time 21.47

  55. BBG:
    1) 115, 125, 135, 145f, 145f, 140
    2a) 155, 145, 145, 145
    2b) 185

    185# back squat

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